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Noah Hallock Cemetery
Suffolk County, New York

noah hallock cemetery
Noak Hallock Cemetery
noah hallock cemetery
Noah Hallock Cemetery

5 Hallock Lane
Rocky Point, NY

GPS: 40.962568, -72.939440

Contributed by Jim Higgins, Nov 27, 2002 [jchiggins22@hotmail.com]. Total records = 40.

On Long Island take the Long Island Expressway (Rt. 495) East to exit 66. Turn right off the exit ramp, and go about 10 miles N to Rocky Pt. Continue straight across Rt. 25 A in Rocky Pt. and onto Hallock Landing Rd. Go about another 1.2 miles and then take a left at fork onto Culross. Then go only 20 yards and turn left onto Hallock Lane. The Cemetery is about 50 yards up the hill on the right (#5 Hallock Lane).


The Noah Hallock Cemetery is situated on the north side of Hallock Lane, near the intersection of Hallock Landing Road and Culross Drive in Rocky Point, a small community on the north shore of Long Island. The cemetery dates from the 1700's when Noah Hallock (1696-1773), the great-grandson of Peter Hallock of Southold, settled on the Alanding road in Rocky Point.

In 1995 the cemetery was in a sad state and thus a full documentation and restoration project was begun by members of the Rocky Point Historical Society. This included photography, documenting all inscriptions and interments, use of past transcriptions of the cemetery, repair and restoration of cemetery and headstones. This resulted in the publication in 1997 of the document, The Noah Hallock Cemetery of Rocky Point, by Natalie Arucci Stiefel, James Higgins, and Suzanne Johnson under the sponsorship of the Rocky Point Historical Society. Rev. 1 was published in December, 1998. Transcriptions and research done by the authors.

Also in the Spring of 1995, Rocky Point community members were successful in adding this inactive cemetery to the list of those maintained by the Town of Brookhaven. In early 1997 Brookhaven Town listed 147 cemeteries in the town, of which 40 are being maintained by the town. In the mid-1990s the cemetery was in very poor repair, but now with Town maintenance, supplemented by a bi-annual Historical Society clean-up, it is in good condition.

Cemetery Records

This transcription is complete up to Dec 1998.

- Jim Higgins

Davis, Elizabeth , b. 10 Mar 1772, d. 3 Oct 1854, Wife of Josiah Hallock
Dickerson, Ebenezer, b. 1800, d. 1887
Dickerson, Sarepta, b. 1843, d. 1919, Wife of George N. Rogers
Hallock, Sarah (Reeve), d. 17 Jan 1827, age: 83y, Wife of Josiah Hallock
Hallock, Amos, b. 10 Jun 1810, d. 23 Oct. 1901, Son of Josiah Hallock
Hallock, Ana, d. 30 May 1813, age: 53y
Hallock, Angeline, d. 2 May 1825, age: 17y, Daughter of Phillip & Ruth Hallock
Hallock, Ann, d. 16 Dec 1812, age: 85y, Wife of Noah Hallock
Hallock, Bethia (Youngs), d. 19 Jan 1766, age: 66y
Hallock, Bethia, b. 6 Mar 1800, d. 4 Nov 1887, Wife of Silas Robinson
Hallock, Betsey (Davis), d. 8 Aug 1848, age: 57y, Wife of Samuel B. Hallock
Hallock, Capt. Heathcut, d. 7 May 1842, age: 25y
Hallock, Catherine, d. 23 Sep 1792, age: 1y 5m, Daughter of Philip & Ruth Hallock
Hallock, Charles B., b. 1843, d. 1920
Hallock, Deacon Phillip, d. 1 Nov 1841, age: 74y
Hallock, Edward H., b. 1837, d. 1916, Son of Amos and Juliet Hallock
Hallock, Eliza, d. 29 Jul 1802, age: 2y, Daughter of Phillip & Ruth Hallock
Hallock, Emorette C., b. 1847, d. 1920, Daughter of Amos and Juliet Hallock
Hallock, George, d. 2 Dec 1863, age: 72y
Hallock, Hendrickson, d. 26 Mar 1817, age: 58y
Hallock, Hermon E., d. 2 Oct 1842, age: 3y 3m 1d, Son of Hendrick & Rebecca Hallock
Hallock, Joanna, d. 7 Apr 1799, age: 4y, Daughter of Philip & Ruth Hallock
Hallock, Jonathan, d. 13 Mar 1847, age: 81y
Hallock, Josiah H., d. 20 Feb 1815, age: 83y
Hallock, Josiah, d. 18 Feb 1833, age: 71y
Hallock, Mariam, b. 1802, d. 1867, Wife of Ebenezer Dickerson
Hallock, Noah, b. 1728, d. 2 Nov 1805, age: 77y, Serg Us Army Rev War
Hallock, Noah, d. 10 Oct 1773, age: 77y
Hallock, Noah, d. 18 Feb 1792, age: 7y, Son of Noah & Sarah Hallock
Hallock, Noah, d. 30 Sep 1842, age: 6y 10m 11d, Son of Hendrick & Rebecca Hallock
Hallock, Polly, d. 2 Apr 1796, age: 1y 6m, Daughter of Revd Noah & Mehetabel Hallock
Hallock, Ruth (Bayles), d. 15 Feb 1840, age: 71y 3m, wife of Deacon Phillip Hallock
Hallock, Ruth, d. 2 Oct 1806, age: 16y, Daughter of Mr. Phillip & Ruth Hallock
Hallock, Samuel B., d. 20 Jul 1836, age: 44y
Hallock, Sarah, d. 24 Feb 1792, age: 2y
Hallock, Sarah, d. 25 Oct 1842, age: 70y, Widow of Hendrickson H. Hallock
Hallock, Sylvester, d. 1 Jul 1814, age: 0y 6m, Son of Hendickson H. & Sarah Hallock
Hulse, Ann Elizabeth, d. 26 Jan 1845, age: 23y, Wife of Hiram Hulse
Hulse, Ann (Hallock), d. 3 Apr 1822, age: 26y, Wife of Mr. Paul Hulse
Jones, Nancy (Hallock), d. 24 Mar 1827, age: 30y 8m 10d, Wife of Benjamin Jones Daughter of Phillip & Ruth Hallock

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