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Sammons Family Cemetery
Montgomery County, New York

Lat: 42°58'36"N, Lon: 74°23'30"W

Contributed by Scott Sammons, May 06, 2002 [ulster61@aol.com]. Total records = 35.

The cemetery is located on Old Trail Road just off Route 30 about 2 miles south of Johnstown, in the town of Mohawk.

This is a private cemetery owned by the Sammons Family.

I first found a typed transcript in the Old Court House in Fonda, NY. I have since taken the transcript and went stone by stone and checked it as well as shot video tape. I transcribed from the headstones about 1999.

- Scott Sammons

Fonda, Mary Sammons, b. 4/5/1876, d. 5/26/1876, d/o I. H. & Lydia S.
Mann, Barbara Grose, b. 4/23/1815, d. 12/7/1895, s/w and wife of Col. Simeon Sammons
Mann, John B., d. 2/25/1817 ae 4y 9m 11d, (Son of John & Julia Ann)
Pratt, Mary Charlotte Dockstader, b. 6/19/1918, d. 12/6/1990, (great granddaughter of Simeon Sammons)
Sammons, Almira, d. 4/11/1863 ae 1 mo. 25 da (dau. of J. & E.)
Sammons, Barbara Grose, b. 4/23/1815, d. 12/8/1895 (wife of Simeon Sammons)
Sammons, Catharine A. Dorn, d. 7/15/1912 ae 80, wife of Henry
Sammons, Col. Simeon, b. 5/23/1811, d. 3/19/1881, (son of Thomas)
Sammons, Delos, d. 10/14/1858 ae 4wks, (son of J. & E.)
Sammons, Elizabeth, d. 3/31/1871 in 30 yr, (dau. of John)
Sammons, Frederick, b. 7/4/1766, d. 5/22/1838, (son of Sampson)
Sammons, Frederick., b. 12/16/1817, d. 2/11/1838 (son of Fred'k & Ruth)
Sammons, Henry F., b. 12/28/1815, d. 4/4/1887
Sammons, Jacob T., b. 5/29/1802, d. no date
Sammons, Jacob, d. 11/4/1816 (son of Sampson)
Sammons, Jane Emma, b. 7/24/1844, d. 4/8/1864, (third dau. of Simeon & Barbara)
Sammons, Julie Ann, d. 1/16/1834 ae 29 yr, (wife of William T.)
Sammons, Magdalene, d. 10/30/1844 (age broken), (dau. of Simeon & Barbara)
Sammons, Major Stephen, b. 11/5/1814, d. 8/27/1879, (son of Thomas)
Sammons, Major Thomas, b. 10/28/1762, d. 11/20/1838, (son of Sampson)
Sammons, Margaret, b. 11/11/1808, d. 5/11/1828, (dau. of Fred'k & Ruth)
Sammons, Margaret, d. 2/21/1841 ae 36 yr. 13 da, (wife of Jacob T.)
Sammons, Maria, d. 6/27/1838 in 20 yr, (dau. of Sampson & Nelly)
Sammons, Martha, b. 8/9/1883, d. 12/14/1883, (dau. of H.G. & Lillian )
Sammons, Mary E., b. 1836, d. 1918
Sammons, Mary Jane Noyes, b. 8/21/1815, d. 9/22/1875, wife of H.G. Sammons
Sammons, Mary Wood, b. 2/23/1773, d. 12/15/1850 (wife of Thomas Sammon)
Sammons, Rachel Schoonmaker, d. 12/5/1822, ae 96 yrs, (wife of Sampson Sammons)
Sammons, Rebecca C., d. 7/4/1843 in 38th yr, (wife of William T.)
Sammons, Richard, d. 6/9/1812 ae 31 yr, (son of Benjamin & Hannah)
Sammons, Ruth Shottenkirk, b. 12/24/1771, d. 3/25/1838, wife of Fredrick Sammons
Sammons, Sampson, b. 12/14/1722, d. 10/17/1796
Sammons, Simeon Starin, b. 12/31/1886, d. 2/19/1887, (son of H.G. & Lillian)
Sammons. Simeon, b. 11/22/1860, d. 4/25/1861, son of H. G. & Mary Jane
Shaw, Rachel, d. 4/9/18?? ae 42 yr. (wife of Strphen)

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