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North Rush Cemetery
Rush Township, Monroe County, New York

Contributed by Bob Stallman, March 9, 2000 [rwstallman@comcast.net]. Total records = 335.

North Rush Cemetery
Located in Township of Rush,
Monroe County, New York
Established 1825

Located on the north side of State Route 251, about 1/2 mile east of E. River Rd. The older section was copied in September, 1979. That copy was obtained from the Town of Rush Historian, the newer section was copied and combined October 1999, by Bob Stallman.

ACKMER, William, b.1800, d.1884
ACKMER, Catherine, b.1804, d.1863, his wife
ALBERTSON, Amanda, d.21 Oct 1853, wife of F.H., 53 yrs 8 mo
ALBERTSON, Frederick H. d.18 May 1884, 87 yrs 3 mo
ALBERTSON, William C., b.1860, d.1917, son of I. & J.
ALBERTSON, Jacob, b.1833, d.1894
ALBERTSON, H. Almena Sibley, b.1833, d.1909, wife of Jacob
ALBERTSON, Jeanette Colt, b.1839, d.1914, wife of Issac
ALBERTSON, Issac, b.1837, d.1887, son of F.H.& A
ALBERTSON, Emily, d.25 May 1836, 14 yrs, dau of F.H.& A.
ALGER, Lucy, b.1868, d.1942
ALLEN, Margaret Giles Brew, b.1920, d.?
AMMERMAN, Frederick, d.12 Sep 1856, son of Adam & Catherine
ANDREWS, Annie Farmer, b.1848, d.1935
ARMSTRONG, Marion G, b.1912, d.1984
BARBER, Celia H. b.1880, d.1957
BARTLEY, Stephen (V.B.?), d.5 Sep 1849, 49 yrs
BAUCHLE, George, b.1848, d.1928
BAUCHLE, Mary, b.1845, d.1906
BAUCHLE, Robert, b.25 Mar 1872 d.9 Nov 1888, son of George & Mary
BILLS, Alice, b.1914, d.?
BILLS, Stanley, b.1904, d.1975
BRADLEY, John R., b.2 Sep 1879, d.3 May 1948 Maj Med Corp WWI NY
BURGER, Henry, d.2 Aug 1846, 72 yrs
BURGER, Rhoda, b.3 Jun 1810, d.d.26 May 1891, wife of Henry
CLACKNER, William H., b.d.9 Jun 188? 83yrs?
CLACKNER, Catherine, b.1884, d. ?? (dates not clear weathered stone)
CLAPP, Jacob, d.7 Sep 1863 81 yrs
CLAPP, Hannah, d.27 Apr 1875, 55 yrs
CLAPP, Sarah, d.13 Jan 1856, 71 yrs, wife of Jacob
CLAPP, Phebe, d.6 Aug 1852, 37 yrs, dau of Jacob & Sarah
CLAPP, James G., d.2 Jul 1863, 19yrs member Co. G, Son of I.&J. 140th Reg. fell at Gettysburg
CLAPP, Joanna Perry, b.4 Jun 1817, d.31 Jan 1893, wife of Isaac
CLAPP, Isaac, b.11 Jan 1809, d.19 Sep 1886
CLAPP, Ermina Jane Hart b.2 Jun 1850, d.11 Apr 1921, wife of Edwin P.
CLAPP, Edwin Perry, b.22 Aug 1842, d.1 Feb 1908
CLAPP, Charlie, b.19 Jul 1888, d.14 Sep 1888
CLAPP, Ernest, b.18 Apr 1874, d.17 Jul 1877, son of EP&EJ
CLAPP, Our Baby, d.25 Feb 1887 5 wks
CLAPP, Percy Edwin, b.1883, d.1958
CLAPP, Charles W, b.1857, d.1937
CLAPP, Nellie S, b.1860, d.1938, wife of Charles
CLAPP, Mildred J, b.1898, d. 1985
CLAPP, Helen G, b.1885, d.1970
CLAPP, Harold S, b.1883, d.1968
COX, Stephen W, b.1844, d.1930
COX, Catherine R, b.1842, d.1926
COX, Mary, b.1869, d.1948
COX, Elizabeth C, b.1872, d.1948
COX, William H, b.1874, d.1957
COX, Isaac, b.1846, d.1909
COX, Lucy Ward, b.1844, d.1902
COX, Lydia, d.30 Dec 1879 32, wife of Isaac, dau of SB & M Martin yrs 8 mo
COX, Stephen B., d.27 Sep 1894, son of Isaac, 14 yrs 9 mo
COX, Miriam E., b.1878, d.1912, dau of Isaac & Lydia L.
