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Wesleys Hills United Methodist Church Cemetery
Rockland County, New York

Contributed by Maude Conklin [doghaven@frontiernet.net], Gertrude Rose, and Barbara R. Defalco.  Total records = 41.

From Mt. Ivy toward Suffern on Rte 202, left turn on Antrim Playhouse Road.

- Maude Conklin

Abrams, Walter A., 10/22/1813  65 yrs
Benson, Joanna, w/o Nelson Blauvelt  8/19/1899--73 yrs
Bird, Josephine, w/o John W. Furman 8/4/1879--29 yrs10mos23 ds
Blauvelt, George B., 5/15/1850  39 yrs-h/w Harieta A. Sherwood  9/15/1894, 80th year
Blauvelt, James Sherwood, s/o Richard and Lucy E. Blauvelt  1873/1952
Blauvelt, Nelson, 1/21/1884--61 yrs 10 mos 3 ds
Blauvelt, Richard, 9/5/1899  55 yrs  h/w Lucy Sherwood  8/3/1905--57 yrs
Blauvelt, Richard W., 1892/1974
Caldwell, Elizabeth P., 1887/1961
Conklin, Stephen, 4/30/1849--60 yrs  h/w Barbara 7/4/1874--78 yrs
Conklin, William, 7/9/1851--23 yrs
Cooper, Catherine, w/o Gilbert Cooper  12/13/1857--82 yrs
Cooper, Gilbert, 1820  65 yrs
Doughlass, James, 8/1/1882--62 yrs
Forshay, Elizabeth F., w/o William S. Forshay  10/12/1851--22 yrs
Furman, Catherine, w/o William Furman  12/25/1847--31 yrs4 mos ?ds
Furman, Elizabeth, w/o Jacob Jones 5/14/1875--71 yrs 7mos 11ds
Furman, John W., 1848/1934 h/w Susan M. Straut 1859/1921
Furman, William, 11/25/1809--9/22/1887
Gurnee, Martha, w/o Rev. James Sherwood  6/1/1870--78 yrs
Hickerson, Eliza, 9/28/1876--52 yrs
Hickerson, Isaac, 5/18/1895--39 yrs
Jones, Jacob B., 3/30/1886--83 yrs 8mos 6 ds
Knapp, Sarah, 1/2/1862--83 yrs w/o Bemjamin ODell, 4/12/1855--97 yrs
Mahoney, William F., 10/9/1867--17 yrs ?mos 5 ds
Onderdonk, Catherine, 11/21/1863  11/21/1912
Onderdonk, William, 11/21/1805--7/24/1863  h/w Fanne [Fanna] ODell,  12/5/1808, 5/7/1891
Parker, Mary E., 11/13/1837--4/15/1891-wife of John W. Earl
Riggs, Egbert, 7/1819--31 yrs
Shaw, Amanda, 5/25/1885--31 yrs 8 mos 23 ds
Shermerhorn, Iva, 2nd wife of Richard W. Blauvelt  1899
Sherwood, Elias G., 7/5/1901--74 yrs  h/w Elizabeth Concklin  12/3/1921  87 yrs Sherwood, James Rev., 4/26/1866--77 yrs
Sherwood, James G., 6/12/1869--3/30/1912  h/w Etta Snider  3/5/1871, 9/27/1942
Sherwood, James S., s/o George B. and Harrieta A.Sherwood, 20th year
Sherwood, Jonathan, 2/26/1865--39 yrs
Sherwood, Jonathan W., 10/12/18??-1/21/1944 h/w Anna Tallman 10/11/1875, 3/15/1958
Smith, Daniel, 8/9/1847--3 yrs
Starr, Mathilda, 2/14/1834--5/26/1864--w/o George W. Furman,  10/30/1838, 5/1/1887
Vail, Mary E., 11/4/1895--?6 yrs w/o George S. Conklin  4/28/1888--86 yrs
Wilkes, Mary Ann, w/o Adam Weymer and widow of the late John C. Earl, 5/15/1860, 47 yrs 8mos-27 ds
Wilks, Lawrence, 4/7/1817--2/10/1894-- h/w Hannah  2/4/1823--11/21/1869

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