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Martinus Hogencamp Cemetery
New City, Rockland County, New York

South Little Tor Road, New City NY

Lat: 41° 08' 12"N, Lon: 74° 00' 05"W

This cemetery is on South Little Tor Road opposite Collyer Ave, next to the Park Evangelical Church. It started in 1723 and is owned and maintained by the Martinus Hogencamp Cemetery Association. The cemetery is now closed to new burials and kept locked. This is a fairly complete listing of all burials, from headstone readings and old records. There still may be unmarked graves and lost records.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Last edited May 28, 2009. Total records = 334.

Contributor's Index:

Abell, Ada (Murray), b. 1850, d. 1925, 75 yrs, [JS]
Abrams, Jane Ann, 1881, age: 69yr, [MC]
Abramson, Ann (Brickell), b. 6/21/1807, d. 2/8/1863, w/o Levi, [JS]
Ackerman, Hannah, 3/8/1888, age: 78yr, w/o Thomas Harris, [MC]
Ackerman, Susanna (Doremus), b. 9/5/1788, d. 4/8/1875, w/o Jacob, [JS]
Adams, Jane Ann, b. 1832, d. 11/28/1891, [JS]
Anderson, Edna, b. 8/4/1910, d. 12/1986, w/o Edwin, [JS]
Armstrong, Anna Maria, b. 2/14/1830, d. 6/3/1851, [JS]
Baker, Norman R., b. 1901, d. 1979, h/o Dorothy I., [JS]
Baker, Norman Richard, b. 8/7/1927, d. 9/7/1982, h/o Jean M., WWII Vet. S.U.S. Coast Guard, [JS]
Bakke, Oscar, b. 1919, d. 1984, [JS]
Banker, Abraham, b. 9/28/1777, d. 5/28/1824, h/o Mariah, [JS]
Banker, Mariah, b. 10/6/1775, d. 9/6/1833, w/o Abraham, [JS]
Bechtel, Annie Sophie, b. 11/21/1864, d. 1/10/1866, d/o Albert & Adelia, [JS]
Bechtel, Karl Otto, b. 10/22/1844, d. 2/8/1880, [JS]
Bechtel, Otto Remi, b. 8/4/1862, d. 10/2/1863, s/0 Albert & Adelia, [JS]
Benson, Charles, b. 7/30/1764, d. 11/8/1848, h/o Hily Vanderbilt, [JS]
Benson, Hily (Vanderbilt), b. 11/22/1766, d. 12/19/1848, w/o Charles, [JS]
Benson, Margrietje (Blauvelt), b. 3/28/1806, d. 1/9/1827, w/o James m/o Peggy, [JS]
Blauvelt William W., b. 12/16/1827, d. unreadable, h/o Catharine, [JS]
Blauvelt, Abraham A., b. 5/6/1822, d. 5/6/1844, s/o Abram I.O. & Maria, [JS]
Blauvelt, Abraham I. O., b. 5/23/1736, d. 3/29/1860, h/o Maria, [JS]
Blauvelt, Abraham I., b. 3/15/1729, d. 12/9/1808, h/o Maria, [JS]
Blauvelt, Abraham P., b. 12/15/1752, d. 10/12/1838, h/o Annetje Tallman, [JS]
Blauvelt, Abraham, b. 12/5/1800, d. 12/11/1845, [JS]
Blauvelt, Abraham, b. 5/14/1822, d. 9/30/1825, s/o Jacob & Marg, [JS]
Blauvelt, Abraham, b. 5/28/1807, d. 10/29/1868, h/o Jane, [JS]
Blauvelt, Annie, d. 4/22/1920, d/o Warren & Catherine, [JS]
Blauvelt, Catherine (Tallman), b. 10/10/1748, d. 10/5/1833, w/o Johannes, [JS]
Blauvelt, Catherine, b. 1796, d. 4/20/1861, [JS]
Blauvelt, Catherine, b. 1824, d. 11/28/1888, [JS]
Blauvelt, Catherine, b. 1833, d. 1914, w/o Warren, [JS]
