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Mount St. Mary Cemetery
Flushing, Queen County, New York

Mount St. Mary Cemetery

GPS: 40.740689, -73.800960

172-00 Booth Memorial Avenue
Flushing N.Y. 11365

Last edited: Feb 11, 2011
Total records: 43

Mount St. Mary Cemetery is owned and operated by Saint John's Cemetery Corporation.


In 1841, the present St. Michael Parish began as a mission and, as was often the custom, the first burials took place on land adjacent to the church located at the corner of Madison Avenue and Union Street. During the summer of 1862, at the height of the Civil War, Father O'Beime, the pastor of St. Michael Parish, established Mt. St. Mary Cemetery by procuring six acres comprised of portions of the Moore and McCoon Farm. On July 12, 1863, Bishop John Loughlin, the first bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn, consecrated the new cemetery grounds and eleven days later, on July 23rd, the first interment was that of William Goodwin. At some later date, most of the remains were removed from St. Michael's churchyard cemetery and reinterred in Mount St. Mary Cemetery.

Further expansion occurred in 1899, when Father Eugene J. Donnelly, then pastor of St. Michael Parish, acquired thirty acres from Isaac Smith. in 1930, three farms, comprising of eighteen acres surrounded by the cemetery, were added to serve as additional cemetery grounds.

In 2007, Mt. St. Mary Cemetery was transferred from the Diocese of Brooklyn to Saint John's Cemetery Corporation to enhance the supervision and operation of the cemetery. The Saint John's Cemetery Corporation was created in 1872 by a special act of the New York State Legislature at the request of the first bishop of Brooklyn, Bishop John Loughlin, for the newly established St. John's Cemetery Located in Middle Village, NY. Today it owns and operates all the cemeteries for the Brooklyn Diocese.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

Bokino, Bertha Laudman, d. 3/9/1961, Div. 5 Sec. 4 Plot A. No. 22, [ES]
Bokino, Roman, d. Sep 1943, h/o Bertha Laudman, Div. 5 Sec. 4 Plot A. No. 22, [ES]
Burns, John, b. ca.1828, Ireland, d. 27 Oct 1878, NY City, 50yr, [DB]
Damiano, Maria, b. 1862, d. no date, w/o Salvatore, [MM]
Damiano, Salvatore, b. 1851, d. no date, [MM]
Genzale, Johnny, no dates, [KR]
Grasso, Lucille Tracz Paprocki, b. 5/10/1926, d. 5/16/1995, d/o Agnes Laudman Tyznarzewski Tracz, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot15, RGC, Age 69, [ES]
Grasso, Michael, b. 1923, d. 8/24/85. h/o Lucille, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot15 , RGC, Age 62y, [ES]
Jordan, Hugh, d. Jan 01, 1981, Div 21-R-94, [PK]
Jordan, Margaret Ellen, d. Jun 30, 1982, Div 21-R-94, [PK]
Keeshan, John J., b. 1888, d .1956, s/w Margaret, s/o John and Catherine, Div. 10, Sec. 27, Plot 80, [MR]
Keeshan, Margaret, b. 1897, d. 1943, s/w John J, d/o James and Elizabeth Hogan Conroy, Div. 10, Sec. 27, Plot 80 , [MR]
Kelb, Frances, b. 1878, d. 1915, Div. 3 Sec. 2 Plot D #22, Age: 37y, [ES]
Kelb, Jessie, b. 11/28/1908, d. 11/6 /1935, Div. 3 Sec. 2 Plot D #22 Age 26y, [ES]
Laudman, Anton, b. 1857, d. 1/13/1916, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot15 Plot C, LGC, age 59, [ES]
Laudman, Emeile, b. 1922, d. 1994, s/o Julia and Joseph, [ES], Div. 3 Sec. 2 Plot D #22, Age: 72y, [ES]
Laudman, Frank, b. 2/16/1884, d. 10/23/1958, s/o Mary and Anton, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot15 Plot C, CGD, age 73, [ES]
Laudman, Joseph, b. 1887, d. 10/17/1939, Div. 3 Sec. 2 Plot D #22 Age 52y, [ES]
Laudman, Josephine, d. 8/29/1958, Frank's Second wife, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot15 Plot C, CGL, age 62, [ES]
Laudman, Julia, b. 3/2/1882, d. 6/2/ 1959, Div. 3 Sec. 2 Plot D #22, Age: 75y, [ES]
Laudman, Mary Lehmann, b. 5/5/1857, d. 1/26/29, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot 15 Plot C, LGC, age 72, [ES]
Laudman, Paul, d. 1/13/1923, Anton and Mary's son), 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot 15 Plot C , RGC, Age 29, [ES]
Laudmann, Branislova, d. 10/20/1918, Frank's first wife, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot 15 Plot C, LGD, Age 31, [ES]
Loscalzo, Concetta Spagna Filomena, b. Oct 31, 1912, d. no date, [PM]
Loscalzo, Rocco Giuliano, b. Jun 07, 1870 Italy, d. no date, h/o Concetta Spagna Filomena, [PM]
Mazzucca, Louis Frank, b. 10 Apr 1894, d. 05 Oct 1943, [MB]
Ranieri, George B., b.1922, d.1963, h/o Catherine Keeshan, s/o Aurelio and Norina, Div. 10, Sec. 56, Plot 34, [MR]
Sabkiewicz, Donna Marie, d. 2/20/1950, d/o Anne and Chet, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot 15 Plot C, LGD, 4 days old, [ES]
Sabkiewicz, Joseph, d. 11/13/1963, s/o Anne and Chet, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot 15 LGD, 20 min. old, [ES]
Santoro, Marco, b. 1915, d 1989, h/o Gertude, s/o Michele and Maria, [DF]
Santoro, Maria, b. 1893, d. 1951, w/o Michele, d/o Phillip and Marianna DeVito, [DF]
Santoro, Michele, b. 1882, d. 1978, h/o Maria, s/o Pasquale and Carmella Santoro, [DF]
Santoro, Pasquale, b. 1910, d 1954, s/o Michele and Maria, [DF]
Santoro, Vito, b. 1927, d 1968, h/o Lillie Santoro, s/o Michele and Maria, [DF]
Savino, Carmela, d. 08 May 1995, Italy, wife of Frank Savino, [DS]
Savino, Frank, b. Jun 1898, d. Oct 1990, Morro D'Oro, Abruzzi, h/o Carmela, s/o Superna, [DS]
Savino, Joseph, b. 14 Jul 1924, d. May 1984, h/o Antoinette Santoro Savino, [F]
Savino, Rocco, d. 1967, s/o Frank & Carmela, [DS]
Savino, Superna, b. 1863, d. 1968, Morro D'Oro, Abruzzi, [DS]
Tracz, Agnes Agatha Laudman Tyznarzewski, b. 8/16/1896, d. 10/28/1953, d/o Mary and Anton, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot15 Plot C, Rgd, age 57, [ES]
Tyznarzewski, Mary, d. 2/23/1916, Baby d/o Agatha and Michael, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot 15 Plot C, Rgd, [ES]
Tyznarzewski, Michael, b. 9/8/1889, d. 1/18/1916, h/o Agatha, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot 15 Plot C Rgd, Age 28, [ES]
Walsh, Frank, b. 3/1/1903, d. 5/10/1959, h/o Pauline, 3rd Div. Sec 4 Lot 15 Rgd, age 56y, [ES]

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