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Thornton Cemetery
Ava, Oneida County, New York

Contributed by Kathleen L. Last, Feb. 2000 [kllast@juno.com]. Total records = 67.

Thornton Cemetery
Webster Hill Road., Town of Ava

This cemetery is located on the Thornton farm in the Town of Ava. It is clearly visible from the road although it sets far back from the road. The stones found date from 1837 into the early 1900's although most of the burials were in the late 1800's. The stones were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on August 5, 1999.

Backer, Horace, b.Nov. 4, 1827, d.Mar. 6, 1893
Backer, Maretta Petrie, b.Aug 10, 1828, d.Dec. 14, 1899, wife of Horace Backer
Chase, Lafayette, d.Jan 20, 1918, age 75 yrs, Co. H 7th NY Cal.
Cronk, Clarinda, d.Sep. 30, 1881, age 51 yrs, wife of Philander Cronk
Cronk, Clarinda, b.1830, d.1881 (second stone for Clarinda)
Cronk, Frederick, b.1844, d.1910
Cronk, Philander, b.1825, d.1913
Cronk, Mary J., b.Jul. 1836, d.Jun. 12, 1862, wife of Philander Cronk
Cronk, Polly, b.Oct. 12, 1805, d.Jun. 18, 1885, wife of Hiram Cronk the last survivor of the War of 1812
Cronk, Polly, d.June 18, 1885, age 79 yrs 8 mos. (second stone for Polly), wife of Hiram Cronk
Croup, Frederick, b.1844, d.(Jul. 11), 1910
Croup, Kate Reams, b.1863, d.(no date), wife (of Frederick Croup)
Davis, Catherine, b.1816, d.1901, wife (of Edward Davis)
Davis, David H., d.Sept. 1, 1883, age 67 yrs 2 mos 3 dys
Davis, Cassendra Field, d.April 22, 1879, age 52 yrs 11 mos 15 dys, wife of David H. Davis
Davis, Edward, b.1803, d.1889
Davis, Jane, d.Apr. 28, 1890, age 87 yrs
Davis, Jane, b.1848, d.1911, wife of William Davis
Davis, Kate b.1851, d.1917
Davis, Thomas, d.Mar. 20, 1883, age 80 yrs 11 mos
Davis, William, d.Apr. 19, 1890, age 83 yrs
Ferguson, William, b.Jan. 30, 1819, d.June 16, 1885
Ferguson, Willie R., d.Apr. 27, 1864, age 10 mos, son of Wm. & R. Ferguson
Ferguson, Roxcena K., b.1822, d.(Sep. 7,) 1910, wife (of William Ferguson)
Field, Anna, d.Jan. 18, 1869, age 75 yrs 5 mos 18 dy, wife of Thomas Field
Field, Thomas, d.Oct. 5, 1837, age 60 yrs
Humphrey, Ann, d.Jul. 14, 1850, age 62 yrs, wife of David Humphrey
Humphrey, Esther, b.1832, d.1909, wife (of Owen Humphrey)
Humphrey, David, d.Apr. 25, 1873, age 87 yrs 9 mos
Humphrey, Owen, b.1823, d.1880
Kingsbury, Vincent A., d.Aug. 7, 1862, age (stone buried), son of E. & J. Kingsbury
Kroup, Frederick, b.1822, d.1904, born in Germany
Kroup, Margaret, b.1823, d.1918, born in Germany, wife of Frederick Kroup
Lewis, Grace Davis, d.Nov. 22, 1900, age 48 yrs, wife of William Lewis
Lewis, Eddie, d.Sep. 28, 1888, age 4 mos
Lewis, Mary Ann, d.Nov. 17, 1883, age 1 yr 5 mos 9 dys
Miller, Elaenor, d.Sep. 8, 1847, age 21 yrs, wife of Warner Miller
Ohm, Maggie, b.1851, d.1932, wife (of John Ohm)
Ohm, Helen May, b.1906, d.1913
Ohm, John, b.1846, d.1908
Ohm, Ruth Aolia, b.1904, d.1917
Palmer, Marcus, d.Oct. 15, 1892, age 64 yrs 2 mos 17 dys
Palmer, Catharine, d.Apr. 6, 1865, age 74 yrs 10 mos, wife of Shubel Palmer
Rauscher, Caroline, d.Oct. 27, 1862, age 2 yrs 4 mos., dau of C. J. & M. Rauscher
Reams, Margaret, d.Feb. 14, 1885, age 64 yrs, wife of John Reams
Reams, John, d.Jan. 20, 1892, age 74 yrs
Reams, John, d.June 1865, age 94 yrs
Reams, Benjamin, d.Jan. 17, 1892, age 32 yrs
Reams, William E., b.1855, d.1937
Roberts, Ellen, d.July 28, 1878, age 41 yrs 7 mos 9 dys, wife of John H. Roberts
Roberts, John H., b.Sep. 20, 1829, d.Dec. 4, 1901
Rowley, Sarah Cronk, b.Oct. 16, 1832, d.(no date), (dau of Hiram & Poly Cronk), wife of J. Rowley
Rumble, Maggie E. Ohm, b.1876, d.1911, wife (of Merritt A. Rumble)
Rumble, Merritt A., b.1875, d.(no date)
Stoddard, Elizabeth B., b.Feb. 28, 1828, d.Jan. 22, 1892, wife (of Jerome B. Stoddard)
Stoddard, Jerome, b. b.Jun. 1, 1821, d.Jan. 22, 1892
Stoddard, Josephine, d.Feb. 7, 1871, age 16 yrs 3 mos 13 dys, dau of Jerome & Elizabeth Stoddard
Thomas, Alice E., b.July 15, 1851, d.May 24, 1881
Thomas, Cora E., b.Jun. 1, 1855, d.May 11, 1895
Thomas, John W., b.1849, d.1901
Thomas, Ann,, b.1843, d.(no date), wife (of John W. Thomas)
Thornton, Ann Humphrey, d.Jan. 30, 1892, age 62 yrs 1 mos 16 dys, wife of J. H. Thornton
Thornton, Julius B., b.1849, d.1929
Thornton, Julius H., d.Apr. 12, 1914, age 89 yrs
Thornton, Susannah E. VanDyke, b.1857, d.1941, wife (of Julius B. Thornton)

The following are not on a tombstone. The inscriptions are on the gates of a small wrought iron fence in the middle of the cemetery. The fence appears to surround two graves.

Traxel, Peter, d.Dec. 29, 1891, age 87 yrs 5 mos 3 dys
Traxel, Mrs. Peter, d.Apr. 15,1885, age 81 yrs 1 mo 11 dys

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