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St. Peter's German Cemetery
Tonawanda, Erie County, New York

st. peters german cemetery tonawanda new york
St. Peter's German Cemetery, Tonawanda, NY

GPS: 42.993892, -78.878008

2390 Eggert Rd.
Tonawanda, NY 14150   

Published: February 12, 2020
Total records: 192

St. Peter's German Cemetery is located at the site of present-day Tonawanda-Kenmore Historical Society, the same building that once was St. Peter's German Evangelical Church. The cemetery is surrounded by the larger Mount Olivet Cemetery.

Cemetery History

St. Peter's German Cemetery is one of oldest cemeteries in Tonawanda, with burials going back into the 1830s. The old brick church building was built in 1849 and is surrounded with graves and the entire property enclosed with an iron fence.  It is still an active cemetery and still accepts new burials.

One of the oldest graves is that of Martin Zimmerman who was born April 20, 1785 and died in 1847. Two soldiers lie buried here: "August Schinamann, Co. K 6th U. S. Cavalry," and "Wm. Kopf, 44 N. Y." each decorated with a flag.

Cemetery Records

Records listed below were acquired from the Town of Tonawanda on February 12, 2020. These records were created by Daniel E. Wortman (JASM, Boy Scout Troop 652)...

BARWELL, Baby, d. 02-Jun-1925
BARWELL, Bruce David, b. 06-Oct-1926, d. 13-Nov-1927
BLUMENTHAL, Christoph, d. 02-Mar-1857, age 69 years
BOSSEADET, Mary, 1863, daughter of Jacob & Jane
BOWE, Jacob, d. 17-Oct-1859, 53 years, husband of Margaret
BOWE, Margaret, b. 30-Mar-1813, d. 19-Aug-1901, born in Germany, parents Martin and Margaret Zimmerman, died at 301 Broad St., Tonawanda, NY
BREITENBACH, William A., 1931, newbon baby, father William, mother Dorothea Ensminger
CLAUS, Marion, b. 02-Dec-1805, d. 19-May-1885, daughter of Jacob Claus
CLAUS, b. 13-Jan-1872, d. 23-Jan-1872
DAHL, Lucille, 1883-1962, mother
DEUCHLER, Eva Ensminger
DIRRENBERGER, Catharina, 1849-1856
EARNST, Anthony, father, 1859-1928, husband of Elizabeth
EARNST, Elizabeth, mother, 1868-1946, wife of Anthony
EARNST, Emma Y., 1891-1972, wife of Walter J.
EARNST, George M., 1916
EARNST, George, father, 1887, husband of Lena
EARNST, Lena, mother, 1886-1978, wife of George
EGNER, George F., d. 02-Aug-1888, 2 yrs, 1 day, son of Louis & Emilie Egner
EGNER, Henry J., d. 17-Jun-1888, 1 yr, 8 mos., son of Louis & Emilie Egner
EGNER, Tommie, d. 11-Sep-1887, 7 yrs, 8 mos., 15 days, son of Louis & Emilie Egner
ENGLES, George, died 1851, 3 yrs., 2 mos., 8 days
ENSMINGER, (infant son), 1909, Infant son of Geo W. & Ida M.
ENSMINGER, Catharina, 1849-1877, wife of Georg
ENSMINGER, Catharina, daughter of Georg Ensminger
ENSMINGER, Elizabeth, 1877-1954
ENSMINGER, George W., 1881-1933, husband of Ida M.
ENSMINGER, George, b. 03-Mar-1814, d. 08-Oct-1891, husband of Magdalena Ensminger
