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Old Town Cemetery
Newburgh, Orange County, New York

old town cemetery
Old Town Cemetery

GPS: 41.507534, -74.009995

1713 Grand Street
Newburgh, NY, 12550

Published: November 16, 2016
Total records: 1,503

Old Town Cemetery is owned and maintained by City of Newburgh, NY.


Old Town Cemetery is as old as the settlement of Newburgh, perhaps going back to the early 1700s. The oldest readable tombstone dates back to 1759. The cemetery contains about 1,300 tombstones, with records of about 1,700 persons. It's believed that there may be a total of 2,500 persons buried here since the burying ground was first used.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were obtained from the cemetery's unofficial website. These records are from "A Record of the Inscriptions in the Old Town Burying Ground of Newburgh, N.Y. (1898)".

Abrams, Esther
, wife of Isaac, d. 06-30-1845
Adams, Gabriel P., d. 08-08-1844
Adams, Jane Elizabeth, daughter of Ellis, d. 11-29-1831
Al{len} Ellis D., son of S.B., d. 04-13-1831
Albertson, Jeremiah, d. 03-15-1844
Allen, Catharine Perry, d. 03-27-1874
Amerman, Chancy, 1 yr., d. 10-06-1797
Amerman, Derrick, d. 03-04-1826
Amerman, Hugh W., d. 03-25-1856
Amerman, Isaac, d. 03-21-1829
Amerman, Mary, wife of Derrick, d. 02-24-1835
Amerman, Nancy, d. 05-02-1867
Amerman, Robert, 1 yr., d. 08-20-1799
Anderson, Augustus, son of John, d. 08-17-1820
Anderson, Christianna, d. 05-07-1855
Anderson, James, son of James, d. 07-17-1844
Anderson, Jane, wife of John, d. 03-06-1815
Anderson, Jane Fraser, wife of James, d. 06-25-1844
Anderson, John, d. 05-08-1816
Anderson, Margaret Ann, daughter of James, d. 07-07-1843
Anderson, Mary, wife of John, d. 09-20-1799
Anderson, William, son of John, d. 11-20-1796
Andrews, David, d. 08-28-1837
Annan, Amira, wife of Daniel, d. 06-05-1837
Armstrong, Jane, d. 11-16-1798
Atkinson, William, d. 11-28-1825
Ausker, William, son of James, d. 02-05-1844
Ball, Anna E., daughter of Charles, d. 09-15-1843
Barnes, Catherine Burwell, d. 07-11-1841
Barr, Brinkman Adam
Barr, Elizabeth, d. 07-05-1850
Barr, Jane Lilburn, wife of Nathaniel, d. 05-26-1854
Barr, John E.
Barr, Nathaniel, d. 09-19-1848
Barry, John, d. 10-03-1797
Bartlett, Henry T., d. 11-22-1842
Beck, Mary, wife of John, d. 04-10-1841
Bedford, Sarah Maria, daughter of Stephen, d. 05-01-1837
Belknap, Aaron, d. 03-14-1847
Belknap, Abel, d. 10-19-1854
Belknap, Abel W., son of Moses H., d. 06-26-1847
Belknap, Abel, Esq., d. 11-15-1804
Belknap, Alden, d. 03-27-1862
Belknap, Ann Maria, daughter of Seth, d. 01-12-1822
Belknap, Ann Marie, daughter of James, d. 12-09-1842
Belknap, Clarissa, d. 03-09-1892
Belknap, Eliza, wife of Alden, d. 05-13-1836
Belknap, Elizabeth, wife of Isaac, d. 01-09-1816
Belknap, Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac, d. 07-24-1793
Belknap, Hannah, relict of Abel, d. 06-05-1815
Belknap, Harriet, daughter of James, d. 09-10-1828
Belknap, Isaac, d. 04-29-1815
Belknap, James, d. 01-05-1870
Belknap, L.E.J., wife of Rufus, d. 1878
Belknap, Margaret Agnes, daughter of Abel W., d. 08-23-1849
Belknap, Marietta, wife of Moses C., d. 11-27-1878
Belknap, Mary, wife of Stephen, d. 06-05-1863
Belknap, Mary Eunice, daughter of Moses H., d. 01-30-1824
Belknap, Mary G., wife of Abel, d. 01-19-1833
Belknap, Mary Josepha Lydia Stearns, wife of Aaron, d. 07-20-1862
Belknap, Moses H., d. 01-04-1855
Belknap, Moses H., wife of Moses, d. 02-27-1824
Belknap, Nathaniel Ring, d. 04-22-1863
Belknap, Richard, son of Isaac , 3 yrs., d. 12-11-18--
Belknap, Rufus R., d. 1868
Belknap, Ruletta G., daughter of Moses H., d. 08-11-1850
Belknap, Ruth P., wife of Moses H., d. 10-23-1833
Belknap, Samuel, d. 03-31-1821
Belknap, Samuel, son of Samuel, d. 06-13-1808
Belknap, Samuel Martin, son of Aaron, d. 02-09-1815
Belknap, Sarah, wife of Joseph Belknap, d. 03-24-1839
Belknap, Sarah J., wife of Abel W., d. 05-13-1850
Belknap, Seth, d. 02-06-1866
Belknap, Seth, d. 06-24-1850
Belknap, Stephen, d. 10-29-1848
Belknap, Thomas, son of James, d. 03-16-1830
Belknap, Thomas R., d. 04-26-1872
Belknap, Washington, son of Seth, d. 09-18-1805
Belknap, William, d. 07-18-1831
Benedict, Rachel, daughter of Roswell, d. 05-16-1824
Betts, Uriah, d. 08-10-1841
Beveridge, d. 04-23-1831
Beveridge,, infant , son of John, d. 07-12-1825
Beveridge, Anna E., daughter of Thomas, d. 03-17-1852
Beveridge, David, son of Thomas, d. 08-12-1856
Beveridge, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, d. 08-03-1845
Beveridge, Frances, d. 03-07-1874
Beveridge, Harriet G., daughter of James, d. 11-24-1884
Beveridge, Isabella Currie, wife of John, d. 02-07-1870
Beveridge, Isabella Forsyth, d. 01-17-1868
Beveridge, James, d. 11-12-1873
Beveridge, James, d. 11-21-1859
Beveridge, James, son of James, d. 01-03-1830
Beveridge, James Rev., d. 03-04-1855
Beveridge, Jane Forsyth, wife of Dr. C.W. Grant, d. 04-26-1856
Beveridge, John, d. 02-13-1859
Beveridge, John, d. 10-22-1874
Beveridge, John, son of Thomas, d. 08-22-1841
Beveridge, Marion Barclay, wife of James, d. 01-12-1895
Beveridge, Robert, son of Thomas, d. 01-23-1854
Beveridge, Sophia, daughter of Thomas, d. 05-20-1845
Beveridge, Thomas, son of James, d. 06-12-1852
Beveridge, Thomas Chalmers, son of Thomas, d. 09-30-1858
Beveridge, Vashti, see #1167, d. 09-12-1865
Bisbee, Delphine R.E.J.C., d. 07-22-1846
Blackwell, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Tunis, d. 06-07-1851
Blair, Mary Osborne, Relict of Robert, d. 10-26-1841
Blake, Charles Butman, son of Daniel, d. 02-06-1828
Bogardus, Ethelbert, son of Aaron, d. 05-01-1821
Boice, Phebe, wife of John, d. 11-07-1825
Boice, Sarah, daughter of John, d. 07-09-1831
Boice, Susan, daughter of John, d. 05-31-1829
Boice, Thomas P., d. 11-12-1821
Bonnell, John Little, son of Joseph A., d. 01-21-1838
Bonticoue, Mary Louisa, d. 06-27-1841
Booth, Henry, d. 06-27-1838
Bowman, Mary, wife of Phineas, d. 03-22-1813
Boyd, Isabella, wife of John F., d. 12-04-1844
Boyd, John, rest is illegible
Boyd, John F., d. 12-05-1842
Boyd, Mary, wife of John F., d. 07-12-1829
Bradford, Lucy, wife of Merritt, d. 04-26-1875
Bradford, Merritt, d. 01-28-1846
Branagan, Rosey, wife of John, d. 07-16-1835
Brash, Rev. John, d. 03-21-1881
Brett, Henry, son of Uriah, d. 09-13-1799
Brett, Letecha, wife of Uriah, d. 12-25-1799
Brett, Uriah, son of Ephraim, d. 03-16-????