COX, John, b.1819, d.1901
COX, Mary C. Cunningham, b.1822, d.1909, wife of John
COX, Hannah, d.4 Apr 1862, 83 yrs 5 mo 16 days, wife of Isaac
COX, Joseph M., b.1876, d.1933
COX, Minnie A. Robert, 1872, d.1924, wife of Joseph M.
COX, Mary F., b.1884, d.1913, dau of Isaac & Lucy
COX, Morris F., b.1902, d.1904, son of JM & MA
DAVIS, Caroline, b.1826, d.1896, wife of Cyrus
DAY, William, d.Feb 1857, 7 yrs 3 mo 12 days
DELL, Carl T., b.1846, d.1942, bro of William C.
DELL, Rekie, b.1848, d.1920, wife of Carl T.
DELL, Frank, b.1879, d.1889, son of Carl & Rekie
DELL, William C., b.1854, d.1948, bro of Carl T.
DELL, Johanna, b.1852, d.1895, wife of William C.
DELL, Lillian Lortcher, b.1890, d.1955, wife of Chris H.
DELL, Chris H., b.1884, d.1972, son of William & Johanna
DELL, Martha, b.1890, d.1977, wife of Chris J
DELL, Chris J, b.1880, d.1966
DELL, Mildred, B, b.1914, d.1934
DELL, Augustus W, b.1871, d.1964
DELL, Emma R, b.1877, d.1931
DIETRICH, Hiram, d.9 Jan 1834, 3yrs 11mo 21d, son of John D % Elizabeth
DIETRICH, Darius D., d.1 Jan 1863, 26yrs Co C 108th NY inf
DINSE, Daniel, b.11 Nov 1818,d.19 Jan 1889
DINSE, Maria, b.8 Jun 1821, d.22 Aug 1891
DIVER, Addie R, b.1854, d.1950, wife of Byron
DIVER, Byron H, b.1853, d.1929
DIVER, Charle M. b.1890, d.1972
DIVER, Mae L, b.1891, d.1981
DUSENBURY, Priscilla, d.1 Dec 1867, 81 yrs
EDWARD, Lewis, d.3 Aug 1855, 79 yrs
EIE, Adam, b.1864, d.1936
EIE, Mary, b.1867, d.1910, wife of Adam
EIE, Gertrude, b.1834, d.1913, wife of Loran
EIE, John, d.9 Dec 1868, 3 yrs 7 mo 22 days, son of Loran & Gert.
FEARY, George M., b.3 Jul 1864, 24 yrs,Co B 108th Reg NY, at Gettysburg
FEARY, Clara B., d.28 Feb 1856, dau of John & Ann, 3 yrs 3 mo
FEARY, Anna M., b.17 Dec 1841, d.18 Jul 1878, wife of John, b.Switzerland, d.Avon, NY
FEARY, Thomas H. b.1845, d.1917
FEARY, Jane, b.1850, d.1914
FROST, Samuel R. d.14 Jul 1862, 86 yrs 10 mo 26 days
FROST, Zilpha, d.26 May 1873, 81 yrs 9 mo, wife of Samuel R.
FROST, Prier, d.3 Nov 1874, 56 yrs 10 mo 19 days
FROST, Millicent B., b.29 Nov 1822, d.29 Aug 1895, wife of Prier
FROST, Mary, dau of Prier & Millicent (unable to read dates)
FROST, James S, b.1854, d.1927
FROST, Ida May, b.1855, d.1927
FROST, Vincent J, b.1886, d.1915
FRUTCHEY, Anthony, b.1780, d.1831
FRUTCHEY, Sarah, b.1783, d.1840
GILES, Martin E, b.1913, d.1997
GILES, Viola E, b.1917, d.?
