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North Bush Cemetery
Tonawanda, Erie County, New York

north bush cemetery tonawanda new york
North Bush Cemetery, Tonawanda, NY

GPS: 42.97300, -78.85339

Englewood Ave. and Belmont Ave.
Tonawanda, NY 14223  

Published: February 12, 2020
Total records: 23

North Bush Cemetery is owned by St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church.

Cemetery History

North Bush Cemetery is located on the property of what was originally St. John's Church in North Bush. Today's the church is named, "St. John Neumann Shrine", and is part of the larger St. John the Baptist RC Church located on the same property.

When Highland Avenue was improved, skeletons were exhumed and buried in a common grave by the side of the church.

Cemetery Records

Records listed below were acquired from the Town of Tonawanda on February 12, 2020. These records were created by Daniel E. Wortman (JASM, Boy Scout Troop 652)...

BECKMAN, Elizabeth M., 1866-1906
CRAMP, Elizabeth, 1875
CRAMP, Magdalena, b. 10-Jan-1826, d. 29-Oct-1847, daughter of John & Elizabeth Cramp
DEIS, Bufina, b. 11-Jul-1825, d. 20-Nov-1850
DIRINGER, Elizabeth, 1842-1907
GASS, Agatha, b. 18-Feb-1814, d. 08-Feb-1891, Ehefrau von Ignatz (wife of Ignatz)
GASS, Ignatz, b. 12-Dec-1812, d. 30-Aug-1898
KNAB, Calhun B., 1866-1885
KNAB, Catherine, 1866-1885, daughter of D. & F. Knab
KNAB, Dionysius, 1828-1920
KNAB, Francis, 1834-1904, wife of Donis Knab
KNAB, Francis, 1862-1903, daughter of D. & F. Knab
KNAB, George, 1859-1878, son of D. & F. Knab
KNAB, George, 1859-1878
KNAB, Martin, 1791-1839, husband of Mary A.
KNAB, Mary A., 1793-1866, wife of Martin Knab
MANG, Catherine, 1837-1912, wife of Frank Mang
MANG, Catherine, d. 15-Feb-2002, 63 yrs old
MANG, Frank, 1826-1906, husband of Catherine
NAGEL, Anton, b. 15-Jul-1817, d. 11-Jul-1887
OCHS, John, b. 04-Mar-1816, d. 12-Jan-1884
WEBER, John Frank, b. 12-Jan-1860, d. 19-Jun-1873, son of Joseph & Catherine

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