Brooks, Charles W., d. 03-18-1870
Brooks, Margaret Ann Hamilton, wife of Charles W., d. 08-19-1863
Brown, ? Lawrence , son of John ? 2 yrs., d. 1846
Brown, ? Catharine , daughter of John?, d. 11-07-1808
Brown, Allice, wife of John, d. 09-11-1829
Brown, Catharine Graham, wife of John, d. 11-07-1867
Brown, Chichester, M.D., d. 08-08-1849
Brown, Daniel, d. 03-28-1888
Brown, Edward, d. 01-25-1884
Brown, Edward, son of Edward , 7 mos , see #1252, d. 07-24-1831
Brown, Edward, see #1253, d. 07-25-1820
Brown, Eliza C., wife of John V., d. 09-11-1860
Brown, Eliza Case, relict. Of John, d. 08-08-1886
Brown, Elizabeth, d. 03-01-1857
Brown, Francies, d. 01-11-1803
Brown, Francis, d. 07-22-1819
Brown, George, d. 07-09-1860
Brown, Henry K., d. 06-15-1822
Brown, Hester, daughter of William, d. 11-15-1841
Brown, infant, child of James, d. 03-03-1852
Brown, James Memorial, d. 11-09-1859
Brown, James S., d. 02-04-1878
Brown, John, d. 06-10-1850
Brown, John, d. 10-01-1825
Brown, John James, d. 02-15-1888
Brown, Margaret, d. 09-15-1846
Brown, Mary, d. 04-14-1860
Brown, Mary, wife of William, d. 10-30-1863
Brown, Mary J. Miller, wife of James, d. 09-21-1881
Brown, Mary R. Arsdale, wife of John James, d. 03-05-1855
Brown, Samuel H., d. 12-16-1845
Brown, Sarah S., wife of James S., d. 03-07-1854
Brown, Theresa, d. 03-25-1875
Brown, Thomas, d. 11-30-1865
Brown, William, d. 05-20-1864
Brown, William, son of James, d. 08-21-1853
Buchanan, James Thomas, son of James, d. 12-18-1831
Buckingham, Benjamin F., d. 02-10-1866
Buckingham, Franklin, son of Benjamin , also #773, d. 10-27-1847
Buckingham, Howell, 8 mo., d. 02-20-1793
Buckingham, Mary Terry, wife of Benjamin, d. 10-29-1877
Burger, Alice, daughter of Gerardus, d. 06-08-1791
Burling, Catharine, d. 06-02-1836
Burnham, Betsey, d. 04-28-1859
Burrill, Richard, d. 11-02-1840
Burwell, Abigail, wife of Richard, d. 09-05-1840
Burwell, Richard, d. 09-11-1825
Bushfield, Isabella, wife of James, d. 03-13-1804
Bushfield, Jane, d. 02-17-1826
Butterworth, Mary, wife of William, d. 03-29-1832
Butterworth, Sarah Maria, daughter of William, d. 12-15-1834
Butterworth, William, son of William S., d. 02-18-1865
Byram, Agnes Ann, 3 yrs.10 mo., d. 02-07-1815
Byram, Joseph, l yr., d. 02-21-1815
Byrne, John Memorial, d. 07-15-1849
Caldwell, Catharine, wife of Harry, d. 11-14-1827
Caldwell, Cornelia Pynchon, daughter of Harry, d. 08-26-1797
Caldwell, Ellen, wife of Henry, d. 08-27-1860
Caldwell, Henrietta, daughter of Henry, d. 01-25-1819
Callan, John, d. 03-25-1829
Cameron, David, d. 08-11-1867
Cameron, David, d. 08-11-1867
Cameron, Elizabeth Owen, d. 09-00-1894
Cameron, Elizabeth Owen, wife of David, d. 09-00-1894
Campbell, Mary Ann, daughter of George, d. 08-30-1803
Campbell, Mary Ann, daughter of George, d. 09-05-1799
Carithers, George, d. 12-14-1843
Carithers, Rachel, wife of George, d. 09-27-1839
Carlisle, Mary, daughter of Samuel, d. 05-18-1813
Carlton, Mary E. Crissey, wife of Henry Jr., d. 12-04-1850
Carpenter, Alexander I., son of Leonard, d. 1847
Carpenter, Angelina, d. 1811
Carpenter, Benjamin, son of Leonard, d. 1871
Carpenter, Bridget Belknap, d. 1843
Carpenter, Elizabeth, daughter of Leonard, d. 1874
Carpenter, Eunice, wife of Jacob, d. 10-26-1814
Carpenter, Henry B., d. 10-09-1832
Carpenter, Jacob, d. 03-06-1825
Carpenter, James C., d. 06-24-1849
Carpenter, Jane, wife of James C., d. 12-08-1868
Carpenter, Jane B., daughter of Leonard, d. 1870
Carpenter, Leonard, d. 1816
Carson, Richard, d. 03-26-1824
Carter, Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan, d. 09-20-1799
Carter, Jane, wife of Jonathan, d. 11-16-1830
Carter, Jonathan, d. 05-22-1820
Carter, Jonathan, son of Jonathan, d. 01-30-1818
Case, Abigail, d. 09-16-1857
Case, Ann D., d. 03-02-1828
Case, Benjamin Jr., d. 08-09-1823
Case, Kitty D., d. 03-09-1852
Casey, George, d. 09-02-1831
Casey, Janes, d. 06-17-1824
Caughey, Elizabeth, wife of Robert, d. 01-09-1829
Caughey, Elizabeth, daughter of Robert, d. 06-20-1834
Caughey, Henry, drowned-1 yr., d. 09-11-1851
Caughey, Robert, d. 03-13-1835
Caughey, Robert, d. 04-14-1832
Caughey, Robert, d. 06-27-1836
Caughey, Robert, son of Robert, d. 03-30-1835
Caulfield, An, wife of James, d. 07-09-1834
Caulfield, Margaret, daughter of James, d. 02-12-1843
Cavanagh, Mary Ann Fay, wife of James, d. 07-21-1847
Chambers, Hellitje De Witt, d. 06-13-1856
Chambers, John, d. 09-26-1854
Chambers, John W., d. 03-02-1849
Chambers, Susan Elizabeth, d. 02-11-1856
Chase, Ann Augusta Weller, wife of Gilbert, d. 03-01-1850
Chase, Fanny Maria, wife of Gilbert, d. 03-26-1848
Chase, James Walter, d. 07-23-1836
Chase, Mercy, wife of Joseph, d. 07-09-1844
Cheney, Margaret, wife of John, d. 05-07-1848
Christie, Jane Ann, daughter of William, d. 03-06-1833
Clark, Martha, d. 10-03-1796
Clark, Moses B., d. 08-18-1827
Clarke, Eliza, wife of James C., d. 10-11-1833
Clarke, James C., d. 11-18-1841
Clarke, James Charles, son of James C., d. 09-10-1826
Clarke, Reginald Heber, son of James C., d. 08-26-1833
Clarke, Theodore, son of James C., d. 04-05-1830
Clarke, Theodore F., son of James C., d. 04-03-1850
Clement, Adaline, 2 yrs., d. 01-07-1814
Clement, Ann, d. 05-12-1842
Clement, Hannah, d. 05-04-1807
Clide, David, son of Robert, d. 07-06-1841
Clinton, Catharine S., daughter of Alex., d. 08-18-1834
Clough, Frederick Wm. Decondres, d. 11-23-1824
Clough, Jane Ann, wife of Rev. Simon, d. 07-21-1835
Clow, Martha, wife of William, d. 08-11-1831
Clyde, David, d. 06-14-1847
Clyde, John, d. 07-16-1863
Clyde, John J., son of Robert, d. 08-01-1858
Clyde, Sarah White, wife of John, d. 03-06-1857
Coats, Julia, d. 08-07-1842
Cochran, Joshua Alexander, son of Alexander, d. 07-06-1827
Cole, Joseph, d. 09-05-1857
Cole, Margaret, d. 08-12-1833
Coller, James, d. 04-18-1825
Collins, Abigail, d. 01-21-1824
Collins, Sarah Ellen Memorial, wife of Daniel, d. 05-11-1850
Colvill, Anna, d. 06-11-1844
Colvill, Daniel Willson, d. 08-12-1847
Colvill, Sarah E. Ostrander, wife of William, d. 04-11-1847
Colvill, William, d. 06-22-1875
Colwell, Margaret, d. 01-15-1847
Condulen, Ann, wife of Barnard, d. 05-03-1845
Cooley, Jonathan, d. 06-11-1816
Corwin, Bruester J., son of Daniel, d. 10-02-1816
Corwin, Hannah Jane, d. 02-20-1828
Corwin, John Wickham, son of Eli H., d. 12-29-1812
Cozzens, Maggie, wife of E.W., d. 10-12-1881
Cozzens, Rachel Maggie, wife of E.W., d. 10-12-1881
Crawford, James, d. 03-15-1826
Crawford, Lydia, wife of Francis, d. 08-19-1821
Creath, John, d. 02-11-1867
Creegan, Patrick, d. 07-21-1844
Crist, Ann, daughter of Alex
Crist, Nancy, daughter of Alex
Crist, Robert, son of Alex.
Crist, William, son of Alex
Cropsey, Mary, d. 05-22-1839
Cropsy, Julia Ann, d. 09-06-1871
Cross, Robert, d. 10-20-1803
Crumbled stone, Capt. 7 R.I. + Walter Chalomer, Esq. 63 yrs
Cunningham, Angelica, consort of John D., d. 11-06-1809
Cunningham, Catharine Kally, wife of Matthew, d. 08-13-1849
Cunningham, John, son of Matthew, d. 08-15-1849
Cunningham, Mary, d. 01-01-1847
Cunningham, Mary, d. 10-01-1847
Currie, Isabella, wife of John, d. 01-14-1848
Currie, James, son of John, d. 08-30-1809
Currie, John, d. 07-00-1838
Currie, Robert, d. 04-14-1822
D - stone is written A.D.
D - stone is written E.L.D.
D - stone is written M.D.
D - stone is written N.D.
Da Sylva, John, d. 03-13-1806
Da Sylva, M.A. Duliepyre, wife of John, d. 09-18-1795
Dane, Moses, d. 11-23-1804
Davis, Alice Venetta, adopted daughter of T.W. Davis, d. 05-04-1876
Davis, Mary Louisa, daughter of Oliver, d. 09-16-1836
Decker, Martha M. Miller, wife of Jonah, d. 08-02-1865
DeForest, George, d. 06-06-1858
DeForest, Helen, wife of Daniel R., d. 09-08-1860
DeGroff, Mary Ann, wife of James, d. 03-25-1852
Degrove, Adolph, d. 11-29-1796
Degrove, Mary, wife of Adolph, d. 04-20-1824
DeNoyelles, Althea, d. 07-19-1864
Denton, Mary, d. 05-20-1819
Denton, Robert, d. 12-09-1801
Denton, Thomas, son of Robert, d. 01-21-1795
Dewey, Edward, son of Daniel Dewey, Atty., d. 0507-1828
Dewing, Julia Ann, wife of Jared Rev., d. 03-18-1889
DeWint, Mary Caldwell, wife of Peter C., d. 12-09-1857
DeWint, Peter C., d. 11-16-1831
DeWitt, Andrew, d. 10-25-1840
DeWitt, Cornelius, d. 12-05-1809
DeWitt, John, d. 04-28-1808
DeWitt, Miles, d. 11-15-1812
DeWitt, Richard, d. 11-05-1800
Dexter, Caroline, daughter of O.R., d. 09-02-1843
Dexter, Mary J., daughter of O.R., d. 01-02-1844
Dey, Anna L., d. 06-09-1891
Dickey, James, d. 12-09-1834
Dodge, Harriet A., daughter of L.P., d. 08-14-1836
Dodge, Harriet A., daughter of L.P., d. 08-14-1836
Dodge, James Jermain, son of Levi P., d. 07-06-1843
Dodge, Jas. Jermain, son of L.P., d. 07-06-1843
Dodge, John P. Capt. CIVIL WAR, d. 12-11-1862
Dodge, Levi P., d. 08-23-1872
Dodge, Ruthy P., daughter of L.P., d. 07-08-1836
Dodge, Ruthy P., daughter of L.P., d. 07-08-1836
Dodge, Sarah Jane Foster, wife of Levi P., d. 01-08-1872
Dodge, William Foster, d. 10-23-1879
Donaldson, Ann, wife of Thomas, d. 10-25-1849
Donnelly, Eleanor, wife of Peter, d. 05-17-1819
Donnelly, Eleanor, daughter of Andrew, d. 11-19-1835
