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Mount Moor Cemetery
West Nyack, Rockland County, New York

Lat: 41°05'47"N, Lon: 73°57'33"W

Contributed by Richard Hrazanek, Jul 01, 2002 [rhrazanek@yahoo.com].  Total records = 56.

Mount Moor Cemetery sits in the shadow of the Palisades Center Mall, just north of Route 59.

This well kept cemetery is maintained by the Mount Moor Cemetery Association located at 1 Milford Lane, Suffern, New York 10901.

A historical sign at the entrance of the cemetery says, "This: Burying ground for Colored people, was deeded on July 7, 1849 by James Benson and Jane Benson his wife to William H. Moor, Stephen Samuels and Isaac Williams, trustees. The cemetery has provided burial space for colored people, including veterans of the Civil War, the Spanish American War, World Wars l and ll and the Korean War. The grounds have been maintained since 1940 by the Mount Moor Cemetery Association, Inc."

Although several stones appear to have been professionally restored, many are too badly worn to read. There are also many field stones often used as burial markers with no inscriptions as well as a plain wooden cross.

This is a complete listing of burials transcribed on Jun 30, 2002 from my readings when I walked the cemetery on Apr 8, 2002.

- Richard Hrazanek

Adams, Henry, b. 1820, d. 1895, Co D 26 Cld Inf
Berry, Chauncey, b. 22 Jul 1871, d. 19 Mar 1906, h/o Laura
Brown, Emma, d. 30 Dec 1886, age: 48y 9m 22d, w/o James Brown
Casan, And'w, no dates, 1st U.S.C. CAV
Cook, Henry William, b. 24 Feb 1930, d. 6 Sep 1950, NEW YORK PFC 24 INFANTRY 25 INFANTRY DIV KOREA
Cook, Moses, b. 1875, d. 1959
De Lamott, Joseph, d. 16 Aug 1848, age: 27y 11m 19d, s/w Sarah De Lamott
De Lamott, Sarah, d. 11 Aug 1848, age: 1y 7m 17d, s/w Joseph De Lamott
Easter, Hezekiah, b. 18 May 1893, d. 9 Feb 1986, Pvt U.S. Army WWl
Easter, Ruth D., b. 5 Mar 1924, d. 20 Dec 1998
Everson, George, d. 15 Oct 1854, age: 19y 2m
Gulfield, Charles P., d. 26 Aug 1877, age: 4y 4m 8d
Gulfield, Christina, d. 1 Mar 1907, age: 66y 1m 3d, w/o Samuel Gulfield
Gulfield, Jane E., d. 24 Aug 1884, age: 13y 9m 15d
Gulfield, Samuel, d. 18 May 1886, age: 55y 7m 4d, A Private Corp'l CO A 26th Regt. N.Y., h/o Christina Gulfield
Guy, Sarah, d. 9 Apr 1853, age: 73y 2m 2d
Hays, Rachel A., no dates, w/o John Hays
Jackson, Catharine (Oliver), d. 7 May 1880, age: 101y 4m 13d
Jackson, George, d. 19 Oct 1900
Jackson, Jane, d. 25 Nov 1870, age: 70y, w/o Thomas Jackson
Jackson, Thomas, d. 6 Sep 1884, age: 75y, h/o Jane
Johnson, Sam, no dates, U.S. NAVY
Jones, Henrietta, b. 1870, d. 1915, w/o Re. Isaac Jones
King, Dinah, d. 29 Sep 1887, age: 66y, w/o Edward King
King, Edward, d. 29 Oct 1891, age: 74y
King, George, d. 9 Feb 1881, age: 22y 2m, s/o Edward & Dinah King
King, Robert W., b. 1897, d. 1966
King, Rosa B., d. 4 Aug 1943
Layfette, Logan, d. 22 Jan 1???, age: 19y
Lewis, Arthur Bryant, d. 5 Mar 1885, age: 3y 10m 19d, s/o S.J. Lewis
Mayo, Charles, d. 28 Aug 1908, age: 75y, CO. E 46 REGT. U.S. COLORED INF. VOL.
Miller, J., no dates, 14th R.I.H.A.
Miller, Solomon E., d. 26 Sep 1918, Pvt. Co. ? 5th Col. Inf. Vol.
Mitchell, K., b. 1859, d. 1925
Redmon, Marie, b. 24 Jun 1897, d. 8 Apr 1962
Robinson, G. Edward, b. 31 May 1893, d. 2 Aug 1908
Robinson, Maria, d. 3 Oct 18??, age: 54y
Samuels, Benjamin, d. 13 Jan 1909, age: 78y, Co A 26 U.S.C.T.
Samuels, William, d. 13 Jan 1903, age: 80y, Co. A 26 Regt. N.Y. Colered Vol.
Sarvant, William, d. 19 Oct 1858, age: 32y
Sarvent, Abigal, d. 30 Jul 1860, age: 70y
Sarvent, John, no dates
Sarvent, Mary, d. 19 Apr 1857, age: 83y
Simmons, Christina G., d. 31 Mar 1911, age: 15y 1m 23d
Smith, John, d. 30 May 1884, age: 44y, Co. A. 26 R. U.S. Col. T.
Stewart, Rebecca, b. 1841, d. 1919
Tallman, Dianna, d. 10 Oct 1905, age: 68y, w/o John Tallman
Tallman, John, d. 14 May 1898, age: 66y, Co. A 26 N.Y. Vol., h/o Dianna
Thomas, Charles Percy, b. 1 Nov 1880, d. 29 May 1949, New York Pvt. 8 U.S. Vol. Infantry SP AM WAR
Thomas, Susan O. (Gulfield), d. 28 Jul 1884, age: 21y 5m 24d, w/o Samuel Thomas
Thompson, Henry, d. 26 Apr 1864, age: 51y 4m 22d
Thompson, Sam'l, no dates, CO. F. 26th U.S.C. INF.
Thompson, Thomas, b. 18 Jan 1831, d. 24 Apr 1908, Co. A 26 Regt. U.S. Colored Troops
Thorpes, Charles, d. 29 Apr 1895, age: 22y
West, James, d. 3 Nov 1873, age: 45y 4m 3d
West, William L., d. 4 Jan 1867, age: 9y 6m, s/o ???? West

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