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Mount Pleasant Cemetery - Burial Records
Houghton, Allegany, New York


GPS: 42.411296, -78.169943

State Route 19
Houghton, NY 14744

Date published: April 8, 2000
Total records: 724

Ownership information is currently unknown.


Mt Pleasant Cemetery is located in the township of Caneadea in the hamlet of Houghton. It is just off Route 19 on a very pleasant spot on the hillside. The founding fathers of Houghton University are resting there.

Cemetery Records

Contributed by Gert Hall, April 8, 2000 [hallgert@yahoo.com].

Aldrich, Jean M Root, b.1959, d.1990
Allen, Edgar D, b.1879, d.1918
Allen, Mary P, b.1876, d.1923
Allen, Vera M, b.1893, d.1964
Anderson, Annie I McRae, b.1875, d.1939
Anderson, Rev. David, b.1880, d.1956
Andrew, John Marshall III, b.1961, d.1984, PFC US Marine Corps
Andrews, John M, b.1909, d.no date
Andrews, Lila M, b.1904, d.1994
Angell, Dorothy E, b.1914, d.1978
Angell, Rev. Edward D, b.1915, d.1993
Arnold, Alonzo, Died Oct. 10, 1852, aged 13.
Arnold, Ray E, b.1903, d.1976
Arnold, Veva P, b.1899, d.1987
Ayers, Bernice L, b.1913, d.no date
Ayers, Iva M, b.1884, d.1961
Ayers, Robert W, b.1917, d.1936
Ayers, William J, b.1883, d.1969
Babcock, Calla T, b.1886, d.1982
Babcock, Maurice C, b.1884, d.1967
Bacon, B Franklin Taylor, b.1832, d.1888, Same Plot
Bacon, Catherine Bacon, b.1842, d.1921
Bacon, Catherine Harris, b.1803, d.1877
Bacon, Eunice, b.1844, d.1860
Bacon, Jesse, b.1796, d.1872
Baker, Aleda A, b.1910, d.no date
Baker, Allen M, b.1904, d.1979
Baker, Caroline A, b.1873, d.1929
Baker, Joyce E DeDaeger, b.1932, d.no date, Daughter of ?
Barker, Chester Eugene, b.1918, d.1994, Sgt US Army WWII
Barker, Ruth Eileen, b.1916, d.1993
Barnett, Lucy M, b.1898, d.1989
Barnett, Marilyn Ann, b.1955, d.1967, In same plot, Dau of Glenn & Janice Barnett
Barnett, Rev. CH, b.1894, d.1973
Baxter, Sigrid K, b.1878, d.1946
Beach, Eva M, b.1882, d.1966
Beach, Harry R, b.1873, d.1936
Beach, Mattie Beach Sable, b.1871, d.1963, In Same Plot
Beach, Richard G, b.1924, d.no date
Beach, S. Lucille, b.1925, d.no date
Bedford, Dean Clement, b.1876, d.1965
Bedford, Elizabeth A, b.1851, d.1923
Bedford, Infant Son, b.1887, Lived only one day
Bedford, James N, b.1910, d.1978
Bedford, Janet D, b.1912, d.no date
Bedford, Mary Clement, b.1876, d.1965
Bedford, Richard Clement, b.1902, d.1943, All on same plot and stones
Bedford, Robert Wayne, b.1917, d.1969, 'Houston, Texas'
Bedford, Sylvester, b.1848, d.1922
Beman, Isaac, no dates
Beman, Susan, no dates
Benham, Harold, b.1888, d.1964
Benham, Nellie D, b.1887, d.1974
Bentley, Charles, b.1879, d.1953
Bentley, Dorothy, b.Nov. 16, 1902, d.Feb12,1911, Daughter.
Bentley, Pearle L, b.1882, d.1935
Benton, Eva J, b.1858, d.1950
Benton, Rev. John, b.1848, d.1919, Coi 5th NY Heavy Art.
