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Old St. Raymond's Cemetery
Bronx, Bronx County, New York

old st raymonds cemetery
Old St. Raymond's Cemetery

GPS: 40.833837, -73.835279

1201 Balcom Ave, Bronx NY10462

Office: 2600 Lafayette Ave, Bronx NY

Last edited: Sep 4, 2007
Total records: 36

Old St. Raymond's Cemetery is operated by the Church of St. Raymond, under the auspices of the Archdiocese of New York. This location was original the "Underhill Farm of Throgg's Neck" purchased by Rev. Michael B. McEvoy who was pastor from 1875 to 1885. Old St. Raymond's Cemetery was started in 1875.

Both Old & New St. Raymond cemeteries are handled in one office, but are two separate cemeteries, owned and operated by the Archdiocese of NY. An Interchange separates the two cemeteries. (Ed. note: after phone conversation with Cemetery office)

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Burns, Elizabeth (Fallon), b. ca. 1851, d. 4 Oct 1911, age 60yr, Sec-8 R-21 #17, [DB]
Burns, James Joseph, b. 9 Oct 1863, d. 31 May 1922, age 58yr, Sec-8 R-21 #15, [DB]
Burns, Joseph Leonard, b. 28 Nov 1900, d. 19 Jan 1933, age 32yr, Sec-8 R-21 #30, [DB]
Burns, Mary Anna (Schlosser), b. 3 Dec 1864, d. 27 Apr 1950, age 85yr, Sec-8 R-21 #14, [DB]
Burns, Wilfred J., b. 12 Oct 1896, d. 6 Jan 1943, age 46yr, Sec-8 R-21 #30, [DB]
Carlone, Frank, b. 18 Sep 1894 Italy, d. 11 Nov 1931, bur. 13 Nov 1931, [CH]
Cecere, Giuseppe, b. 26 Dec 1888 Italy, d. 13 Dec 1952, h/o Maria Silvestri, Sec-17 R-70 #54, [CR]
Cecere, Maria Silvestri, b. 2 Dec 1887 Italy, d. 9 Aug 1982, w/o Giuseppe Cecere, Sec-17 R-70 #54, [CR]
Eble, Helen Muriel, b. 1915, d. 1919, [DO]
Gilday, Catherine (Collins), b. 6 Jun 1875, d. 1 Jul 1965, age 90yr, Sec-17 R-11 #59, [DB]
Gilday, Thomas, b. 30 Jul 1864, Longford County, Ireland, d. 8 Apr 1948, age 83yr, Sec-17 R-11 #59, [DB]
Holland, Kathleen, b. 1894, d. 1968, [KH]
Holland, Mary Ann, b. 1873 d. 1907, [KH]
Holland, Philip, b. 1866 d. 1931, [KH]
Holland, Philip, b. 1895, d. 1973, [KH]
Kelly, Fanny, b. ca. 1850, d. 16 Mar 1932, age 82yr, Sec-8 R-21 #17, [DB]
Ledogar, Catherine (Quinn), b. 1893, d. 13 Apr 1916, d/o James & Catherine (Corcoran) Quinn, w/o George C Ledogar, [EL]
Ledogar, Charlotte Herweh, b. Oct 1860, Germany, d. 23 Nov 1917, d/o Herweh, Sp:Louis Ledogar, [EL]
Ledogar, Francis Xavier, b. 21 Apr 1846, Pfaffenhofen Alsace FR, d. 30 Oct 1923, s/o Franz Xavier & Magdelena (Klein), Sp:Mary Fronhofer, [EL]
Ledogar, Joseph, b. 08 Sep 1858, NYC NY, d. 08 Jun 1927, Woodhave NY, s/o Franz Xavier & Magdelena (Klein) Sp: Katherine McGarvey, [EL]
Ledogar, Katherine (McGarvey), b. 16 Nov 1864, d. Feb 1890, d/o McGarvey, Sp: Joseph Ledogar, [EL]
Ledogar, Katherine, b. 19 Aug 1896, d. 04 Mar 1966, d/o Louis & Charlotte (Herweh), [EL]
Ledogar, Louis J, b. 17 Dec 1892, d. 30 Jul 1940, s/o Louis & Charlotte (Herweh) Sp;Regina Casall, [EL]
Ledogar, Louis, b. 17 May 1858, LaWalck Alsace Fr., d. 06 Dec 1935, s/o Francois & Rosalie (Marx), Sp:charlotte (Herweh), [EL]
Ledogar, Mary Fronhofer, b. 26 Jan 1946, Charlottenbach Germany, d. 13 Mar 1920, d/o Lawrence & Mary (Stark), Sp:Francis Xavier Ledogar, [EL]
Longworth, Theresa, b. 8 Jan 1903, d. 11 Aug 1938, age: 34yr w/o Lawrence Longworth, d/o Charles H Lown and Mary Agnes Costello, [JC]
Schreiner, Katherine Elizabeth Teator, b. Sep 1844, d. 13 Sep 1909, [EL]
Sonnanburg, Emil, b. 30 Nov 1858, d. 4 Nov 1925, [DO]
Sonnanburg, Gladys Veronica, d. 1907, [DO]
Sonnanburg, Lena, b. 26 Apr 1861, d. 4 Dec 1935, [DO]
Teator, Emma C, b. Jan 1875, d. May 1903, [EL]
Teator, Grace O'Neil, b. 26 Mar 1888, d. 20 Nov 1948, [EL]
Teator, John, b. Mar 1868, d. Jan 1921, [EL]
Teator, Joseph William, b. 25 Mar 1878, d. 18 Jul 1957, [EL]
Teator, Mary E, b. Jul 1873, d. Feb 1962, [EL]
Teator, Nicholas, b. 1844, d. Oct 1908, [EL]

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