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Pine Hill Cemetery
Orange County, New York

VanburdenVille road, off of Rte.17m
Orange County, NY.

Lat:41°29.08N, Lon:074°25.17W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 53.

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Historical marker by cemetery

"A Hamlet settled in 1700,Town of Walkill, organized on 4/7/1772, Old School Baptist Church 1792".  Pine Hill Cemetery 1820 memorialized on 1990.  Rockville, Pine Hill Cemetery."

Ayres, William, b. 1843, d. 1917, Co. H. 56th Regt. N.Y.V. Inf., [MC]
Bell, Lewis, 2/23/1861, 58 yrs h/w Minerva Clark 3/3/1871, 69 yrs, [MC]
Brennesholtz, Clara M., b. 8 Oct 1905, d. 18 May 1973, d/o Millard & Philiphena Cherry, [CW]
Brennesholtz, William G., b. 14 Nov 1903, d 4 Jun 1982, h/o Clara M., s/o William G. Brennesholtz Sr. and Lucy Sickinger, [CW]
Carpenter, Abigail,
9/5/1887, 73 yrs, [MC]
Carpenter, Ellinore, 4/13/1852, 66 yrs, [MC]
Carpenter, George H., b. 10/12/1850, d. 5/30/1897, [MC]
Carpenter, Mary, b. 11/11/1816, d. 2/8/1882, w/o James E. Carpenter, [MC]
Carpenter, William H., 3/29/1880, 68 yrs, [MC]
Casey, Betsey, 5/25/1861, 6 yrs, [MC]
Clark, Hannah,11/6/1837, 69 yrs, [MC]
Clark, John, 4/15/1853, 70 yrs, [MC]
Clark, John, 5/29/1861, 87 yrs, [MC]
Clark, Oliver S., 10/27/1845, 52 yrs , [MC]
Clark, Vincent, no dates, 19th N.Y. Vol. Civil War Veteran, [MC]
Clark, Vinson, 6/20/1839, 71 yrs, s/w Hannah, [MC]
Clark, William, 11/1832, 41 yrs, [MC]
Collins, Patrick, 4/30/1874, about 60 yrs [as written on stone], [MC]
Davenport, Anglinea, 2/1/1852, 48 yrs, w/o Samuel, [MC]
Davenport, Samuel, 3/29/1851, 52 yrs h/o & s/w Anglinea, [MC]
Denning, Anna, 1/30/1858, w/o Jacob, [MC]
Denning, Frances Emerette, b. 1846, d. 1929, s/w William, [MC]
Denning, Hirum S., 5/3/1861, 59yrs, s/o Jacob and Anna, [MC]
Denning, Jacob, 12/8/1851, 81 yrs, h/o and s/w Anna, [MC]
Denning, William, 1831, d. 1895, h/o & s/w Frances Emerette, [MC]
Godfrey, David, 9/6/1879 41 yrs 10mos 1ds, 1st. Lieutenant Co. D 4th Reg. N.Y. Cav. Vol, [MC]
Godfrey, George, d. 11/21/1864 in Libby Prison, 20yrs 11mos 27ds, [MC]
Godfrey, William G, 2/14/1866 17 yrs, s/o Samuel @ Abigail Godfrey, [MC]
Gregory, Emeline, w/o William Gregory 5/1/1876, 42 yrs, [MC]
Gregory, Malissa, 8/7/1870, 38 yrs 7 mos 27 ds, [MC]
Gregory, Walter, 9/14/1865, 63 yrs, [MC]
Horton, Abbie M., w/o Verdine Horton 11/4/1861, 25yrs 2mos 18ds, [MC]
Horton, Alfred M., 7/25/1873, 51yrs h/w Mary C. 12/12/1885, 66 yrs, [MC]
Horton, Hiram, 1864, 59 yrs, [MC]
McEwen, John, 6/14/1805, 76 yrs 18 ds, [MC]
Nichols, Allen, 12/30/1826, 84 yrs h/o & s/w Matilda, {MC]
Nichols, Matilda, 3/10/1861, 56 yrs, w/o Allen, [MC]
Penny, Mary D., b. 1842, d. 1917, [MC]
Remsen, Mary K., 12/5/1916, 71 yrs 2 mos 1 d, [MC]
Remson, Henry C., Civil War Pvt Co. F. Regt N.Y. Vol. Infantry 1844/1928, [MC]
Terry, Charlotte, w/o Thomas P. Terry 1868, [MC]
Uptegrove, Edwin, 12/7/1885, 75 yrs, [MC]
Uptegrove, Eunice, w/o Richard Uptegrove 2/21/1865, 76 yrs, [MC]
Uptegrove, Josiah P., 10/1/1905, 81 yrs h/o & s/w Mary, [MC]
Uptegrove, Mary A., 8/24/1866, 58 yrs, w/o Josiah P, [MC]
Van Fleet, William T., 1856/1896, [MC]
Wildison, Ann, 10/7/1883, 70yrs, [MC]
Wilkinson, Benjamin L. C., s/o Samuel & Adaline Wilkinson 7/1/1818, 13yrs, [MC]
Wilkinson, James Alonzo, 8/21/1801, 55 yrs, [MC]
Wilkinson, Jennie E., w/o Curtis E. Knickerbocker 6/26/1923, 53 yrs, [MC]
Wilkison, Adaline, 8/12/1858, 51 yrs, h/o and s/w Ann, [MC]
Wilkison, Bessie, 9/6/1910, 32 yrs, [MC]
Wilkison, Samuel, 12/7/1866, 60 yrs h/o & s/w Adaline, [MC]

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