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Gardenertown Cemetery
Newburgh, Orange County, New York

Contributed by Maude Conklin [doghaven@frontiernet.net].  Total records = 90

Gardenertown Cemetery, United Methodist Church, Union Avenue [off of Rte.300 ], Newburgh, Orange County, NY.  Partial listing-some broken and unreadable stones.

- Maude Conklin

??, Elizabeth, 1856/1938-nothing else on stone
?ayes, Elizabeth, 6/17/1784--2/27/1871 w/o Samuel Miller 4/19/1780--10/8/1872
Anderson, Alfred, 1/31/1932 [died] h/w Mary E. Denny 10/10/1910 [died]
Anderson, Charles, 8/11/185? 6/8/1932
Anderson, James H., 4/3/1816--1/12/1901 h/w Luzetta Becker 6/17/1822, 3/14/1879
Anderson, John, died-8/28/1907 h/w Mary Ann died-4/24/1907
Anderson, John, 8/28/1907 h/w Mary ann 5/24/1907
Austin, Sarah A., w/o Isaac D. Halstead died 11/26/1924
Barrett, Agustus F., died-7/1/1886--73 yrs, h/w Lavina Wood died 8/29/1849, 31 yrs h/w -Elizabeth died 6/12/1871--59 yrs
Barratt, Rufus, 1819/1906 h/w Anna Pearson 1831/1912
Barratt, Rufus P., 1858/1946
Berry, Mabel, 9/25/1885--2/1/1930
Berry, Richard S., 10/12/1850--4/18/1927 h/w Cornelia A. McVeigh 10/9/1850 --2/18/1935
Brown, Catherine G., w/o Charles Brown 5/4/1810--2/27/1901
Brown, Charles D., 6/20/1888--6/26/1888 --child of Halsey W. @ Margret Brown 
Brown, Elliott H., 1830/1915 h/w Elizabeth Miller 1828/1899 
Brown, Fred, 4/21/1876--10/13/1901
Brown, Halsey W., 1850------h/w Margret A. Milburn 1847/1911
Brown, John, 12/31/1850--h/w Catherine Stanton 3/28/1830--1/30/1900
Chadborn, Mame E., w/o Harry A. Richardson 9/30/1862--2/11/1908
Cline, Hattie M., w/o George W. Sparkes--8/10/1849--5/5/1893
Collins, James, 4/9/1834--4/30/1908 h/w Caroline E. Miller 11/7/18?6--1/1/1915
Curtis, Charles E., 1836/1907
Dailey [looks like], Nancy, w/o John Dailey died-4/23/1811--82 yrs
Dickson, Mary Berry, 4/13/1878--3/19/1923
Gardner, David, -died-2/12/1850--61 yrs
Gardner, Mary, died-8/18/1857--86 yrs
Gardner, Rufus R., Co.K. 48th Regt. N.Y>Vol. died Sept. 26 1867--aged 24 yrs. 4 mos 9 ds
Geoney, Annie Maude, d/o Charles W. @ Ruth Anna Geoney 3/91861, 10/1/1870
Geoney, Charles W., 11/22/1830--3/20/1898
Gidney, Ann, 10/2/1871--72 yrs -w/o David Gidney 9/16/1872--76 yrs
Gidney, David, 9/16/1872--76 yrs--h/w Ann 10/21/1871--72 yrs
Gidney, Fanny, d/o David @Ann Gidney died-11/23/1858--20 yrs
Gidney, Harriet L., w/o Daniel Gidney -died-11/7/1849--29 yrs
Gidney, Hattie, w/o George W. Sparkes 8/10/1849--5/5/1893
Gidney, Isaac, 2//8/1907 --27 yrs 4 mos 28 ds
Green, John, 1886/1921 h/w Elizabeth W. Geoney 1840/1921 -Bertha 1865/1905
Halstead, Dorus P., 10/1/1866/9/4/1934 h/w Elizabeth P. Loundsbury 10/26/1873, 1/1/1921
Halstead, Isaac D., 10/8/1847--3/22/1926
Hanyan, David I., 1832/1888 -h/w Mary E. Stanton 1850/1935
Hanyan, John G., Riv.[?] of organizations of Capt. Seth Belkna? Co. of Col. Anthony DeLamatree, war of 1812. died-1/18/1877--86 yrs h/w Armenda died 8/6/1868--76 yrs 
