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Oak Hill Cemetery
Nyack, Rockland County, New York

N. Highland Ave at Sickles Ave
Nyack, New York

Lat: 41° 05' 48"N, Lon: 73° 55' 48"W

The cemetery seems to be still accepting new burials, it is in great condition, and has an older section, as well as persons relocated from Clarkstown family cemeteries. Cemetery is on West side of Highland across from the hospital.

This is not a complete listing of burials for this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited Jul 04, 2008. Total records = 184.

Contributor's Index:

Abrams, Claude, b. 7/12/1892, d. 12/21/1967, NY Pvt. C W 12 Inf. WWI, [MC]
Abrams, Hellen M., b. 1/21/1898, d. 10/6/1975, [MC]
Bailey, Mary Hadden, b. 1822, d. 1894, [MC]
Bailey, Silas, b. 1821, d. 1893, h/w Mary Hadden, [MC]
Baily, Matilda, d. Jun 14, 1895, d/o Jacob and Margaret Van Houten, [FZ]
Blauvelt, Ann Perry, d. 4/25/1876, d. 77yr, w/o John C, [MC]
Blauvelt, Charles J., b. 1871, d. 1919, [MC]
Blauvelt, Elizabeth C., b. 1847, d. 1899, [MC]
Blauvelt, Frederick V., b. 9/3/1854, d. 7/23/1922, s/o Rachel & Garret, [MC]
Blauvelt, Garret G., b. 10/16/1828, d. 12/13/1917, h/w Rachel A., [MC]
Blauvelt, Garret H., b. 6/20/1839, d. 2/23/1901, [MC]
Blauvelt, Jacob E., b. 1839, d. 1893, h/w Elizabeth C. Blauvelt, [MC]
Blauvelt, John C., b. 11/19/1835, d. 38yr, h/w Ann Perry, [MC]
Blauvelt, John J., b. 1/28/1817, d. 1/9/1910, h/w Mary A. Jersey, [MC]
Blauvelt, Laura Lay, b. 1882, d. 1934, [MC]
Blauvelt, Lavenia E, b. 12/17/1856, d. 8/18/1893, d/o Rachel & Garret, [MC]
Blauvelt, Lorentha Storms, b. 11/15/1850, d. 8/25/1874, w/o Frank Blauvelt, [MC]
Blauvelt, Louis F., b. 1874, d. 1941, h/w Laura Lay, [MC]
Blauvelt, Louis L., b. 1880, d. 1959 Corp Co B 12th Vol.Inf., [MC]
Blauvelt, Mary A. Jersey, b. 1/27/1816, d. 4/4/1884, w/o John J, [MC]
Blauvelt, Rachel A., b. 2/20/1826, d. 12/31/1909, [MC]
Blauvelt, Smith, Alice, b. 1865, d. 1936, [MC]
Blauvelt, Susan B. Coe, b. 1817/1890, w/o John T. Blauvelt, [MC]
Blauvelt, William E. b. 2/2/1861, d. 9/25/1915, s/o Rachel & Garret, [MC]
Brooks, Frederick, b. 4/30/1875, d. 3/24/1941, [MC]
Brooks, Jacob M., b. 11/6/1869, d. 2/24/1921, [MC]
Brooks, Jennie R., b. 6/9/1871, d. 3/24/1936, [MC]
Brooks, Lewis, b. 8/3/1873, d. 5/11/1948, [MC]
Brush, Anna, d. 9/11/1855 81yr, [MC]
Clark, Onderdunk Ellen, b. 4/8/1816, d. 3/15/1894, [MC]
Coats, Rachel Ann Stevens, b. 11/16/1853, d. no date, 19yr 5mo, w/o Jame Coats, [MC]
Concklin, Isaac W., b. 12/21/1846, d. 40yr 11mo 15ds, [MC]
Concklin, Isaac, b. 10/9/1854, d. 40yr, h/w Lavina
Concklin, John J., d. 12/6/1856, 5yr 7mo 7ds, only child of Isaac & Mary Concklin, [MC]
Concklin, Lavina, b. 1822, d. 1909, [MC]
Conklin, Agnes, b. 1875, d. 1962, [MC]
Conklin, Charles P., b. 1873, d. 1953, [MC]
Conklin, Eugene, b. 10/8/1820, d. 6/3/1893, [MC]
