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Molyneaux Cemetery
Cambria, Niagara County, New York

Ridge Rd & Rte 93
Cambria NY

Lat: 43° 12' 35"N, Lon: 78° 47' 56"W

Molyneaux Cemetery is on the north side of Ridge Road (Rt.#104) and west of Rt#93, in the town of Cambria.

Contributed by Janis (Enderby) Gillis, Sep 24, 2001 [jangl1946@yahoo.com].
Total records = 59.

This cemetery dates from 1812. It was originally property of William Molyneaux. It was deeded down to other family members over the years. In June 1877, it was recorded that this plot was to be used and enclosed as burial ground.

It's condition is poor, many broken and unreadable stones. Someone does keep it mowed and is acessable from the side of the road. Not accepting burials.

I walked this cemetery and transcribed from these tombstone readings on Sep 23, 2001. Records represent all tombstones that were readable. There were several unreadable markers.

- Janis Gillis

Baker, Dr. Artemas, d. 16 March 1840, 55y 11m 12d
Beach, Ann Mary, d. 31 Jun 1822, wife of Moses Beach
Beach, Louisa, d. 28 Mar 1812, 67y, wife of Phillip Beach
Beach, Phillip, d. 1 May 1810, husband of Louisa Beach
Bellows, Sanford, d. 26 Sep 1836, age 23yr
Capen, J. D., Co. 8th ???, American Veteran
Carlton, Joseph, b. 28 1787 ??N.H., d. 20 Jun 1856
Carlton, Oliver, son of Joseph and Rebecca Carlton
Carlton, Rebecca, b. 11 Mar 1788, d. 18 Oct 1873, wife of Joseph Carlton
Carlton, Stephee, dau. of Joseph and Rebecca Carlton
Co?ke?, Lucinda, d. 20 Jan. 18??, 35y 1m 1d
Dake, Susanna, d. ?????
Fellows, Daniel, d. 20 Feb. 1875, 85y
Fellows, Erasmus Darwin, d. 13 April 1844, 20yr, son of Daniel and Salina Fellows
Fellows, Henrietta, d. 6 Jun 1842, 21yr, dau. of Daniel and Salina Fellows
Fellows, Persis S., d. ?????, wife of William Fellows
Fellows, Salina, d. 29 Mar 1868, 75y
Fellows, William H., d. 17 Oct 1867, 31yr
Hogeboom, Bata, d. 7 Mar 1848, 76yr, sister of Mrs. E. Savage
Hopkins, Mrs. Susannah, d. 22 Jul 1845, 77yr
Howell, Franklin, d. 10 Sep 1831, 1y 1m
Howell, George, d. 15 Nov 1822, 1y 5m
Howell, Sarah, d. 11 Mar 1854, wife of Col. William Howell
Howell, Sophrona, d. 12 Nov 18??, 3y 1m., In memory of Sophrona, George and Franklin daughters and sons of G.W. and Sophorona Howell, shared stone
McDonald, ??wis, in waterlorn 21 1787, ?? Co. Conn Sep 15
McDowell, John, d. 27 Oct 1830, 62y 7m 22ds
McDowell, Levina, d. 7 Jan 1828, ag 18y, dau. of John and Hannah McDowell
McNeil, Hiram, d. 5 May 1861, 66y
McNeil, Isabel, d. 20 Feb 1846, ag 42y 8m 19ds, wife of Hiram McNeil
McNeil, Ketwrah, d. 1 Dec. 1878,25yr. wife of William McNeil
McNeil, Lewis, d. 28 Oct. 1810, age 36y
McNeil, Thankful, d. 5 May 1841, 85y 9m 22ds, widow of Charles McNeil
McNeil, William, d. 12 Sep 1857, age 33y, was lost on the ??Fatel Steamer Central America, son of Hiram and Isabel McNeil
McNeil, William, no dates
Molyneaux, Agnes, d. 31 May 1851, age 57y, wife of William Molyneaux
Molyneaux, Cadet James, d. 11 Feb. 1939, age 22yr, died at Cambria U.S. Military Academy
Molyneaux, Charles, d. 15 May 1864, age 68y 8m 15ds
Molyneaux, Elbertine, d. 7 Jun 1895, 91y 9m, wife of Charles Molyneaux
Molyneaux, Maria, d. 1860, 80y, wife of William Molyneaux
Molyneaux, Susan, d. 21 Nov 1889, 80y, wife of William Molyneaux, Jr
Molyneaux, William S., d. 28 May 1868, age 35y 4m 1d
Molyneaux, William, b. 11 Sep 1797, d. 22 Feb 1877
Molyneaux, William, d. 7 Nov. 1850, age 66yr
Needham, C.B., Co. M. 8th N.Y.H.A
North, Czar P., d. 12 Apr 1851, 48y 4m 20ds
North, Erelina, d. 16 Sep 1810
Sabin, Jonathan, d. 21 Jan 1870, 86y 8m
Sabin, Mary, d. 1 Jul 1860, 77y 6m 15d., wife of Jonathan Sabin
Savage, Elbertie, d. 2 Sep 1828, sister of Peter Savage
Smith, Elizabeth, d. Dec 1830, dau. of ?
Smith, Louisa, d. 22 Jun 1861, 46y, dau. of Lucrelia Child
Stoughton, Arrick, d. 25 Jan. 1858
Stoughton, Julia H., d. 1861, wife of Arrick Stoughton
Stoughton, Phebe, d. 18 Jul 18??, 19y 10m, dau. ????
Sweet, Charles Jr., d. 1 Jan. 18??
Sweet, Charles, d. 10 April 1869, 87yr
Sweet, Nancy, d. 25 Dec 1850, 66y, wife of Charles Sweet
Walker, Joseph, d. 11 Sep 1839, age 37yr
Wright, Theresa, d. 10 Jul 1831, 15y 18d, dau. of Charles and Perlina Wright

McN???, Hirham, d. 9 Sep 1839, 11y 10m, in memory of
??, Elizabeth, d. 29 ?? 1815
??, Thomas W., son of ???

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