Donnelly, Esther, daughter of James, d. 05-20-1829
Donnelly, Jane, d. 11-21-1851
Donnelly, Peter, d. 10-08-1826
Donnelly, Peter, d. 11-29-1782
Donnelly, Ruletta Gregory, daughter of James, d. 10-10-1820
Dougherty, Mary Stapleton, wife of Michael, d. 07-13-1849
Dougherty, Susan, d. 09-25-1830
Drake, Rachel, d. 09-15-1779
DuBois, Abraham, d. 09-18-1854
DuBois, Ann, d. 09-17-18228
DuBois, Catharine, d. 07-24-1851
DuBois, Charles, d. 09-14-1853
DuBois, David M., d. 04-11-1855
DuBois, Edwin L., d. 02-05-1860
DuBois, Ellen, d. 06-15-1851
DuBois, Gen'l Nathaniel, d. 00-10-1848
DuBois, Isaac, d. 04-16-1817
DuBois, Isaac, d. 08-18-1876
DuBois, Isaac, d. 09-01-1887
DuBois, Jennie I., daughter of Isaac, d. 08-20-1886
DuBois, Margaret, relict. Of Nathaniel, d. 05-06-1855
DuBois, Mary, d. 07-21-1858
DuBois, Mary, relict of Matthew, d. 09-21-1799
DuBois, Mary W., d. 10-28-1829
DuBois, Matthew, d. 08-24-1799
DuBois, Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel, d. 02-15-1847
DuBois, Peter, d. 06-23-1835
DuBois, Ruth, wife of Richard, d. 06-25-1865
DuBois, Ruth, wife of Zachariah, d. 10-11-1826
DuBois, Sally Ann, cousin to Ann, d. 07-17-1821
DuBois, Sarah J., d. 11-05-1885
DuBois, Zachariah, d. 07-26-1828
Duffie, James, son of John D., d. 02-09-1837
Duke, Ann Jane, wife of Matthew ANNOTAT.#2, d. 04-08-1851
Duke, Florence, wife of Matthew, d. 02-21-1838
Duke, Margaret, daughter of Matthew, d. 01-13-1829
Dunlap, David, d. 08-02-1846
Dunlap, Samuel, d. 07-21-1845
Dunn, Thomas, d. 05-20-1844
Durland, Francis A., wife of Peter, d. 08-14-1838
Durland, Maria Hulse, wife of John, d. 12-12-1840
Edson, Alyin, son of Oliver, d. 07-05-1821
Egbert, Phebe, d. 06-09-1844
Emmet, Christina, wife of Nathaniel P, d. 03-26-1881
Emmet, Elizabeth, daughter of Nathaniel., d. 09-17-1846
Emmet, Elizabeth, wife of Nathaniel P., d. 10-26-1826
Emmet, Elizabeth Marriott, granddaughter of Nathaniel, d. 04-05-1850
Emmet, Nathaniel P., d. 12-24-1835
Emmet, Nathaniel P., Sr., d. 07-28-1872
Emmet, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 11-22-1856
Emmet, William A., d. 01-25-1850
Ernest, Christana, d. 06-17-1857
Fairchild, Ann, wife of William, d. 02-24-1849
Fairchild, Mary, d. 05-04-1840
Falls, Alexander, ANNOTATION #1, d. 12-24-1854
Falls, Elizabeth, wife of William H., d. 11-12-1818
Falls, George, d. 12-11-1850
Falls, Margaret, wife of Alexander, d. 04-01-1838
Falls, Sarah, wife of Alexander, d. 11-17-1825
Fanning, William A., son of Thomas C., d. 03-12-1812
Farnum, Samuel J., d. 09-21-1837
Farrington, Dan, See #1173, d. 01-28-1813
Farrington, Daniel, d. 11-07-1861
Farrington, Daniel Jr., son of Daniel, d. 03-07-1889
Farrington, Daniel Ward, son of John, d. 07-24-1863
Farrington, Elizabeth C., wife of Daniel, d. 08-08-1824
Farrington, Elizabeth Jane, daughter of Dan., d. 02-25-1841
Farrington, Eva Miller, wife of Daniel, d. 04-15-1870
Farrington, Ezra, son Dan., d. 11-29-1824
Farrington, Joseph McCarrell, son of Daniel, d. 09-20-1835
Farrington, Rachel Ward, daughter of Dan., d. 03-02-1820
Farrington, Rachel Ward, consort of Dan'l, d. 05-12-1864
Feagles, Phebe B., wife of Thomas, d. 10-24-1851
Fisk, infant son of John 2 mos., d. 11-02-1813
Fisk, Jonathan, Esq., d. 07-13-1832
Fisk, Mary Marcella, daughter of Jonathan, d. 06-18-1827
Fisk, Sarah, d. 06-06-1832 or 03-18-1773
Fitchey, Agnes, daughter of, d. 08-01-1831
Flanagan, Patrick, d. 02-05-1842
Flanagan, Patrick, son of Daniel, d. 03-28-1841
Fleeming, James, d. 09-19-1845
Fleming, Agnes, daughter of James, d. 04-26-1830
Fleming, John, son of George, d. 04-15-1843
Fleming, Margaret, daughter of William, d. 09-11-1832
Fleming, Nathaniel, d. 01-15-1848
Flemming, James, new stone, d. 01-08-1865
Forsyth, Ann D. Heyer, wife of John, d. 07-19-1888
Forsyth, Ann Jane, wife of John, d. 09-16-1853
Forsyth, George Wallace, son of John, d. 10-12-1821
Forsyth, John, d. 12-10-1845?
Forsyth, John Rev. D.D.LL P, d. 10-17-1886
Forsyth, Rachel, wife of John, d. 08-23-1860
Forsyth, Robert Alexander, son of Robert A., d. 12-06-1852
Forsyth, William, son of John, d. 06-01-1820
Foster, Elnathan, d. 04-17-1822
Foster, Jane, wife of Elnathan, d. 03-02-1807
Foster, Jerusha, wife of Elnathan, d. 08-25-1786
Foster, Ruth, wife of Elnathan, d. 01-20-1842
Foster, Sarah, wife of Elnathan, d. 03-25-1765
Foster, Seymour D., son of William, d. 03-13-1861
Fowler, Charlotte, d. 07-30-1791
Fowler, David, d. 09-01-1858
Fowler, Dr. David, d. 10-20-1835
Fowler, Elizabeth, relict of Dr. David, d. 02-07-1837
Fowler, Frederick C., d. 01-07-1870
Fowler, Gilbert Ogden, d. 12-27-1843
Fowler, Isaac V., d. 09-29-1869
Fowler, Phebe, d. 07-12-1760
Fowler, Phoebe Gidney, wife of David, d. 10-25-1846
Fowler, Rachel Ann, wife of Gilbert O., d. 09-13-1879
Fowler, Rev. Samuel, d. 01-22-1831
Fowler, Samuel, d. 10-13-1789
Fox, Sylvester P., d. 09-13-1845
Frazer, Agnes, d. 06-05-1851
Frazer, James, d. 03-17-1874
French, Eliza, wife of Joseph, d. 05-07-1848
French, James, d. 12-04-1837
French, Jane, wife of James, d. 12-01-1849
French, Joseph, d. 04-22-1832
French, Tabitha, d. 04-02-1839
Freneau, Mary, d. 06-22-1829
Fronce, Isaac, d. 03-25-1844
Fuller, Harry Eugene, d. 08-04-1859
Gardiner, Alexander, son of John, d. 06-03-1832
Gardiner, Cicero, d. 02-24-1875
Gardiner, James Highland M., son of James M., d. 05-11-1834
Gardiner, Jane, wife of Robert, d. 08-29-1803
Gardiner, Maria, wife of James M., d. 08-25-1825
Gardiner, Robert, d. 03-03-1831
Gardiner, Robert W., son of James M., d. 05-11-1859
Gardiner, Sybil, relict of Robert., d. 11-11-1854
Gardner, Catharine Ann, daughter of Robert D., d. 12-14-1842
Gardner, Charles Thomas, son of Thomas K., d. 08-26-1826
Gardner, George W., son of Benjamin B., d. 08-29-1832
Gardner, Louisa, daughter of Benjamin B., d. 04-25-1846
Gardner, Mary C., wife of Aaron R., d. 11-01-1846
Gardner, Sarah, relict. Of Thomas, d. 04-22-1835
Gardner, Sintha, daughter of Benjamin B., d. 04-08-1833
Gardner, Thomas, d. 03-07-1815
Garrett, Charles, son of Augustus, d. 02-09-1833
Garrett, Charles D., son of John, d. 10-05-1782
Garrett, Esther, daughter of John, d. 10-17-1793
Garrett, Eustatia, wife of John, d. 01-00-1846
Garrett, Imogine, daughter of Augustus, d. 10-25-1832
Garrett, Isaac, son of John, d. 08-17-1818
Garrett, Jesse, son of John, d. 03-16-1818
Garrett, John, son of John, d. 07-07-1833
Garrett, John Augustus, son of Augustus, d. 12-11-1833
Garrett, Rebecca Crow, daughter of John, d. 10-20-1823
Garrett, Susanah, daughter of John, d. 10--21-1793
Garrett, Thomas D., son of John, d. 04-29-1818
Gazlay, James Henry, son of Ward M., d. 07-31-1827
Gazlay, Ward M., d. 04-18-1836
Gedney, Charlotte, wife of Daniel, d. 02-11-1791
Gedney, Daniel, d. 12-15-1790
Gibb, Benjamin, d. 12-31-1884
Gibb, David, d. 11-19-1828
Gibb, Eliza, wife of John, d. 04-07-1867
Gibb, Eloner C., wife of David, d. 03-21-1844
Gibb, John, d. 05-13-1858
Gibb, Margaret, daughter of David, d. 12-03-1835
Gibb, Robert, son of Samuel
Gibbs, George Thomas, d. 06-02-1834
Gidney, Daniel, d. 10-22-1839
Gidney, Daniel, son of Daniel, d. 01-27-1823
Gidney, Daniel T., d. 11-19-1842
Gidney, Fanny Scott, wife of Jonathan , also #777, d. 11-20-1864
Gidney, Hiram, son of Daniel, d. 09-24-1813
Gidney, Isaac, d. 05-25-1871
Gidney, John, son of Eleazer , part of date illegible, d. 11-17-0098
Gidney, Jonathan, d. 04-06-1847
Gidney, Joseph P., d. 10-20-1857
Gidney, Levinah, wife of Eleazer, d. 11-14-1761
Gidney, Maria Smith, wife of Joseph, d. 03--06-1874
Gidney, Mary Eliza, daughter of Joseph, d. 01-03-1832
Gidney, Rebeckah, daughter of Eleazer, d. 05-09-1794
Gidney, Rufus, son of Eleazer, d. 03-01-1803
Gidney, Sarah Purdy, wife of Isaac, d. 03-03-1894
Gidney, Stephen, son of Eleazer, d. 07-22-1800
Gidney, William S., son of Joseph, d. 10-04-1857
Gilcrist, Eliza Ann, wife of Alex, d. 06-07-1840
Gilcrist, Robert, son of Alexander, d. 06-10-1822
Gillespie, Charlotte E. Brown, wife of William G., d. 10-02-1847
Gillespie, Ellen C.M., wife of W.G., d. 10-07-1897
Gillespie, William, d. 09-13-1813
Gillespie, William G., d. 03-15-1884
Gillies, Sarah, wife of David, d. 08-24-1826
Gillmer, Archibald J., d. 07-12-1830
Gillmer, Jane, wife of Archibald, d. 03-29-1864
Gillmer, John, son of John, d. 10-15-1840
Gillmer, Mary Alice, daughter of John, d. 04-23-1841
Gilmer, Mary, wife of Robert, d. 11-19-1838
Gilmer, Robert, d. 02-23-1833
Gilmore, Andrew, d. 03-29-1853
Gilmore, Robert, d. 10-16-1852
Glackmeyer, Charlotte A. Halstead, wife of George, d. 1863
Glackmeyer, George, d. 1896
Goldsmith, Julianna, d. 12-08-1836
Gollow, James T., son of Christopher, d. 06-30-1835
Gollow, Josephine, daughter of Christopher, d. 06-30-1835
Goodsell, Olive, d. 05-31-1822
Gordon, Benj., son of George, d. 01-11-1822
Gordon, Jane, wife of George, d. 11-25-1835
Gordon, Mary Ann, daughter of George, d. 03-01-1823
Gordon, William H., d. 09-10-1844
Gorham, Charles, son of David drowned, d. 09-13-1821
Gorham, Charlotte, daughter of Walter H.
Gorham, David, d. 12-30-1827
Gorham, David, son of Walter H.
Gorham, John R., son of Walter H.