ENSMINGER, George, b. 22-Aug-1844, d. 22-Apr-1907
ENSMINGER, Ida M., 1881-1955, wife of George W.
ENSMINGER, Magdalena, b. 16-Dec-1828, d. 25-Jun-1892, wife of George
ENSMINGER, Oscar E., 1908-1932
ENSMINGER, Philip E., 1879-1953
ENSMINGER, Philip H., b. 08-Jun-1859, d. 25-Jan-1939, husband of Julia, father of Ruth E.
ENSMINGER, Philip, b. 20-Sep-1906, d. 30-Dec-1962, T. Sgt. 401 Base Air Dep. A.A.F., W.W.II
ENSMINGER, Ruth E., b. 07-Sep-1894, d. 22-Sep-1894, daughter of Philip H. & Julia
FRANK, Charlotte Pirson, mother of Eugene
FRANK, Eugene, son of Edw. H. & Charlotte Frank
FRIES, Carolina, b. 23-Aug-1865, d. 09-Oct-1865
FUNCK, Katharina, b. 20-Mar-1787, d. 16-Nov-1856, wife of Conrad Schumacher
GADEMSKE, Clara Y., mother, 1878-1964
GRUIL, Georg, 1811-1852
GUENTHER, Charlotte
GUENTHER, George, b. 16-May-1856, d. 20-Nov-1857, son of George & Charlotte Guenther
GUST, Frederick, 1856-1937, husband of Marie C. Witte
GUST, John F., b. 25-Jun-1906, d. 30-Jan-1982, son of Frederick & Marie C. Witte Gust, formerly employed at Mt. Olivet Cemetery
GUST, Marie C. Witte, 1861-1953, wife of Frederick Gust
HARDY, Affa, daughter of ___Hardy, died Aug.18, 18__, aged 1 yr., 3 mos.
HARDY, Andrew, 1849-1882
HARDY, Dorothy, Grandma, 1826-1917
HARDY, Fred R., 1884-1915
HARDY, Ida N., 1975-19__
HARDY, John E., son of Edward & Laura
HARDY, Michael S., b. 26-Nov-1856, d. 04-Aug-1895
HARDY, Michael, 1801-1862
HARDY, Michael, died 1892, age 67 yrs., 6 mos., 2 days
HARDY, Salomen, d. 14-Sep-1813, wife of Friederich Lederich
HARDY, William A., 1882-1920
HURSEL, Katherine M. Ensminger, d. 10-Jun-1983, wife of Albert Hursel
JACKY, Christian, b. 21-Nov-1838, d. 12-Oct-1862
JACKY, Salomen, 1813-1851, wife of Friederich Lederick
JOHNSTON, C. Irene, 1906-1912
JOHNSTON, Clara S., 1876-1945
JOHNSTON, Robert H., 1860-1929
KAISER, Adam, 1876, 6 days old, son of Adam & Caroline; cause of death: yellow jaundies (sic)
KAISER, Adam, b. 02-Feb-1838, d. 10-Dec-1913, born in Germany, son of John Kaiser & Margaret Eisenbach, husband of Caroline; father of Adam, George, Hattie Kaiser Kimbal; cuase of death: hypestropheal prostate with cystiles
KAISER, Caroline, b. 02-Oct-1843, d. 18-Feb-1918, born in Germany, mother: George, wife: Adam, father: Jacob Bowe, mother: Margaret Zimmerman; cause of death: labor pneumonia, influenza infection
KAISER, Franklin A., b. 06-Oct-1861, d. 22-Mar-1883, son of John & Barbara
KAISER, George, b. 19-Sep-1864, d. 27-Jul-1886, born in Town of Tonawanda; son of Adam & Caroline; cause of death: kicked in head by his own horse
KAISER, John, father, 1813-1896, husband of Margaret, father of Adam
KAISER, Margaret, mother, 1815-1905, father: Eisenbach; cause of death: old age
KEINRICH, Sophia Eva, 1800-1856
KIMBALL, Hattie M., b. 29-Sep-1887, d. 06-Jun-1961, daughter of Adam & Caroline Kaiser