Berry, Howard, b.1919, d.1996
Bininger, Augusta, b.1903, d.1991
Bloomster, M Maxine, b.1916, d.1991
Bloomster, Raymond E, b.1915, d.1995, Cpl US Army WWII
Bowen, Abbie C, b.1889, d.1967
Brentlinger, Emmitt C, b.June 20, 1893, d.Sept 12, 1991
Brentlinger, Jesse R, b.Sept. 18, 1893, d.Mar. 22, 1973
Bryant, Augusta, M, b.1921, d.1975
Bryant, Ray W, b.1919, d.no date
Burdick, Leonard F, no dates
Burgess, Gene David (son), b.Nov 22, 1920, d.Jan 31, 1955, Pvt 6 Armored Infantry WWII BSM, d.PH
Burgess, Glenn E, b.1888, d.1970
Burgess, Mildred P, b.1896, d.1966
Burnside, Cpl Lynn James, b.Aug 29 1941, d.July 27, 1963
Calkins, Ruth C, b.1893, d.1973
Calkins, William C, b.1890, d.1972
Call, Caroline, Died Apr. 20, 1912, age 33, Wife of RH Call
Campbell, Alfred, b.1902, d.1991
Campbell, Beulah Orrell, b.1894, d.1966
Campbell, Margaret, b.1921, d.no date
Carlson, Ethel F, b.1908, d.1990
Carlson, Linda Tatch Carlson, b.Sept 14, 1946, d.June 27, 1993 Same Plot
Carlson, Willard B, b.1900, d.1987
Churchill, Elmira L, No dates
Churchill, Fannie D, b.1868, d.1918
Churchill, Leslie D, b.1899, d.1918
Churchill, Waldo, b.1869, d.1940
Clark, Alice W, b.1886, d.1960
Clark, Lewis A, b.1881, d.1972
Clark, Mary Lane, b.1872, d.1902, aries in Africa
Clark, Mildred L, b.1926, d.1963
Clark, Rev. G H, b.1867, d.1929, Rev & Mary were Mission'
Clark, Vena W, b.1910, d.1936
Clawson, Vera J, b.1886, d.1971
Clement, C Emeline, b.1842, d.1916
Clement, Cyrus H, d.Mar 4, 1881Age 83
Clement, Edith, b.1873, d.?
Clement, Electra R Wilson, b.1851, d.1918
Clement, F. Fidelia, b.1837, d.1918
Clement, Fred, b.1867, d.no date, Son
Clement, Fredric H, d.Oct 22, 1855, In New Durham, Ind., Age 17
Clement, Hannah H, d.Oct. 8, 1855, in Oberlin, Ohio, Age 21
Clement, Ida, b.1869, d.1895, Daughter
Clement, Isabel, b.1865, d.1938, Daughter
Clement, Jacob T, b.1840, d.1910, Co F 1st NY Dragoons
Clement, John, b.1878, d.1938, Son
Clement, Lorenzo C, b.1827, d.1913
Clement, Mary Ann, d.Dec. 17, 1854, in Oberlin, Ohio, Age 30
Clement, Polly H, d.Jul 2, 1866, Age 65
Clement, Ruth, b.1882, d.1940, Daug of Jac. & Elec.
Clement, Sarah, b.1865, d.1938, Wife
Clinefelter, Joseph C, b.1892, d.1978, Pvt US Army WWI
Clinefelter, Verna A, b.1884, d.1979
Clute, Margaret, no dates
Clute, William, Died Aug 19, 1875 age 51
Coddington, Dorothy L, b.Feb 25, 1924, d.no date
Cole, Frank, 1892
Cole, George, 1898, age 73
Cole, George, b.1870, age 18, Son
Cole, Harriet, b.1862, age 34, Wife
Cole, Jane, d.1861, age 8, Daughter
Cole, Olive, 1890
Collver, Collin C, b.1926, d.1998
Cooley, Thelma, b.1909, d.1988
Cooley, Walter A, b.1907, d.1982
Cooper, Lulu Blanche, b.1905, d.1990
Corbett, Ernes H, b.1916, d.1992
Corbett, Hilda J, b.1925, d.no date
Cott, Eleanor K, b.1928, d.no date
Cott, Elizabeth M, b.1881, d.1941
Cott, Esther H, b.1903, d.1987
Cott, Eulah Jane, b.1909, d.1998
Cott, Gaylord J, b.1943, d.1965
Cott, J Bernard, b.1930, d.1997
Cott, J Frances, b.1902, d.1938
Cott, John H, b.1878, d.1943
Cott, Margaret M (Peg), b.1911, d.1961
Cott, Worth L, b.1909, d.1987
Crandall, Beulah J, b.1921, d.no date
Crandall, Carol J (Daughter), b.1945, d.1998
Crandall, Rev Steven J, b.Sept 5, 1970, d.June 15, 1996
Crane, Nancy, no dates
Crane, Paul R, b.Jan 5, 1940, d.Apr 12, 1993
Crawford, Della M, b.1860, d.1929
Crawford, John R, b.1860, d.1922
Crawford, Lena M, b.1867, d.1962
Crawford, Sarah, b.1867, d.1935, At Rest
Crawford, Sebra C, b.1856, d.1927
Crosby, Fanny C Cunningham, b.1908, d.1966, On Same Stone
Crosby, Hubert T, b.1912, d.1914, Son
Crosby, Myrtle B, b.1881, d.1970, Wife
Crosby, William F, b.1886, d.1970
Crouch, Ellis L, b.1881, d.1961
Crouch, Florence E, b.1910, d.1911, Daug.
