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Graves Cemetery
Florence, Oneida County, New York

Contributed by Kathleen L. Last, Feb. 2000 [kllast@juno.com]. Total records = 42.

Graves Cemetery
Located on River Rd., Town of Florence

This cemetery is located in the village of Florence. The cemetery sits on a hill past a small creek and is not visible from the road. The cemetery is well maintained although there are several tombstones that have been broken and are lying on the ground. The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last and Virginia Ackerman on September 24, 1999.

Bettinger, Elizabeth, b.1866, d.1912
Billington, James, b.1840, d.1912
Billington, Anna R., b.1844, d.1885, wife (of James Billington)
Bowen, Maggie, d.Sept. 28, 1860, age 6 yrs 11 mos, dau of D. T. & J. Bowen
Chase, Thomas C., b.Oct. 20, 1885, d.Feb. 1, 1886
Fulford, Mary E., d.June 2, 1882, age 33 yrs, dau of Rev. D. & H. Fulford
Graves, Edmond W. D., d.Feb. 13, 1882, age 6 mos
Graves, Walter, d.Sep. 18, 1886, son of W. D. & C. H. Graves
Graves, Oliver, d.Sep. 18, 1886, son of W. D. & C. H. Graves
Graves, Ernest, d.April 15, 1888, age 3 mos
Graves, Alice, d.Aug. 31, 1853, age 78 yr, wife of Elija Graves
Graves, Abigail P., d.Sep. 6, 1884, age 64 yrs, wife of D. G. Graves, JP
Graves, Edmund E., b.May 31, 1819, d.Sep. 23, 1853
Graves, W. W., b.Sep. 5, 1809, d.Sep. 15, 1888
Graves, Seba Page, b.1811, d.1901, wife of W. W. Graves
Graves, Mary G., b.1806, d.1848
Jeffers, Charles S., d.July 10, 1927, age 90 yrs, Co. E 189th Inf.
Jewell, John A., b.1812, d.1892
Jewell, Adaline F., b.1826, d.1899, wife (of John A. Jewell)
Kenfield, Benson A., d.Dec. 4, 1893, age 54 yrs
Kenfield, Emily E., b.1836, d.1908, wife (of Benson A. Kenfield)
Manchester, Samuel P., b.1828, d.1911
Manchester, Elizabeth B. Nutt, b.1838, d.1919, wife (of Samuel P. Manchester)
Oram, Addie, d.Dec. 29, 1883, age 21 yrs, wife of H. J. Oram
Orr, James, d.Jan. 13, 1908, age 78 yrs
Orr, Susan, d.Dec. 7, 1887, age 54 yrs, wife of James Orr
Orr, James W. D., d.Aug. 24, 1877, age 4 mos 16 dys
Orr, Lucy, d.Aug. 17, 1883, age 14 yrs 9 mos 16 dys
Orr, Albert, d.May 11, 1903, age 41 yrs
Polly, Daniel, (no dates)
Polly, Caroline LeRoy, wife (of Daniel Polly), (no dates)
Siciliano, Francesco, b.1849, d.1920
Stanford, John C., b.1805, d.1899
Stanford, Cynthia, b.1807, d.1881
Stanford, Cornelia, b.1842, d.1900
Stanford, Samuel, b.1825, d.1911
Stanford, Christina, b.1822, d.1876
Stanford, Janet, b.1832, d.1899
Stanford, John C., b.1850, d.1852
Stanford, Christina, d.May 4, 1876, age 54 yrs, wife of Samuel Stanford
Stanford, John C., d.Apr. 29, 1852 (stone broken), son of Samuel & Christina Sanford
Whitford, Almanson, d.August 1, 1914, age 83 yrs, Co. E 146 NYV

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