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Goodwill Cemetery
Montgomery, Orange County, New York

North of Goodwill Rd and Hwy 208, west side of Hwy 208.
By the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Montgomery NY

Lat: 41° 31' 08"N, Lon: 74° 12' 26"W

This is not a complete listing of in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 15, 2007. Total records = 134.

Contributor's Index:

Barber, Ellen King, 5/27/1823, d. 8/24/1887, [MC]
Barber, Enoch B., d. 4/4/1892, age: 91yrs, [MC]
Barber, Jane McCob, 7/8/1845, age: 76 yrs, [MC]
Barber, Jane, 7/13/1875, age: 78 yrs, w/o Enoch B. Nixon, [MC]
Barber, Joseph, 3/14/1830, age: 66 yrs h/w Jane McCob, [MC]
Barber, Moses B., 10/29/1854, age: 31 yrs, [MC]
Barber, Sam, "Here lies the intered remains of Sam Barber who departed this life 8/5/1770 in the 10th year of life", [MC]
Barkley, John, 9/7/1786, age: 41 yrs, [MC]
Beatty, Archbald, 5/5/1769, d. 2/27/1834, [MC]
Beatty, Arthur, 3/9/1774, age: 66 yrs, [MC]
Beatty, Joseph, 10/1842, age: 88 yrs, [MC]
Beaty, Thomas, 12/10/1800, age: 46 yrs, [MC]
Beaty, William, 5/1/1834, age: 77 yrs, [MC]
Belknapp, David, 1/5/1777, d. 2/5/1853 h.w Abigail 9/18/1839, age: 63yrs, [MC]
Blair, John Rev., d. 12/8/1771, [MC]
Blake, Henry, d. Dec 27, 1806 age 39, [MC]
Blake, John, d. Jan 23, 1807, aged 2yr, son of Edward and Chloe, [MC]
Blake, John, d. Jan 28, 1818, aged 85, [MC]
Blake, Mary, d. 3/19/1857, age: 72yr, w/o David Hayes, [MC]
Blake, Mary, d. Feb 17, 1815, aged 77yr, wife of John Blake, [MC]
Blake, Sarah Miller, d. Dec 20, 1844, aged 43yr, wife of Alexander Blake, [MC]
Bloodgood, Sarah Beatty, 3/31/1880, age: 74 yrs w/o Josia Bloodgood, [MC]
Borland, Rebecca, d. 4/28/1749, age: 50 yrs, w/o William, [MC]
Borland, William Capt., 12/23/1779, age: 70 yrs, [MC]
Brewfter, Mary, w/o Samuel Brewfter Feb 3, 1817  85 yrs (spelled as on stone), [MC]
Brewster, Anna M., d/ 2/3/1892, s/w Nathanial, [MC]
Brewster, Anna Natalie, Feb 3, 1892, d. 8/30/1953, [MC]
Brewster, Elizabeth Coleman, b. 1/25/1818, d. 4/13/1811, s/w William G, [MC]
Brewster, Nathanial, 10/?/1786, d. 6/2/1869, [MC]
Brewster, Nathanial, b. 3/10/1842, d. 5/21/1926, h/o Anna M, [MC]
Brewster, Nathaniel A., 5/15/1830, d. 2/4/1888, [MC]
Brewster, Richard, 4/12/1854, d. 3/4/1916, [MC]
Brewster, Wiiliam O., 2/18/1844, d. 12/26/1906, 8/30/1953, [MC]
Brewster, William G., 8/7/1814, d. 10/26/1897, h/o Elizabeth Coleman, [MC]
Buchannan, James, 4/1775, [MC]
Buchannan, William, d. 1775, age: 56 yrs, [MC]
Buchannan, William, d. 5/2/1775, age: 36 yrs, A Colonial soldier, the stone was inscribed in 1908, [MC]
Buchman, Hannah, d. 5/9/1814, age: 60 yrs, [MC]
Chandler, Amela Conger, b. 7/11/1827, d. 4/7/1856, s/w Joseph, [MC]
Chandler, John C., b. 11/15/1819, d. 12/12/1855, h/o Rachel, [MC]
Chandler, Joseph, 11/15/1819, d. 12/12/1855, s/w & h/o Amela Conger, [MC]
Chandler, Rachel, d. 10/11/1841, age: 60 yrs, w/o & s/w John C, [MC]
