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Bloss Cemetery
Annsville, Oneida County, New York

bloss cemetery
Bloss Cemetery

GPS: 43.278407, -75.643271

by Kathleen L. Last [kllast@juno.com]
Published: Feb. 2000
Total records = 24.

This is a small family cemetery located on the Blossvale Road in the town of Annsville.


Blossvale was named after the Bloss family, early settlers in this area. The cemetery is well maintained. The earliest date found was 1828 however most burials were in the mid 1800's.

Cemetery Records

The tombstones in this cemetery were copied by Kathleen Last on September 23, 1999.

Alden, Lois, d.Mar. 27, 1855, wife of Lester Alden, aged 48 yrs
Angell, Mary H., wife of Jeremiah B. Angell, (stone broken date missing) age 35 yrs 8 mos
Angell, Cynthia Ida, d.Aug. 5, 1850, dau of J. B. & M. H. Angell
Bloss, Samuel, d.Nov. 15, 1841 age 90 yrs 4 mos (Rev. War Veteran)
Bloss, Hannah,, d.Dec. 20, 1836, wife of Samuel Bloss, died in her 75th year
Bloss, John, d.Oct. 10, 1876 ae 86 yrs 1 mo 10 dys
Bloss, Rowena, wife of John Bloss, died Aug. 28, 1850 ae 59 yrs
Bloss, Samuel, d.April 19, 1876, son of John & Rowena Bloss, age 56 yrs 5 mos 19 dys
Bloss, Sophia L., d.Oct. 5, 1852, dau of John & Rowena Bloss, age 35 yrs 9 mos
Bloss, Cordelia, d.Jan. 4, 1830, dau of John & Rowena Bloss, died in the 16th yr of her age
Bloss, Zelotes L., d.Jan. 24, 1853 aged 19 yrs 8 mos
Bloss, Fred, b.May 27, 1867 died Aug. 25, 1867, son of A. & M. Bloss
Bloss, Frank, b.May 27, 1867 died Aug. 15, 1867, son of A. & M. Bloss
Bloss, Nettie, d.Apr. 9, 1858, dau of Ambrose & Marilla Bloss, age 1 yr 3 mos
Bloss, Rev. Samuel, d.July 27, 1850 ae 69 yrs
Bloss, Emma, d.Oct. 27, 1845, wife of Samuel Bloss, age 60 yrs
Bloss, Sarah, d.June 8, 1828
Bloss, Benjamin Monroe, d.Feb. 27, 1844, son of C. C. & M. M. Bloss, age 3 mos 13 dys
Bloss, Mary Eliza, d.Aug. 12, 1850, dau of W. H. & Myrta M. Bloss, age 9 mos 25 dys
Bloss, Frank Wasson, d.Feb. 2, 1854, son of Wm. H. & Myrta M. Bloss, aged 6 mos 21 dys
Johnson, Sally H., d.Dec. 14, 1836, wife of Amasa S. Johnson, in the 25th yr of her age
Johnson, Melzo, d.Apr. 4, 1836, son of Amasa & Sally H. Johnson, age 3 mos 15 dys
Shotwell, Rev. S.R., d.Apr. 6, 1853 age 40 yrs 6 mos
Shotwell, Patience M., d.July 13, 1853, wife of Rev. S. R. Shotwell, age 36 yrs 3 mos

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