Conklin, Louisa, b. 5/17/1870, d. 5/10/1913, [MC]
Conklin, Mary, d. 12/26/1853, 41yr 20ds, w/o Isaac Conklin, [MC]
Cooper, Anna Terhune, b. 2/3/1854, d. 4/18/1936, [MC]
Cooper, Frank, b. 7/2/1851, d. 9/13/1942, h/w Anna Terhune, [MC]
Edwards, Jeremiah, b. 8/25/1802, d. 3/18/1865
Esner, David, b. 6/19/1787, d. 9/9/1832, h/w Elizabeth Corwn?, [MC]
Esner, Elizabeth Corwn?, b. 8/15/1790, d. 7/5/1872, [MC]
Garner, Mary, b. 21 Sep 1833, d. 11 Dec 1877, w/o Adam H. Ward, [RJ]
Gorman, George Henry, d. 11/01/1865, [FZ]
Gorman, Mary Louisa, d. 27/09/1861, [FZ]
Graham, Ann Maria Conklin, d. 7/27/1832, 24yr 19ds, w/o William Graham, [MC]
Graham, James F., b. 6/15/1840, [MC]
Green, Mary, d. 6/30/1824, 85yr 4mo 8ds, [MC]
Green, Nicholas, b. 10/3/1809, d. 69yr 5mo 11ds, h/w Mary, [MC]
Haring, Ann b.1820, d. 1894, w/o James I. Lydecker, [RJ]
Haring, Jane Ann, b. 2/15/1844, d. 7/25/1910, [MC]
Haring, John D., b. 4/23/1863, d. 55yr, h/w Margaret, [MC]
Haring, Margaret, b. 8/14/1897, d. 87yr, [[MC]
Hart, Isaac, b. 9/27/1808, d. ?/23/1874, h/w Nellie Williamson, [MC]
Hart, Nellie Williamson, b. 11/2/1823, d. 4/15/1905, [MC]
Higgens, Mary, b. 1859/1942, w/o James A. Coe, [MC]
Johnson, Clara D., b. 8/14/1876, daughter, [MC]
Johnson, Clara, b. 5/7/1917, mother, [MC]
Johnson, Franklin, b. 9/11/1901 father, [MC]
Jones, Abner, b. 10/19/1866, [MC]
Jones, Margaret E., b. 4/14/1891, d. 68yr 9mo, [MC]
Jones, Syrenace, b. 9/13/1895, d. 1/16/1920 NY Pfc Hq Co. 47 Inf, [MC]
Lydecker, Dewit, b. 1818, d. 1853, [RJ]
Lydecker, Eliza J. Demarest, d. 30 Apr 1917, age 83yr 8mo 22da, w/o Issac S. Lydecker, [RJ]
Lydecker, Elizabeth Ann, b. 16 Sep 1822, d. 5 May 1841, w/o Dewit Lydecker, [RJ]
Lydecker, Garret, b. 4 Jun 1802, d. 2 Mar 1867, [RJ]
Lydecker, Halah A., b. 17 Nov 1867 d.22 Nov 1884, w/o Garret, [RJ]
Lydecker, Irving B., b. 12 Dec 1893, d. 19 Sep 1964 Sgt Air Service WW I, [RJ]
Lydecker, Issac S., b. 15 Jan 1794, d. 5 Mar 1881, [RJ]
Lydecker, Issac S., d. 3 Feb 1895 age 49yr 7mo 15da, [RJ]
Lydecker, James I., b. 1814, d. 1882, [RJ]
Lydecker, Maria E., b. 1826, d. 1891, w/o Jacob B. Tallman, [RJ]
Lydecker, Smith, b. 1842, d. 1922, [RJ]
Meyers, Sarah Brush, b. 7/21/1872, w/o John Meyers, [MC]
Miller, Helen Buhler, b. 26 Jul 1906, d. Apr 1989, m. Sanford Miller II, [PM]
Miller, Ida Banker, b. 25 Jun 1871, d. 22 Sep 1921, m. Sanford Miller, d/o Charles E. Banker & Annie Boyce, [PM]
Miller, Sanford II, b. 6 Jun 1893, d. 13 Apr 1967, m. 1. Lucy Brynio, m. 2. Helen Buhler, s/o Sanford Miller I & Ida Banker Miller, [PM]
Miller, Sanford, b. 25 Dec. 1869, d. 3 Mar 1920, m. Ida Banker, s/o William Henry Miller & Catherine Plass, [PM]
Myers, Abram, b. 3/16/1824, d. 7/5/1893, h/w Mary Goetschius, [MC]
Myers, Elizabeth, b. 9/9/1797, d. 9/6/1887, [MC]
Myers, Mary Goetschius, b. 1/28/1829, d. 10/27/1900, [MC]
