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Mount Olivet Cemetery
Maspeth, Queens County, New York

mount olivet cemetery
Mount Olivet Cemetery

GPS: 40.720723, -73.895919

65-40 Grand Avenue
Maspeth, N.Y. 11378

Last edited: Apr 30, 2012
Total records: 42


Mount Olivet Cemetery was established in 1850 under the Rural Cemetery Association Act of 1847 as a nongovernmental supervision, non-religious and private non-sectarian cemetery. The original restriction of having mostly Espicopal Church services was repealed in 1851.

The original land was acquired from George Fash (42 acres), and from the estate of James Waterbury (originally the property of Thomas Hallett). The later parcel, of 16 acres, was purchased in 1878 and gave the cemetery 360 feet of frontage on Grand Avenue. A later purchase resulted in today's total acreage of 71 acres.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

Badger, Thomas R., d. 03 Aug 1937, bur. 06 Aug 1937, age 79, Grave 741, Plot Adt. Lot 1, [LF]
Bathgate, Robert Thompson, b. 4 Oct 1874, d. 17 Nov 1921, s/o Robert and Marion Faulds Bathgate, Plot #287, fronting on Grand east slope, [VD]
Flanagan, Amelia Marie,
b. 6/24/1898, d. 6/6/1981, Lot #1, #1285, [JD]
Cuthbertson, Diana C. (Hartmann), b. 1902, d. 09 Jan 1973, age: 70y 2m 20d, s/w Harry A. Cuthbertson, [BD]
Cuthbertson, Harry A., b. 1902, d. 01 Jan 1964, age: 61yr, s/w Diana C. Cuthbertson, [BD]
Cuthbertson, Warren E., b. 1931, d. 24 Jul 1962, age: 30yr, s/w Julius and Anna Marie Hartmann, [BD]
Dippel, Caroline, b. 20 Oct 1873, d. 10 Nov 1957, d/o Joseph and Amelia Lehman, w/o John Dippel, [KW]
Dippel, John, b. 30 Sep 1876, d. 15 Jan 1956, s/o Nicolaus and Magdelena Malo Dippel, [KW]
Engel, Catherine K., d. 05 Jan 1893, age: 10yr, Moved from Lutheran Cemetery, s/w John F., Sophie & Sophie M. Engel, [BD]
Engel, Frederick W. E., d. 16 Dec 1945, age: 72y 5m 10d, s/w John F., Sophie, Catherine K. & Sophie M. Engel, [BD]
Engel, John Fr., d. 11 Jul 1921, age: 80y 3m 22d, Masonic symbol, s/w Sophie, Catherine K., Frederick W. E. & Sophie M. Engel, [BD]
Engel, Sophie (Büch), d. 19 Jan 1919, age: 73y 6m 25d, Maiden name on tombstone Buck, s/w John F., Catherine K., Frederick W. E. & Sophie M. Engel, [BD]
Engel, Sophie M. (Schierenberg), d. 01 Jun. 1957, age: 84yr, s/w John F., Catherine K., Sophie & Frederick W. E. Engel, [BD]
Gomez, Edward, d. Oct 1933, s/o Alfred & Sophie Gomez, [JG]
Gyarmathy, Michael, d. app. 1943,1944, h/o Theresa Nagy, [BM]
Gyarmathy, Theresa Nagy, d. May 1958, [BM]
Hartmann, Anna Marie (Engel), b. 1969, d. 02 Jun. 1930, age: 60y 5m, Mother, (Tombstone recorded as Annie) s/w Julius Hartmann & Warren E. Cuthbertson, [BD]
Hartmann, Henry, d. 15 Dec 1931, age: 69yr, s/w John Tauer & Frederick Heckendorn, [BD]
Hartmann, Julius, b. 1864, d. 06 Dec 1921, age: 57y 7m 23d, Father, (Tombstone recorded as 1923) s/w Anna Marie Hartmann & Warren E. Cuthbertson, [BD]
Heckendorn, Frederick, d. 28 Dec 1950, age: 45yr, s/w John Tauer & Henry Hartmann, [BD]
Hendry, Alexander, d. Feb 20, 1934, age: 70yr, native of Scotland, [RG]
Hibbard, Lillian C., b. 21 Jun 1861, d. 23 Mar 1899, [RM]
Hoffman, Amelia Brooks, b. 1876, d. 26 Dec 1947, bur. 30 Dec 1947, w/o Charles Hoffman, [AP]
Hoffman, Charles, b. 1877, d. 7 Apr 1931, bur. 10 Apr 1931, h/o Amelia Brooks Hoffman, s/o Stephen Hoffman and Elizabeth Nash, [AP]
Kerge, Maguerite L., b. 1903, d. 1998, w/o John A. Kerge, [DM]
Kerge, Valerie, b. 1937, d. 1995, w/o John W. Kerge, d/o Edward and Victoria Tadross, [DM]
Markutsis, Angelina, no date, [LC]
Markutsis, George, no date, [LC]
Milau, Carolyn R. (Hartmann), b. 1910, d. 25 Dec 1967, age: 57yr, s/w Edward C. Milau, [BD]
Milau, Edward C., b. 1914, d. 09 May 1967, age: 53yr, s/w Carolyn R. Milau, [BD]
Miller, Caroline, b. 1857, d. 8 Dec 1924, w/o George Miller, [ND]
Mueller, Adelaide d. 25 Mar 1967, age 76, Grave 6121, Plot Oakwood, nee: Lindner, [LF]
Noeker, William Frederick, b. 1876, d. 29 Sep 1930, bur. 2 Oct 1930, h/o Anna Pesch Noeker, s/o Daniel Noeker and Marita Messersmith, [AP]
Oliver, James, no dates, h/o Nellie, [LO]
Oliver, Nellie, no dates, w/o James, [LO]
Pesch, Anna, b. 28 Jul 1877, d. 20 May 1947, bur. 23 May 1947, w/o William Frederick Noeker, d/o Christopher W. Pesch and Katherine Kern (Kearn), [AP]
Pleuss, Mildred Emilie, b. 20 Aug 1899, d. 25 Apr 1977, w/o Louis P. Pleuss, d/o John Dippel and Caroline Lehman Dippel, [KW]
Reynolds, Frederick Thomas, b. 19 Feb. 1882, Regents Park, Middlesex, St. Pancras, England, d. 13 Mar. 1945, Riverton, New Jersey, bur. 17 Mar. 1945 Shady Lawn, s/o Thomas Edward Reynolds and Ellen (Aves) Reynolds, England, h/o Rosa Annie (Jones) Reynolds, [SR]
Reynolds, Rosa Annie (Jones) b. 1 Oct 1880-84 South Africa, d. 24 Nov 1935, bur. 27 Nov 1934 Shady Lawn, d/o William James Jones and Nancy (MaryAnn) Westlake, [SR]
Stoffel, Joseph, b. 1895, d. 1959, h/o Mary Stoffel, s/o Philip and Mary Stoffel, [LM]
Stoffel, Mary, b.1898, d. 1956, w/o Joseph Stoffel, d/o Peter and Barbara Kaseler, [LM]
Tauer, John, d. 27 May 1920, age: 52yr, s/w Henry Hartmann & Frederick Heckendorn, [BD]
Weiland, Herman, 1892, d. 1971, [AG]
Wilson, Ellen Josephine, bur. 1956, w/o George Hiram Wilson, [PD]

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