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Old Fort Niagara Cemetery
Fort Niagara, Niagara County, New York

Lat: 43° 15' 41"N, Lon: 79° 03' 33"W

It is said that there are over 350 graves in this cemetery with many unreadable markers. The cemetery is situated on the east side of the Niagara River just west of the highway in Fort Niagara State Park.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jul 07, 2011. Total records = 42.

Contributor's Index:

Andrews, Walter Gresham Maj, b. Jul 16, 1889, d. Mar 5, 1949, US Congressman, Major NY 107 Inf 27 Div WWI, [JW]
Armitage, Jane, b. 1752, d. 1849, [JW]
Bailey, Joseph Corp, no dates, Co. E 11th US Inf, [JW]
Baltimore, N M.Dr, d. Jul, 1871, [JW]
Bearley, George Pvt, d. Mar 4, 1875, Batt. B 3rd US Art, aged 24 yrs, [JW]
Browne, Michael Joseph Maj, b. Aug 7, 1963, d. May 23, 1997, Maj US Marine Corps Persian Gulf, [JW]
Brunner, John, no dates, [JW]
Burnham, Edward Pvt, d. Mar 23, 1879, Batt. B 3rd US Art, aged 31 yrs, [JW]
Chrystie, John Col, b. Jan 4, 1788, d. Jul 23, 1813, Col. 23rd Reg. Inf, Inspector Gen. of the Northern Div. US Army, [JW]
Conkling, Barnabas, no dates, [JW]
Corcoran, John, no dates, [JW]
Cusick, Cornelius C. Capt, b, 1835, d. 1904, Capt. US Army, [JW]
Cusick, Lizzie Barnes, b, 1860, d. 1921, [JW]
Demarest, William, no dates, [JW]
Doyle, George Pvt, no dates, Batt. L 1st US Arty, drowned Lake Ontario, [JW]
Hadley, George B, d. May 4, 1871, Batt. L 1st US Arty, drowned Lake Ontario, [JW]
Harrison, Robert H. Lieut, d. Feb 10, 1825, Lieut. 2nd Reg't US Inf, aged 32 yrs, [JW]
Hastings, Mahala E, d. Aug 18, 1895, Wife of George, aged 35 yrs, [JW]
Hauverman, Julia A, b, 1875, d. 1883, Daughter of A. & Catherine, [JW]
Hobbs, George T. Corp, d. May 4, 1871, Batt. L 1st US Arty, drowned Lake Ontario, [JW]
Horner, Peter A. Tech Sgt, b. Mar 4, 1895, d. Mar 21, 1945, Tech. Sgt. O.M. Corps, [JW]
Hornet, Peter, no dates, [JW]
Kent, Oscar, no dates, [JW]
Leffman, Elizabeth, b. 1807, d. 1893, [JW]
Leffman, Lewis, b. 1708, d. 1885, [JW]
McGinnis, A E, no dates, [JW]
Mooney, Patrick Pvt, d. May 4, 1871, Batt. L 1st US Arty, drowned Lake Ontario, [JW]
Morrow, Charles H. Col, d. Dec 21, 1935, Col. 28th Inf KY, [JW]
Norris, J L Lieut, no dates, Lieut. US Army, [JW]
Pender, Michael, no dates, [JW]
Pierce, Francis Pvt, d. May 4, 1871, Batt. L 1st US Arty, drowned Lake Ontario, [JW]
Poe, Thomas, no dates, [JW]
Richards, Andrew Sgt, no dates, Sgt. US Army, [JW]
Sharkey, Thomas B. Pvt, d. May 4, 1871, Batt. L 1st US Arty, drowned Lake Ontario, [JW]
Sherman J L Lieut, no dates, [JW]
Sherman Lizzie, no dates, [JW]
Sherman, Allen P, no dates, [JW]
Sherman, J L Lieut, no dates, [JW]
Sherman, Lizzie, no dates, [JW]
Tindle, Robert, no dates, [JW]
Wheeler, Elisha Sgt, d. Jan 16, 1959, Sgt. US Army NY, [JW]
Young, James, no dates, [JW]

??, ??, d. Apr 8, 1883, [JW]
??, Soldiers, Erected To The Memory Of Unknown Soldiers And Sailors Of The The United States Killed In Action Or Dying Of Wounds In This Vicinity During The War Of 1812, [JW]
??, Soldiers, To The Memory of Unknown Officers and Enlisted Men Who Participated In The Early Indian Wars On This Frontier And In The Revolutionary War, Whose Remains are Interred In This cemetery, [JW]

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