Gorham, Laura Ann, daughter of Walter H.
Gorham, Laura Ann Hubbel, wife of Walter H., d. 01-10-1868
Gorham, Martha H., daughter of Walter H.
Gorham, Mary Corwin, daughter of Walter H.
Gorham, Robert Hubble, son of Walter H.
Gorham, Tamar, wife of David, d. 07-05-1843
Gorham, Walter H., d. 06-22-1878
Goudy Memorial
Gourlay, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Robert, d. 08-11-1826
Gourlay, Robert, d. 10-03-1858
Gourlay, Robert, son of Robert, d. 12-071839
Gourley, James Clinton, son of Robert, d. 01-22-1836
Graham, Magdaline, daughter of John C., d. 09-02-1791
Gray, Dr. Charles F., d. 12-10-1842
Gray, Henry Andrews, son of Samuel, d. 02-26-1821
Gray, Jane Ann, daughter of Samuel, d. 02-11-1825
Gregory, Augusta, 3 mos. , daughter of Augustus B., d. 08-12-1855
Gregory, Elizabeth, see #1261, d. 11-24-1820
Gregory, Margaret Ann, wife of Augustus, d. 05-16-1859
Gregory, Mary Jane, 1 yr. , daughter of Augustus B., d. 01-09-1858
Gregory, Ruletta, wife of Samuel O., d. 05-16-1815
Gregory, Sarah, wife of Ezra, d. 01-26-1816
Gregory, Sarah, daughter of Samuel O., d. 10-01-1825
Gregory, Seth, son of Samuel O. 2 days
Grigg, Thomas, d. 09-18-1830
Griggs, Harriett, d. 11-28-1870
Griggs, Philenor, wife of Samuel, d. 02-13-1833
Griggs, Samuel, d. 12-01-1820
Grinnell, Elizabeth, d. 01-13-1851
Griswold, Patty, wife of Edmond, d. 11-23-1815
Guynn, William, d. 05-11-1870
Habermehl, Elizabeth, wife of John, d. 04-10-1845
Haines, Achsah, d. 12-11-1828
Haines, Hannah, d. 12-27-1842
Hall, Frances, wife of Edward, d. 09-05-1838
Hall, Robert, d. 04-27-1825
Halsey, Abigail Foster, wife of Luther, d. 11-26-1821
Halsey, Isaac W., 14 yrs., d. 07-06-1820
Halsey, John William, son of William 2 yrs., d. 03-24-18---
Halstead, Abigail, wife of Capt. Asa, d. 07-01-1874
Halstead, Asa, d. 02-18-1827
Halstead, Asa, son of Asa, d. 09-07-1827
Halstead, Capt. C., d. 06-29-1860
Halstead, Charles, d. 03-28-1881
Halstead, Charlotte, wife of Capt. Charles, d. 01-16-1834
Halstead, George E., son of G.M., d. 08-02-1850
Halstead, Gershom, d. 06-07-1822
Halstead, Henrietta, daughter of Asa, d. 12-02-1871
Halstead, Kate, daughter of Robert S., d. 08-31-1849
Halstead, Maria, daughter of Whitehead, d. 11-09-1833
Halstead, Mary, wife of Gersh'm, d. 04-18-1839
Halstead, Robert S., d. 10-18-1854
Halstead, S. Henry, d. 01-06-1894
Halstead, Stephen Henry, son of Capt. Charles, d. 03-01-1833
Halstead, Tabitha, wife of Capt. Charles, d. 08-08-1850
Halstead, William, d. 05-23-1866
Hamilton, Agnes, wife of John, d. 07-08-1842
Hamilton, Elias Pitts, son of James, d. 08-13-1841
Hamilton, George, d. 12-28-1839
Hamilton, George W., son of George, d. 04-19-1830
Hamilton, Harriet Bontecou, wife of James, d. 04-05-1876
Hamilton, James R., d. 12-02-1878
Hamilton, Mary, d. 05-25-1816
Hamilton, Mary McCarthy, wife of Robert, d. 11-04-1881
Hamilton, Robert, d. 09-14-1849
Hamilton, Robert, d. 11-10-1836
Hamilton, Samuel, son of James, d. 03-10-1872
Hamilton, Willie H., son of James, d. 07-04-1859
Handy, Mary, relict of Richard, d. 08-10-1837
Handy, Richard Esq., d. 05-07-1836
Hanna, Thomas, d. 09-20-1846
Hanna, Thomas Jr., d. 09-30-1846
Harris, Hannah, wife of William, d. 08-25-1834
Harris, Henry Benj., son of Wright, d. 11-11-1820
Harris, Henry T., d. 04-01-1872
Harris, Hugh, d. 02-25-1833
Harris, John, d. 08-11-1835
Harris, John, son of John , 2 yrs. , lines imperfect, d. 0409-1808
Harris, Mary, wife of Hugh, d. 03-11-1831
Harris, Phebe, wife of John, d. 02-14-1806
Harris, Sarah, niece of John, d. 01-18-1830
Harris, William, d. 02-10-1828
Hasbrouck, Ann Eliza, daughter of Eli, d. 07-04-1832
Hasbrouck, Eli, d. 12-28-1871
Hasbrouck, Hannah, wife of Isaac, d. 12-27-1807
Hasbrouck, Harriet, daughter of Eli, d. 02-14-1834
Hasbrouck, Harriet Belknap, wife of Eli, d. 09-30-1839
Hasbrouck, Isaac, d. 08-21-1806
Hasbrouck, Israel, son of Isaac, d. 1810
Hasbrouck, Jonathan, d. 03-14-1855
Hasbrouck, Mary, daughter of Isaac, d. 08-08-1856
Hasbrouck, Phebe F., wife of Jonathan, d. 03-27-1880
Hasbrouck, Rachel, daughter of Isaac, d. 11-00-1822
Hathorn, John, d. 09-11-1824
Haxby, Elizabeth, daughter of William, d. 08-27-1835
Haxby, Francis, d. 04-04-1854
Haxby, John, d. 09-26-1850
Haxby, Mary, wife of William, d. 08-01-1849
Haxby, William, d. 09-05-1835
Hayes, Hugh, d. 03-12-1843
Hayes, Maria, wife of Doc. Edward Hayes, d. 04-13-1835
Hays, John, d. 01-29-1845
Hays, Roland, d. 12-23-1841
Hedges, Dr. Phineas, Slab on ground, d. 07-02-1799
Hedges, George, d. 04-04-1840
Helms, John H., d. 04-15-1845
Helms, Margaret, d. 05-21-1857
Helms, Maria Ann, daughter of John, d. 10-11-1830
Helms, Sarah H., d. 12-29-1860
Henderson, Andrew, d. 09-08-1827
Henderson, Jane, wife of Andrew, d. 09-22-1827
Henderson, William, son of John, d. 07-27-1851
Henry, James S., check #731, d. 09-19-1845
Hermann, Mary, wife of Jacob, d. 10-30-1849
Herrick, Laura Maria, daughter of Josiah, d. 03-19-1821
Heurtley, Cora Brown, d. 12-04-1866
Hildreth, Anna Mary, daughter of William, d. 07-01-1838
Hildreth, Sarah, wife of John, d. 10-04-1860
Hildreth, Susan, wife of William G., d. 08-23-1844
Hildreth, William, son of William, d. 11-09-1840
Hill, Anna, daughter of Richard, d. 01-28-1795
Hill, David S., d. 12-25-1837
Hill, Mary, daughter of Richard, d. 03-01-1795
Hilton, Elizabeth, d. 09-20-1853
Hilton, Little Robert, son of James, d. 09-29-1849
Hilton, Nancy, d. 09-21-1849
Hilton, Nancy, d. 10-23-1875
Hilton, Robert, d. 12-22-1861
Hilton, Robert, son of Robert, d. 08-13-1863
Hines, Geo., plain board
Hobbie, Emma Frances, daughter of Albert G., d. 08-09-1830
Holmes, Anne, wife of Burroughs, d. 08-01-1802
Holmes, Burroughs, d. 11-07-1810
Holmes, Christina, figures decayed, d. 04-28-1825
Holmes, Ruben, son of Burroughs, d. 01-26-1819
Horobin, Viva-May, daughter of Geo. J., d. 07-05-1889
Horton, Thomas, d. 08-02-1828
Howell, Benoni H., d. 06-12-1852
Howell, Catharine, relict of B.H. Howell, d. 12-31-1860
Howell, David, d. 09-20-1793
Howell, Meliscent McKenna, daughter of David, d. 03-25-1817
Hoyle, Jane, daughter of William, d. 09-08-1835
Hoyle, Jane, wife of William, d. 12-01-1847
Hoyle, Raphael, son of William, d. 08-13-0000
Hoyle, Stephen, son of William, d. 03-07-1849
Hoyle, William, d. 03-18-1855
Hubbard, Cornelia, daughter of Edward, d. 06-15-1861
Hubbard, Laneretta, wife of Edward, d. 06-13-1860
Hubbard, Sarah Memorial, wife of Edward, d. 03-14-1848
Hughes, Arthur Henry, son of John, d. 10-29-1857
Hulse, James, d. 05-07-1815
Hulse, Sarah, d. 02-24-1849
Hulse, William Hudson, d. 04-09-1838
Hume, Harriet, daughter of Thomas, d. 03-29-1844
Hunn, John S., d. 03-05-1829
Hunn, Margat Freneau, wife of John S., d. 09-04-1825
Hutchason, David, d. 04-18-1834
Hutchinson, Christean, wife of John, d. 08-24-1808
Hutchinson, Elizabeth, daughter of John, d. 02-09-1862
Hutchinson, Jane Adeline Fremont, dau. Of James M., d. 12-04-1859
Hutchinson, Mary Martin, daughter of James, d. 08-24-1849
Irwin, Margaret Jane, 2 yrs., d. 06-02-1856
Irwin, Sarah Elizabeth, 6 mos, d. 08-17-1849
Jackson, Elizabeth, daughter of Luke, d. 12-29-1840
Jackson, Enoch W., d. 10-22-1821
Jackson, Harriet Mills, wife of E.H., d. 09-24-1857
Jeffrey, Rosannah, wife of William, d. 06-21-1849
Jenning, William, d. 09-18-1826
Jennings, Dennis D., son of William, d. 09-04-1839
Jennings, Elizabeth, d. 06-22-1851
Jennings, Sally Jane, daughter of William, d. 02-05-1818
Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, d. 11-23-1839
Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, d. 12-30-1843
Johnson, Ellen, d. 08-14-1840
Johnson, George W., d. 07-15-1874
Johnson, James Law, d. 06-02-1826
Johnson, Mary, d. 06-19-1870
Johnson, Mary, wife of Samuel, d. 09-02-1840
Johnson, Nancy Goodhue, wife of Samuel, d. 12-18-1861
Johnson, Samuel, d. 12-28-1872
Johnson, Thomas P., d. 09-25-1854
Johnston, Julia Ann, wife of William B., d. 11-24-1830
Johnston, William, d. 02-14-1873
Jones, Robert W., d. 01-30-1814
Jourdan, John W., son of Alex, d. 03-15-1833
Kelley, William, son of Stewart, d. 12-13-1844
Kelly, Robert, d. 11-10-1859
Kemp - infant child
Kemp, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph, d. 09-01-1822
Kemp, Louisa Rowe, wife of Robert D
Kemp, Robert D., d. 11-02-1880
Kennedy, Levinia Rodney, daughter of John, d. 04-08-1838
Kerney, Edward, d. 03-30-1849
Kimball, George, d. 01-30-1848
Kimball, Martha S., daughter of Moses, d. 07-13-1843
Kimball, Mary, daughter of Moses, d. 07-28-1840
Kimball, Moses, d. 06-01-1859
Kimball, Moses, d. 08-18-1785
Kimball, Sarah, wife of Moses, d. 03-04-1844
King, Bertha, relict of Gilbert, d. 11-23-1839
King, Gilbert, d. 01-10-1835
Knowles, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph, d. 09-07-1846
Knowles, Joseph R., son of William, d. 09-13-1846
Knowles, Sarah Ann, daughter of William, d. 11-14-1846
Knowles, William, d. 07-30-1850
Knowles, William H., son of William, d. 11-27-1846
Krebs, Ellen DeWitt, d. 05-14-1847
Krebs, Ellen DeWitt Chambers, wife of John, d. 12-20-1863
Krebs, Helen Chambers, d. 04-10-1850
Krebs, John C., d. 09-11-1841
Krebs, John M., d. 05-06-1804