Crouch, George H, b.1912, d.1995
Crouch, Gertrude M Anderson, b.1914, d.1995
Crouch, June Markey, b.1919, d.1944, Daug?
Crouch, Lindsley B, b.1918, d.1995
Crouch, Lois M, b.1920, d.no date
Crouch, Victoria L Sprague, b.1882, d.1963, Wife
Crouch, Warren S, b.1921, d.1927, Son
Damon, Bee, b.1907, d.no date
Damon, Lee, b.1907, d.1990
Dardee, Laura Steese, b.1902, d.no date
Dardee, Stuart Peter, b.1910, d.1946
Dean, Christopher, Died Sept 10 1852 age 79
Dean, Luc, Died Feb 22, 1810, age 34, Wife of Carlos
Dean, Mary, July 14, 1850, age 75, wife of Christopher
DeRock, Ada, b.1867, d.1926
DeRock, Stephen, b.1886, d.1901
Douglass, Caroline C, b.1882, d.1962
Douglass, Ella L, b.1856, d.1906, Mother
Douglass, Elnoria, b.1853, d.1918, Daughter
Douglass, Floyd G, b.1878, d.1961
Douglass, George, b.1846, d.1920, Son
Douglass, Helen A, b.June 23, 1897, d.Nov 11, 1981, Daughter
Douglass, Josiah Breese, b.Jan 7, 1853, d.Nov 10, 1929, Father
Douglass, Lula Douglas Holmes, b.Mar, 25, 1879, d.Oct 25, 1929, Daughter
Douglass, Margaret, b.1873, d.1881, Daughter
Edson, Gordon, b.1877, d.1959
Edson, Leila, b.1880, d.1974
Elmer, Richard M, b.1921, d.no date
Elmer, Ruth Wright, b.1918, d.no date
Eltscher, Alberta, b.1902, d.1990
Eltscher, Louis R II, b.1904, d.1982
Enty, Erwin, Jr, b.1940, d.1940, Son
Enty, Ethel Bailey, b.1903, d.1958, Wife
Enty, Harmon E, b.1942, d.1943, Son
Enty, Harry Erwin, b.1900, d.1957
Estabrook, A Jr., b.1848, d.1913
Estabrook, Alpheus, b.1804, d.1890
Estabrook, Benjamin, no dates,age 66
Estabrook, Ethel A, b.1896, d.1981, (Wife of Harold)
Estabrook, Florence W, b.1869, d.1927, (Wife of R Bruce)
Estabrook, Hannah, b.1804, d.1881, (wife of Alpheus)
Estabrook, Harold W, b.1896, d.1980
Estabrook, Leonard C, b.1830, d.1854
Estabrook, Loren L, b.1828, d.1837
Estabrook, R Bruce, b.1867, d.1955
Estabrook, Rebecca, b.Died Feb 12, 1853 age 81 (Wife of Benjamin)
Evans, Alice M, b.1916, d.no date
Evans, Hughes N, b.1912, d.1974
Eyler, Bertha Eva, b.June 22, 1887, d.Aug 21, 1965
Eyler, Catherine V, b.1917, d.no date, (Wife of Marvin V)
Eyler, Elisabeth Anna, b.Feb 23, 1916, d.Dec 3, 1995
Eyler, Howard Edward, b.Oct 19, 1883, d.Mar 13, 1968
Eyler, John Philip, b.Jan 11, 1919, d.July 26, 1927
Eyler, Marvin H, b.1920, d.no date
Fancher, Bessie M, b.1898, d.1943
Fancher, Charles LeRoy, b.1919, d.1927, Son
Fancher, Gwendolyn, b.1922, d.1980
Fancher, H LeRoy, b.1884, d.1958
Fancher, Isabelle S, b.1891, d.1958, Wife
