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Webb Cemetery
Goshen, Orange County, New York

Contributed by Maude Ellen Conklin, January 05, 2000 [doghaven@frontiernet.net]. Total records = 44.

Webb Cemetery, 1794-1918
Located in Goshen, Orange County, New York

Has a curved stone wall with stone square pillers. Recorded by Maude Conklin and Gerty Rose. To reach it take Route 17 A to light, make Right on Gibson Road go past Orange County B.O.C.E.S. to end, make right on County Route 31, past Noahs Arc Vet. Hospital, about 1/4 mile on right on a hill in a field.

Bennett, Anthony J., b.1814, d.1887
Bennett, James Johnathan, b.1857, d.1932
Crane Benjamin F., b.1879, d.1950 h/o Crane, LuLah I. Weygant
Crane, Frances A., 12/23/1882--50 yrs
Crane, Helen M. Sawyer b.1853, d.1918, w/o Stephan N.
Crane, LuLah I. Weygant, b.1881, d.1952, w/o Benjamin F Crane
Crane, Mary, 6/17/1850, only date
Crane, Mary, d.11/20/1873--74 yrs 2 mos, w/o Stephen N.
Crane, Sarah S., d.4/27/1876
Crane, Stephen N., b.1840-1906, h/o Crane, Helen M. Sawyer
Crane, Stephen N., d.2/1/1875, 78 yrs 9 mos 3 ds, h/o Mary
Dusenberry, Mary E., b.1828, d.1878, w/o William Ray
Fraser, Edith, b.1888, d.1974, w/o Marten F. Shader
Fraser, Leroy, b.1897, d.1925, W.W. P.V.T. Co.F.304 inf.
Green, Viola A., b.1882, d.1920, w/o Jesse Sawyer
Hasbrouck James H., d.2/24/1874-30 yrs 5 mos
Hulse, J. Smith, b.10/11/1809, d.5/15/1811
Hulse, J. Smith, b.6/13/1844, d.6/24/1865
Jones, Andrew, b.1833, d.1906
Jones, Cornellia, d.1847, w/o Samuel D.
Jones, Horace B., b.1835, d.1865
Jones, Samuel D., b.1799/1875, h/o Cornellia
Jons, Henry C., b.1847, d.1907
Lewis, Rosetta W., 5/12/1902 [died]
McCoy William A., b.1822, d.1904
McCoy, Catherine, 4/25/1878, only date, w/o William A. McCoy
Minturn, Charles R., d.3/23/1874 76 ys 2 mos.
Minturn, Ludlum, Louise May, b.2/28/1855, d.4/13/1935
Moore, Ida, b.1861, d.1937, w/o Frank S. McCoy
Owen, Bessie A. Denslow, b.1884, d.1937, w/o George
Owen, George, b.1859, d.1949
Owen, William V., b.1822/?, h/o Bessie
Phillips, Frances B., b.1853, d.1929
Ray, Angie, b.1864, d.1882
Ray, Emily, b.1854, d.1879, w/o G. Terperning
Ray, William V., b.1820, d.1910
Ray, William, b.1849, d.1867
Rysdyk, Hannah B, d.11/24/1883-2 yrs
Sawyer, Jesse, b.1873, d.1949
Sawyer, Lillian, b.1870, d.1953, w/o John m. Fraser
Sawyer, Louisa, d.1861, w/o Benjamin
Sawyer, Mary Jane, b.1846, d.1927, w/o William A. McCoy
Smith, Lucetta, b.7/24/1853, d.11/24/1895, w/o G.F. Owens
Thompson, Amelia, b.1828, d.1920, w/o Anthony J. Bennett

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