Krebs, Katharine, d. 05-17-1863
Krebs, William Adamson, d. 07-12-1845
Lander, Anna Mary, daughter of Tobias D., d. 12-08-1828
Lander, Benjamin
Lander, William, Capt., d. 08-15-1823
Lansing, John V.S. Rev., d. 01-12-1832
Law, James, d. 12-09-1825
Law, James, son of James, d. 08-15-1827
Law, Mary, daughter of James, d. 06-25-1825
Lawson, Elizabeth, wife of John D., d. 08-23-1822
Lawson, Elmira, daughter of Robert, d. 01-16-1843
Lawson, Jane C., d. 06-01-1868
Lawson, Jennie, d. 02-28-1871
Lawson, John, d. 07-18-1833
Lawson, John K., d. 04-12-1861
Lawson, Joseph, d. 03-07-1863
Lawson, Margaret, d. 11-19-1846
Lawson, Nancy, wife of Robert, d. 08-21-1849
Lawson, Robert, d. 03-28-1856
Lawson, Theodore Beza, d. 08-05-1832
Leavenworth, Allida, daughter of Gen'l., d. 01-25-1839
Leavenworth, Harriet, wife of Gen'l. Henry, d. 09-07-1854
Ledyard, Elizabeth, d. 10-30-1822
Ledyard, John, stone missing, d. 04-03-1854
Ledyard, Sarah, d. 03-29-1866
Ledyard, William, son of John, d. 07-27-1827
Lee, George, son of Lyman, d. 06-22-1849
Lee, Lyman, d. 01-16-1873
Lee, Mary, wife of Lyman, d. 03-15-1874
Lee, Sarah E., daughter of Lyman, d. 04-08-1868
Lee, Thomas H., son of Lyman, d. 10-25-1867
Leiper, Hannah Elizabeth, daughter of R.G. , see #653, d. 06-01-1863
Leiper, Hannah Elizabeth McCarrell, wife of Bartram, d. 04-04-1862
Leon, Catharine, d. 04-04-1868
Leon, Fanny H., d. 09-30-1869
Leon, Gilbert F., d. 10-01-1856
Leon, Mary A. D., d. 01-27-1867
Leon, Pedro, d. 09-13-1853
Leon, Wintrup, d. 07-25-1812
Leonard, Mary, wife of Leonard, d. 03-22-1888
Leonard, William, d. 03-02-1830
Levet, Caleb C., 9 months stone defaced, d. 10-05-18??
Lewis, Benjamin Franklin, d. 07-28-1820
Lewis, Dr. Eldad, d. 07-15-1825
Lewis, Timothy Dwight, 16 yrs., d. 11-23-1825
Libbey, Elizabeth Winfield, wife of William, d. 05-19-1888
Libbey, Maria, d. 07-11-1826
Libbey, Mehitable, d. 03-17-1836
Libbey, Rachel Farrington, d. 04-13-1840
Libbey, Sarah Farrington, d. 06-20-1826
Libbey, William Seavey, d. 04-28-1869
Lilburn, Brinkman, d. 04-28-1874
Lilburn, Charlotte, d. 08-18-1846
Lilburn, Elizabeth Brinkman, wife of Thos. Lilburn, d. 04-05-1847
Lilburn, Thomas, d. 03-23-1853
Lisle, Willliam, d. 08-09-1883
Little,, infant daughter of James born 09-07-1854
Little,, infant son of James born 09-20-1852
Little, Ann Porter, wife of John, d. 08-11-1892
Little, Edward W., son of James, d. 10-31-1840
Little, Fanny, d. 01-21-1850
Little, Isabella, wife of Charles S., d. 07-24-1812
Little, John, d. 03-08-1860
Little, John E., d. 04-10-1830
Little, John Forsyth, son of Charles S., d. 05-09-1842
Little, Margaret E., wife of William, d. 08-21-1880
Little, Margaret Templeton, wife of Samuel, d. 09-22-1857
Little, Mary, wife of John, d. 03-20-1841
Little, Mary Ann, wife of John, d. 06-23-1838
Little, Mary Peck, wife of James, d. 04-04-1848
Little, Nancy Peck, wife of Andrew, d. 02-01-1847
Little, Rachael, wife of Thomas, d. 06-05-1851
Little, Samuel, d. 03-01-1857
Lockwood, Nathaniel D., d. 01-12-1815
Lockwood, William, son of Thomas, d. 04-01-1814
Lomas, George W., son of George, d. 08-16-1836
Lomas, Hannah D., wife of George, d. 08-23-1836
Loughridge, Martha, relict of George, d. 08-02-1839
Loughridge, Samuel, son of George, d. 07-04-1833
Loughridge, William John, d. 04-15-1852
Lugar, John Henry, son of Henry, d. 08-05-1842
Lyle, James, d. 10-07-1841
Lyle, Jane, wife of James, d. 07-31-1850
Lyle, Margaret, d. 03-18-1819
Lyman, Cornelius S., son of David B, d. 01-07-1839
Macaulay, Robert, son of John, d. 11-27-1797
Mace, Mary Anna, wife of B.H. Mace, d. 10-22-1847
Mackin, John, brother of Charles, d. 09-07-1830
Madden, Cornelius O., d. 12-31-1845
Madden, William S., d. 06-27-1844
Magennis, Francis, d. 04-07-1827
Mailer, John Dales, d. 06-19-1804
Mailler, Ann C., aged 1 year & 1 day, child of William K. Mailler, 09-08-1847
Mailler, David D., aged 2 years, 2 mos & 16 days, child of William K. Mailler , 03-24-1842
Mailler, Isaac B., aged 1 years, 6 mos & 16 days, child of William K. Mailler, 07-25-1843
Mailler, Julia, aged 11 mos and 1 day, child of William K. Mailler, 07-10-1834
Mailler, Julia K., aged 5 mos & 1 day, child of William K. Mailler, 08-22-1837
Mailler, Martha C., aged 6 mos & 14 days, child of William K. Mailler, 03-21-1847
Mailler, Mary H., wife of Moses C., d. 05-31-1858
Mailler, Samuel P, aged 5 mos & 14 days, child of William K. Mailler, 07-24-1848
Mailler, Sarah E., aged 11 mos 24 days, child of William K. Mailler, 03-22-1839
Mailler, Susan, aged 1 year, 1 mos & 5 days, child of William K. Mailler, 09-01-1834
Mailler, William, son of Moses C., d. 05-29-1853
Mailler, William K., also #475, d. 10-20-1864
Mallet, Milbro Portman, wife of Charles T., d. 04-04-1852
Mandevill, Jacob, d. 02-24-1801
Mandevill, Julianer, daughter of Jacob, d. 07-15-1794
Mandevill, Mary, d. 11-10-1802
Mandeville, Elizabeth, wife of John, d. 05-17-1839
Mandeville, John, d. 12-19-1845
Marriott, Sarah, daughter of George, d. 07-30-1836
Marritt, Phoebe, d. 06-04-1787
Marsh, Abraham, d. 09-05-1860
Marsh, Harriet Noyes, wife of Albert L., d. 09-09-1843
Marsh, Joanna, wife of Abraham, d. 10-06-1860
Martin, Andrew, 11 yr. Old, d. 07-10-1837
Martin, James, d. 07-09-1852
Martin, Mary, wife of Samuel, d. 08-24-1846
Mary Cunningham Memorial, d. 01-01-1847
Maxwell, David, son of William, d. 08-23-1850
Maxwell, George, son of William, d. 08-30-1832
Maxwell, Isaac, son of William, d. 08-20-1850
Maxwell, Jane, d. 08-29-1836
Maxwell, Martha, wife of William, d. 0101-1865
Maxwell, Martha, daughter of William, d. 10-24-1864
Maxwell, Susie I., daughter of William, d. 08-07-1868
Maxwell, William, d. 04-09-1853
Maxwell, William, d. 05-07-1846
Maxwell, William, d. 07-27-1868
McAles, Charles L., son of John
McAles, David D., son of John
McAles, Mary, wife of John, d. 12-23-1834
McAles, Mary Ann, daughter of John
McAlley, Phebe Maria, some lines illegible, d. 10-23-1838
McAughan, Henry, d. 10-25-1842
McCann, Agnes, wife of Thomas, d. 07-14-1840
McCann, Henry, d. 08-09-1836
McCann, Thomas, d. 07-15-1835
McCarrell, infant daughter, d. 08-17-1829
McCarrell, Jane, wife of Joseph, d. 11-04-1875
McCarrell, Jane B., daughter of Joseph, d. 02-06-1847
McCarrell, Mary, daughter of Joseph, d. 09-21-1831
McCarrell, Rev. Joseph, d. 03-29-1864
McCartney, Alex, d. 07-18-1828
McCartney, Ann Jane, wife of Alex, d. 08-13-1874
McCaughel, George, d. 06-30-1842
McCaughen, Henry, son of Mary & John, d. 08-15-1818
McCaughey, Ann, wife of Robert, d. 03-27-1825
McCorlay, Margaret, daughter of Patrick, d. 08-15-1849
McCoss, Edward, son of Barnet, d. 08-11-1832
McCreery, Thomas, d. 02-28-1842
McCroskery, Michael, d. 01-09-1830
McCulloch, Robert A., son of William, d. 09-30-1831
McCullough, Jane Ann, daughter of J.W., d. 06-27-1857
McCullough, Mary B., d. 12-07-1853
McCullough, Mary Elizabeth Memorial, d. 05-07-1818
McCullough, Mary Ellen, daughter of J.W., d. 08-01-1845
McCullough, Melisah, d. 06-16-1843
McCullough, Robert M., d. 08-16-1839
McCullough, Sarah D. McCartney, wife of J.W., d. 05-21-1862
McCullough, Sarah Isabella, daughter of J.W., d. 08-17-1862
McCullough, William Memorial, d. 07-25-1831
McCully, Thomas, d. 09-20-1836
McCutcheon, Jane, wife of Hugh, d. 10-13-1845
McDade, Catharine Louisa, daughter of Robert, d. 09-21-1847
McDade, Mary Agnes, daughter of Robert, d. 08-21-1847
McDowell, Mary, wife of Patrick, d. 02-28-1849
McDowell, Thomas, d. 08-24-1847
McDowell, Thomas, son of Patrick, d. 03-01-1849
McDowell, Thomas Powell, son of John, d. 04-22-1833
McDowl, Margaret, wife of William, d. 02-21-1823
McDowl, William, d. 06-27-1825
McFarland, Catharine A., daughter of John, d. 05-21-1843
McGahey, Patrick, d. 01-18-1824
McGown, Augusta Jane, daughter of John, d. 09-01-1841
McGown, Cornelia Cropsey, wife of John, d. 09-05-1841
McGrath, P. H., d. 12-19-1846
McHugh, Mary Ann, daughter of Matthew, d. 01-26-1816
McHugh, Matthew, d. 07-16-1822
McHugh, Rachel, wife of Matthew, d. 06-03-1843
McInty{re}, Margaret, daughter of Mark, d. 06-14-1823
McKay, David, son of John, d. 04-13-1836
McKay, Isabel, wife of John, d. 10-10-1841
McKay, Margaret, daughter of John, d. 09-16-1834
McKinley, Mary, daughter of William, d. 01-14-1816-
McKinley, William, d. 07-18-1804
McKissock, Elcey Belknap, wife of Thomas, d. 12-30-1802
McKissock, Oliver Dudley, son of Thomas, d. 11-29-1831
McKissock, Sarah Jane, daughter of Thomas, d. 01-19-1831
McKissock, Thomas, d. 06-26-1866
McKune, Eunice, d. 02-12-1876
McKune, Helen, wife of Robert, d. 01-20-1824
McKune, Hezekiah, d. 04-28-1826
McKune, Joseph, d. 03-22-1852
McKune, Robert, d. 07-02-1843
McLaughlin, James, d. 02-23-1867
McLaughlin, Sarah, wife of James, d. 08-20-1846
McLean, Ann, wife of Gen. John McLean, d. 07-15-1827
McLean, Anna, wife of Geo. Washington McLean ANNOT.#133, d. 08-25-1838
McLean, James
McLean, John, d. 02-28-1821
McLean, Mary, wife of James
McMeekin, Bella, d. 10-31-1817
McMeekin, Jane, wife of James, d. 08-16-1858
McMichael, Alex, description defaced, d. 11-12-1835
Mellington, Sarah Ann, daughter of George, d. 02-06-1849
Melvin, Jennet Currie, wife of John , 39 yrs.
