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West Main Street Cemetery
Fredonia, Chautauqua County, New York

Lat: 42° 25' 24"N, 79° 21' 58"W
Pomfret Twp

Contributed by Lisa Ratzlaff, Dec 05, 2004, last edited Apr 04, 2009 [noji@noji.com], Total records = 57.

To reach this cemetery drive southwest out of Fredonia NY for about one and a half mile on Hwy 20. The cemetery is on the left of south side of the road.

This is a rural cemetery and not well cared for. Many of the stones are illegible from age and impossible to read accurately. We could not find out who owned this cemetery.

Transcribed from all existing and legible tombstone inscriptions on 18 Nov 2004 by Richard S Ratzlaff. I helped with the typing.

- Lisa Ratzlaff

Allen, Almedie D., d. 6 Feb 1825, Fredonia New York, age 23y 1m 8d, "(Wife?) of Josiah I. Allen & daughter of Avery D (or F?) & Roxanna G. Taylor"
Bolling, Freddie, b. 1869, d. 1871, s/w Lena Bolling
Bolling, Lena, b. 1857, d.1876, s/w Freddie Bolling
Bradley, Sarah, d. 19 Apr 1819, age 28 years, "wife of Henry Bradley"
Casety, Margaret, no dates, "wife of James Lowell"
Clark, ??maly???, d. 24 Oct 1838, age ?5 years, "? of J. A Clark"
Clark, John A., b. 1808, d. 1856, h/o Louisa M. Wilson
Clark, Louisa M Wilson, b. 1806, d. 1900, w/o & s/w John A
Estabrook, Henry, d. 10 Jul 1854, age 60 years, "of Willmington IA, who died while on a visit to his friends"
Fox, Infant, b. 7 Aug 1824, d. 21 Oct 1825, age 1y 2m 14d, "son of Capt. Simeon and Mrs. Mary Fox"
Fox, Ira, d. 23 Sep 1831, age 21y 11m 21d, "son of Captain Simeon and Mary Fox"
Fox, Varnish, b. 1762, "A Soldier of the Revolution"
Hilton, Ann Eliza, no dates, "wife of John Hilton"
Hubbal, Helen, d. 12 Sep 18?5, age 22 years, "daughter of Horace Hubbal"
Huntington, George, d. ?? 8, 1828?, son of Wm. C. & Betsey (E.?) White
Hurd, Sally, d. 8 Oct 1841, age 64 years, "wife of Asahel A. Hurd"
K?, Harris Monroe, b. 1907 d. 2001, s/w Jean C.
Loomis, Mary, d. 23 Aug 1850, age 75y 8m, "widow of Samuel Loomis"
Loomis, Truman, b. 15 Feb 1798, d. 13 Aug 1875, age 77y 6m
Low, Maryette M., d. 10 Dec 1861, age 45 years, "wife of David H. Low"
Lowell, James, d. 23 Jul 1803
Lowell, Mary Ann, no dates, "wife of Collins Roff"
Lowell, Sarah, d. 3 Feb 1837, age 77 years, "wife of Willobie Lowell"
Lowell, Willoughby, d.1823
Marsh, Elijah, d. 16 Apr 1868, age 73 years, Reverse: "My husband"
May, El(ect?)a, d. ??1825, age 25 years, "wife of Harvey May"
May, ??, d. 17 Apr ????, age 26 years, "(of Lucy May?)"
Meeder, Charles F., no dates, age 15 months
Noble, Hezekiah, no dates
Noble, Mary Lowell, d. ?? Feb ????, age 97, "Wife of Hezekiah Noble"
Northrup, J. H., b. 3 Aug 1808, New Haven Conn., d. 1 Jul 1833
Northrup, Mary A., d. 23 Mar 1880, age 71y 5m 22d, "Wife of John H. Northrup"
Northrup, Mary E., d. 27 Feb 1853, age 8y 10m 14d, "daughter of J. H. & M. A. Northrup"
Northrup, Rebecca, d. 9 Apr 1849, age 82 years, "widow of Philo Northrup"
Osborn, Rheumilla, d. 18 Oct 1835, age 49 years, "wife of Aaron Osborn"
Porter, A., b. 8 Jul 18??, d. 24 May 1870
Porter, F(anni?)e M, d. 16 Dec 1867, age 49 years, "wife of & s/w John Porter"
Porter, Ira Porter, b. 17 Aug 1818, d. 4 Jun 1863
Porter, Jan(ee?), d. 1960, aged ??
Porter, John, d. 1 Apr 1881, age 66 years, s/w F(anni?)e M.
Porter, Stephen, d. 6 Dec 8(12?), age 67 years
Post, Arthur B., b. 16 May 1815, d. 5 Sep 1875
Post, Ellen D., d. 28 Jul 1859, age 49 years, "wife of A. B??? Post"
Post, John (A?), d. 21 Jun 1884, "Son of ??? Post" Plaque: "NY Vet. Post G.A.P. Dept."
Post, Malona, b.1808, d. 1882
Prosper, Eliza Lowell, d. 38 Dec 18(8?)6
Risley, Ira, d. 5 Apr 1892, age 78 years, s/w A. P.
Ross, Almedith(?), "(wife?) of S(ild?)er F. Ross"
Smith, Perry, d. 9 Apr 1850, "in his 17th? yr."
Taylor, ??, "? of Fr? Taylor"
Taylor, ?b?a?e, age 68y 10m 26 d
Taylor, Caroline, d. 18 Jul 1851, age 67y 5m 24d
Taylor, Lydia R., d. 14 Sep 1865
Wilson, James, d. 27 ??? ????, "son of (G?) ?? Wilson"
Wilson, Mabel, d. 8 Jan 1860, age 75y 6m 24d, "wife of Joseph Wilson"
Wilson, Rhoda, d. 1 Nov 1817, age 40 years, "wife of Robert Wilson"
Wilson, Stephen D., d. 27 Aug 1881, age 45 years, "son of R&R Wilson"

??, ??, age 82 years
??, ??, d. 12 Mar 18??, age 45y 1m
??, ??, d. 1853
??, ??, d. 31 May 1850
??, Ama(nd?)a, d. ?? Jan 1813, age 50 years, "wife of ??"
??, Emily,
??, Estella Ruth,
??, Faith, d. 1871, "daughter"
??, Frank E, d. 18 Jun 1850
??, George (E?), d. 1865, age 24 years
??, Jean C., b. 1912, d. 1983, s/w Harris Monroe K?
??, Lev??,
??, Mary Ann, d. 20 Oct 185(4 or 1), age 44y 8m, "widow of ??o e?d?"
??, Maryett, d. 18 Oct 1816
A., H.
C., J. A.
E., H.
E., J.
F., I.
H., G.
H., W.
I., E.
I., J.
L., M. M.
N., E.
N., M. A. L.
N., M. T.
O., R.
P., A. s/w Ira Risley
P., R.
P., S.
S., P.
S., R.
S., S.
T., B.
W., R.
W., S. D.

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