Fancher, Laura, b.1926, d.no date
Fancher, Lucius H, b.1850, d.1923
Fancher, Lula R, b.1886, d.1985
Fancher, Marietta, b.1898, d.1943
Fancher, Mary E, b.1856, d.1921
Fancher, Ralph D, b.1882, d.1966
Fancher, W LaVay, b.1887, d.1934
Fancher, Zola K, b.1896, d.1987, Wife
Fero, Homer J DDS, b.1909, d.1994
Fero, Mildred L, b.1907, d.1997
Ferris, Betty J, b.1923, d.1981
Ferris, Celia M, b.1900, d.1994
Ferris, Frank c, b.1896, d.1986
Ferris, Lewis R, b.1920, d.no date
Fiegl, Clydice N, b.1914, d.1988
Fiegl, Robert T, b.1911, d.1996
Finney, Anne D, b.Jan 21, 1909, d.no date
Finney, Charles H, b.July 17, 1911, d.Jan 18, 1995
Fleming, Calvin C, b.1881, d.1954
Fleming, Charlotte M, b.1886, d.1955
Fleming, Dorothy R, b.1909, d.no date
Fleming, G Jackson, b.1908, d.1956
Foss, Doris E, b.1908, d.1995
Foster, Rev Raymond J, b.1883, d.1970
Foster, Sara M, b.1886, d.1958
Francis, Emma, b.1840, d.1908, Wife
Francis, James, b.1842, d.1907
Frazier, Celia A, b.1847, d.1906, Wife
Frazier, Celia, b.1847, d.1906
Frazier, W L, b.1834, d.no date
Frazier, Wil, b.1834, d.no date
Frick, Karl, b.1898, d.1975
Frick, Lois M, b.Dec 1, 1932, d.no date
Frick, Mathilde, b.1907, d.1975
Frick, Ralph K, b.Jan 22, 1933, d.Oct 4, 1994
Fuller, Bessie L, b.1906, d.1992
Fuller, C Lee, b.1930, d.1986, (Son of Claude &Bessie)
Fuller, Claude, b.1913, d.no date
Fulton, Charles H, b.1882, d.1969
Fulton, Jeannette M, b.1884, d.1969
Gallup, Devere M, b.1920, d.no date
Gallup, Lucille, b.1920, d.no date
Gibbs, Maurice A, b.1883, d.1978
Gibbs, Opal L, b.1892, d.1994
Gleason, Oneida McMillen, b.1888, d.1974
Golden, Dr John E, b.1916, d.1996
Golden, Glenda, no dates
Gorton, James A, b.Jul 22, 1883, only date, Son of Demston & Lovill
Gould, Olive M, b.1871, d.1943
Gould, Rev John, b.1868, d.1943
Grange, Arthur L, b.Nov 1 1869, d.June 12, 1946
Grange, Roberta Molyneaux, b.Jul 22, 1906, d.Jul 22, 1987, Sgt US Army Air Corps
Grange, Rosa M, b.Apr 24, 1871, d.Aug 2,1958
Green, Sarah J Moore, b.Sept 14, 1971, d.Mar23,1999
Greenway, Muriel H, b.1897, d.1987
Hammond, Emory, b.1902, d.1969
Hammond, Grace Wright, b.1902, d.1984
Harter, Mary Perrine, b.May 27, 1930, d.no date
Harter, Robert Harold, b.Dec 16, 1926, d.no date,Lt Col US Marine Corps WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Son of Harold and Velma, Houghton Harter
Hauser, Charles A, b.1848, d.1929
Hauser, Charles A, b.1878, d.1913, Mason
Hauser, Crandall, b.1885, d.1969, 2nd Marriage?