Blauvelt, Dowah A., b. 10/27/1783, d. 4/2/1842, h/o Margaret, [JS]
Blauvelt, Elizabeth (Conklin), b. 7/29/1788, d. 8/2/1849, w/o Jacob, [JS]
Blauvelt, Elizabeth Conklin, d. 8/2/1819, age: 61yr, w/o Jacob Blauvelt, [MC]
Blauvelt, Elizabeth, 1/21/1896, age: 84yr, w/o Tunis Tallman, [MC]
Blauvelt, Emma Z., b. 1850, d. 1927, w/o Silas J., [JS]
Blauvelt, Gitty, b. 6/17/1812, d. 3/31/1858, w/o John E. Hogencamp, [MC]
Blauvelt, infant, b. 7/24/1849, d. 8/6/1849, s/o Peter J. & Sarah M., [JS]
Blauvelt, Isaac A., b. 10/28/1762, d. 3/28/1827, h/o Marretje, Rev. War Vet., [JS]
Blauvelt, Isaac A., b. 8/12/1811, d. 5/5/1850, s/o Abraham J. & Maria, [JS]
Blauvelt, Isaac, d. 11/25/1774, [MC]
Blauvelt, Jacob J., b. 9/7/1796, d. 2/20/1858, h/o Marg, [JS]
Blauvelt, Jacob, b. 10/13/1788, d. 12/15/1834, h/o Marg., [JS]
Blauvelt, Jacob, b. 6/10/1784, d. 6/16/1854, h/o Elizabeth, [JS]
Blauvelt, Jacob, d. 11/25/1774, [JS]
Blauvelt, Jacobus, b. 1775, d. 3/20/1855, h/o Mariah, [JS]
Blauvelt, James J., b. 4/9/1812, d. 12/29/1881, [JS]
Blauvelt, Jane S., b. 2/14/1806, d. 11/27/1884, w/o Abraham, [JS]
Blauvelt, Johanes, d. 5/24/1794, 79yr, [MC]
Blauvelt, Johannes P., b. 1/2/1787, d. 2/15/1847, h/o Maria, [JS]
Blauvelt, Johannes, b. 7/30/1745, d. 1/15/1830, h/o Catherine Tallman, Rev. War Vet., [JS]
Blauvelt, John I., b. 3/6/1752, d. 9/17/1848, h/o Margrietje Smith, Rev. War Vet. 2nd Regt, Orange County, NY Militia, Henrick Turneur Company (judge), [JS]
Blauvelt, John P., b. 1842, d. 2/1/1916, [JS]
Blauvelt, John T., b. 9/25/1819, d. 3/12/1855, [JS]
Blauvelt, John, b. 11/5/1817, d. 8/16/1865, h/o Ellen, [JS]
Blauvelt, Margaret (Remsen), b. 5/29/1799, d. 8/26/1839, w/o Jacob J., [JS]
Blauvelt, Margaret, b. 3/18/1790, d. 11/3/1844, w/o Dowah, [JS]
Blauvelt, Margrietje, b. 7/12/1755, d. 11/13/1837, w/o Judge John I., [JS]
Blauvelt, Maria (Van Houten), b. 4/8/1775, d. 6/8/1849, w/o Peter, [JS]
Blauvelt, Maria A., b. 1795, d. 9/1/1865, w/o John O., [JS]
Blauvelt, Maria, b. 10/6/1791, d. 1/15/1877, w/o Abraham I.O., [JS]
Blauvelt, Mariah, b. 7/10/1776, d. 8/27/1845, w/o Jacobus, [JS]
Blauvelt, Marretje, b. 7/19/1762, d. 8/2/1835, w/o Isaac A., [JS]
Blauvelt, Peggy, unreadable, [JS]
Blauvelt, Peterus J., b. 10/28/1774, d. 4/8/1850, h/o Maria Van Houten, [JS]
Blauvelt, Sarah Matilda (Hogencamp), b. 2/7/1817, d. 8/2/1849, w/o Peterus J., [JS]
Blauvelt, Silas J., b. 1853, d. 1924, h/o Emma Z., [JS]
Blauvelt, Stanly V., b. 1/7/1853, d. 8/2/1838, [JS]
Blauvelt, Tunis, b. 6/1/1827, d. 4/12/1893, h/o Ellen, [JS]
Blauvelt, W. Warren, b. 1826, d. 1865, h/o Catharine, [JS]
Blauvelt, William W., b. 9/4/1860, d. 8/6/1883, [JS]
Bozpat, Suzanne, b. 1868, d. 6/7/1908, [JS]
Brower, Cornelia, b. 1712, d. 8/31/1780, w/o Everadus, [JS]
Brower, George, b. 1824, d. 8/6/1886, Civ War Vet Co. A 26th US Inf., [JS]
