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Saint Raymond's Cemetery
Bronx, Bronx County, New York

GPS: 40.822895, -73.831580

2600 Lafayette Ave
Bronx, NY 10465

Last edited: Jan 31, 2011
Total records: 84

Both Old & New Saint Raymond cemeteries are handled in one office, but are two separate cemeteries, owned and operated by the Archdiocese of NY. An Interchange separates the two cemeteries. (Ed. note: after phone conversation with Cemetery office)

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online.

Letters appearing in brackets [ ] at the end of each record refer to the person who submitted the record to this website. Please visit the Submitter's Index Page to view the submitter details.

Aguayo, Ricardo (Ricky), no dates, [AA]
Bruckner, Ilona Vivian, b. Dec 7, 1945, d. Mar 11, 1946 3 mo, d/o Dorothy Schmidt and Joseph Ambrose Bruckner, Sec 10-39, Plot 57-1, [BV]
Bruckner, John Leo, b. 1902, d. Oct 12, 1931 29yr, h/o Constance Tait, Sec 10-39, Plot 57-2, [BV]
Bruckner, Joseph Sr., b. 1864 in Austria, d. Oct 12, 1938 73 yr, s/o Leopold Bruckner and Johanna Ruth Bruckner, Sec 10-39, Plot 57-1, [BV]
Bruckner, Joseph, b. Feb 1, 1921, d. on Feb 2, 1921, s/o Joseph Bruckner Sr. and Margaret Cunningham Bruckner, Sec 10-39, Plot 57-1, [BV]
Bruckner, Rose, b. 1875 in Philadelphia, PA, d. Oct 19, 1912, d/o Mary Fleming Donohue and John T. Donohue, both born in Ireland, Sec 10-39, Plot 57-1, [BV]
Burgos, Antonia Ruano Gonzales, d. Oct 28, 1953, w/o Juan, [FY]
Burgos, Juan Albarez, d. 1958 or 1959, h/o Antonia, [FY]
Caldararo, Luigi, b. 25 Aug 1883, d. 11 Feb 1970, [JL]
Carrasquillo, Edgardo, b. 1948, d. 1986, h/o Carmen Carrasquillo, s/o Gregorio Carrasquillo and America Carrasquillo, [CC]
Collins, Jara, bur. 18 Apr 1978, Sec 10 R-39 Plot 62 #1, [AM]
Collins, Josephine, bur 19 Sep 1973, Sec 10 R-39 Plot 62 #1, [AM]
Connelly, Ann Kenney, b. 07 Aug 1913, d. 25 Jun 1994, w/o Denis Raymond Connelly, d/o Philip and Mary Semekin, bur. St Martin, R-81 #84, [LF]
Conroy, Bridget, b. , d. 1925, [KH]
Cruz, Virginia Alicea, no dates, wife of Domingo Cruz, [GC]
D'Amato, Antonia, b. Jun 1866, d. 08 Dec 1931 Bronx, [nee Li Antonia] w/o Rocco Luigi, NY, bur plot 11-18-29-1-2, [GO]
D'Amato, Elizabeth Rosato, b. 31 Jul, 1875, Toritto, Bari, Puglia, Italy, d. 5 Mar 1913 Bronx, NY, w/o Damiano, bur. Sec 7, R-11, #52, [GO]
D'Amato, Rocco Luigi, b. 20 Aug 1856, Grumo Appulo, Bari, Puglia, Italy, d. 10 Dec 1934, Bronx, NY, bur. plot 11-18-29-1-2, [GO]
D'Amato, Rocco Vito, b. 03 Mar 1893, d. 28 Dec 1964, bur. plot 11-18-29-1-2. s/o Rocco L. and Antonio, [GO]