GILES, Edith K, b.1888, d.1960
GILES, Elroy O, b.1887, d.1961
GINEGAW, James, b.1836, d.1908
GINEGAW, Minnie, b.1848, d.1911
GOFF, Harry W., b.1888, d.1975
GOFF, Emma S., b.1890, d.1972
GRAPE, Frederick, 22 Nov 1911 (only date)
GRAPE, Katherine, 6 Nov 1896 (only date), wife of Frederick
GREEN, George M., d.7 Feb 1871, 1 mo 22 days, son of GJ & CM
GREEN, James M., d.14 Jan 1876, 1yr 7mo 17days, son of George J. & Clarissa
GREEN, Jacob O. b.1850, d.1910
GREEN, Sarah Adele, b.12 Apr 1854, d.19 Mar 1909, dau Royal Mary J.
GREEN, Royal, b.29 Mar 1825, d.26 Mar 1872, 47 yrs
EWER, Mary Green, b.1824, d.1898, dau of Jacob & Sarah Clapp
HALLOCK, Mary E., d.5 Dec 1901, 61 yrs 6 mo 15 days
HALLOCK, Isaac C., d.5 Mar 1878, 43 yrs 6 mo
HALLOCK, Sarah, d.26 Sep 1864, 44 yrs, wife of Stephen
HALLOCK, Mary C., d.3 Apr 1839, 31 yrs, wife of Stephen
HALLOCK, Stephen, d.12 Aug 1864, 63 yrs
HART, Nancy, d.8 Jun 1869, 45 yrs, dau of Henry & Esther
HART, Barbara, d.3 Sep 1855, 46 yrs 7 mo, dau of Henry & Mary,
HART, Esther E., d.5 Sep 1853, 23 yrs 8 mo, dau of Henry & Esther
HART, Barton D. d.22 Mar 1854, 3 yrs 5 mo 13 days, son of Daniel & Ann M.
HART, Zilpha, d.13 Mar 1856, 2 yrs, dau of Daniel & Ann M.
HART, Ann Marie, d.21 Oct 1857, 36 yrs, wife of Daniel
HART, Daniel, b.30 Nov 1817, d.13 Feb 1898
HART, Charles, L. b.1847, d.1912
HART, Ida P. Martin, b.1854, d.1932, wife of Charles L.
HART, Sylvester, b.10 Apr 1844, 30 Jun 1903
HART, Eliza J. Gordon, b.20 Oct 1844, 2 Feb 1919, wife of Sylvester
HART, _____, d.14 Apr 1844, 10 yrs 10 mo child of Dan. & Sally
HART, _____, d.11 Sep 184?, 4 yrs 1 mo child of Dan.& Sally
HART, _____, d.Jun 1886, 79 yrs
HART, Sally, d.Apr 1872, 62 yrs, wife of Daniel
HART, Mary J., d.10 Oct 1885, 50 yrs, 2nd wife of Daniel, (small stones with the names; Mary J, Eliza J, Sylvester, Maryette, Daniel, Sally, Melinda)
HART, Harriet, b.28 Apr 1828, d.4 Nov 1903
HART, Adda A., b.1864, d.1941
HART, Rebecca J., d.8 Dec 1848, 4 yrs 3 mo 9 days, dau of Dan.& Ann Maria
HART, Catherine, d.29 Oct 1852, 20 yrs 2 mo, dau of Henry & Esther
HART, Esther, d.13 Apr 1870, 72 yrs 9 mo, wife of Henry
HART, Henry, d.23 Oct 1862, 79 yrs
HART, John b. b.1826, d.1901
HART, Mary R. Smith, b.1834, d.1927, wife of John B.