Brower, Harry, b. 6/12/1873, d. 10/14/1878, s/o John A. & Anna, [JS]
Campbell, William, b. 11/18/1744, d. 9/6/1834, h/o Katherine, Rev. War Vet. 2nd Reg. Orange County NY Militia, [JS]
Christensen, Olaf, b. 1914, d. 1976, [JS]
Clark, Walter, b. 1830, d. 5/19/1874, [JS]
Cole, Abigail, b. 2/8/1772, d. 5/12/1871, [JS]
Cole, Anna Maria, b. 5/3/1812, d. 1/30/1848, w/o John I., [JS]
Cole, John I., b. 3/1/1770, d. 11/23/1847, h/o Anna Maria, [JS]
Collishaw, Benjamin, b. 2/23/1892, d. 5/16/1900, s/o George & Annie, [JS]
Collishaw, Ernest J., b. 2/5/1890, d. 5/21/1900, s/o George & Annie, [JS]
Cordwell, Alfred, b. 1871, d. 8/2/1901, [JS]
Cordwell, Miriam A., b. 1908, d. 1986, w/o Richard, [JS]
Cordwell, Richard, b. 1899, d. 1982, h/o Miriam A., [JS]
Coyle, Eleanor, b. 1910, d. 1945, [JS]
Cropsey, Carrie, b. 1882, d. 3/14/74, [JS]
De Bevoise, Albert, b. 10/28/1855, d. 2/27/1863, s/o Charles & Mary, [JS]
De Bevoise, Emeline, b. 3/28/1808, d. 7/23/1890, w/o Peter, [JS]
De Bevoise, Emma, b. 1/31/1856, d. 11/16/1859, d/o John W. & Henrietta, [JS]
De Bevoise, John W., b. 3/6/1832, d. 7/22/1882, h/o Henrietta, [JS]
De Bevoise, Peter, b. 1/7/1798, d. 1/13/1879, h/o Emeline, [JS]
De Fries, Alden M., b. 7/26/1856, d. 7/19/1864, [JS]
De Fries, John W., b. 12/29/1815, d. 9/23/1858, [JS]
De Grote, Isaac, b. 1809, d. 12/14/1846, [JS]
DePew, Abraham C., b. 11/30/1780, d. 12/24/1856, [JS]
DePew, Cornelius G., b. 1/1/1822, d. 9/24/1891, h/o Emeline Blauvelt, [JS]
DePew, Emeline (Blauvelt), b. 2/27/1825, d. 8/6/1891, w/o Cornelius, [JS]
DePew, Mary W., b. 1/16/1785, d. 11/26/1852, w/o Garret, [JS]
DePew, Phebe, b. 12/23/1780, d. 10/20/1854, w/o Abraham E., [JS]
Doremus, Anna, b. 11/8/1791, d. 4/17, 1876, [JS]
Dunkley, Margaret, b. 6/22/1878, d. 2/8/1966, [JS]
Eckerson, Catherine A., b. 8/14/1852, d. 10/28/1855, d/o John A. & Catharine, [JS]
Eckerson, Edward B., b. 2/23/1844, d. 8/5/1853, s/o John A. & Catharine, [JS]
Eckerson, John L., b. 6/30/1803, d. 7/15/1888, h/o Rachel Cole, [JS]
Eckerson, Rachel, b. 12/11/1804, d. 12/19/1885, w/o John L., [JS]
Edwards, Anna P., b. 8/28/1825, d. 3/28/1875, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, [JS]
Edwards, Charles, d. 10/29/1912, age: 92yr, s/w Elizabeth, [MC]
Edwards, Elizabeth, d. 2/21/1898, age: 67yr, s/w Charles, [MC]
Edwards, Isaac C., b. 11/20/1861, d. 9/30/1883, [JS]
Edwards, Kitty, b. 2/28/1856, d 1/12/1863 d/o Charles & Elizabeth, [JS]
Edwards, Phebe L., b. 11/11/1859, d. 1/11/1/63 d/o Charles & Elizabeth, [JS]
Eickhoff, Charles H., b. 5/29/1860, d 1/14/1932, [JS]
Eickhoff, John F., b. 2/16/1859, d. 1/13/1903, [JS]
Eickhoff, John H., b. 7/25/1831, d 9/13/1907, h/o Mary Jane , [JS]
Eickhoff, Mary Jane, b. 12/26/1831, d. 9/18/1908, w/o John H., [JS]
Furman, Julia, d. 1863, age: 34yr, w/o Henry Furman, [MC]
