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Case Burial Plot
Orange County, New York

Contributed by Robin Carpenter [analytix@valley.net], Total records = 44.

Coming from Goshen, Orange County, on Rte.207 turn right on Sarah Wells trails about 1/2 m on right hand side of road -across from 349 Viking Hill farm on left.  Look for an old cedar tree. among the briars and bushes of thorns.  Partial list ,very bad shape needs cleaning.

- Robin Carpenter

______, Elizabeth, d. Dec 1(?) 1835, ae 66-0-10, (This one might be readable in the right light.)
A.W. (red stone)
Abrams, Carpenter, 1812, 20 yrs
Anderson, Johnny B, son of Walter and Eranoos(?) J. Anderson, d.7/21/1851, ae 5-4-11 (5 years, four months, 11 days)
Anderson, Walter, 6/26/1859, ae 63-0-3
Carpenter, Adam (or Adah?), d. 3/1/1817, ae 70 yrs
Case, ?lomot, [what appears to be] s/o Danial and Julia Case died May 11 1823, 12 yr 3 mos 21 ds
Case, _itl__ary(?), wife of Bita(?), d. 4/9/1819
Case, Birdsey, d. 12/21/1863
Case, Daniel d. 1857 in his ?7the year (1st digit illegible)
Case, Daniel Julia (??That's how I saw it!) d. 5/11/1823, ae 12-3-21
Case, Daniel, d. 11/2/1830 in the 76th year of his life
Case, David, d. 3/11/1819 in his 36th year
Case, Hannah d. 9/12/1825, ae 41-0-24
Case, Hannah, 6/?/1825, 33 yrs
Case, Jeulaner, widow of Danial Case jr. 6/21/1851, 68 yrs 3 mos 6 ds
Case, Jillian(?), dau of Daniel & Julia Case, d. 8/26/1821, ae _____
Case, John, d. 1/2/1826, ae 41-0-24
Case, John, 1/24/1826, 41 yrs
Case, Julia ___, widow of David Case
Case, Mary, 6/29/1839, 81 yrs w/o Ozzie 11/2/1839, 76 yrs
Case, Mary, dau of D______ and Julia Case, d. 5/15/1879
Case, Mary, wife of Daniel Case, d. 6/26/1839 in 81st year of her life.
Case, Sarah, 7/17/1795, 66 yrs
Case, Sarah, d. 7/17/1795 in the 66th year of her age, "Our souls should learn the heavenly art, T'improve the hours we have, That we may act the wiser part, And live beyond the grave."
Case, unreadable, dau Jabiel(?) Case d. 5/18/1879
Case, unreadablebroken
Case, Virgil R., son of Daniel & Julia Case, d. 1/8/1839, ae 23-10-6, with footstone inscribed "V.R.C"
Corey [Carey], Alexander, 10/7/1899 59 yrs
Cowers, William, Sept. 30-1852 28 yrs
E.C.S. (Small, maybe footstone)
Gowers, James H., son of William H. and June(?) Gowers, d. 2/16/1851 ae 1-8-??.
Gowers, William H. Jr, son of William H. and J_______ Gowers d.7/28/1853
Gowers, William H., d. 9/30/1852, ae 28-10-??
M.M.V. (Small, maybe footstone)
McCall, Andrew J, son of Win J (?) and Minabelle McCall d. 5/5/1851, age 0-4-7 (i.e., 4 months, 7 days)
McEwell, Catherine, "only ________", d. ??/25/1853, ae 21-2-?
S.C., small
Unknown,Twelve unidentifiable stones
Unreadable, d. 1816
Wells, Abijah, 2/1/1821, 68 yrs

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