HART, Emma, b.1860, d.1943
HART, Jessie, b.1866, d.1878
HART, Infants, 1869
HARTMAN, George E. b.1883, d.1963
HARTMAN, Leora I. b.1886, d.1966
HARTMAN, John, b.1851, d.1912
HARTMAN, Katherine, b.1862, d.1934
HARTMAN, John A. b.1886, d.1935
HARTMAN, Gertie A., b.1889, d.1898, dau of J & KM
HETZLER, Margaret, b.1911, d.1972
HOLLISTER, Mathilde B, b.1883, d.1975
HOLLISTER, Cory A, b.1834, d.1948
HORREX, Ethel B. b.1891, d.1966
HOYT, Abenezer, d.27 Jun 1850, 52 yrs
HOYT, Rebecca Pinkney, d.8 Jan 1857, 88 yrs, wife of Ebenezer
HUGHES, Alexander, b.1887, d.1978
HUGHES, Rose Dell, b.1886, d.1933, dau of Wm & Johanna Dell
KELSEY, Dr Alex, d.19 May 1825, 54 yrs 8 mo
KELSEY, Hannah Jones, d.21 Aug 1824, 54 yrs 7 mo, wife of Dr.Alex
KELSEY, Daniel, son of Alex & Hannah, d.17 Apr 1827, 30 yrs
KELLEY, Millicent, b.1828, d.1858
KNIGHT, Sarah, d.28 May 1860, 42 yrs, wife of Jonas, dau of H&E Hart
KNIGHT, George K, b.17 Sep 1862, 18 yrs, Co C, 108th NY Vol Inf, Killed at Antietam
LEE, ?, b.1981 (no other info)
MARTIN, Almeron, d.27 Apr 1881,35 yrs 8 mo, Son of Lorenzo & Emeline
MARTIN, Bernice, b.1 Nov 1878, 8 Aug 1883, dau of A&Z
MARTIN, Charles E, b.1826, d.1893
MARTIN, Harriet E. Hart, b.1832, d.1913, wife of Charles
MARTIN, Hattie E, b.1864, d.1942, dau of CE & HE
MARTIN, Adelbert H, b.1862, d.1869, son of CE & HE
MARTIN, Carrie A, b.1860, d.1861, dau of CE & HE
MARTIN, Fannie Bristol, d.12 Nov 1865, 68 yrs, wife of JK
MARTIN, James, d.28 Oct 1870, 73 yrs, 3 mo
MARTIN, Catherine B, b.12 Jun 1831, d.2 Jan 1897
MARTIN, Ward, b.29 Jun 1839, d.16 Jun 1898
MARTIN, Olive Morris, b.4 Sep 1838, d.14 Aug 1912, wife of Ward
MARTIN, James K, d.22 Aug 1845, 3 mo 18 days, son of R&(?)
MARTIN, William K, d.15 Sep 1834, 1 yr 2 mo, son of EW & Hannah
MARTIN, George M, , d.9 Jan 1880, 63 yrs
MARTIN, Eliza Case, , d.27 Sep 1859, 48 yrs, 4 mo, wife of George M, 15 days, wife of George M
MARTIN, James,, b.22 Apr 1830, d.20 Jun 1912
MARTIN, Martha J, , b.1 Mar 1835, d.21 Sep 1911, wife of James
MARTIN, Martha M,, b.3 Mar 1857, d.17 Feb 1894, dau James & Martha
MARTIN, Pauline,, b.1905, d.1950
MARTIN, J. Oliver,, b.1892, d.1926
MARTIN, Josephine, , b.1868, d.1934
MARTIN, James C, , b.1869, d.1946
MARTIN, Robert W,, b.1900, d.1902
MARTIN, Millicent Sibley,, d.21 Dec 1858, 83yrs 2mo 19days, widow of Killian
MARTIN, Killian,, d.9 Jan 1880,66 yrs
MARTIN, Eliza A, Eaton,, d.8 Feb 1864, 45 yrs 5 mo, wife of Killian
MARTIN, Rice E,, d.20 May 1864, son of Killian & Eliza, Co Sgt, 140th Reg NY, died in hospital at Fredricksburg, VA of wounds rec'd on 5 May in Battle of the Wilderness, 21yrs 6 mo
MARTIN, Killian,, b.12 Jul 1836, 10 Nov 1908
MARTIN, Mary C, b.3 Jul 1840, 27 Jul 1900, wife of Killian
MARTIN, James K, b.12 Oct 1862, 31 May 1863
MARTIN, Fanny E, b.16 May 1869, 13 Nov 1873
MARTIN, Joseph S, b.27 Apr 1864, 2 Aug 1880
MARTIN, Lorenzo, b.5 Jul 1819, 17 Sep 1886
MARTIN, Emeline Frost, b.1 Mar 1826, 11 Feb 1888, wife of Lorenzo
MARTIN, Helen M, b.19 Sep 1848, 15 Mar 1911
MARTIN, Jane E, b.26 Oct 1855, 1 Dec 1920
MARTIN, Frank L, b.10 Sep 1857, 14 Feb 1924
MARTIN, Myrtle, b.7 Nov 1867, 7 Jul 1927
MARTIN, Emily J. b.27 Jan 1847, 27 Oct 1847
MARTIN, Byron A, b.11 Feb 1854, 4 Aug 1863
MARTIN, Lucy Ann, d.7 Mar 1890, 51 yrs 7 mo
MARTIN, Ward R, b.1875, ??
