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Waldron Cemetery
Grassy Point, Rockland County, New York

Contributed by Maude Conklin [doghaven@frontiernet.net].  Total records = 97.

By rail road tracks near the Old Penny Bridge, on the right hand side, just before the bridge and tracks, gated road.  I was unable to find cemetery.  Overgrowth to thick at the time.  This cemetery list was not recorded by me.  Unknown as to who did.  It is an old list.  Cemetery is in bad shape.

- Maude Conklin

Adams, Mary, 4/26/1764--8/26/1850---86 yrs wife of John
Blancher, Eli, 9/28/1780--4/18/1869--88 yrs Husband of Hannah Waldron
Blancher, Hannah Waldron, 7/19/1784--9/13/1868--84 yrs wife of Eli
Blauvelt, Catherine, 1790--3/16/1851--61 yrs wife of jacob 
Brewster, Abbey, 10/14/1809--1/27/1831--21 yrs 3 mos 12 ds 2nd wife of Walter S.
Brewster, Angeline, 10/7/1830---3/12/1831--infant daughter Samuel S. and Margaret
Brewster, Eliza, 12/21/1801--8/20/1826--24 yr 1 st wife of Walter S.
Brewster, Eliza Ann, 5/31/1828--9/3/1838---10 yr 3 mos 4 ds daughter of Samuel S..and Margaret
Brewster, Emma Jane, 1/17/1846--4/14/1846--infant daughter of William H. and Jane
Brewster, Freelove, 3/31/1752--12/4/1813--61 yrs wife of Samuel 
Brewster, Helen Matilda, 12/4/1834**9/10/1838--3 yr 9 mos 6 ds daughter of Samuel S. and Margaret
Brewster, Jane, 8/4/1825--4/9/1846---20 yrs wife of William H.
Brewster, Samuel, 1737--11/29/1821--84 yrs Rev. War Vet. Capt.2 regt. Ulster County 
Brewster, Samuel S., 6/9/1802---2/19/1843--43 yrs 8 mos 10 ds
Brewster, Spencer, 9/16/1855--12/1/1855 
Brewster, Walter F., 5/28/1838--5/5/1850--11 yrs 11 mos 8 ds son of William and Catherine 
Brewster, Walter S., husband of Abbey 9/15/1798--3/22/1834--35 yrs 6mos 5 ds
Brewster, William H., 11/12/1792--10/6/1819--26 yrs son of William and Catherine
Brown, ____za, 1822---11/8/1824--2 yrs daughter of Rufus and Abbey
Bulson, John, 7/8/1744---2/17/1828--78 yrs Rev . war Vet. 2nd regt. Orange County NY, Militia
Bulson, Sylvenus, 5/12/1821--4/2/1845---23 yrs 10 mos 21 ds 
Byron, George, 11/1/1801--4/26/1840--38 yrs 5 mos 26 ds - Husband of Sarah
Byron, Sarah, 3/17/1802--1/27/1842--39 yrs 10 mos 13 ds --wife of George
Call, Abram, 9/23/1819--6/27/1838---18 yrs 9 mos 4 ds 
Call, Alexander, 9/28/1842---3/30/1845-- on of Henry and Polly
Call, Catherine, 1826/1833 adopted daughter of William B. Davis [?]
Call, Hannah, 2/4/1800--3/14/1817 17 yrs
Call, Henry N., 2/7/180?---3/18/18/46--44 yrs
Call, Jons N., 1/4/1814---12/13/1829--15 yrs 11 mos 9 ds
Call, Mary, 9/17/1811--10/28/1829---18 yrs
Call, Nicholas Jr., 1775/11/28/1829--54 yrs
Call, Sally, 10/12/1776--5/10/1840---63 yrs 9 mos
Call, William, 2/23/1791--12/16/1830---32 yrs
Coe, Phebe, 1813--1/4/1836--daughter of Halsted, Esq.
Conklin, Antoinette, 6/4/1811--4/1/1813--1 yr 9 mos 26 ds daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth
Conklin, Charles, 3/12/1844 infant son of Isaac and Margaret 
Conklin, Charles S.W., 10/9/1808--2/23/1806--8 yrs 4 mos 14 ds son of Isaac and Elizabeth
Conklin, John M., 6/13/1831--8/14/1845--14 yrs son of Isaac and Margaret
Crum, Ann Eliza, 10/26/1831--10/14/1837--2 yrs 11 mos 19 ds daughter of John and Sarah Ann 
Derunde, Sarah, 5/12/1750--8/26/1831--81 yrs wife of Tobias 
Garner, John, 1793--4/2/1845--52 yrs
Goeschieus, Martha, 1765--2/24/1825--in the 60th year wife of Samuel
Gross, Peter, 1765--4/28/1841--76 th year husband of Rebeccah also war of 1812-Rev. War Vet. 2nd Regt. OC, Art. regt. Col. Lambs Co.
Gross, Rebeccah, 4/15/1765--4/18/1840--75 yrs wife of peter