Merritt, Abigail, daughter of George, d. 10-17-1796
Merritt, Anna, wife of Josiah, d. 01-09-1787
Merritt, Caleb, d. 11-29-1793
Merritt, Elizabeth C., d. 02-01-1885
Merritt, Frederick S., DOB: 09-13-1808
Merritt, Gabriel, son of George, d. 01-05-1776
Merritt, George, d. 02-20-1759
Merritt, Gloriana, wife of George, d. 09-13-1765
Merritt, Josiah, d. 03-12-1817
Merritt, Martha, wife of Caleb, d. 06-24-1783
Merritt, Mary, wife of George, d. 07-05-1799
Merritt, Mary Jane, d. 03-20-1843
Merritt, Phila, d. 01-15-1820
Merritt, Phoebe, daughter of Caleb, d. 09-12-1770
Merritt, Samuel, d. 10-04-1770
Merritt, Samuel, d. 12-06-1811
Merritt, Undrill, d. 11-19-1804
Michales, ? Hezekiah , son of Matthew B., d. 07-13-1843
Middlebrook, Caroline, daughter of William, d. 08-30-1824
Milas, Catharine, daughter of Christopher, d. 02-18-1848
Millar, Jane, daughter of James, d. 11-17-1841
Miller, Alanson, d. 02-16-1856
Miller, Ann, consort of David Miller, d. 05-17-1841
Miller, Ann C., daughter of William K., d. 09-08-1847
Miller, Ann Jane, wife of Alanson, d. 08-10-1863
Miller, Charles, d. 03-26-1826
Miller, David, d. 02-16-1843
Miller, David C., son of William K., d. 03-24-1842
Miller, Eliza Dobbin, wife of James W.., d. 05-17-1856
Miller, Frances L., d. 09-06-1849
Miller, Hiram M., d. 01-04-1852
Miller, Isaac B., son of William K., d. 07-25-1843
Miller, James W., d. 10-31-1794
Miller, John, son of Thomas, d. 08-06-1832
Miller, Julia, daughter of William K., d. 07-10-1834
Miller, Julia K., daughter of William K., d. 08-22-1837
Miller, Martha C., daughter of William K., d. 03-21-1847
Miller, Samuel P., son of William K., d. 07-24, 1849
Miller, Sarah, daughter of William K., d. 03-22-1839
Miller, Susan, daughter of William K., d. 09-01-1834
Millson, Agnes Hutchinson, wife of Moses, d. 12-11-1883
Millspaugh, Catharine A., daughter of Absalom, d. 08-09-1849
Montgomery, Archibald, d. 05-21-1841
Mooney, James, d. 09-22-1828
Moore, Agnes, daughter of Thomas, d. 09-18-1841
Moore, Agnes E., wife of Thomas, d. 07-22-1841
Moore, Eliza, d. 12-21-1860
Moore, Eliza Ann, daughter of James T., d. 06-22-1875
Moore, Eliza J., d. 12-31-1860
Moore, Eliza Jane, wife of James T., d. 05-14-1874
Moore, Helen, daughter of James T., d. 08-23-1832
Moore, James, son of James T., d. 06-13-1820
Moore, James T., d. 07-04-1841
Moore, Margaret, d. 09-26-1858
Moore, Thomas James, d. 11-08-1834
More, Daniel, son of Henry, d. 07-27-1839
Morwood, Jas., d. 09-10-1836
Mullen, Mary Ann, daughter of Peter, d. 01-20-1830
Mullen, Patrick, d. 09-16-1839
Mulligan, Catharine, daughter of Thomas, d. 08-18-1849
Murray, Catharine, d. 12-05-1845
Murray, John, d. 04-11-1827
Murray, Peter Hannay, d. 06-03-1861
Murray, William, d. 09-05-1865
Myer, Cornelia Eleanor, daughter of Henry, d. 08-20-1831
Myer, Henry R., son of Henry B., d. 01-11-1830
Myer, John Gilbert, son of Henry B., d. 03-31-1828
Myer, Mary S., daughter of Henry B., d. 08-24-1831
Myer, Simon Johnson, son of Henry B.
Myers, John F., d. 08-14-1822
Nestell, Charlotte H., d. 09-20-1812
Nestell, Clara A., d. 04-18-1817
Nestell, Elizabeth, wife of Michael, d. 01-20-1851
Nestell, Margaret S., d. 07-29-1849
Nestell, Michael, d. 04-24-1841
Newkirk, Ruth - Memorial, d. 04-24-1848
Niven, A., 13 mos., d. 05-01-1783
Niven, David, d. 11-20-1809
Niven, George Esq, d. 08-27-1836
Niven, Jane Wallace, relict of David, d. 04-09-1828
Niven, Urelia, daughter of D., d. 02-01-1796
Nixon, Virginia, daughter of Edward, d. 03-13-1840
Noe, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Albert, d. 08-10-1836
Noyes, Aaron, d. 08-15-1855
Noyes, Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan, d. 06-18-1874
Noyes, Elizabeth, daughter of Aaron, d. 08-11-1828
Noyes, Hannah, wife of Aaron, d. 05-25-1836
Noyes, Jonathan, d. 12-28-1836
Noyes, Mary E., daughter of John, d. illegible
Noyes, William, d. 04-09-1809
Nut, Isabella, daughter of Robert, d. 01-15- 1832
O'Bryan, John, d. 01-05-1829
O'Bryan, John W., son of William, d. 08-07-1827
O'Bryne, Hugh, d. 07-27-1842
O'Connor, Bridget, wife of Thomas, d. 04-20-1826
O'Neill, James, d. 03-11-1830
O'Riley, Philip, d. 10-03-1836
Olmstead, Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Jesse, d. 03-16-1821
Orr, John, d. 10-10-1813
Ostrander, Mary Jane, d. 02-22-0000
Ostrander, Sarah, d. 08-05-1835
Ostrander, Sarah, wife of James, d. 10-30-1840
Palmer, Eliza, daughter of William, d. 03-22-1805
Parmelee, Cornelius, son of John E., d. 02-24-1837
Parmelee, Cornelius Smith, son of John E., d. 01-21-1846
Parmelee, John W., son of John E., d. 08-08-1825
Parmelee, Linus, son of John E., d. 07-27-1847
Parrish, Margaret, daughter of Daniel, d. 08-09-1832
Patton, Jane, wife of John, d. 07-12-1846
Patton, Samuel, d. 04-05-1842
Payne, Easther, wife of Thos., d. 09-12-1844
Peacey, William Esq., d. 02-15-1836
Perry, Catharine, d. 11-13-1835
Perry, David, see #1036, d. 09-16-1834
Perry, Francis G., d. 04-14-1835
Perry, Mary, daughter of Joseph, d. 05-07-1845
Perry, Mary Smith, wife of David, d. 09-22-1835
Phillips, Caroline A.C., daughter of Thomas Jr., d. 02-07-1845
Phillips, Sarah, wife of Robert E., d. 02-06-1826
Phillips, Sarah M., wife of Thomas, d. 09-26-1870
Phillips, Thomas, d. 09-23-1827
Phillips, Thomas, son of John D., d. 12-02-1829
Phillips, William, d. 08-11-1832
Phippen, Lucius R., son of Rev. George Phippen, d. 07-14-1841
Pitts, Samuel Jr., d. 02-08-1842
Pope, Benjamin B., d. 03-03-1837
Pope, John, d. 12-27-1823
Post, Jered, d. 03-17-1808
Powell, Emma, d. 03-19-1790
Proudfit, Rev. David L., d. 12-11-1817
Proudfoot, Flora, wife of Alexander, d. 06-07-1834
Proudfoot, John, d. 03-04-1884
Pryor, Hugh McC., son of Joseph, d. 12-27-1889
Pryor, Joseph W., son of Joseph T., d. 08-00-1858
Purdy, Abegil, d. 10-12-1770
Purdy, Francis, d. 06-02-1760
Quaid, Daniel, d. 02-06-1842
Quaid, James, d. 09-27-1842
Quaid, John, d. 07-18-1869
Quaid, Mary, wife of John, d. 03-02-1884
Quinn, James, son of Felix, d. 04-15-1840
Ramp, Henry H., d. 01-26-1840
Ramsey, Achsah Ann, daughter of James, d. 09-09-1832
Ramsey, Hannah F., daughter of James, d. 08-13-1841
Ramsey, Isabella, wife of James C., d. 02-22-1853
Ramsey, Isabella C., daughter of James, d. 05-07-1845
Ramsey, Robert Alexander, d. 07-23-1847
Read, Florence, daughter of John G., d. 11-28-1858
Redner, Aaron, son of John, d. 09-09-1850
Redner, Elizabeth, daughter of John, d. 09-28-1840
Redner, Robert, son of John, d. 09-12-1830
Redner, Sarah, daughter of John, d. 08-10-1828
Reeve, Adeline, wife of C.F.V., d. 05-28-1836
Reeve, Adeline Amos, wife of Chas. F.V., d. 05-28-1836
Reeve, Anthony D., d. 01-27-1877
Reeve, Belknap, d. 05-09-1863
Reeve, Charles, d. 04-15-1868
Reeve, Charles Tuttle, son of Charles, d. 08-06-1852
Reeve, Chas. F.V., d. 10-12-1875
Reeve, Elizabeth, relic. Of Selah, d. 05-04-1854
Reeve, Emma, d. 03-30-1863
Reeve, Eunice, wife of Joseph, d. 03-07-1857
Reeve, Joseph, d. 09-11-1828
Reeve, Keturah, wife of Selah, d. 01-21-1829
Reeve, Keturah, wife of Charles, d. 02-06-1834
Reeve, Levi Hasbrouck, son of Christopher, d. 03-08-1829
Reeve, Martha, daughter of Benjamin S., d. 11-13-1809
Reeve, Mary, consort of Benjamin S., d. 05-04-1813
Reeve, Rich'd Amos, son of C.F.V., d. 08-17-1836
Reeve, Richard Amos, son of C.F.V., d. 08-17-1836
Reeve, Selah, d. 02-21-1796
Reeve, Selah, d. 04-11-1837
Reid, Robert, d. 07-01-1852
Reid, Sarah Patterson, d. 07-08-1832
Reid, SENATOR William, d. 03-11-1833
Reid, William, d. 02-13-1832
Reid, William, son of Thomas, d. 05-22-1837
Reil, Jane, wife of Richard, d. 09-29-1828
Reilley, Catharine, d. 10-23-1822
Reilley, Elizabeth, wife of David McWilliams, d. 10-13-1834