Gibbons, Ernest Arthur, d. 1921, [JS]
Golden, John A., b. 1815, d. 1987, h/o Verna, [JS]
Harris, Hannah, b. 8/31/1804, d. 3/8/1883, w/o Thomas E., [JS]
Harris, Thomas E., d. 10/5/1880, age: 66yr, [MC]
Hegeman, Bruce, b. 1903, d. 1977, h/o Helen, [JS]
Hegman, Helen (Jersey), b. 1903, d. 1978, w/o Bruce, d/o Fred Jersey, [JS]
Hegman, Jacqueline, b. 1928, d. 1986 d/o Bruce & Helen, [JS]
Heimbach, Elizabeth, b. 11/10/1788, d. 6/3/1879, [JS]
Hogencamp, Abraham, b. 5/18/1787, d. 2/24/185?, [MC]
Hogencamp, Catharine, b. 1783, d. 6/11/1836, w/o Abraham, [JS]
Hogencamp, Edwin, b. 3/21/1823, d. 11/11/1860, h/o Gertrude, [JS]
Hogencamp, Elizabeth Meritt, d. 1864, age: 82yr, [MC]
Hogencamp, Gertrude (Helms), b. 2/16/1832, d. 4/30/1913, w/o Edwin, [JS]
Hogencamp, Isaac, d. 1857, [MC]
Hogencamp, John E., b. 3/12/1808, d. 8/25/1877, [JS]
Hogencamp, Maria, b. 1/2/1792, d. 4/19/1854, [JS]
Hogencamp, Mary Estelle, b. 2/10/1852, d. 8/8/1865 d/o Edwin & Elizabeth, [JS]
Hogencamp, Sophia, b. 11/15/1760, d. 7/30/1844, w/o Martines, [JS]
Hogencamp, Tillie, b. 11/5/1857, d. 4/18/1883 d/o Edwin & Gertrude, [JS]
Hogencamp, William H., b. 12/16/1810, d. 2/16/1831, s/o Abraham & Catharine, [JS]
Hogencamp, William, b. 9/28/1789, d. 3/29/1863, [JS]
Howard, Hannah E., b. 2/2/1830 d, 1/2/1882, [JS]
Howard, Hannah E., b. 2/22/1844, d. unreadable, w/o John C., [JS]
Howard, Hannah, b. 1797, d. 6/10/1872, w/o John, [JS]
Howard, Irena, b. 7/27/1866, d. 1/22/1869 d/o John C. & Hannah, [JS]
Howard, John C., b. 3/8/1835, d. 2/3/1892, h/o Hannah E. Fowler, [JS]
Howard, John, b. 1799, d. 3/25/1871, h/o Hannah Depew, [JS]
Husted, Francis M., b. 1/14/1853, d. 4/10/1897, h/o Amelia Pangborn, [JS]
Hustid, Amelia, b. 10/1/1859, d. 2/7/1949, w/o Francis, s/o Sister Emma Pangborn, [JS]
Jaycox, Catharine (Blauvelt), b. 2/22/1831, d. 4/7/1888, w/o W. H. d/o Abraham I.O. & Maria, [JS]
Jersey, Adaline Amanda (Blauvelt), b. 3/17/1816, d. 12/23/1840, w/o John P., [JS]
Jersey, Adeline A., b. Sep 10, 1866, d. May 10, 1936, s/w Annie W. MacDougald Jersey, [JS]
Jersey, Alonzo, b. 1869, d. 1935, "he giveth his beloved sleep", s/w Georgia M. Jersey, [JS]
Jersey, Annie W. MacDougald, b. Sep 15, 1860, d. Apr 8, 1933, s/w Adeline A. Jersey, [JS]
Jersey, Christopher, b. 1839, d. 1924, h/o Ellen McLeod, [JS]
Jersey, Ellen (McLeod), b. 8/15/1847, d. 11/29/1901, w/o Christopher, [JS]
Jersey, Fred B., b. Dec 4, 1872, d. Apr 11, 1960 "beloved husband of Katherine Bernhard", [JS]
Jersey, Georgia M., b. 1846, d. 1948, "he giveth his beloved sleep", s/w Alonzo Jersey, [JS]
Jersey, Ira C., b. 4/26/1869, d. 1/18/1904, [JS]
Jersey, J. P., b. 1813, d. 1899, s/w Susan Eckerson Jersey, [JS]
Jersey, Mary, d. Dec 16, 1872, "wife of Peter Jersey" "aged 81 years 9 mos, [JS]
Jersey, Peter P., b. 5/12/1835, d. 10/16/1855, h/o Adaline Amanda Blauvelt, [JS]