Hauser, Frank J, b.1892, d.1918, Enlisted 1917 AEF PVT 188th Aero Squadron
Hauser, Jenniefrie, b.1853, d.1928, Wife
Hauser, Louise C Hauser, no dates, Easter Star
Hauser, Mark L, b.1881, d.1958
Hauser, Ralph w, b.1889, d.1916
Hawley, Ellen, b.1855, d.1920, Plot with Lewis
Hazlett, Alice Mary, b.Jan 13, 1859, d.Dec 17, 1930
Hazlett, E Frances, b.Dec 16, 1902, d.May 14, 1994
Hazlett, Ray William, b.Mar 4, 1892, d.Nov 11, 1974
Hazlett, William Andrew, b.Feb 20, 1853, d.Apr 19, 1924
Heinz, Geraldine M, b.1925, d.no date
Heinz, Rev Daniel A, b.1922, d.1966
Hemp, Annie J, b.Feb 24, 1868, d.Mar 2, 1965
Hemp, Daniel B, b.Sept 23, 1862, d.Aug 25, 1954
Herrick, Allen, Died Aug 14, 1821, age 26
Herrick, Arthur, Died May 9, 1831, age 31
Herrick, Henry, Died Jan 18, 1842, age 76
Herrick, Jemima, Died Aug 19, 1870, age 72
Herrick, John, Died Mar. 14, 1887, age 27
Herrick, Lucy, Died Jan 21, 1892, age 78
Herrick, Mary Trussell, Died Mar. 23, 1855, age 82
Herrick, Pluma Herrick, Died June 13, 1874, Houghton
Herrick, Polly Herrick Clement, Died July 2, 1866, age 65
Herrick, Rewey, Died Mar. 16, 1878, age 76
Herrick, Sally Herrick Pratt, Died Aug 7, 1868, age 61
Herrick, Webster, Died Dec 4, 1882, age 77
Hess, Robert, b.1902, d.1992
Hess, Viola, b.1903, d.1991
Heydenburk, Frank Horace, b.1860, d.1950
Heydenburk, Sarah Grace, b.1872, d.1947
Hickok, Aaron A, b.1880, d.1970
Hickok, Alice B Carey, b.1889, d.1974
Hopper, Mary Marie, b.1913, d.no date
Houghton, Addie Houghton Hill, b.1857, d.1915
Houghton, Allen H, b.1822, d.1859
Houghton, Anna M Sparkis, b.1851, d.1923, Wife of Leonard
Houghton, Anna, Died July 7, 1888, Wife of Luther
Houghton, Bernice, b.1877, d.1885
Houghton, Clarissa B, b.1823, d.1888, Wife of Allen
Houghton, Electa, b.1825, d.1895, Wife of Russell
Houghton, Ella E, b.1850, d.1852, Daughter
Houghton, Ephriam Willard, b.1856, d.1923
Houghton, Fred, b.1855, d.1883
Houghton, Gertrude C, b.1883, d.1963
Houghton, Harriet I Wilson, b.May 19, 1827, d.Nov.25, 1911 Wife of Will Houghton, Don A 1859, d.1919
Houghton, Henry L, b.1834, d.1902
Houghton, Ida Willard, b.1851, d.1925
Houghton, James W, Died June 6, 1860, age 25
Houghton, Leonard J, Died Apr 25, 1810
Houghton, Leonard, b.1847, d.1923
Houghton, Loren M, no dates, age 86
Houghton, Loren, no dates
Houghton, Louise, b.1847, d.1849, Daughter
Houghton, Luther, b.1769, d.1854
Houghton, Mary, b.1861, d.1923, Wife of Henry
Houghton, May Sarah, b.Aug 21, 1875, d.June 26, 1954, Daughter of LF & M Houghton, Beulah Sept 25, 1888, d.June 21, 1895, Daughter of LF & M
Houghton, Minerva M, b.1861, d.1923, Wife of Don
Houghton, Pluma, Died June 13 1874age 81Wife of Loren
Houghton, Rollin H, b.1882, d.1967
Houghton, Russell H, b.1824, d.1898
Houghton, Samuel, Died June 13, 1830
Houghton, Sarah A, b.1834, d.1898, Mother
Houghton, Stephen W, b.1831, d.1918, Father
Houghton, Tanson, Died Mar. 3, 1856, Wife of Leonard
Houghton, Walter A, b.1904, d.1981
Houghton, Willard, no dates
Houghton, William E Hill, b.1854, d.1928, Hill's in same plot with Houghtons
Houghton, William J, b.July 19, 1825, d.Apr, 21, 1896, One of the founder's of Houghton, Weslyan Seminary
Hoyt, Catherine, Died Feb 28, 1870
Hoyt, George C, Died Oct 21, 1856
Hoyt, Joanna, Died 1835, Wife of John