KIMBALL, Warren E., b. 29-Sep-1875, d. 04-Nov-1947, husband of Hattie, son of Orrie Kimball and Mary Eddy
KNOCHE, Catharina Roemer, d. 20-Apr-1861, wife of Philip Knoche
KNOCHE, Christina, 1896
KNOCHE, George, b. 23-Apr-1846, d. 22-Jul-1868, son of Michael & Catherine Knoche
KNOCHE, Johann Philip, b. 13-Sep-1778, d. 13-May-1864, husband of Catharine Roemer
KNOCHE, Philip, 1814-1891
KNOPF, Eve, 68 yrs, wife of Anthony Hardy
KOHLER, Hellen B., (infant) 1864
KOHLER, Willhelm, died in 1851
KUHN, Catharine, 1857-1923, wife of Henry
KUHN, Charlotte
KUHN, Clara S., b. 07-Jul-1887, d. 30-Oct-1905
KUHN, Emma L.
KUHN, Fredrick, 1856-1937
KUHN, Henry, 1853-1937, husband of Catharine
KUHN, Henry, b. 24-Nov-1824, d. 17-Apr-1898, born in Mosbronn (Germany?)
KUHN, Katie, b. 16-Aug-1879, d. 28-Jun-1893
KUHN, Margretha, b. 17-Jan-1861, d. 04-Dec-1896, wife of Frederick Gust
KUHN, Marie C.
KUHN, Solomea, b. 25-Oct-1829, d. 23-Nov-1905, born in Martzweiler
LAENDEL, Andrea B., d. 19-Oct-1866
LAENDEL, Philip, b. 01-Dec-1799, d. 22-May-1872, born in Mutterhausen, Lothrigen; from Mildengut, Alsace
LAENDEL, Phillippine Charlotte Haug, b. 07-Dec-1809, d. 03-Jun-1853, wife of Phillip Laendel
LAENDEL, Sophia, d. 07-Oct-1863
LEDERICH, Frederick, d. 14-Aug-1857, born 1809
LENDEL, 1882
LIBROCK, William, 1892-1905, son of William & Augusta
LIRJON, Johann Adam, b. 08-May-1864, d. 21-Sep-1865, son of Philip & Magdalena (last name could be Pirson?)
MAIER, Johann, b. 01-May-1829, d. 01-Mar-1862
MEHEIR, Katharina
MINCHE, Emma L., d. 15-Aug-1877, born 24-April
MORGANSTERN, Elisabeth, d. 17-Jul-1883, born 1811, daughter of Theobald Morgernstern
NABINGER, Anna S., d. 06-Feb-1859
PFANNER, Barbara, (mother) 1807-1881, wife of Conrad Pfanner
PFANNER, Conrad, (father) 1797-1881, husband of Barbara Pfanner
PFONNER, Catharina, 1906
PFONNER, Eddie, 1885, 7 years, shares stone with Frankie Pfonner
PFONNER, Elizabeth, 1871-1901, wife of George L.
PFONNER, Frank H., 1893-1923, son of Geoge & Elizabeth
PFONNER, Frankie, d. 24-Sep-1883, age 9, shares stone with Eddie Pfonner
PFONNER, Freddie, b. 07-Mar-1864, d. 25-Mar-1875, son of Phillip & Catharine Pfonner
PFONNER, George L., 1866-1839
PFONNER, Phillip Jr., 1891
PFONNER, Phillip, 1907
PFONNER, Wm., d. 25-Dec-1881, son of Phillip & Catharine, age 25
PIRHOU, Brian, 1866
PIRSON, Eva Knoche, 1816-1905
PIRSON, Heinrich Albert, b. 19-Jul-1871, d. 16-Jan-1872, son of Friederich & Elisabeth
PIRSON, Henry W., b. 03-Jan-1875, d. 19-Dec-1887, son of Wm & Lisette
PIRSON, Johann Adam, 1782
PIRSON, Johannes, 1812-1881
PIRSON, Kathrina, 1814-1881
PIRSON, Lisette Koenig, (mother) 1855-1938, wife William Pirson
PIRSON, Maria, 1781-1863
PIRSON, William, (father) 1848-1929, husband of Lisette Koenig Pirson
REBSTOCK, John, 1888-1905
REIFER, John, b. 19-Apr-1818, d. 19-Mar-1861
REISER, Alace K., April - Aug., 1916