Jersey, Peter, d. Dec 14, 1873, "87 yrs 8 mos and 25 days", "rest in Jesus", [JS]
Jersey, Susan Eckerson, b. 1826, d. 1900, "his wife", s/w J. P. Jersey, [JS]
Jersey, Susan Irene, b. Mar 9, 1875, d. Feb 27, 1956 "devoted wife of Harry S. Upson beloved mother of Gerlad H. Upson and Marjorie B. Smith", [JS]
Jersey, Sylvester, b. ?, d. ?, broken stone, [JS]
Jersey, William McLeod, b. 1871, d. 1943, [JS]
Johnannessen, Aage W., b. 1933, d. 1983, h/o Aase, [JS]
Keeley, John J., b. 1842, d. 3/16/1867, [JS]
Kirkman, Sushannah, b. 9/29/1842, d. 1/27/1896, w/o William, [JS]
Kirkman, William, 8/13/1834, d. 10/19/1911, h/o Sushannah, [JS]
Kroenung, Edmond J., b. 1873, d. 1912, h/o Billegible, [JS]
Kroenung, Josephine, b. 7/6/1901, d. 8/19/1902, d/o Edmund & B., [JS]
Laresen, Reidar, b. 11/13/1902, d. 9/23/1987, h/o Adelheild, [JS]
Lindland, Helga, b. 1893, d. 1985, w/o Ingvald, [JS]
Lindland, Ingvald M., b. 1896, d. 1977, [JS]
Link, Edna L., b. 1885, d. 1963, [JS]
Link, Peter, b. 10/2/1916, d. 9/19/1939, s/o Edna, [JS]
Markin, George, b. 1845, d. 1917, [JS]
Markin, Henrietta, b. 3/12/1834, d/25/1921, w/o John Barton, [JS]
Markin, Jane, b. 1849, d. 1921, [JS]
Markin, John Barton, b. 12/10/1933, d. 2/2/1910, h/o Henrietta Bunting, [JS]
Markling, John Henry, b. 12/28/1859, d. 7/10/1873, [JS]
Markling, Phebe M., b. 9/15/1823, d. 12/29/1885, w/o Daniel C. , [JS]
Martling, Esther Ann, b. 9/5/1820, d. 6/16/1897, w/o Daniel C., [JS]
McNeal, A. Amanda, b. 1878, d. 1965, w/o Reginald C., [JS]
McNeal, Reginald C., b. 1902, d. 1974, h/o A. Amanda, [JS]
Monterossi, L. Arthur C., b. 7/28/1862, d. 9/3/1863, s/o J.A. & M., [JS]
Morphett, Ann Maria (Hopper), b. 3/29/1823, d. 4/24/1904, w/o John, [JS]
Morphett, John, b. 2/25/1825, d. 2/8/1889, h/o Ann Maria Hopper, [JS]
Nerney, Dennis, b. 1851, d. 7/30/1893, [JS]
Norris, Jemima, b. 1823, d. 2/8/1847, w/o James, [JS]
Olsen, Agnes, b. 1920, d. 1/15/1987, w/o Theodor, [JS]
Olsen, Theodor, b. 1909, d. 2/10/1986, h/o Agnes, [JS]
Onderdonk, Anetje DeClark, b. 3/31/1746, d. 6/4/1842w/o Jacob O., [JS]
Onderdunk, Jacob, d. 5/19/1795, age: 50yr, [MC]
Pamgborb, Lillie, b. 9/6/1883, d. 8/20/1972, [JS]
Pangborn, Daniel W., b. 12/13/1816, d. 12/19/1891 Civil War Vet Co. C., 47th NY vols, [JS]
Pangborn, Emma M., b. 7/24/1849, d. 11/24/1950, [JS]
Pangborn, Isaac, no dates, Civil War Vet Co. C., 75th NY G.I., [JS]
Paterson, Catharine, b. 8/6/1802, d. 4/30/1875, w/o Robert, [JS]
Paterson, Robert, b. 9/17/1801, d. 5/23/1872, h/o Catharine Smith, [JS]
Paul, Jane M., b. 1823, d. 1867, w/o John J., [JS]
Paul, Mary Ann, b. 5/31/1806, d. 12/14/1862, w/o Samuel DeBaun, [JS]
Paul, Mary E., b. 8/14/1827, d. 9/23/1906, [JS]
Paul, Samuel De Baun, b. 1800, d. 12/1/1877, h/o Mary Ann, [JS]