Harris, Caroline, 4/7/1819-- 9/4/1849--30 yrs wife of Oscar
Harris, Hannah Adelia, 4/26/1849--5/4/1849--infant daughter of Oscar and Caroline
Harris, Robert J., 10/6/1845--2/10/1849--3 yrs 4 mos 4 ds son of Oscar of Caroline
Harris, William H., 10/20/1844--5/25/1846--1 yr 7 mos 5 ds son of Oscar and Caroline
James, Alexander, 12/12/1830--5/12/1831--infant -son of Robert and Nancy
James, Henry, 3/21/1822--11/12/1853--31 yrs
James Michael, 1826--2/27/1849 23 yrs -Son Of Robert and Catherine
James Robert, 12/6/1782--11/24/1846--63 yrs 11 mos 18 ds
James, Robert, 9/23/1808--10/10/1833--25 yrs 17 ds son of Robert and Nancy
James, Robert, 6/1/1833--11/24/1836--3 yrs 5 mos 23 ds son of Robert and Nancy
James, William Henry, 3/3/1841--5/2/1841--infant son of William and Margret 
Keysler, Burns, 5/16/1838--7/16/1842--4 yrs son of Cornelius and Sarah 
Keysler, Mary Elizabeth, 2/28/1834--8/30/1835--daughter of Cornelius and Sarah
Knowlton, George W., 8/2/1842--8/30/1851--9 yrs son of James and Sophia 
Knowlton, Hannah, 10/7/1812--9/25/1837---24 yrs 11 mos 8 ds wife of James and daughter of George and Catherine Weiant
Lascelis, George W., 8/9/1823--12/1/1844--21 yrs 3 mos 22 ds son of John and Margaret 
Lascelle, Ellen, 8/1/1779--8/1/1861 82 yrs
Lascels, Daniel Edward, 2/1/1831---2/4/1833 2 yrs 3 ds
Lascels, Edward, 3/13/1776---4/19/1839--63 yrs
Lascels, John, 3/7/1798--3/27/1850--52 yrs
Lascels, Margaret, 1/13/1802--5/13/1847--45 yrs wife of John
Lee, Elizar, 4/4/1805--7/22/1806
McClary, Ellen, 6/20/1787--9/23/1841--54 yrs wife of William
McClary, William, 1/7/1784--2/8/1847---63 yrs husband of Ellen 
Montanya, Charles Pitman, 2/13/1872--4/9/1836--14 yrs son of John and Catherine
Montanya, George, 5/31/1835--4/6/1836 son of John and Catherine
Montanya, John J., 10/16/1832--10/7/1837-- son of John and Catherine
Montanya, John J., 8/27/1759--3/4/1804--54 yrs
Mott, Noah, 1753--5/17/1826--73 yrs
Nickerson, Hannah, 2/22/1820--9/26/1850 29 yrs wife of George W. --and leave in Gods care my children two--
Nickerson, Hannah M., 8/13/1840--11/17/1848--8 yrs daughter of Zalmon and Abigal M.
Parkinson, Robert, 9/3/1797--7/16/1834---36 yrs
Robinson, Mary, 9/28/1828--1/5/1847---18 yrs wife of John
Rose, Betsey, 11/22/1767--9/27/1851
Straut, Daniel Thomas, 11/26/1834--3/31/1839--4 yrs son of Daniel and Nancy
Waldron, Abram, 3/14/1769--5/19/1815---45 [46] yrs 
Waldron, Catherine Lamb, 10/6/1740--7/6/1844---103 yrs wife of Jacob
Waldron, Emily, 4/24/1833---7/22/1833 infant
Waldron, Harriet, 1805--9/6/1828 23 yr -wife of Tobias and Daughter of William and Wilhelmina Byron
Waldron, Jacob, 11/16/1737--2/17/1805 [68 or 67 ] yrs Rev. War Vet. Pvt. 2nd regt Orange County NY., Militia
Waldron, Katherine Hannah, 1/23/1801--10/24/1817---16 yrs 9 mos 1 ds
Waldron, Margaret, 12/4/1782---1/9/1872---89 yrs 1 mos 5 ds
Waldron, Margaret, 12/12/1811--9/12/1813 1 yr 9 mos
Waldron, Maria, 4/27/1792--1/29/1870---77 yrs 10 mos 2 ds
Waldron, Maria De Ronde, 2/3/1771--8/28/1864--93 yrs 5 mos 25 ds wife of Abraham
Waldron, Rebecca, 8/20/1806-- 5/9/1834---27 yrs 8 mos 20 ds wife of Tobias 
Waldron, Resolved [?], 7/8/1755---6/17/1836 80 yrs 11 ds 9 mos
Waldron, Tobias, 2/16/1796--4/16/1837--41 yrs 2 mos 2 ds 
Waldron, William Alexander, 8/13/1827---6/26/1849 --21 yrs 10 mos 13 ds
Weiant, Jacob, 9/9/1795--5/27/1852---56 yrs 8 mos 18 ds
Weiant, John, 4/15/1740--12/15/1804
Weiant, William, 10/20/1806--9/24/1819 12 yrs 11 mos ? ds son of George and Catherine 
Weiant, Woolsey T., 1810--3/7/1825--15 yrs son of George and Catherine

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