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Maple Grove Cemetery
Rockland County, New York

Viola Rd at Golden Rd.
Hempstead, NY

Contributed by Maude Ellen Conklin, Jan 05, 2000 [doghaven@frontiernet.net]. Total records = 114.

To reach drive from Mt.Ivy on Route 202 to Viola Road take Viola road to Golden road. The cemetery will be where the two roads meet.

This was originally called Viola Road cem, but the real name has been found.
Recorded by Maude Conklin and Gertrude Rose

Anderson, W.H., b.1849, d.1927
Attarian, Edward G., b.1893, d.1945, s/o Mary & Megerdich
Attarian, Mary Sutton, b.1869, d.19?, m/o Edward G., w/o Megerdich
Attarian, Megerdich, b.1852, d.1926 h/o Mary Sutton, f/o Edward
Babcock, Elisa, b.5/8/1833, d.5/25/1923
Carlough, Elizabeth F., 6/19/1893, d.82 yrs, w/o John
Carlough, Henry, b.3/24/1872, d.9/11/1896, h/o Pheobe
Carlough, John, 3/29/1845, d.37 yrs, h/o Elizabeth F.
Carlough, Phoebe, b.5/26/1814, d.6/12/1897, w/o Henry
Cockafair, Abram, b.1823, d.1897, Co.D 30 Ind. Inf.
Coe, Elizabeth, b.5/24/1876, d.[died], w/o Samuel W.
Coe, Samuel W., d.1/30/1876, d.68 yrs 19 ds, h/o Elizabeth
Coe, William H., 1/29/1879, d.37 yrs
Conklin, Gilbert, 6/13/1880, a soldier in the Co. E G.H.NY, 65 yrs
Cookfair, Mary E., b.1867, d.1870, s/w Thomas & Thomas W.
Cookfair, Mary, b.1831, d.1875, s/w Thomas W, Mary & Mary E
Cookfair, Thomas W., b.1870, d.1884, s/w Thomas & Mary
Cookfair, Thomas, b.1826, d.1878, s/w Mary, Mary E, Thomas W.
Crum, Mehitable, 10/10/1859, w/o James Crum, 37 yrs
DeBaun, Mary E., b.1849, d.1927
Forshay, Abram A., b.1827, d.1904 h/o Elizabeth
Forshay, Elizabeth, b.1823, d.1896, w/o Abram A.
Fox, Hannah J. Goetschius, b.5/17/1856, d.?, w/o Josiah J.
Fox, Harriet a. Winter, No dates, w/o Henry A.
Fox, Henry A., b.3/24/1890, d.21/31/1971 h/o Harriet a. Winter
Fox, James, d.5/25/1884
Fox, Josiah J., b.7/28/1848, d.5/20/1901, h/o Hannah J. Goetschius
Frederick, Catherine, d.11/21/1864, w/o Peter H., d.70 yrs 3 mos 18 ds
Frederick, Peter, b.7/27/1838, d.43 yrs 15 ds
Gesner, Elizabeth Cooper, b.6/15/1807, d.11/25/1864, w/o Jacib
Gesner, Elizabeth, b.11/6/1861, d. [bad ston], w/o ? Gesner
Gesner, Jacib, b.4/1800, d.8/1884, d. h/o Elizabeth Cooper
Gesner, Sarah A., b.9/30/1842, d.10/13/1896
Goover, Elih., 11/9/1868, d.16 yrs
Haring, Albert, d.5/23/1889, 1 yr son of John and Emma Haring
Haring, Emma, b.1856, d.1940
Hemion, Catherine, b.1/3/1825, d.3/31/1891, w/o John S.
Hemion, John S., b.12/25/1812, d.9/18/189?, h/o Catherine
Hendricks, Carrie M., d.3/29/1898, d.26 yrs
Hendricks, William, 5/20/1903, d.76 yrs
Hilyer, Catherine Carlough, b.1844, d.1930, w/o Thomas W.
Hilyer, Catherine Forshay, b.1868, d.1938, w/o William W.
Hilyer, Thomas W., b.1841, d.1930 h/o Catherine Carlough
Hilyer, William W., b.1867, d.1947 h/o Catherine Forshay
Hummel, Clara V., b.1862, d.1958
Hunt, Christina A., b.1/14/1828, d.12/29/1898, w/o Lewis
Hunt, Lewis, b.6/9/1827, d.10/9/1918 h/o Christina A.
Johnson, Ann, [died 1907] no stone just a funeral marker
Johnson, Sarah, d.1904 [died] [no stone, funeral marker
Johnson, William D., d.8/10/1863, d.27 yrs