Phillips, Elizabeth Youmans, d. 5/24/1886, 80yr, s/w Stephen, [MC]
Phillips, Harvey L., b. 12/30/1887, d. 2/8/1888, s/o D.&M., [JS]
Phillips, Stephen, 3/24/1828, h/o & s/w Elizabeth Youmans, [MC]
Pool, Henry, b. 1/15/1779, d. 1851, [JS]
Remson, Anna, d. 1842, [MC]
Reynolds, Elizabeth, b. 1776, d. 5/1/1864, [JS]
Reynolds, George, b. 5/7/1873, d. 11/8/1874, [JS]
Reynolds, John, b. 5/16/1777, d. 12/25/1860, h/o Martha Stephens, [JS]
Reynolds, Martha, b. 4/26/1790, d. 11/7/1863, w/o John, [JS]
Richards, Catharine L., b. 1/2/1844, d. 7/11/1886, w/o Samuel, [JS]
Richards, Josiah, b. 1842, d. 1943, h/o Sophia Klein, [JS]
Richards, Mary, b. 3/6/1813, d. 3/26/1869, w/o David, [JS]
Richards, Samuel P., b. 9/24/1867, d. 2/4/1891, h/o Catharine L., [JS]
Richards, Sophia, b. 1859, d. 1935, w/o Josiah, [JS]
Root, Charles W., b. 1814, d. 12/18/1880, h/o Mary Shaw, [JS]
Root, Mary A., no dates, w/o Charles W., [JS]
Sayers, John E., 11/22/1908, age: 78yr, [MC]
Schoenewald, Florence, b. 6/7/1892, d. 12/3/1979, [JS]
Sickels, Nette, b. 1742, d. 8/29/1780, w/o Henrick, [JS]
Smith, Aaron G., b. 12/24/1816, d. 3/16/1869, [JS]
Smith, Aaron S., b. 12/6/1798, d. 6/9/1888, h/o Maria Acker, [JS]
Smith, Abraham S., b. 12/6/1798, d. 6/9/1888, h/o Maria Acker/Eckerson, [BH]
Smith, Anna, b. 4/30/1807, d. 5/18/1876, child of John Edward Smith, and Maria Jersey, [BH]
Smith, Anna, b. 8/5/1782, d. 2/24/1829, w/o Benjamin B., [BH]
Smith, Annie M., b. 1845, d. 1910, w/o Edgar B., m/o Lillie M., [BH]
Smith, Benjamin, b. 7/8/1827, d. 3/17/1835, s/o Isaac & Margaret, [BH]
Smith, Catherine, b. 11/5/1822, d. 9/7/1849, w/o Emos, daugher of Tunis & Phebe Vanhouten, [BH]
Smith, Elizabeth Ann, b. 8/9/1840, d. 11/27/1843, d/o Benjamin B. & Catharine, [BH]
Smith, Garret A., b. 12/4/1793, d. 2/4/1867, [BH]
Smith, Hannah., b. 11/27/1792, d. 6/18/1861, w/o John E., [BH]
Smith, Hannah, d. 6/18/1881, s/w John Smith, [MC]
Smith, Isaac Steward, b. 6/25/1841, d. 8/25/1841, s/o Issac B & Susannah, [BH]
Smith, Jacob Halstead., b. 11/28/1802, d. 4/6/1878, [BH]
Smith, John E. D., b. 4/25/1760, d. 1/13/1848 h/o Mary Jersey, [BH]
Smith, John E., b. 5/20/1791, d. 5/25/1864, h/o Hannah, [BH]
Smith, John, b. 7/27/1821, d. 5/2/1828, s/o Abraham & Maria, [BH]
Smith, John, d. 1864, s/w Hannah Smith, [MC]
Smith, Lillie M., b. 1869(?), d. 1934, d/o Edgard B. & Annie M., [BH]
Smith, Margaret Ann, b. 9/4/1843, d. 3/7/1843, d/o Thomas B. & Maria, [BH]
Smith, Margaret, b. 6/18/1801, d. 3/13/1840, w/o Isaac B., [BH]
Smith, Maria, b. 2/24/1802, d. 4/3/1880, w/o Abraham S., [BH]
Smith, Marjorie B., b. 1910, d. 1938, w/o Herbert F., [BH]
Smith, Mary, b. 4/3/1774, d. 9/14/1853, w/o John E.D., [BH]
Smith, Phebe, b. 11/25/1815, d. 1/5/1892, w/o Richard, [BH]
Smith, Rachel, b. 8/27/1813, d. 6/1/1880, w/o Levi, [BH]