MARTIN, Flora, b.1842, d.1924, wife of William K
MARTIN, William K, b.1842, d.1914
MARTIN, Robert, d.9 Jan 1889, 79 yrs
MARTIN, Hannah Kelsey, d.30 Sep 1866, 53 yrs, wife of Robert
MARTIN, Stephen B, d.5 Jan 1883, 62 yrs
MARTIN, Miriam, d.3 Feb 1861, wife of Stephen
MARTIN, Miriam Norris, d.1 Aug 1913, 83 yrs, wife of Stephen
MARTIN, James, d.20 Sep 1848, 4 mo 27 days, children of Step. & Miriam
MARTIN, Francis, d.3 Apr 1852, 1 mo
MARTIN, Miriam, d.17 Mar 1861, 1 mo 14 days
MARTIN, Ruth, b.1901, d.1987
MARTIN, T. Eugene, b.1866, d.1942
MARTIN, Esther G, b.1918, d.?
MARTIN, Russell D, b.1917, d.?
MARTIN, Anna E, b.1882, d.1997
MARTIN, R. Bly, b.1888, d.1948
MARTIN, Gertrude E. Matteson, b.1890, d.1965
MARTIN, Nellie D, b.1860, d.1937
MARTIN, Pyor F, b.1852, d.1925
MARTIN, Hartly V, b.1919, d.?
MARTIN, Jane Collins, b.1925, d.?
MARTIN, Janice B, b.1955, d.1977
MARTIN, Leslie G, b.1895, d.1979
MARTIN, Eleanor Naven, b.1920, d.1964
MARTIN, Margaret Copeland, b.1864, d.1933
MARTIN, Dela E, b.1897, d.1967
MARTIN, R. Warner, b.1893, d.1978
MARTIN, Howard U, b.1890, d.1970
MARTIN, Alice M, b.1886, d.1966
MARTIN, Robert F, b.1915, d.?
MARTIN, Ethel N, b.1919, d.?
MILLER, Calvin, d.24 Nov 1864, 61 yrs
MILLER, Keturah, d.9 May 1879, 88 yrs 5 m, wife of Calvin
MILLER, Our Baby, (no dates)
MILLER, Justin, d.3 Mar 1847, 64 yrs 11 mo
MILLER, Sarah, d.4 Oct 1873, 91 yrs 4 mo 9 days, wife of Justin
MILLER, Lury, d.15 Feb 1886, 78 yrs
MILLER, Betsey, d.18 Apr 1890, 84 yrs 4 mo
MILLER, Willard, d.20 jan 1881, 61 yrs
MOREY, Benjamin, d.11 Jan 1873, 78 yrs
MOREY, Samuel, b.21 Aug 1823, d.29 May 1894
MOREY, Maria, b.15 Jun 1828, d.13 Mar 1876, wife of Samuel
NAITO, Ume, b.1898, d.1986
NAITO, Helen Hoskins RN, b.1895, d.1979
NAITO, Percy E. Hoskins, b.1900, d.1986
NORRIS, Martin T, b.1828, d.1895
NORRIS, Fanny, b.1828, d.1868, wife of Martin T
NORRIS, Ellen L, b.1843, d.1900
NORRIS, Ruth Martin, b.1869, d.1934
NORRIS, Dean S, b.1874, d.1945
NORRIS, Lloyd H, b.1880, d.1960
PEDLEY, William, b.1842, d.1903
PEDLEY, Elizabeth, b.1838, d.1914, wife of William
PEDLEY, Lillian E, b.1869, d.1955
PERRY, Horace, b.26 Feb 1854, d.8 Jul 1855
PERRY, Sophia, d.19 Dec 1807, 4 yrs 5 mo 22 days
PERRY, Sophia, b.27 Aug 1831, 19 yrs
PERRY, Christina, d.22 Dec 1855, 82 yrs, wife of Elnathan
PERRY, Elnathan, d.18 Jun 1849, 89 yrs, Soldier of the Revolution
ROBERT, Christopher, b.1835, d.1914
ROBERT, Mary, b.1850, d.1922, wife of Christopher
ROUNTREE, Harold J, b.2 Jan 1921, 8 May 1979, Pfc USMC WWII
ROWE, Libbie, d.10 Oct 1859, 3 mo, dau of William & Margaret
ROYALL, Lillie Green, b.29 Oct 1856, d.16 Jul 1882
SCHOCKOW, Fred, b.1861, d.1929