Riggs, Lydia, d. 01-09-1824
Ringland, John James, son of John, d. 08-01-1835
Robers, Sarah Isaacs, d. 07-06-1836
Roberson, Martha Davis, wife of Wm. Henry, d. 06-13-1856
Roberson, Willie H., son of Wm. Henry, d. 11-16-1856
Robinson, Capt. Henry
Rodman, James, d. 01-06-1805
Rodman, Jane, daughter of James, d. 11-05-1840
Rodman, Jane, wife of James, d. 12-10-1843
Roe, Jane, wife of Azel S., d. 12-22-1826
Roe, Mary, wife of Azel S., d. 08--27-1821
Rogers, Christophe, 17 mos., d. 09-08-1792
Rogers, Cynthia Gidney, wife of Robert, d. 12-14-1866
Rogers, Eliza, d. 10-14-1874
Rogers, James Capt. U.S. Navy, also #510, d. 07-02-1787
Rogers, Jason, also shot #660?, d. 05-09-1836
Rogers, Justus, d. 11-08-1811
Rogers, Naomie, relic of Justus, d. 10-16-1831
Rogers, Sarah, daughter of Aaron, d. 05-08-1815
Rogers, Susan, d. 04-03-1879
Rogers, Susan, wife of Jason, d. 08-07-1821
Root, Erastus, son of Victor, d. 01-26-1834
Ros, William, d. 09-03-1850
Ross, Mary S., wife of William Ross, Esq., d. 03-31-1812
Rowe, Eben S., d. 10-13-1839
Rowe, Leonard, d. 08-01-1844
Rowe, little Eddie, 6 yrs old
Rowe, little Eddie, a grandchild
Rowe, Mary, wife of Eben S. Rowe, d. 07-04-1838
Rowe, Orville P., d. 02-14-1875
Sanford, Charles, d. 08-10-1838
Sanford, Elizabeth, wife of Col. Nathan Sanford, d. 12-25-1825
Sanford, Emeline Oliva, wife of Charles, d. 05-29-1836
Sanford, Julia Janet, daughter off Thaddeus, d. 11-22-1821
Sanford, Sarah Phebe, daughter of Charles, d. 04-17-1836
Sanxay, Edmund, son of John Jr., d. 11-19-1863
Sayre, Anna Moore, wife of Dr. Israel, d. 02-13-188860
Sayre, Israel Dr., d. 08-14-1826
Scott, John William, son of Albert, d. 09-29-1832
Scott, Margaret H., daughter of John D., d. 06-13-1842
Scribner, James
Scribner, Matilda, d. 08-22-1843
Seymour, infant son of William, d. 01-06-1818
Seymour, infant son of William , d. 11-25-1817
Seymour, Chancy Jesse, son of Isaac N., d. 03-27-1819
Seymour, Isaac Newton, son of Isaac, d. 03-20-1825
Siebert, John
Siebert, Margaret McCartney, wife of John, d. 05-12-1846
Simmons, Little Jonny, son of John, d. 07-26-1861
Simms, Agnes Quail, wife of Matthew, d. 01-02-1854
Simms, James Q., d. 08-16-1841
Simms, James R., d. 02-12-1844
Simms, Nancy Lilburn, wife of Robert, d. 06-05-1859
Simms, Robert, d. 06-19-1842
Simonson, Martha, wife of Walter, d. 09-16-1853
Simpson, Joseph, d. 12-21-1845
Simpson, Margaret Adeline, d. 06-17-1847
Skaden, Dinah H., wife of Albertson, d. 10-20-1858
Slauson, Mary Elizabeth Halstead, wife of Charles S., d. 08-01-1846
Sleater, James, son of John, d. 02-07-1821
Sleight, Eliza Walsh, wife of Solomon, d. 04-07-1823
Sleight, Gerritje, wife of Johannes, d. 08-07-1812
Sleight, Hugh Walsh, son of Solomon, d. 10-03-1810
Sleight, Solomon, d. 08-27-1839
Sloan, Caroline, wife of Jas. D., d. 08-20-1864
Sloan, James, d. 02-03-1835
Sloan, Jane, wife of John, d. 07-08-1849
Smiley, Wm., d. 07-21-1832
Smith, Abigail, wife of Daniel, d. 08-08-1832
Smith, Arthur, d. 06-15-1838
Smith, Benjamin Esq., d. 11-19-1795
Smith, Bridget, daughter of Benjamin, d. 08-21-1803
Smith, Charlotte Halstead, daughter of Thomas, d. 01-16-1851
Smith, Clerit, daughter of Samuel Frazer, d. 07-21-1848
Smith, Daniel, d. 06-16-1840
Smith, Daniel, son of Daniel, d. 02-20-1793
Smith, Daniel C., d. 05-04-1839
Smith, Effie, wife of Arthur, d. 01-13-1854
Smith, Eleazer G., d. 10-09-1873
Smith, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, d. 09-13-1850
Smith, Francis, d. 01-03-1836
Smith, Hannah, wife of Francis, d. 02-06-1834
Smith, Hannah, wife of Leonard, d. 09-03-1807
Smith, Harriet, d. 09-08-1849
Smith, Helen, d. 08-21-1832
Smith, John William, remainder illegible
Smith, Margaret Ann, daughter of Robert, d. 05-22-1838
Smith, Mary Emma, daughter of Matthew, d. 07-11-1854
Smith, Matthew C., d. 02-16-1858
Smith, Samuel G., d. 11-06-1834
Smith, Solomon W., d. 12-28-1827
Smith, Tooker, son of Leonard, d. 08-14-1795
Smith, Uriah, son of Daniel, d. 12-03-1790
Smith, Wilema Ann, d. 07-03-1835
Sneden, Mary Abbey, daughter of Stephen, d. 12-22-1829
Sneden, Samuel G., d. 07-16-1836
Sneden, Sarah, consort of Elijah, d. 05-12-1829
Sneden, Sarah Eunice, daughter of Elijah, d. 05-29-1824
Sneden, Wm. Robinson, son of Elijah, d. 09-05-1823
Speir, Agnes, d. 07-03-1827
Speir, Ann, wife of John, d. 07-05-1831
Speir, Ann Marion, daughter of Hugh, d. 01-04-1813
Speir, Bethlah, wife of Hugh, d. 08-20-1820
Speir, Frederick, 2 yrs., d. 11-03-1802
Speir, Hugh, d. 02-02-1826
Speir, James, 10 mos., d. 02-05-1801
Speir, John, d. 06-30-1818
Speir, John, son of Hugh, d. 02-05-1820
Speir, Lucy, daughter of Robert, d. 10-24-1805
Speir, Martha, daughter of Hugh, d. 04-24-1812
Speir, Robert, d. 12-07-1800
Speir, Robert, son of John, d. 06-15-1832
Stanbrough, Catharine Electa, daughter of Thomas G., d. 01-29-1839
Stanbrough, Eddie C., 1 yr. Son of T.E., d. 04-26-1871
Stanbrough, Elvira Monell, wife of Peter M., d. 11-19-1861
Stanbrough, Henry T., son of E.M., d. 11-10-1864
Stanbrough, James R., son of T.E., d. 10-15-1870
Stanbrough, Jane Eager, wife of T.G., d. 05-23-1861
Stanbrough, Mary Alice, daughter of Thomas E., d. 10-24-1873
Stanbrough, Thos. G., d. 09-07-1862
Starr, Mary G. Gidney, wife of David, d. 01-09-1863
Steele, Alexander, d. 08-16-1831
Steele, Barbara Balfour, daughter of Alexander , 35 yrs.
Steele, Helen, daughter of Alexander, d. 09-21-1830
Steele, Jenet, wife of Alexander , 58 yrs.
Steinburgh, Thomas, d. 07-10-1837
Stephens, Deborah A., wife of William, d. 12-16-1876
Stephens, William P., d. 03-21-1849
Sterling, Agnes, wife of William, d. 09-15-1824
Sterling, Edmund, d. 12-04-1845
Sterling, Elizabeth, d. 02-07-1851
Sterling, Mary Jane, d. 05-01-1828
Sterling, William, d. 10-23-1842
Stewart, Andrew, d. 12-22-1844
Stewart, Andrew, son of John, d. 10-27-1858
Stewart, Annie C. Hammond, d. 11-15-1878
Stewart, Clarissa C. Jackson, d. 12-07-1870
Stewart, Emily, d. 02-09-1874
Stewart, Harriet Jackson, daughter of John, d. 07-18-1853
Stewart, John, d. 02-07-1883
Stewart, Margaret, d. 03-14-1849
Strachan, infant, d. 05-14-1858
Strachan, Isabella, daughter of William, d. 03-14-1854
Strachan, Jane, wife of William?, d. 05-25-1873
Strachan, Rose, wife of William, d. 01-24-1873
Strachan, Samuel, d. 05-28-1854
Strachan, Samuel, son of John, d. 08-04-1857
Strachan, Samuel Rutherford, son of William, d. 01-10-1859
Street, Minerva, daughter of George G., d. 01-14-1842
Street, Stephen B., son of George G., d. 07-29-1843
Striker, Mary Case, relict. Of Davis, d. 02-13-1854
Stuart, Susan, d. 1792
Sutcliff, Elizabeth, daughter of Ambrose, d. 09-27-1840
Sutcliff, John, son of Ambrose, d. 03-27-1833
Sutcliff, William, son of Ambrose, d. 06-05-1832
Sutherland, Charlotte, d. 04-30-1875
Sutherland, Jane Amelia, daughter of William, d. 02-01-1841
Sutherland, Lydia, daughter of William, d. 08-27-1844
Sutherland, Martha, d. 11-07-1872
Swain, Ann Isabel, daughter of John, d. 11-10-1835
Swain, Elizabeth C., daughter of John, d. 01-26-1850
Sweet, W. M, d. 03-12-1823
Swezey, John, d. 08-12-1827
Swift, Bedilia, daughter of Anthony, d. 02-05-1848
Swift, Sarah, daughter of Anthony, d. 11-28-1848
Tallman, Esther M., wife of Samuel, d. 07-06-1849
Tallman, Samuel, d. 07-21-1852
Tarbell, Charles W., son of J.P., d. 10-06-1830
Tarbell, Henry A., son of J.J., d. 08-18-1879
Tarbell, John P., son of J.P., d. 12-18-1834
Tarbell, Margaret, wife of Dr. J. P., d. 01-21-1841
Tarbell, Mary A., daughter of J.P., d. 09-23-1840
Tarbell, Sarah Newton, wife of Whitcomb, d. 12-16-1863
Tarbell, Whitcomb, d. 05-20-1881
Taylor, Susan, daughter of William, d. 12-31-1806
Teeds, William, d. 05-21-184?