Coleman, Sarah Jane, w/o Samuel Rumsey  6/23/1818, d. 12/31/1844, [MC]
Conger, John, 3/181825, age: 68 yrs, [MC]
Conger, Pamela, 1/1/1792, d. 1879, [MC]
Crawford, , d. 8/14/1795, age: 71 yrs, [MC]
Crawford, David, d. 4/21/1803, age: 28 yrs, [MC]
Crawford, Henry, d. 4/9/1806, age: 76 yrs, s/w & h/o Jean, [MC]
Crawford, Jean, d. 1/5/1797, age: 52yrs, s/w & w/o Henry, [MC]
Dill, Anna May, d. 5/27/1894, w/o William R. Green, [MC]
Dill, Joseph Louis, d. 7/16/1893, [MC]
Eichenburg, Elizabeth, b. 1788, d. 6/17/1869, w/o Frederick Puff, [EC]
Faulkner, Catherine Bull, b. Mar 24, 1738, d. Apr 26, 1796, [EC]
Faulkner, James, b. Feb 18, 1733, d. Sep 11, 1806, [EC]
Faulkner, Martha, b. 1784, d. Feb 2, 1834, [EC]
Green, Deborah, d. 12/12/1816, age: 28 yr 6 mos, w/o James Green, [MC]
Haines, Abigail, d. 1751, age: 67yr, w/o Benjamin Haines, [MC]
Haines, Benjamin, d. 1776, age: 76 years, h/o & s/w Sufanah, [MC]
Haines, Catherine L. Gray, b. 1797, d. 1868, s/w & w/o Samuel, [MC]
Haines, Samuel, b. 1766, d. 1840, s/w & h/o Catherine L Gray, [MC]
Haines, Sufanah, d. Aug 1742 at 62yr w/o Benjamin Haines, [MC]
Hamilton, Mary, d. 4/3/1836, age: 25 yrs, [MC]
Harris, John, b. 1747, d. 1825, Rev.War @nd regt. ulster County Mil, [MC]
Hawkins Dorothy Mills, d. 10/29/1859, age: 78 yrs, w/o Jonathan Hawkins, [MC]
Herreli, James, d. 12/5/1795, age: 71 yrs, [MC]
Hill, Margret Miller, d. 4/18/1859, age: 63 yrs, s/w Peter, [MC]
Hill, Nathanial, 5/5/1780, age: 71 yrs, [MC]
Hill, Peter, d. 6/27/1833, age: 41 yrs, s/w & h/o Margret Miller, [MC]
Hill, Susannah, d. 8/16/1784, age: 59 yrs, [MC]
Hill, William, d. 5/12/1773, age: 31 yrs, [MC]
Houston, Joseph, 1793, age: 60 yrs h/w Ann 8/16/1819-83y, [MC]
Jagger, David, 8/11/1893, age: 78 yr, s/w & h/o Ester Dickson, [MC]
Jagger, David, b. 1730, d. 1796, Rev.War 4th Reg. Ulster county Mil. , [MC]
Jagger, Ester Dickson, d.1/9/1894, age: 78 yrs, s/w David, [MC]
Jagger, Mary, b. 1739, d. 1798, [MC]
Jonston, Violet, d. 7/23/1810, age: 39 yrs, w/o William Jonston, [MC]
Keuren, Mary, d. 10/1795, age: 24 yrs, [MC]
Kidd, Robert, d. 3/19/1811, age: 36 yrs, [MC]
Kilsock, Mary, d. 10/16/1784, age: 91 yrs, w/o Thomas Kilsock, [MC]
King, James, d. 6/20/184? Albany, age: 53 yrs, [MC]
King, Jane, d. 4/1797, age: 32 yrs, [MC]
King, Margret, d. 4/1787, age: 4 yrs, [MC]
Lindley, Sara H Ann, d. 8/26/1807, age: 11 yrs, d/o Hugh and Dolly Lindley, [MC]
Lindsey, Caroline, d. 3/17/1871, age: 70 yrs, [MC]
Lindsey, Michael, d. 3/8/1806, age: 21 yrs, [MC]
Lyon, Rebecca, d. 11/21/1816, age: 58 yrs, [MC]
Marten, Catherine, d. 1/31/1853, age: 53 yrs, widow of William Marten, [MC]
Martin, Jane Crawford, b. 2/26/1761. d. 11/7/1822, s/w John, [MC]
Martin, John, d. 4/17/1819, h/o Jane Crawford, [MC]
McCob, James, d. 3/6/1792, age: 6 mos, s/o Joseph and jane McCob, [MC]
McCob, Jane, d. 7/5/1845, age: 76 yrs, [MC]
McCurdy, James, b. 1752, 1809, Rev. War 4th Reg. Ulster County Mil., [MC]