REISER, Anna Yockey, 1888-1980, wife of George E. Reiser, mother of Carlton, Alvin
REISER, George E., 1888-1936, husband of Anna, father of Carlton & Alvin
ROESER, b. 15-Dec-1894, d. 16-Dec-1894
ROESSEL, Alice, 1903-1976
ROESSEL, Caroline, 1866-1974
ROESSEL, Henry E., 1891-1925
ROESSLER, Henry, 1867-1915, husband of Catharine
ROSEN, Walter H., d. 16-Dec-1891
SCHEHR, Andreas, d. 27-Jul-1852
SCHINAMANN, August, Co. K, 6th U.S. Cav.
SCHUMACHER, Conrad, 1789-1875
SCHUMANN, Johanna M., b. 21-Dec-1808, d. 20-Aug-1862, wife of F. Schumann
SCIBR, Katarina, b. 01-May-1814, d. 17-Feb-1856
SMITH, Friedrich, 1843-1863
SPIESZ, Barbara, b. 10-Dec-1806, d. 02-Mar-1879
SPIESZ, Caroline D., 1846-1934, wife of Philip
SPIESZ, Frederick, 1868-1925
SPIESZ, George, 1910
SPIESZ, John A., son of ?
SPIESZ, John P., b. 20-Mar-1865, d. 20-Feb-1882
SPIESZ, Philip, b. 08-Aug-1836, d. 26-May-1890, husband of Caroline
SPIESZ, Phillip S., b. 04-Mar-1804, d. 08-Jul-1878
SPIESZ, S. Caroline, 1864-1870
TINORCHE, Catharina Romer
TINORCHE, Johann Philip
TOISUL, Magdalen, b. 05-Sep-1830, d. 09-Mar-1861, wife of Wm. Toisul
WALTER, Arthur, b. 18-Mar-1884, d. 20-Oct-1886
WALTER, Arthur, died 1860
WALTER, Christian, b. 31-Mar-1848, d. 04-Aug-1927, (father), husband of Lena, father of Fred Walter, mother was Yockey, cause of death: arteriosclerocis
WALTER, Fred, b. 22-Sep-1885, d. 27-Oct-1953, son of Christian & Lena; Occupation: farmer
WALTER, Jacob, 1822-1900
WALTER, Lena, b. 27-May-1846, d. 30-Aug-1937, Father: Peter Yockey, mother: Margaret Shears; born in Germany; cause of death: cancer
WALTER, Magdalena, b. 31-Dec-1816, d. 21-Jan-1890, wife of Phillip Walter
WALTER, Otilla, b. 04-Apr-1812, d. 19-May-1872
WALTER, Phillip, b. 18-Sep-1871, d. 18-Dec-1956, father: Christian, mother: Lena; occupation: farmer, 2 Mile Crk. Rd.
WINTER, George C., 1809-1869, husband of Katherine Maier, born in Sulzbach, Bavaria, Germany
WINTER, Katherine Maier, 1825-1910, wife of George C. Winter, born in Sulzbach, Bavaria, Germany
WUEST, Emma, 1903-1960, wife of Frank
WUEST, Frank, 1892-1957, husband of Emma
YOCCA, Peter, d. 22-May-1852, (probably Yockey)
YOCKEY, (infant son), died 1922
YOCKEY, Andrew, (father), 1847-1925
YOCKEY, Catharine, (mother) 1850-1922
YOCKEY, Catharine, b. 22-Apr-1870, d. 15-Jul-1888, daughter of Andrew & Catharine
YOCKEY, Elizabeth, 1851-1924
YOCKEY, Johann Adam, b. 23-Apr-1880, d. 23-Jun-1882
YOCKEY, Lottie, born 31-Dec-18??, died Jun-1885
YOCKEY, Margaretha, b. 24-Jun-1820, d. 02-Nov-1907, wife of Peter
YOCKEY, Philip, b. 28-Feb-1850, d. 14-Sep-1907
ZIMMERMAN, Margaret, 1826-1905, wife of Martin
ZIMMERMAN, Martin, 1824-1903, husband of Margaret
ZIMMERMAN, Philip J., b. 18-May-1828, d. 15-Apr-1872
ZIMMERMAN, Philip, b. 20-Jun-1830, d. 16-Oct-1862

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