Damroth, Elizabeth, b. May 1892, d. 5 Aug 1898, bur. 7 Aug 1898, [JD]
Damroth, Louis, b. 1858, d. 9 Oct 1941, bur. 13 Oct 1941, [JD]
DeBellis, Thomas, b. Nov 4, 1948, d. Aug 18, 1997, [TD]
DeMaria, Minnie, d. 8/18/30, d/o Angelo or Michael Garafalo, w/o Pasquale DeMaria, [MV]
DeVito, Mary Louise Mirra, b. 10 Oct 1894, d. no date, w/o Maurice DeVito, m. 30 Apr 1922, [GO]
DeVito, Maurice, b. 1890, d. 20 Aug 1935 Bronx NY, s/o Antonia D'Amato and Vito DeVito, [GO]
Deehan, Eugene T., b.1847, d. 1908 h/o Marcella, [LS]
Deehan, Marcella b. 1848, d. 1935, w/o Eugene, [LS]
Di Giorgio, Joseph Melchior, b. 10 Mar 1893, d. 09 Jun 1963, bur. plot 11-18-29-1-2, [GO]
Di Giorgio, Nancy D'Amato, b. 12 Aug 1901, d. 19 Aug, 1973, plot 11-18-29-1-2, w/o Joseph, [GO]
Di Muro, Giovanni, b. 03-01-1895, d. 11-01-65 S16 R25 P20 (Grandfather), [GD]
Di Muro, John, b. 03/01/1886, d. 11/01/1965, [GD]
Di Muro, Maria Antoinette (Ferrara), b. 05-1896-05, d. 06/1965, S16 R25 P20 (Grandmother), [GD]
Di Muro, Salvatore J., b. 12-8-1919, d. 02-17-1945, Pfc Battle of Corregidor, US Army, S16 R25 P20 (Uncle), [GD]
Flynn, Catherine, b. 04 May 1906, d. 05 Nov 1993, w/o William Flynn, d/o John J. and Catherine Flynn, bur. St Martin, R-81 #83, [LF]
Flynn, William T., b. 15 Nov 1928, d. 04 Feb 1990, s/o William and Catherine Flynn, h/o Patricia Kenney Flynn, bur. St Martin, R-81 #83, [LF]
Gerwan, Aida, b. 1943, d. 1997, [LC]
Giblin, Catherine, no dates, [TG]
Giblin, John, no dates, [TG]
Goodmiller, Catherine, b. 1939, d. 1960, d/o Catherine (Mayer) and Richard Goodmiller, [MJ]
Hennessey, James, d. Aug 1970, h/o Margaret Hennessey, [WA]
Hennessey, Margaret, d. Feb 1970, wife of James Hennessey, [WA]
Hogan, Martin, b. Dec 25 1915, d. Sep 21, 1964, h/o Emily Hogan, s/o Deolinda & John Hogan, [LD]
Holland, Kathleen, b. 1894, d. 1968, [KH]
Holland, Mary Ann, b. 1873 d. 1907, [KH]
Holland, Philip, b. 1866, d. 1931, [KH]
Holland, Philip, b. 1895, d. 1973, [KH]
Kirk, Joseph George, b. Jan 1900, d. 1983, S15 R92 G105 (Grandfather), [GD]
Kirk, Mary Agnes (McGinn), b. 1897, d. 1947 S15 R92 G105 (Grandmother), [GD]
Knespler, Frances, b. Mar 24, 1881, d. Jul 02, 1961, [TP]
Knespler, Frank, b. Dec 03, 1903, d. Mar 18, 1999, [TP]
Knespler, Ruth L., b. Jan 04, 1915, d. Apr 06, 1959, [TP]
Lynch, Elizabeth A., b. 5 Feb 1909, d. 30 Jan 2001, w/o Michael T. Lynch, [DL]
Lynch, Michael T., b. 17 Jun 1905 d. 5 Apr 1965, h/o Elizabeth Lynch, [DL]
McGrath, John, bur. Sec. 16, R-12, Plot 21, Gr 1-2, h/o Margaret, [GO]
McGrath, Margaret, bur. with husband John, [GO]
McNabola, Beatrice, no dates, [TG]
