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Mount Hope Cemetery
Norwich, Chenango County, New York

5697 State Highway 12, Norwich NY

Lat: 42° 30' 54"N, Lon: 75° 31' 32"W

This cemetery was established by Hezekiah Brown in 1811, as the Brown Family Cemetery. It is on 120 acres, purchased for $800 on, lot 41, where the canal entered the village of Norwich on the south. The pine trees at the south gate mark the spot of the Brown Mansion. At the north end of the cemetery is where a wooden aqueduct carried the canal over Canasawacta Creek. A short distance south of the cemetery the half buried stone remains of lock #95 are still visible.

This is not a complete listing of burials of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 09, 2012. Total records = 90.

Contributor's Index:

Ackley, Hartley Lewellyn, b. 1912, Jun 10 N. Orwell PA, d. 1993, Oct 31, Edward & Susanna Rogers, [AB]
Brown, Elisha, b. 1825, Oct 16 NY, d. 1891, Aug 6, d/o Hezekiah and Elizabeth Brown, [AB]
Brown, Elizabeth (Cole), b. 1783 Sterling, Conn., d. 1866, Feb 22, [AB]
Brown, Hezekiah, b. 1778 Rhode Island, d. 1847, Oct 24, [AB]
Brown, Nancy (Teeple), b. 1827, Aug 10 Schoharie Cty, NY, d. 1899, Feb 8, [AB]
Cline, Adelaide, b. Oxford, NY, d. 1934, Sep 29, age: 89y 5m 1d, d/o Chas & Mary Williamson Wilcox, [AB]
Cline, Jacob, b. Smithville, NY, d. 1925, Jan 22, age: 84y 3m 8d, s/o Loomis B. & Elizabeth Miller, [AB]
Cline, Lillian May, d. 1889, Feb 12, age: 14y 11m 6d, d/o Jacob & Sarah, [AB]
Darling, Anna (Brant), no dates, [AB]
Haynes, Harry Hiram, b. 1838, d. 1905, [AB]
Haynes, Hiram, d. 1858, Jul 27, age: 55y 6m, [AB]
Haynes, Louisa M. w/o Hiram, d. 1868, Jan 5, age: 59y 5m, [AB]
Haynes, Metta Winslow, b. 1838, d. 1910, [AB]
Hubbard, Addie J., b. Holmesville, NY, d. 1917, Jun 23, age: 59y 9m 12d, David, Sec. 6-12, [AB]
Hubbard, Charles E., d. 1915, Mar 26, age: 67y 3m 3d, James H., Sec. B-331, [AB]
Hubbard, Erwin M., d. 1922, Jul 28 Delhi, NY, age: 67y 4m, Sec. B-12West, [AB]
Hubbard, Frances, b. Russia, NY, d. Preston, NY, age: 64y 3m 0d, Charles Hubbard, Sec. B-318, [AB]
Hubbard, George C., d. 1898, Mar 20, Sec. A-881, [AB]
Hubbard, Harriet, b. Brinkfield, NY, d. Saquant, NY, age: 17y 3m 2d, Henry C. Hughson, Sec. 188-1, [AB]
Hubbard, James H., d. 1897, Apr 20, Sec. A, [AB]
Hubbard, Jane, d. 1904, Jun 24, Sec. A, [AB]
Hubbard, Jesse James Jr., d. 1910, Jan 22, age: 0y 0m 2d, Sec. B-400, [AB]
Hubbard, John F., d. 1893, Jun 30, age: 78y 0m 1d, Sec. A-881, [AB]
Hubbard, Joseph, b. Cander, NY, d., age: 75y 9m 1d, John Mack, Sec. 7-1, [AB]
Hubbard, Josephine H., d. 1894, Jul 2, age: 49y 7m 7d, Sec. A-881, [AB]
Hubbard, Lydia M., d. 1893, Mar 19, age: 69y 11m 9d, Sec. B-331, [AB]
Hubbard, Myra J., d. Freeport, RI, age: 62y 4m 9d (ashes), Sec. A-886, [AB]
Hubbard, Susan Austin, d. 1900, Sep 3, Sec. A-849, [AB]
Hubbard, Thedore J., d. 1932, Feb 22, age: stillborn, Sec. B-400, [AB]
Hubbard, Zurdette F., d. 1915, Jun 6, James H.& L., Sec. B-331, [AB]
Hubbell, A. Ramson, d. 1891, Aug 11, age: 57y 1m 11d, [AB]
Hubbell, Ernest R., d. 1934, Jan 7, age: 57y 8m 2d, Aram Longing, Sec. B-318, [AB]
Hubbell, George E., d. 1885, Jan 24, [AB]
Hubbell, Jane, bur. 1891, May 16,, Sec., [AB]
Hubbell, Martha E., d. 1899, Apr 2, age: 60y, Sec. A, [AB]
Hubbell, Mary B. or Nancy B., d. 1899, Mar 13, age: 72y, Sec. A, [AB]
Hubbell, Mary E., b. Granby, NY, d. 1927, May 8, age: 83y, Jason Belden, Sec. B-318, [AB]
Hubbell, May A., d. 1914, Jun 27, Norman, Sec. B-100, [AB]
Hubbell, Stephen D., bur. 1888, Jul 20, Sec. B-100, [AB]
Hudsan, George L., b. Francesvillle, NY, d. Utica, NY, age: 77y 11m 24d, Sec. 1-30, [AB]