SCHOCKOW, Dora, b.1869, d.1917
SCHRADER, Fred C, b.1876, d.1940
SCHRODER, Christian, b.17 Aug 1855, d.1 Jun 1887
SCHROEDER, Johann, b.25 Aug 1881,29 Oct 1884
SIBLEY, Elisha, b.1730, d.30 Aug 1831, Sgt, Capt.Rowley's Co, NYSM War of 1812
SIBLEY, Ann Bills, (dates unreadable)
SIBLEY, Ada, d.27 Dec 1863, 16 yrs 3 mo, dau of SA & Jane
SIBLEY, Millacent, d.22 Jul 1843, 92 y 6m 5d, wife of Samuel
SIBLEY, T. Romeyn, b.1834, d.1895
SIBLEY, S. Jane, b.1837, d.1863, wife of Romeyn
SIBLEY, Nellie, b.1858, d.1863, dau of TR & SJ
SIBLEY, Rev. William, b.13 Oct 1813, d.28 Mar 1873
SIBLEY, Mary C, b.6 Jan 1823, d.19 Sep 1902, wife of Rev. William
SIBLEY, George A, d.4 Oct 1873, 26 yrs 4 mo 17 days
SIBLEY, Jeremiah, d.21 Feb 1883, 78 yrs
SIBLEY, Lucy Ann Kelsey, d.8 Sep 1879, 69 yrs, wife of Jeremiah
SILK, Augusta, d.6 Feb 1874, 4 yrs 10 mo 23 days
SMITH, Abraham, d.16 Mar 1860, 83 yrs
SMITH, John, d.28 Aug 1831, 29 yrs
SMITH, Susan, d.21 Aug 1831, 30 yrs 2 mo, wife of John
SMITH, Betsey, d.26 Feb 1851, 30 yrs 2 mo, wife of Jacob
SMITH, Mary M, b.1869, d.1939
SMITH, William A, b.1836, d.1880
SMITH, Margaret, b.1798, d.1895, mother of William
STALLMAN, Christian, b.1806, d.1897
STALLMAN, Sophia, b.1806, d.1892, wife of Christian
STALLMAN, Frederick, b.1837, d.1927, son of Christ & Sophia
STALLMAN, Frederica, b.1840, d.1921, wife of Frederick
STALLMAN, Fred C, b.31 Jan 1868, 1 Aug 1900, son Fred & Fred
STALLMAN, Lizzie, b.1870, d.1895, wife of Fred C
STALLMAN, Henry T, b.1872, d.1908, son of Fred & Fred
STALLMAN, Lucy, b.1878, d.1921, Dau of Fred & Fred, wife of Ervin Harwood
STEFFEN, Florence L, b.1901, d.1995
STEFFEN, Raymond C, b.1900, d.1984
STEFFEN, Margaret M. Hetzler, b.1911, d.1972
STEFFEN, Harold Roundtree, b.17 Jan 1921, d.8 May 1979 Pfc USMC WWII
STUEWE, Paul B., b.1920, d.1995
STUEWE, Helen J. "Joy", b.1923, d.1995
STULL, Margaret Martin, d.23 Apr 1826, 25 yrs, wife of JP
STURGES, George S, b.b.15 Apr 1839, d.28 Feb 1896, son of Samuel & Catherine
STURGES, Catherine, b.b.12 Nov 1798, d.4 Oct 1888
STURGES, Samuel, b.22 Feb 1778, d.27 Sep 1860
THOMPSON, Andrew H, b.23 Aug 1917, d.17 Mar 1985, Cpl Army WWII
THOMPSON, Geraldine B, b.1914, d.1995
WALTER, Lyra F, b.1877, d.1939
WEST, Philip, d.3 Mar(part of stone missing), son of Frederick & Elizabeth
WILBUR, Sally, d.21 Nov 1857, 69 yrs, 2nd wife of Stephen
WILSON, Emmet G, d.27 Jan 1847, 7 mo, son of E & A
WOOD, Jack E, b.1917, d.1931
WOOD, Fred E, b.1892, d.1949
WOOD, Margurite E, b.1892, d.1978, wife of Fred E
WOOD, Mae E. Rawlings, b.1879, d.1960
ZIMMERMAN, Frederick, d.12 Sep 1856, 14 days, son of Adam & Catherine

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