Melendres, Ana, b. Mar 12, 1918, d. Dec 19, 1999, grandmother to Debra Freeburg, [DF]
Merrill, Thomas, b. 14 Aug 1908, NY, N.Y. d. Bronx, NY, bur. 9 Jun 1953, (aka Anthony Zielinski, Jr.), Sec.16, R-12 Plot 21, Gr 1-2, No #marker, s/o Anthony and Matrona Safchenko Zielinski, [GO]
Murphy, James Jerome, b. Aug. 18, 1872, d. Oct. 2, 1927, h/o Mary Elizabeth (nee Callahan), s/o Michael & Rose Murphy, [AW]
Murphy, Mary Elizabeth (Callahan), b. May 14, 1872, d. Mar 24, 1939, d/o Michael & Elizabeth (Flynn), [AW]
Murphy, Michael, b. Mar 1829 in Ireland, d. Nov 22, 1906, h/o Rose (nee Rogers), s/o Edward & Anne Murphy, [AW]
Murphy, Rose, b. 1832 in Ireland, d. Apr. 30, 1908, w/o Michael, d/o Hugh Rogers, [AW]
O'Connor, Josephine Beltman, no dates, w/o Michael, bur. same plot with Michael, [MD]
O'Connor, Michael Joseph, b. Mar 29, 1896, d. Jan 01, 1951, s/o Mr.& Mrs Timothy O'Connor, m. Josephine Beltman, [MD]
Ortiz, Juan Alberto, b. May 25, 1949 Adjuntas, PR, d. Feb 14, 2000 Bronx, NY, h/o Carmen D. Ortiz, [MH]
Peifer, Caroline, b. Jul 1858, d. Jun 3, 1893 4-B-39-8, [MP]
Peifer, Heinrich, b. abt 1822, d. Jun 24, 1892, 4-B-40-8, [MP]
Peifer, Henry, b. abt 1880, d. 7/24/1882, 2 yrs. old., 4-B-39-8, [MP]
Peifer, Jacob, b. 1855, d. 11/12/1903, bur. in Sec 4, R- B, #39, Plot 8, [MP]
Peifer, Joanna, b. abt 1883, d. May 23, 1885, 2 yrs. old. 4-B-39-8, [MP]
Peifer, Maria, b. 1822, d. 2/23/1888, 4-B-40-8, [MP]
Perez, Myrna, d. Apr 30, 2000, exw/o Carlos, Loving Mother, Sister & Wife, Sec. Holycross #120 gr-194, [CP]
Rivera, Orlando, b. 1963, d. 2002, h/o Sandra McKinney, s/o Elisa and Israel Moran, [LR]
Rollinson/Rolinson, Samuel, b. circa 1820, in England (?), d. 9 Oct 1887, widower of Ellen Keegan Rolinson, [JB]
Salerno, Anne Tomassi, d. c.1950, w/o Michael, [KW]
Salerno, Michael, d. c.1920, h/o Anne Tomassi Salerno, [KW]
Saxton, Ellen Keating, b. Jun 18 1850, Halifax NS, d. Jan. 03,1935, [JS]
Saxton, John, b. 1847 Halifax N.S., d. May 22, 1914 Bronx NY, m. Ellen Keating Oct. 17, 1870, [MS]
Semekin, Mary, b. 04 Jul 1885, d. Sep 1973, w/o Philip Semechken, bur. bur. St Martin, R-81 #84, [LF]
Semekin, William, b. 26 Dec 1910, d. Sep 1980, s/o Philip and Mary Semekin/Semechken, bur. St Martin, R-81 #84, [LF]
Sullivan, Maurice J, b. 1911 d. 1953, h/o Catherine Nolan Sullivan, s/o Maurice Sullivan and Margaret Levis, [MF]
Weber, Catherine V, b. 1914 d. 1999, w/o Robert E Weber, d/o Mary McNay and Edward J Nolan, [MF]
Wurzburg, Marguerite, no dates, [JS]
Wurzburg, William, no dates, [JS]

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