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Four Maryland Cemeteries
Maryland, Otsego County, New York

By Rebecca Stacknow [stacknow@worldnet.att.net], with Schenevus War Memorial by Brittany Kostiha [Celes9865@aol.com].

All 4 of these cemeteries are in the Town of Maryland which also includes it's village, Schenevus. From what I understand in talking to those of the Schenevus Historic Society, it will no longer be a village but, instead a Hamlet. When this actual change will take place is beyond me.

The cemetery I've labeled as being "Potato Creek Dip" is what it would be known as by today's locals. I have been informed by some researchers that it is usually called "The Spencer Cemetery". I couldn't tell you since I was told that our Burnsides first owned that farm. To play it safe, I'd call it the Spencer Cemetery since they probably held the homestead the longest. On the other hand, I'd call it "Potato Creek Dip" because anyone looking for it will have an easier time finding it, if they ask the local residents by using it's location.

The cemetery across from the church at the crossroads for Cooperstown Junction, is known as the Burnside Cemetery by some researchers. Again,.. I couldn't tell you even though I was there. I would rather express location then ownership since no one can really own the dead. Although it would appear that well over half the families buried there, are Burnsides &/or related through marriage.

The 2 that are definite (since they both have signs at their entrance acknowledging definition) are The Maryland Cemetery and The Schenevus Cemetery. They are all on Route 7.

We spent a total of 5 full days in Maryland, recording information that spanned from July to August 99. I can't tell you the exact dates we were there since I don't keep a journal. I do anticipate many return visits and to frequent Worcester, Colliersville, Westford, Lisbon, Oneonta, Cooperstown, and itsy bitsy Chaseville (what's left of it). In addition, I will be returning to these 4 cemeteries.

I am looking for my grandparents: Houghton, Burnside, Dunham, Jersey and Cook(e), Slater, Frisbie, & Smith. The Smiths (I am told) is where my Indian roots would be tied into the Cooks. My Cooks were from Delaware Co. before they moved to Otsego. The Slaters came to Otsego from MA and the Frisbies were from Delaware County. On the other side, the Houghtons were among the first settlers of Maryland in the late 1700s, the Burnides arrived somewhere around 1802 from Albany Co. NY and the Dunhams were from MA. I don't know anything about Catherine Jersey (mother of my 2nd g-grandmother's father). If you know anything about any of these families I'd love to learn more. Primary interest at this point in time is Catharine Jane Burnside, Jesse Dunham w/wife Catherine Jersey, and Adelbert F. Cook with parents Jacob Cook and mother(-?-)Frisbie.

Am also hoping to find the person who might have inherited my g-Gramma Minnie's bible that contained gilded pages on which our ancestry was recorded back to the pilgrims. The bible was to be left to my Aunt Mildred who's maiden name was Cook daughter of Adelbert Cook & Minnie Anne Houghton (Minnie Anne dau. of George Houghton & Mary J. Dunham),.. Mildred was wife of Horace DeVine, mother to Richard & Patty DeVine. I would love a copy of the records within it pages. I only hope it wasn't discarded because it has been passed down for many generations. On the inside cover my g-gramma Minnie wrote that she would like the bible to go to her daughter Mildred. My Aunt outlived her husband and daughter and Richard ran away some time in the 1940s so I don't know where it could be. An auctioneer was sent in to clear out my g-Gramma's place after she died, so I can't even be certain that Aunt Mildred ever saw it again.

- Rebecca Stacknow

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