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Oceanview Cemetery
Staten Island, Richmond County, New York

Lat: 40° 33' 38"N, Lon: 74° 08' 20"W

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Nov 21, 2011. Total records = 35.

Contributor's Index:

Auer, Frederick George, b. Apr 1908, d. May 6, 1982, s/o John and Clara Schweitzer Auer, [LK]
Auer, George, b. 1913, d. Dec 13, 1969, s/o John and Clara Schweitzer Auer, [LK]
Auer, William John, b. Dec 14, 1920, d. Nov 14, 1963, s/o John and Clara Schweitzer Auer, [LK]
Basey, Gwendolyn (Ford), d. Oct 2000, age 64, [JH]
DeVito, Alfred, d. Oct 2000, age 67, [JH]
Dontenville, Lawrence Charles Sr, b. Jun 6, 1908, d. Apr 11, 1994, bur. in Valhalla Burial Park April 15, 1994, [PC]
Drago, Lynn, b. 1972, d. May 1992, [JH]
Fasanella, Frank Ralph, b. Sep 9, 1914, d. Aug 26, 1990, h/o Antoinette (Nettie) Miele/Gagliardi, [GO]
Haugland, Bertha Pedersen, b. Aug 19, 1904 Arendal, Norway d. 1993, Wife of Hjalmar Ferdinan (James) Haugland, dau of Frantz and Laura Pedersen, [HP]
King, Richard, b. Jul 11, 1883, d. Jan 31, 1949, h/o Helen Suttie King, s/o Alfred and Alice King, [BC]
Kristensen, Dorothy (Sullivan), b. 3 Apr 1926, d. 9 Jun 1993, h/o Magne Kristensen, d/o George Sullivan, [JH]
Kristensen, Magne S., b. 12 Jan 1926, d. 9 Apr 1980, husb of Dorothy Sullivan, [JH]
Lanzaro, Frank R., b. 20 May 1916, d. 19 Nov 1996, s/o John J. and Josephine Lanzaro, [LL]
Lanzaro, Fred J., b. 20 May 1923, d. 11 Apr 1984, s/o John J. and Josephine Lanzaro, [LL]
Lanzaro, John A., b. 1922, d. 22 Jun 2000, s/o John J. and Josephine Lanzaro, [LL]
Leone, John, d. 2 Jan 2001, age 77, [JH]
Lombardi, Michael, d. 6 Jan 2001, age 71, [JH]
McCandlish, John, b. Dec 08, 1900, d. Jan 29, 1951, h/o Helen Margaret King McCandlish, s/o James and Jessie McCandlish, [BC]
Normoyle, Barry W., b. Jan 17, 1957, d. Mar 17, 1957, s/o H. Mike Normoyle and Agnes Normoyle, [HN]
Normoyle, Henry M, b. 31 Mar 1873, d. 5 Dec 1939, h/o Mabel Winning Normoyle, s/oFrancis & Mary Normoyle, [HN]
Normoyle, Mabel W, b. 7 Jan 1883, d. 24 Jan 1943, w/o Henry M. Normoyle, d/o George and Jennie Winning, [HN]
Olsen, Florence M, b. Jul 31, 1931, d. May 12, 1997, w/o Robert C. Olsen, d/o Nancy & Robert Woodhouse, [KO]
Olsen, Robert C, b. Mar 03, 1930, d. Nov 15, 1996, h/o Florence M. Olsen, s/o Anna & Charles Olsen, [KO]
Rand, Amarilys (Martinez), d. 5 Jan 2001, age 39, [JH]
Reischour, Anna 0., b. 1900, d. 1984, s/o Frederick A. Reischour, [PR]
Reischour, Faith, b. 1932, d. 13 Jun 1996, d/o Frederick A. and Charlotte Reischour, [PR]
Reischour, Frederick A., b. 1898, d. 1974, h/o Charlotte Reischour, [PR]
Reischour, Frederick Joseph, Jr., b. Sep 1957, d. Nov 1957, infant s/o Frederick and Joan Sullivan Reischour, [PR]
Reischour, Frederick Joseph, b. 2 Dec 1927, d. 22 Apr 1997, h/o Joan O'Donnell Reischour, s/o Frederick A. and Charlotte Reischour, [PR]
Ryder, Dorothy, b. 1914, d. 1997, [NR]
Ryder, Edward, b. 1913, d. 1976, [NR]
Sedutto, Marie (Riche), d. Oct 2000, age 91, [JH]
Solheim, Alfred, d. 2 Nov. 2000, age 79, [JH]
Solheim, Randolph, d. Jul 2000, s/o Randolph Solheim & Janice Woluewic, [JH]
Tuzzo, Catherine (Ruggiero), d. Oct 2000, age 92, [JH]

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