Myers, Nicholas, b. 5/23/1796, d. 8/20/1871, h/w Elizabeth, [MC]
Nichills, Susan E., b. 1876, d. 1917, [MC]
Nichols, Edward, b. 1875, d. 1929, [MC]
Nichols, Jessie Benjamin, b. 1892, d. 1945, w/o Edward, [MC]
Oliver, Mary A., 7/13/1887, 75yr, [MC]
Oliver, Thomas, b. 8/31/1867, d. 78yr, h/w Mary A., [MC]
Onderdonk, Adarian, b. 12/13[18] 1775, d. 12/15/1843, [MC]
Onderdonk, William, b. 1814, d. 1904, h/w Mary C. Gasque, [MC]
Onderdunk, Amanda Pury, b. 10/11/1828, d. 10/2/1905, [MC]
Onderdunk, Catherine, b. 1820/1902, [MC]
Onderdunk, Daniel, b. 5/1/1863, d. 77yr, [MC]
Onderdunk, Edward, b. 5/8/1840, d. no date, [MC]
Onderdunk, Ella P. Lyeth, b. 1858, d. 1932, [MC]
Onderdunk, Ester Bell, 7/24/1877, d. 92yr 1mo 9ds, [MC]
Onderdunk, Hogaman, b. 3/5/1818, d. 8/3/1892, h/w Amanda Pury, [MC]
Onderdunk, Jacob, b. 1/17/1852, d. 70yr 5mo 2?ds, h/w Ester Bell, [MC]
Onderdunk, John, b. 1823, d. 1889, [MC]
Onderdunk, Mary C. Gasque, b. 1818, d. 1895, [MC]
Onderdunk, Millard F., b. 1855, d. 1831, h/w Ella P. Lyeth, [MC]
Onderdunk, Millard F., b. 1879, d. 1886, [MC]
Onderdunk, Rachel, b. 12/10/1869, d. 81yr, [MC]
Paul, John, b. 2/6/1823, d. 12/8/1897, h/w Rebecca Tallman, [MC]
Paul, Rebecca Tallman, 11/1/1816, d. 8/26/1893, [MC]
Quigley, Effie Lydecker, b. 1883, d. 1980, [RJ]
Remsen, Henry J., b. 1837, d. 1925, h/w Martha Onderdunk, [MC]
Remsen, Martha Onderdunk, no dates, [MC]
Sarvent, Mary, b. 10/31/1811, d. 28yr d/o Adrian Sarvent, [MC]
Sarvent, Phillip, b. 4/28/1804, d. 56yr, [MC]
Sarvent, Sarah Onderdonk, d. 1/14/1826, 76yr, w/o Phillip Sarvent, [MC]
Seaman, Clara M., b. 10/9/1861, d. 1/5/1910, w/o LeGrand Smith, [MC]
Seaman, Cornelius, b. 4/14/1826, d. 5/6/1886, h/w Jane Van Nostrand, [MC]
Seaman, James P., 9/16/1902, d. 72yr 2mo, h/w Margret L., [MC]
Seaman, Jane Van Nostrand, b. 4/6/1826, d. 12/7/1923, [MC]
Seaman, Margret L., 3/21/1914, d. 68yr, [MC]
Smith, Abram P., b. 1803/1886, h/w Cornelia DePew, [MC]
Smith, Cornelia DePew, b. 1810, d. 1893, [MC]
Smith, Rachel, b. 26 Oct 1795, d. 12 Aug 1889, w/o I.S. Lydecker, [RJ]
Smith, Tunis, d. 22 Jul 1849 age 43yr 4mo 3da, [RJ]
Stephens, Abraham P., b. 2/19/1796, d. 11/25/1859, h/w Elizabeth, [MC]
Stephens, Elizabeth, b. 8/22/1807, d. 1/18/1883, [MC]
Stephens, George C., b. 1837/1904, h/w Margaret M. Tallman, [MC]
Stephens, Mabel T., b. 1863/1928, [MC]
Stephens, Margaret M. Tallman, b. 1842, d. 1909, [MC]
Stevens, Edmund, b. 9/24/1827, d. 3/18/1918, h/w Elizabeth Brown, [MC]
Stevens, Elizabeth Brow, b. 3/14/1827, d. 4/8/1880, [MC]
Storms, Effie LyDecker, b. 1820, d. 1892, [MC]
Storms, Henry E., b. 1818/1903, h/w Effie LyDecker, [MC]
Storms, Valeria, b. 1846, d. 1927, d/o Henry E. Storms, [MC]
Straught, Eddie, b. 1888, d. 1889, [MC]
Straught, Harry, b. 1877, d. 1882, [MC]
Straught, Harry, b. 1892, d. 1927, [MC]
Straught, John F., b. 1876, d. 1903, [MC]