Smith, Richard, b. 10/17/1812, d. 6/14/1884, h/o Phebe Ackerman, [BH]
Smith, Richard, d. 6/14/1814, 71yr, [MC]
Smith, Sarah Ann, b. 4/19/1833, d. 3/24/1841, d/o Abraham & Maria, [BH]
Smith, Theodore, b. 1847, d. 11/21/1866, grands/o Tunis & Phebe Vanhouten, [BH]
Smith, William Clark, b. 1833, d. 2/9/1833, s/o Isaac & Margaret, [BH]
Springsteel, Jane Elizabeth, b. 8/6/1837, d. 11/11/1838 d/o Samuel & Cornelia, [JS]
Stagg, Abraham, b. 1839, d. 1914, [MC]
Stagg, Anna, b. 5/31/1811, d. 10/7/1891, w/o Abraham A., [JS]
Stagg, John, b. 1839, d. 1914, [JS]
Stagg, John, b. 8/8/1790, d. 11/21/1836, [JS]
Stagg, Mary, b. 5/27/1852, d. 3/23/1858, d/o Abram & Ann, [JS]
Stephens, Jane, b. 1767, d. 8/18/1851, w/o Resolvert, [JS]
Stephens, Resolvert, b. 2/21/1767, d. 10/21/1844, h/o Jane Van Orden, [JS]
Stokum, Garrett, b. 9/27/1836, d. 4/5/1872, [JS]
Symonds, Amelia, b. 8/9/1819, d. 2/20/1882, w/o William W., [JS]
Symonds, Charlotte A., b. 5/7/1857, d. 4/16/1870, [JS]
Symonds, William W., b. 4/4/1817, d. 9/20/1879, h/o Amelia, [JS]
Tallman, Arthur, b. 2/10/1901, d. 12/5/1987, h/o Phebe, [JS]
Tallman, Catherine, d. 1865, w/o Johanes Blauvelt, [MC]
Tallman, Elizabeth (Blauvelt), b. 2/11/1811, d. 1/21/1896, w/o Tunis, [JS]
Tallman, Elizabeth, b. 2/11/1811, d. 1/21/1896, d/o Tunis & Elizabeth, [JS]
Tallman, Elizabeth, d. 1804, age: 29yr, [MC]
Tallman, Ellen, b. 1/14/1829, d. 8/11/1842, w/o John, [JS]
Tallman, Tunis, d. 5/18/1870, age: 82yr, [MC]
Thorpe, Phebe, d. 7/23/1877, age: 89yr, [MC]
Tremper, George H., b. 7/12/1836, d. 5/1/1893, h/o Margaret Howard, [JS]
Tremper, Margaret (Howard), b. 6/20/1840, d. 8/14/1908, w/o George H., [JS]
Upson, Gerald H., b. 1907, d. 11/6/1983, h/o Josephine, [JS]
Upson, Josephine, b. 1913, d. 1970, w/o Gerald H. , [JS]
Van Houten, Catharine S., b. 12/23/1794, d. 7/6/1871, w/o Resolvert I., [JS]
Van Houten, Edwin D., b. 5/15/1858, d. 1/28/1869, s/o Richard & Adeline, [JS]
Van Houten, Elizabeth P., b. 11/28/1780, d. 8/6/1868, w/o Johannes A., [JS]
Van Houten, George, b. 11/8/1838, d. 2/2/1859, s/o John & Hannah C., [JS]
Van Houten, Halanah, b. 9/27/1775, d. 11/28/1832, [JS]
Van Houten, Hannah C., b. 11/4/1802, 1/3/1884, w/o John, [JS]
Van Houten, infant, b. 10/10/1859, d. 11/29/1859, d/o Richard & Adaline, [JS]
Van Houten, Isaac C., b. 2/20/1825, d. 11/29/1854, s/o Tunis A & Phebe Palmer, [JS]
Van Houten, Jane T., b. 1/24/1817, d. 7/30/1872, w/o John P., [JS]
Van Houten, Johannes A., b. 2/20/1784, d. 2/12/1880, h/o Elizabeth Palmer, [JS]
Van Houten, John P., b. 5/23/1816, d. 3/23/1891, h/o Jane Tinkey, [JS]
Van Houten, John R., b. 11/8/1817, d. 5/19/1885, [JS]
Van Houten, John S., b. 7/1851, 9/1/1851, s/o Abram I. & Catharine, [JS]
Van Houten, John, b. 2/18/1771, d. 11/23/1836, h/o Maria Blauvelt, [JS]