Hanyan, Minnie E., w/o Eugene Constaable 1870/1898
Huges, Daniel L., 1/24/1819--5/8/1871
June, Mattie Viola, 3/1885--7/17/1900
Lockwood, Isaac, 4/15/1799--5/12/1870
Lockwood, Isaac W., 4/18/1881--82 yrs h/w Abbey 8/14/1805--4/19/1855
Lockwood, John, 2/26/1852--24 yrs
Loundsbury, Frederick, 1866/1927
Loundsbury, William, 1870/1929
Lounsbury, David, 1827--no date h/w Augusta Watter 1841----
Lozier, Frank R., 3/26/1870--12/16/1907
Lozier, Isaac Van Duzer, 12/28/1828--12/17/1876
Lozier, Margret June, 9/30/1826--3/16/1828
Marlin, Uan, 1846/1916 h/w Abbey Blair -1838/1945
Martinez, Wendy Marie, Our Little Girl, 6/26/1956--8/14/1956
Miller, Caroline, d/o Samuel @ Elizabeth Miller 8/23/18137/22/1892
Miller, Debora, 4/13/1815--5/28/1836
Miller, Mary, w/o William Marston 5/12/1822---9/25/1897
Miller, Sarah, 4/13/1815--9/14/1889
Morstan, John W., s/o W.H. @ M.H. Morstan born 3/23/1857
Morstan, Wm. H., 4/29/1832--12/12/1922 h/w Mary Hoase 11/13/1833, 12/24/1911-h/w Emma D. Anderson 5/22/1860--3/26/1923
Morston, William C., 12/17/1801--2/18/1884 h/o Martha Stanton 9/12/1804, 8/4/1841
Purdy, Elsie, 2/4/1811--3/16/1891
Purdy, Mary E., 8/11/1839--5/20/1901
Revill, Ephraem D., 6/23/1834--8/13/1915 erected by his daughter EVA 
Revill, Herbert W., 7/16/1849--1/25/1912 h/w Frances 4/8/1852--4/11/1926 their children: Mary 1872\1872---Raymond 1873/1877--Mabel-1875/1877- infant 1880/1880, Rowena 1892/1897
Shay, George, 11/10/1863/--81 yrs
Sparks, George W., 2/23/1846--2/?/1929 
Sparks, Lawrence C., 6/24/1877--7/24/1914 h/w Cora Milburn 9/29/1877, 9/19/1916
Stanton, Carpenter, 2/17/1830--8/22/1896 h/w Abbie J. Milburn 11/4//1830, 2/23/1916
Stanton, Cole, 9/4/1857--3/8/1913
Stanton, James H., 1841/1913 h/w Milissa 1840/1883 h/w Caroline Kniffein 1850/1926
Stanton, Margret, 1803/1873 h/h James Stanton 1810/1853
Stanton, Timothy, 6/22/1858--81 yrs
Thitchener, Sarah M., w/o Isaac D. Halstead 11/3/1890--47 yrs-3 mos 11 ds
Underhill, Stephen, 8/10/1809--2/22/1882- h/w Abigail 12/28/1819--7/1/1881
Von Zedler, Gustave A., Capt. and flag officer [some unreadable writing]--54th Div. 5th A Corps. Russia 1868/1891- born in Warsaw 2/4/1850, died in Orange Lake N.Y. 1/13/1928
Waite, Nettie M., w/o Alvah B. Milburn 4/28/1829--10/28/1898
Warford, John W., Sergnt. Co. A 124th N.N.S.V. 12/4/1841--10/28/1916 h/w Catherine McVeigh 5/26/1838--9/27/1913
Weeks, Elinore, 1877/1930
Westlake, Benjamin, 11/19/1853--53 yrs
Westlake, Burroughs, 10/28/1850--58 yrs
Westlake, Elizabeth, w/o Jacob Westlake 7/27/1850--79 yrs
Westlake, Milton J., 12/18/1853--20yrs
Westlake, Penelope, relict of Burroughs Westlake died-5/18/1868--80 yrs
Williams, Leonard, died-2/12/1851--61 yrs h/w Eleanor 2/25/1853--72 yrs
Wood, Catherine, d/o Oliver @ Elizabeth Gosman died-9/13/1849--60 yrs
Wood, Henry, 1811/1859
Wright, Jennie Hanyan, 1876/1958
Yates, John, 12/24/1819--9/10/1847 h/w Sarah J. Marston 12/4/1819--7/21/1901

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