Straught, Matilda, b. 1886, d. 1900, [MC]
Straut, Abram, b. 11/28/1818, d. 10/18/1890, h/w Mary Myers, [MC]
Straut, Elizabeth, b. 11/22/1855, d. 3/15/1872, [MC]
Straut, Emma, b. 9/21/1852, d. 11/9/1930, [MC]
Straut, Mary Myers, b. 4/12/1820, d. 3/18/1875, [MC]
Straut, William B., b. 1/2/1848, d. 7/24/1857, [MC]
Struble, Sarah Jane, d. 11/06/1891, d/o Jacob and Margaret Van Houten, w/o William V. Struble, [FZ]
Tallman, Catherine C., b. 12/18/1878, 65yr, d/o Michael & Anna Tallman, [MC]
Tallman, Clara, b. 1858, d. 1927, d/o Tunis DePew & Elizabeth G. Tallman, [MC]
Tallman, Elenor, b. 3/9/1812, d. 1/7/1885, [MC]
Tallman, Georgeanna Samler, b. 9/17/1848, d. 10/27/1933, [MC]
Tallman, Jacob B., b. 1824, d.1892, [RJ]
Tallman, John F., b. 8/12/1875, d. 59yr, h/w Georgeanna Samler, [MC]
Tallman, John, b. 6/18/1800, d. 10/3/1890, h/w Lydia VanOrden, [MC]
Tallman, Kate E., b. 1845, d. 1919, [MC]
Tallman, Lydia VanOrden, b. 3/15/1801, d. 4/2/1892, [MC]
Tallman, Margaret, b. 21 May 1827, d. 75yr 1mo, w/o Tunis, [MC]
Tallman, Margret, b. 20 Oct 1812, d. 21 Nov 1899, [RJ]
Tallman, Tunis H., d. 5/20/1826, 83yr, h/o Margaret, [MC]
Tallman, Tunis S., b. 7/26/1812, d. 8/11/1884, [MC]
Van Houten, Jacob, d. 19/12/1876, h/o Margaret Herring, [FZ]
Van Houten, John, b. 11/30/1843, d. 87yr, [MC]
Van Houten, Margaret, d. 14/06/1864, w/o Jacob Van Houten, [FZ]
Van Houten, Martha, d. 30/12/1886, w/o R.A. Stults, d/o Jacob and Margaret Van Houten, [FZ]
Vogel, Fred A, b. 9 Sep 1927, d. 10 Nov 1961, [PS]
Vogel, Harold P., b. 25 Mar 1895, d. 2 Feb 1976, s/w Lillian, [PS]
Vogel, Lillian F. (Seipp), b. 2 Jul 1897, d. 27 Feb 1976, s/w Harold P, [PS]
Ward, Adam H., b. 27 Dec 1829, d. 27 Jul 1887, [RJ]
Ward, Butha, b. 21 Jul 1853, d. 19 Mar 1878, w/o Royal C. Vilae, [RJ]
Ward, Thomas, d. 28 Jul 1907 age 71, [RJ]
Williamson, Daniel, no dates, 1 yr, [MC]
Williamson, Elizabeth, b. 2/6/1765, d. 4/15/1847 82yr, [MC]
Williamson, Garret, b. 10/1/1786, d. 8/5/1859
Williamson, Jeremiah, b. 3/24/1733, d. 11/21/1812, d. 79yr, [MC]
Williamson, Nellie, no dates, 1 yr, [MC]
Williamson, Nicholas, b. 5/23/1761, d. 1/14/1832, d. 70yr, [MC]
Williamson, Rachel, b. 3/22/1792, d. 10/30/1880, d. 88yr, [MC]
Williamson, Sarah, b. 12/24/1734, d. 7/6/1808, d. 75yr, [MC]
Wood, Catherine Ward, b. 1829, d. 1894, [MC]
Wood, Charles D., b. 1817, d. 1898, h/w Catherine Ward, [MC]
Wright, Anne, b. 1849, d. 1928, [MC]
Wright, Catherine Ann, 11/20/1824, [MC]
Wright, George, b. 1881, d. 1881
Wright, Henry F., b. 12/3/1826, d. 5/20/1875, h/w Catherine Ann, [MC]
Youmans, Catherine, b. 7/9/1828, d. 11/22/1915, w/o Charles Crossman, [MC]
Youmans, Charles Crossman, b. 6/15/1829, d. 4/291858, [MC]
Youmans, John D., b. 7/27/1801, d. 1/9/1879, [MC]
Youmans, Margaret, 2/25/1871, 80yr, w/o Garret Garrison, [MC]
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