Lillian, Polly, b.1899, d.?, 12 yrs
March, John H., 4/29/1919, Co.F 74th and Co.H 40th Reg., d.81 yrs
Moore, Emily Carlough, b.1839, d.1922, w/o Henry T.
Moore, Estelle, b.1867, d.1937
Moore, Henry T., b.1837, d.1867 h/o Emily Carlough
Nicholas, Caroline Secor, b.1860, d.1933
Nicholas, Ella, b.1860, d.1945
Nicholas, Hiram, b.1855, d.1861
Nicholas, Manchester, b.1849, d.1915 h/o Mary C. Quackenbush
Nicholas, Mary C. Quackenbush, b.1845, d.1894, w/o Manchester
Onderdonk, Elizabeth, b.10/21/1901, d.97 yrs w/o Isaac Onderdonk
Onderdonk, Isaac, 8/15/1829, d.68 yrs, h/o Elizabeth
Onderdonk, Jacob, 12/8/1898, d.76 yrs
Onderdunk, John Calvin, 1/4/1851, d.17 yrs
Osborn, Lewis, 10/16/1881, d.63 yrs
Pitt, Elizabeth, b.8/5/1890, d.90 yrs
Quackenbush, Americus, b.12/20/1849, d.2/18/1885, 35 yrs 1 mos 28 ds
Quackenbush, Cornelius, b.7/13/1817, d.7/20/1861
Quackenbush, Cornelius, d.3/22/1839, s/o Margaret & Jonus
Quackenbush, John C., d.1/31/1854, d.62 yrs 8 ds
Quackenbush, Jonus, b.3/20/1817, d.10/21/1902, h/o Margaret Fox
Quackenbush, Margaret Fox, b.3/7/1818, d.1/25/1899, w/o Jonus
Quackenbush, Rynard, b.11/6/1799, d.11/22/1864
Quackenbush, Tunis, d.7/18/1865, 82 yrs
Quackenbush, William, 1878, d.42 yrs
Reed, John, b.8/1/1846, d.3/29/1925 Co.K 124th Regt. NY, Inf.
Seely, Hetty Ann, b.12/22/1821, d.2/9/1893 w/o Harrison seely
Servan, Demerest, b.10/22/1884, d.59 yrs, h/o Sophia
Servan, Sophia, 7/16/1893, d.58 yrs, w/o Demerest
Smith, Hannah M. Quackenbush, b.1828, d.2/9/1893, w/o John A.
Smith, John A., b.1824, d.1874 h/o Hannah M. Quackenbush
Soule, Carrie O., b.1868, d.1977
Soule, George H., b.1821, d.1892 h/o Olivia A. Cook
Soule, Olivia A. Cook, b.1827, d.1900, w/o George H.
Straut, Irving, 12/7/1948, d.73 yrs
Straut, Jo[a]nus, 3/1914, d.56 yrs
Straut, Peter, 4/27/1804, d.75 yrs
Straut, Phebe E., 1885, d.54 yrs
Tallman, Fannie, b.1826, d.1899 w/o Josiah Young 1825, d.1918
Taylor, Effie, d.6/6/1864
Taylor, John S., d.9/3/1873
Taylor, Martha, d.1/1875
Thorp, Henry, b.2/29/1888, d.3/1/1958, NY, Prvt. Co. M 53 Inft. 6 Div. Ww1
Thorp, Louretta, b.1855, d.1925, w/o Charles H. Thorp
Washburn, Herbert, b.1867, d.1927 h/o Viola
Washburn, Viola, no dates, w/o Herbert
Washburn, Whitson, [Vet.] 6/5/1868
Wilks, Emma, b.9/10/1847, d.9/1896, w/o William
Wilks, Milinda, b.1/18/1872, d.?, w/o John Crum, 61 yrs 7 mos
Wilks, Samuel, 5/22/1870, d.44 yrs, h/o Susan
Wilks, Susan, 11/13/1890, d.75 yrs, w/o Samuel
Wilks, William, b.10/30/1851, d.1/7/1918 h/o Emma
Young, Albert, d.10/4/1845, 4 yrs son of Maria and Henry T.
Young, Edgar, b.1853, d.1854
Young, Eliza Ann Cole, 11/15/1859, d.37 yrs 6 mos, w/o John T.
Young, Emma, b.6/1/1862, d.11/12/1941
Young, Ethel, b.1895, d.1918, w/o Leroy Ackerly
Young, Henry t., d.6/26/1886, 81 yrs h/o Maria Young
Young, Ira N., b.6/14/1860, d.9/15/1943
Young, John T., b.1/21/1900, d.84 yrs 11 mos, h/o Eliza Ann Cole
Young, Maria, 9/7/1901, 84 yrs, w/o Henry
Young, Mary, b.6/8/1858, d.55 yrs 1 mos 12 ds
Young, Mary, b.1885, d.1968
Young, Tunis, b.11/22/1848, d.76 yrs 9 mos 5 ds

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