McCurdy, John, b. 1753, d. 1841, Rev. War rth Reg. Ulster co. mil. , [MC]
McNelley, Ruth, d. 1/12/1761, age: 67 yrs, [MC]
Miller, Hannah, b. 9/25/1773, d. 8/6/1853, [MC]
Miller, Henry, b. 11/12/1767, d. 8/2/1852, [MC]
Miller, Lewis, d. 9/21/1859, age: 51 yrs, [MC]
Milliken, Alexander, Listed on one stone, "In memory of Alexander Milliken of Scotlands Armored (Armorial) family and his son Capt. James of the committee of safety, Capt. Nathaniel of the New Windsor Minute Men the officers killed in battle at Fort Montgomery 10/6/1777-Alexander-John-Robert-Hugh-soldiers of the colonial revolutionary Wars", *words seem wrong, but we write what we see*, [MC]
Milspaugh, Mary, d. 8/17/1807, age: 56 yrs, w/o Captain Peter milspaugh and daughter of samuel barkley, [MC]
Monell, James, d. 1/4/1768, age: 78 yrs, [MC]
Monell, James, d. 1/4/1768, age: 78 yrs, s/w & h/o Mary, [MC]
Monell, Mary, d. 11/27/1769, age: 72 yrs, s/w & w/o James Monell, [MC]
Monell, Mary, w/o James Monell  11/27/1769, age: 72 yrs, [MC]
Mulliner, d. 5/5/1870, age: 67 yrs, w/o Franklin Mulliner, [MC]
Oldfield, Kezia, d/o Joseph Oldfield and w/o Jacob, [MC]
Oliver, James, b. 7/15/1825, d. 1/21/1864, [MC]
Oneil, James, d. 2/16/1812, age: 37 yrs, [MC]
Palmer, Caroline, d. 4/7/1866, age: 61 yrs, [MC]
Palmer, Sarah, d. 2/27/1831, age: 63 yrs, w/o James Palmer, [MC]
Preston, Stephen, 8/27/1820, age: 71 yrs, [MC]
Puff, Frederick, b. 1785, d. 6/9/1836, h/o Elizabeth Eichenburg, [EC]
Riggs, Rhoda, d. 1/18/1818, [MC]
Riley, Calvin Howell, d. Oct. 17 1918 France, age: 25 yrs, Private, Wag. 345 Inf. Sup.Co. 87th Div., [MC]
Scott, Alex M., d. 8/31/1857, age: 53 yrs, s/w & h/o Margret M., [MC]
Scott, Margret M., b. 4/5/1809, d. 6/16/1871, w/o Alex M, [MC]
Sears, Cordella, 9/7/1832, age: 26 yrs w/o Calvin Coplex  9/27/1841, age: 34 yrs, [MC]
Sly, Jennett, d/o John and Sarah Sly  5/18/1846, age: 25 yrs, [MC]
Smedes, ?, d. 12/31/1792, 18 yrs 11 mos  19 ds, [MC]
Spak, Hannah, d. 9/4/1751, 50 yrs, [MC]
Thayer, Elijah C., b. 1822, d. 1878 [JT]
Thayer, Mary Jane Morrison, b. 1835, d. 1901 [JT]
Thayer, Minnie, d. Dec 26, 1906, d/o of Elijah C. Thayer [JT]
Thayer, William Hamilton, b. 1859, d. 1865 [JT]
Van Keuren, Mary, d. 10/30/1795, age: 25 yrs, w/o Benjamine Van Keuren, [MC]
VanKeuren, Benjamin, d. 6/20/1842, age: 82 yrs, [MC]
VanKeuren, Henry, d. 7/29/1825, age: 38 yrs, [MC]
VanOrsdale, Tunis, d. 4/19/1813, age: 69 yrs, h/o & s/w Jane, [MC] VansOrsdale, Jane, d. 8/17/1845, age: 99 yrs, s/w Tunis, [MC]
VansOrsdale, Mary, d. 8/21/1819, age: 31 yrs, [MC]
Walsh, Elizabeth, d. 7/12/1794, age: 78 yrs, s/w James, [MC]
Walsh, James, b. 8/1785, age: 42 yrs, s/o Samuel and Elizabeth Walsh, [MC]
Warell, Robert, d. 11/13/1856, age: 72 yrs, [MC]
Wilson, Hannah, d. 3/1816, age: 79 yrs, widow of alexander wilson, [MC]
Young, Julia, d. 3/19/1857, age: 72 yrs, w/o George Miller, [MC]

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