Teller, Abigail, d. 04-30-1864
Terwilliger, Charles Winnifred, son of John, d. 10-09-1849
Terwilliger, John, d. 10-24-1849
Thayer, Caroline M., d. 12-19-1884
Thayer, Elizabeth, wife of William, d. 01-04-1871
Thayer, Isaac R. Carpenter, d. 01-20-1881
Thayer, John, d. 04-19-1861
Thayer, William, d. 04-09-1855
Thayer, William, slab, d. 04-09-1855
Theall, Isaac, d. 12-04-1831
Thompson, James, d. 08-17-1803
Thompson, Janet, wife of James, d. 08-18-1803
Thomson, Charles Henry, son of Isaac, d. 03-01-1831
Thomson, Thomas, son of Thomas, d. 04-06-1740
Thorn, Montimore, son of Benjamin, d. 04-18-1836
Thorp, Mary Maxwell, wife of Michael W., d. 10-22-1860
Tice, Elmer, wife of Lee, d. 08-12-1832
Tice, Henrietta, daughter of Jubal, d. 07-22-1831
Tice, Margaret Whitehead, wife of Jubal, d. 09-28-1834
Tice, Mary, d. 06-05-1814
Tice, Susan Elizabeth, d. 02-09-1835
Tice, William T., son of George, d. 04-12-1840
Trask, Clara A., wife of William, d. 05-14-1863
Trask, Maria L., daughter of William, d. 01-10-1847
Trask, Mary E., daughter of William, d. 06-13-1844
Trask, William T., d. 10-01-1819
Trumpore, Elcy Ward, daughter of Isaac, d. 08-15-1825
Trumpore, Margaret, d. 04-11-1845
Tuthill, Mary, wife of Solomon, d. 08-06-1852
Valentine, Joseph Wm., 3 yrs., d. 06-30-1812
Van Kleek, Agnes, wife of B.L., d. 06-11-1838
Van Kleek, Baltus L. M.D., d. 05-09-1843
Van Kleek, Livingston Billings, son of B.L., d. 08-25-1837
Van Nort, Charles E., d. 08-06-1828
Van Nort, John, d. 10-10-1835
Van Nort, Mahala, wife of John, d. 02-13-1850
Van Nort, Mary C., d. 07-30-1826
Vanderbeck, Ann, daughter of Isaac, d. 05-20-1835
Veltman, Elizabeth, d. 03-29-1853
Veltman, Henry, d. 04-13-1840
Veltman, Jarushe, wife of Henry, d. 11-08-1835
Veltman, Sarah Jane, d. 01-22-1812
Vought, Eliza C. Little Brown, wife of Joseph P., d. 06-11-1870
Waddington, Robert, d. 03-15-1837
Walker,, son of James, d. 05-21-1843
Wallace, Esther Fleming, wife of Robert, d. 03-12-1848
Wallace, George, d. 09-09-1841
Wallace, Mary Stewart, wife of Robert, d. 07-27-1849
Walsh, Catharine, d. 08-27-1801
Walsh, Elizabeth, wife of John H., d. 09-27-1875
Walsh, Hugh, d. 11-15-1817
Walsh, Hugh, son of H.S., d. 02-12-1848
Walsh, John, son of Peter, d. 12-30-1835
Walsh, John DeWitt, d. 08-09-1893
Walsh, John H., d. 06-22-1784
Walsh, Samuel A., son of John H., d. 09-18-1874
Wandell, Mary, d. 12-13-1843
Wandell, Richard Henry, d. 04-09-1850
Wandell, William E., d. 03-05-1837
Ward, Elmira, wife of Daniel, d. 04-28-1841
Watkins, Isaac, d. 11-01-1830
Watkins, Juliet Egbert, wife of Victor M., d. 12-23--1888
Watkins, Martha, d. 07-17-1827
Watkins, Nancy M., daughter of Benjamin, d. 1855
Watkins, Victor M., d. 05-29-1844
Watson, Edward, d. 04-18-1809
Weaver, Cornelia A., wife of John, d. 03-05-1870
Weaver, John A., d. 11-11-1845
Weaver, John Francis, son of John, d. 07-06-1838
Weaver, John James, d. 12-07-1893
Weaver, John R., d. 03-05-1870
Weaver, Josephine .), d. 08-06-1846
Weaver, Lucy, wife of John, d. 04-01-1850
Weaver, Mary
Weaver, Mary Jane, wife of John, d. 08-21-1861
Weed, Walter W., d. 02-27-1840
Weed?, Catharine, wife of ....... illegible
Wells, John W., d. 01-20-1871
Wells, Maria, wife of John W., d. 10-13-1881
Wells, Nehemiah D., d. 05-27-1864
Wetherhead, Edwin, d. 06-19-1859
Wetherhead, Thomas, d. 04-04-1842
Wever, Harriet Johnson, wife of Charles, d. 07-24-1873
Whallen, John, d. 03-11-1829
Whelin, Margaret, d. 09-05-1832
White, Ann Mariah, wife of William, d. 09-18-1820
Whitehead,, 2 infant children of James
Whitehead, Arietta, daughter of Rensselaer, d. 11-12-1844
Whitehead, Caroline, daughter of Rensselaer, d. 07-12-1845
Whitehead, Eliza, wife of James, d. 04-08-1832
Wier, Susan Emily, daughter of Richard, d. 12-28-1841
William M., brother of Rose Strachan, d. 07-29-1872
Williams, Joseph, d. 03-01-???7
Williams, Martha, relic. Of John Hoes, d. 02-17-1859
Willson, Moses, d. 08-17-1859
Wilson, Alicia, d. 04-25-1883
Wilson, Ann J., d. 12-13-1893
Wilson, Daniel, d. 09-20-1834
Wilson, Elizabeth, d. 08-09-1821
Wilson, Elizabeth Ann, d. 03-22-1827
Wilson, Esther, wife of Thomas, d. 01-31-1852
Wilson, Esther C., d. 04-11-1862
Wilson, Francis Jr., son of Francis, d. 06-16-1857
Wilson, Isabella, d. 07-30-1886
Wilson, Isabella, wife of Robert, d. 05-30-1863
Wilson, James, d. 10-09-1874
Wilson, Jane, relict of James, d. 07-00-1853
Wilson, Mary Edwards, wife of James, d. 07-29-1812
Wilson, Robert, d. 12-02-1863
Wilson, Sarah, wife of Daniel, d. 03-01-1841
Wilson, Susannah, d. 02-28-1847
Wilson, Thomas, d. 02-23-1838
Wise, Hannah, wife of Benjamin, d. 11-03-1838
Wise, Walter, d. 03-10-1848
Wiseman, Archibald, d. 05-09-1853
Wiseman, David Clyde, d. 10-15-1846
Wiseman, Isabella Nutt, wife of James, d. 02-14-1848
Wiseman, James, d. 11-24-1856
Wiseman, James D., d. 03-14-1854
Wiseman, Margaret Dunlap, d. 12-12-1848
Wiseman, Robert, d. 05-16-1858
Wood, Abel, d. 09-11-1827
Wood, Alme Jane, wife of Gilbert, d. 09-03-1848
Wood, Angela Woolsey, wife of W.H., d. 02-02-1882
Wood, Ann, relict. Of Abel, d. 05-23-1837
Wood, Charles B., d. 10-30-1839
Wood, Eleanor, wife of Timothy, d. 06-10-1829
Wood, Eleanor Hoyt, daughter of William A., d. 08-08-1836
Wood, Eleanor Jane, daughter of Andrew, d. 04-21-1837
Wood, James Beveridge, son of Abel, d. 09-29-1825
Wood, John, d. 08-06-1827
Wood, John Decker, son of Abel, d. 08-13-1820
Wood, Phoebe, d. 07-25-1832
Wood, Rebecca, relict. Of John, d. 11-16-1828
Wood, Susan B., daughter of Samuel, d. 06-15-1824
Woolsey, Anna C., d. 09-06-1865
Woolsey, Anna S., d. 09-06-1865
Woolsey, Charles C., son of George D., d. 08-08-1871
Woolsey, Charles E., d. 02-10-1834
Woolsey, Eleazer, d. 11-08-1860
Woolsey, Eleazer G., d. 09-30-1811
Woolsey, Elijah I., d. 02-225-1867
Woolsey, Elizabeth, d. 11-27-1854
Woolsey, Elizabeth, wife of Stephen, d. 04-30-1848
Woolsey, George D., son of George D., d. 03-05-1859
Woolsey, James, son of James, d. 09-01-1821
Woolsey, John C., d. 01-01-1841
Woolsey, Maria, daughter of Eleazr G., d. 04-21-1838
Woolsey, Maria, wife of Eleazer, d. 05-30-1862
Woolsey, Mary Ann, daughter of James, d. 04-12-1835
Woolsey, Mary E., d. 01-11-1846
Woolsey, Mary E., daughter of Elijah L., d. 01-11-1846
Woolsey, Mary Emma, d. 11-01-1857
Woolsey, Nathaniel, d. 05-14-1853
Woolsey, Phebe Crawford, wife of E.L., d. 05-03-1883
Woolsey, Stephen, d. 09-04-1846
Wright, Elizabeth, wife of Samuel, d. 11-14-1803
Wright, Elizabeth II, daughter of Samuel, d. 09-11-1826
Wright, Frederick E.S., son of George W., d. 07-27-1863
Wright, George W., d. 11-25-1874
Wright, George W., Jr., son of George, d. 06-14-1841
Wright, Hannah Sands, wife of George, d. 06-22-1881
Wright, John W., son of George, d. 03-09-1836
Wright, Martha, wife of Samuel, d. 12-18-1818
Wright, Martha Emily, d. 05-17-1897
Wright, Phebe Ann, daughter of Robert L., d. 08-29-1841
Wright, Samuel, d. 02-15-1859
Wright, William B., son of George, d. 08-14-1842
Youmans, Margaret, daughter of Nehemiah, d. 08-03-1848
Youmans, Margaret S., wife of Nehemiah, d. 05-08-1848
Young, M. Matilda, wife of James, d. 06-15-1849

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