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Elmlawn Cemetery
Kenmore, Erie County, New York

3939 Delaware Ave
Kenmore NY

Lat: 42° 59' 32"N, Lon: 78° 51' 53"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 40.

Contributor's Index:

Ackerman, Leona W. (Tussing), d. 24 Apr 2001, Jupiter FL, age 84, w/o Charles Keitz and Warren Ackerman, [GN]
Ackerman, Warren, d. 13 Jun 2001, age 89, h/o Eltheo "Teo" (Knopf) Ackerman and Leona W. (Keitz) Ackerman, [GN]
Annis, Myron C., d. 18 Jul 2001, age 72, s/o Merritt and Helen (Karre) Annis, h/o Patricia (Katzmarck) Annis, [GN]
Aschenbach, Robert L., d. 3 Aug 2001, age 89, h/o Jean L. (McKeehan) Aschenbach, [GN]
Auld, George Innes, b. Aug 14 1903, d. Feb 5, 1990, s/o Robert and Margaret Robertson Auld, [LH]
Auld, Hugh Robertson, b. Jun 27, 1905, d. Nov 1985, s/o Robert and Margaret Robertson Auld, [LH]
Auld, Margaret (Robertson), b. Feb 3, 1873, d. Aug 15, 1956, d/o Hugh Robertson and Ann Hay, w/o Robert Auld, [LH]
Auld, Mary, b Aug 23 1898, d. Jan 1986, d/o Robert and Margaret Robertson Auld, [LH]
Auld, Robert, b. Apr 23, 1869, d. Nov 12 1941, s/o William and Isabella Innes, h/o Margaret (Robertson) Auld, [LH]
Auld, Robert, b. Aug 25 1900, d. Oct 1985, h/o Beatrice Bryson, s/o Robert and Margaret Robertson Auld, [LH]
Auld, William Robertson, b. Mar 10, 1902, d. Apr 13, 1976, s/o Robert Auld and Margaret Robertson Auld, [LH]
Berg, John H., d. 29 Sep 2000, age 73, s/o Carl and Ethel Berg, [GN]
Bittle, Edith C., d. 17 May 2001, age 87, w/o Frank E. Bittle, [GN]
Blackburn, Susan Ann (Mast), d. 22 Jun 2001, age 67, w/o James A. Blackburn, [GN]
Brush, Robert T., d. 30 Mar 2001, age 71, h/o Alice (Johnson) Brush, [GN]
Burgstahler, Bertha, b. May 30, 1898, d. Feb 1984, d/o Thomas and Caroline (Schreiber) Dickinson w/o Max Burgstahler, [LH]
Burgstahler, Max, b. 1893, d. 1984, h/o Bertha (Dickinson) Burgstahler, [LH]
Colegrove, Jeffrey R., d. 12 Apr 2001, age 55, h/o Michelle (Levesque) Colegrove, [GN]
Cragle, Stella I., d. 13 May 2001, age 87, d/o James and Sara (Litz) Cragle, [GN]
Dickinson, Caroline Luisa, b. Apr 6, 1873, d. Oct 16 1946, d/o Karl Wilhelm Schreiber and Salome (Rupp) Schreiber, w/o Thomas Charles Dickinson, [LH]
Dickinson, Thomas Charles, b. Apr 10, 1903, d. Aug 1986, s/o Thomas and Caroline (Schreiber) Dickinson., h/o Margaret (Zanow) Dickinson, [LH]
Ebert, Charity Melissa Philips, b. 1848, d. Apr 30, 1828, bur. May 2, 1828, [DH]
Etters, Anna "Duckie" (Wilson), d. 11 Apr 2001, age 77, w/o Hugh Gerald Ralston and Vernon R. Etters, [GN]
Fetterly, Gertrude A., b. 27 Sep 2000, d. 27 Sep 2000, age 97, w/o Stuart G. Fetterly, [GN]
Fleet, Sadie (Dickinson), b. Sep 1894, d. Sep 26 1966, d/o Thomas and Caroline (Schreiber) Dickinson, w/o Al Fleet, [LH]
Godfrey, Charles Harry, b. 1893, d. 1965, h/o Carrie Dickinson Godfrey, [LH]
Godrey, Carrie Frederica , b. Apr 24, 1896, d. Dec 1985, d/o Thomas and Caroline (Schreiber) Dickinson, w/o Charles Harry Godfrey, [LH]
Hamman, Eugene F., d. 14 Mar 2001, age 83, h/o Gertrude C. (Schopf) Hamman, [GN]
Kiesnowski, Lucy, d. 17 Mar 2001, age 69, d/o Mariano and Mary (Intili) Colamarino, w/o Alexander Kiesnowski, [GN]
Krantz, Shirley A., d. 30 Dec 2000 age 64, w/o Norman Krantz, [GN]
Malchow, Marjory L. (McCulloch), b. 1 Jan 1910, d. 27 Nov 2000, age 90, w/o Harold W. Malchow, [GN]
Marohn, Robert E., d. 22 Dec 2000, age 83, h/o Margaret "Pet" Marohn, [GN]
McDonald, Colleen A., b. 10 May 1959, d. 10 May 1959, [KM]
Petillon, Edward., b. Feb 26, 1905, d. Nov 22, 1993, s/o William and Eva Chur, h/o Margaret (Auld) Petillon, [LH]
Petillon, Margaret (Auld), b. Oct 31 1906, d. Nov 22, 1993, d/o Robert Auld and Margaret Robertson Auld w/o Edward Petillon, [LH]
Vukovic, Velimir, d. 31 Mar 2001, h/o Lisa (Kaiser) Vukovic, [GN]
Waite, Doris Mae Everett, b. 28 Dec 1923, d. 09 May 1991, [KM]
Warner, Florence H. (Heim), b. 6 Apr 1908, d. 24 Aug 2000, N. Tonawanda NY, age 92, w/o Harry Warner, [GN]
Weir, Robert, b. 27 Sep 1931, d. 28 Aug 2001 age 69, s/o David and Mary (Laughlin) Weir, h/o Rose (Wilson) Weir, [GN]
Yensan, Marian A., d. 30 Nov 2000, age 74, d/o Benjamin F. and Ida (Killian) Yensan, [GN]

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