Van Houten, Lucinda, b. 4/4/1844, d. 9/4/1845, only d/o John P. & Jane Tinkey, [JS]
Van Houten, Maria (Blauvelt), b. 11/10/1748, d. 11/6/1791, w/o Resolvert, [JS]
Van Houten, Nicholas, illegible, [JS]
Van Houten, Phebe, b. 9/16/1789, d. 11/6/1866, w/o Tunis A., [JS]
Van Houten, Resolvert I., b. 8/18/1795, d. 1/18/1877, h/o Catharine Stephens, [JS]
Van Houten, Resolvert T., b. 12/14/1743, d. 5/24/1837, h/o Maria Blauvelt Rev. War Vet, 2nd Regt. Orange county, NY Militia Capt. Onderdonk's Co. served 3/1779-10/15/1779, [JS]
Van Houten, Richard, b. 1/25/1828, d. 11/10/1867, s/o John & Hannah C., [JS]
Van Houten, Rulef, b. 1/10/1769, 4.7.1861, h/o Halanah, [JS]
Van Houten, Tunis, b. 5/31/1789, d. 8/12/1870, h/o Phebe Palmer, [JS]
Vanderbilt, Augustus A., b. 1859, d. 1939, h/o Jennie, [JS]
Vanderbilt, Bridget M., b. 10/16/1820, d. 6/3/1909, w/o John J., [JS]
Vanderbilt, Jacob J., b. 8/9/1784, d. 6/7/1855, h/o Jane Van Orden, [JS]
Vanderbilt, Jacob, d. 6/7/1885, age: 70yr, [MC]
Vanderbilt, Jennie, b. 1861, d. 1935, w/o Augustus A., [JS]
Vanderbilt, John J., b. 1821, d. 4/9/1883, h/o Sarah Ackerman, [JS]
Vanderbilt, John R., b. 1886, d. 1945, [JS]
Vanderbilt, John, d. 4/9/1883, age: 62yr, [MC]
Vanderbilt, Julia F. (Conklin), b. 1852, d. 1944, [JS]
Vanderbilt, Sarah C., b. 1845, d. 1931, [JS]
Vanderbilt, Sarah, b. 11/16/1822, d. 3/6/1859, w/o John J., [JS]
Vandoren, Jane, d. 6/24/1853, age: 70yr, w/o Jacob Vanderbilt, [MC]
VanHouten, Abram C., b. 1/25/1831, d. 7/25/1863, [JS]
Vanhouten, John, d. 5/23/1884, age: 79yr, [MC]
Vanhouten, John, d. 7/231893, age: 74yr, [MC]
VanHouten, Maria Blauvelt, d. 11/6/1791, age: 45yr, [MC]
Vanhouten, Resolvert, 1/18/1879, age: 81yr, [MC]
Vanhouten, Tunis, d. 8/12/1829, age: 81yr, [MC]
Walker, Gertrude, b. 4/9/1804, d. 9/7/1881, w/o John, [JS]
Wathe, Anna, b. 1900, d. 1/12/1988, [JS]
Wheeler, Freddie, b. 9/3/1872, d. 1/31/1873, s/o David B. & Emma E., [JS]
Wright, Frank, b. 12/21/1860, d. 2/21/1863, s/o Stephen J. & Susanna, [JS]
Wright, Gussie, b. 3/21/1859, d. 7/30/1859, d/o Stephen J. & Susanna, [JS]
Wright, John B., b. 1822, d. 12/11/1861, [JS]
Youmans, Abigail, b. 1848, d. 1876, w/o John Youmans, [MC]
Youmans, Anna (Smith), b. 5/2/1797, d. 9/6/1919, w/o Jeremiah D., [JS]
Youmans, Eugene, b. 4/27/1861, d. 12/27/1895, s/o J.F. & A., [JS]
Youmans, Jacob, b. 2/6/1868, d. 1/18/1881, [MC]
Youmans, John, b. 2/3/1886, d. 2/21/1923, [MC]
Youmans, Rachel, b. 3/13/1773, d. 1/23/1843, [JS]
Young, Anna M., b. 9/10/1876, d. 11/29/1965, [JS]
Zagel, Rhoda, b. 1878, d. 1952, [JS]

Coyle, F?, unreadable
H ?, S?, d. 10/7/1755
H?, Amy V., d. 10/29/1761
I?, M ?, d. 1742, unreadable
K?, A ??, b. ??/17/--70, unreadable
O?, A. N., d. 1755, unreadable
S?, I?, d. 10/22/1739, unreadable
S?, T?, d. 1723, unreadable
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