Hudson, Lester, d. 1915, May 13, age: 0y 0m 12d, Sec. I-30, [AB]
Hughes, Elizabeth D., d. 1911, Jun 17, age: 54y 0m 16d, Sec. A, [AB]
Hughes, Elizabeth, d. 1903, May 23, Sec. B-187, [AB]
Hughes, Frank, b. Scranton, PA, d. NY, age: 63y 7m 1d, Henry C. Hughson, Sec. 30-49E, [AB]
Hughes, Harry, d. 1912, Sep 9, age: 36y 7m 2d, Sec. B, [AB]
Hughes, John, d. 1901, Sep 13, (soldier), Sec. B-187, [AB]
Hughes, Robert, b. Roseville, OH, d. 1933, Jan 9 County Home, age: 66y 2m 20d, Sec. 33-1, [AB]
Hughson, Earl Henry, b. Oneida, NY, d. 1916, Oct 10, age: 16y 4m 12d, Wm H. &, Sec. B-602, [AB]
Hughson, George A., d. Utica, NY, age: 73y 9m 9d, Earl Schneck, Sec. A-554, [AB]
Hughson, H. C., bur. 1890, May 29, Sec. A, [AB]
Hughson, Henry C., d. 1928, Mar 23 Oneida, NY, age: 81y, Sec. A-554, [AB]
Hughson, infant, bur. 1890, Jul 29, c/o H.C., [AB]
Hughson, Jennie A., d. Oneida, NY, age: 57y 11m 28d, Frank Hughson, Sec. A-554, [AB]
Hughson, Mary L., d. 1918, Dec 15, age: 73y, Abram, Sec. B-602, [AB]
Hughson, Orra M., bur. 1895, Sep 11, Sec. A, [AB]
Hughson, Pearl O., d., age: 72y 10m 16d, Sec. B-155, [AB]
Hughson, Sarah Arabella (Rowe) (Brown) (Merithew), b. Albany, NY, d. 1915, Sep 9 Preston, NY, age: 56y, foster d/o Elisha and Nancy Brown, Sec. A, [AB]
Hughson, William A., d., age: 76y 4m 2d, Sec. B-155, [AB]
Hugsbun?, Barton B., b. Plymouth, NY, d. 1937, Aug 21 Plymouth, NY, age: 57y 0m 21d, John F Hubb, Sec. B-76, [AB]
Mason, William, b. 1786 Conn, d. 1860, U.S. Rep, [AB]
Merithew, Alice Jane, b. 1873, Nov 23 Rossie, NY, d. 1944, Feb 4 Jamestown, NY, Emerson & Isabelle Bostwick, [AB]
Merithew, Dewitt Clinton, b. 1858, Oct 29 Norwich, Lyon Brook, NY, d. 1941, Feb 9 Brooklyn, NY, Lyman & Minerva Merithew, [AB]
Merithew, Garrald, d. 1887, Jan 24, age: 0y 0m 1d, s/o DC and Sarah Merithew, [AB]
Merithew, Garrett, d. 1881, Dec 1, age: 0y 0m 0d, s/o DC and Sarah Merithew, [AB]
Merithew, Lyman, b. 1824 NY, d. no date, [AB]
Merithew, Minerva (Eccleston), b. 1830 NY, d. no date, [AB]
Merithew, Raymond, b. 1884, May 3, d. 1884, Sep 6, s/o DC and Sarah Merithew, [AB]
Mitchell, Henry, b. 1784 Conn, d. 1856, U.S. Rep, [AB]
Perkins, Fannie A., b. 1888, Feb 14, d. 1983, Sep 2 Miami, FL, DC and Sarah Merithew, [AB]
Prindle, Elizur H., b. 1829 Conn, d. 1890, U.S. Rep, [AB]
Prindle, Winona Azalia (Sprague), b. 1874, d. 1915, w/o Walter P. Prindle, [AB]
Purdy, Smith Meade, b. 1796 NY, d. 1870, U.S. Rep, [AB]
Ray, George Washington, b. 1844 NY, d. 1925, U.S. Rep, [AB]
Skillman, Agnes Ellen (Sprague), b. 1868, d. 1943, [AB]
Skillman, George Spraque, b. 1895, d. 1917, Sep 7, D.V.M, [AB]
Smith, Frank Cook, b. 1899 England, d. 1944, [AB]
Smith, Mary Ester (Franklin), b. 1840, Aug 20, d. 1926, Apr 12 McDonough, NY, d/o Moses Franklin & Evira Gale, [AB]
Smith, Rachel Antonette (Gates), d. d. 1886, Jun 30, w/o Elijah, [AB]
Sprague, Alice Mariah (Harrington), b. 1846, d. 1908, Sep 4, [AB]
Sprague, Emma N. (Lull), b. 1871, d. 1928, Mar 28, [AB]
Sprague, George La Fayette, b. 1843, d. 1911, May 10, [AB]
Sprague, Merton George, b. 1870, d. 1944, Jul 30, [AB]
Sprague, Vivian L. (Barr), b. 1882, d. 1972, [AB]
VanEmbergh, David G.,, d. Honolulu, age: 50y, stone broken, [AB]
VanEmbergh, Emeline, d. 1848, Dec 29, age: 25y, w/o Charles R. Breed, [AB]
VanEmbergh, Gilbert, d. 1829, Mar 9, age: 44y, [AB]
VanEmbergh, James R., d. 1852, Jun 17, age: 35y, [AB]
VanEmbergh, Louisa, d. 1841, Nov 5, age: 26y, d/o Gilbert & Nancy VanEmbergh, [AB]
VanEmbergh, Nancy, b. 1796, Feb 12, d. 1876, Jan 13, [AB]
VanEmbergh, Thomas, b. 1791, Sep 26, d. 1876, May 19, [AB]

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