Hoyt, John, b.Aug 18, 1804, d.Jan 11, 1892
Hoyt, John, Died Jan 30 1835
Hoyt, Mary L, Died Apr 17, 1866
Hoyt, Milton, Died Mar. 1, 1870
Huizenga, C Nolan, b.1930, d.1989
Hutton, Lindol H, b.1923, d.no date
Hutton, Ruth F, b.1922, d.no date
Ingersoll, Gladys Grange, b.Sept 23, 1901, d.Sept 24, 1970
Ingersoll, Robert Grange, b.Sept 5, 1934, d.Feb 4, 1942
Ingersoll, Royal B, b.Apr 11, 1901, d.Dec 8, 1984
Jennings, Ettie H, b.1859, d.1953 Wife
Jennings, Rev A T, b.1858, d.1914
Karker, Arthur, b.Aug 23, 1887, d.Sept 12, 1958, Sgt Medical Dept. WWI
Keiser, Barbara Y, b.1935, d.1998 Married Apr 28, 1956
Keiser, Hank C, b.1936, d.no date
Kellogg, Ida L, b.1879, d.1941
Kellogg, Rev Geo D, b.1870, d.1949
Kelly, Annie M, b.Nov 1 1900, only date
Kelly, Grace, b.Jan 1, 1921, d.Mar 16, 1927
Kelly, Parker L, b.Mar 4, 1895, d.no date, Mar 13, 1966, PFC BTRY D 15 Field ARTY WWI
Kilpatrick, George F, b.Apr 2, 1919, d.Apr 17, 1970, SSgt US Army WWII
Kish, Doris M, b.1907, d.1983
Kish, Elaine L, b.1936, d.1942, Daughter of Mark & Doris
Kish, Joann E, 1943, only date, Wife of Paul
Kish, Mark L, b.July 17, 1933, d.June 1, 1979, 'Mr HaHa'
Kish, Mark Sr., b.1902, d.1985
Kish, Paul E, b.1942, d.1971
Kish, Rhea, b.Oct 14, 1938, d.no date, 'Honey Bee'
Kreckman, Alfred D, b.1902, d.1957
Kreckman, Merrill L, b.1904, d.1985
Lane, Euphemia D, b.1851, d.1923
Lane, Gustavus A, b.1844, d.1937
Lapham, Charles E, b.1897, d.1984
Lapham, Edith, b.1902, d.1966
Lapham, M Agnes, b.1905, d.1990
Lapham, Maud L, b.1876, d.1964, Wife of William
Lapham, Nina R, b.1899, d.1989
Lapham, Sophronia, Died Apr 25, 1859, Wife of Ira Lapham
Lapham, William H, b.1875, d.1954
Lasey, Eda Nora, b.1873, d.1948
Lathrop, Lawrence, b.1901, d.1991
Lawrence, Ellen, b.1932, d.no date
Lawrence, Myrtle B, b.1899, d.1974, Wife of Stanley
Lawrence, Paul S, b.1928, d.1994
Lawrence, Rev Stanley, b.1894, d.1791
Lennox, Edna Culp, b.1892, d.1993
Lennox, J Ellen, b.1876, d.1879
Lennox, Joanne Rae, b.1937, d.1987
Lennox, Julia, b.1799, d.1873, Wife of William
Lennox, Katherine E, b.1905, d.1993
Lennox, Lena I Culp, b.1870, d.1960
Lennox, Lester, b.1834, d.1898
Lennox, Muriel Diane, b.1935, d.1947
Lewis, Raymond, b.1893, d.1960
Lockwood, Alice M, b.1882, d.1949
Lockwood, John A, b.1876, d.1945
Lombard, Beatrice M Jones, b.1904, d.1959
Lombard, Earl L, b.1891, d.1961
Lucas, Cameron C, b.1902, d.1973
Lucas, Phoebe R, b.1882, d.1958
Luckey, Daniel Edward, b.1955, d.1968, Son of Robert & Ruth
Luckey, Edith S Bedell, b.1873, d.1936, Wife of James
Luckey, James, b.1867, d.1937
Luckey, Robert RR, b.1917, d.no date
Luckey, Ruth Brooks, b.1922, d.no date
Lynip, Lora Foster, b.1915, d.1998
Lytle, Bruce W, b.Apr. 4, d.24, 1943, Infant son
Lytle, Louise D, b.1918, d.no date
Lytle, Robert N, b.1917, d.no date
Marchant, Levi, d.Mar 5, 1819
Marchant, Sally, d.July 15, 1817
Marchant, Winslow, d.Jul 17, 1850, age 62
Massaro, John, b.1917, d.1993
McCarthy, Doris M, b.1920, d.1980
McCarthy, Unk., b.Jan 28 1946, d.Oct 8, 1973, Sp 5 US ArmyVietnam
McCarty, Bruce C, b.1919, d.no date
McCarty, David O, b.Jan 28, 1946, d.Oct 8 1973, Son ot L Roy & Marjorie
McCarty, Edith M Paul, b.1885, d.1973, Wife of Lee
McCarty, L. Roy, b.1918, d.no date
McCarty, Lee H, b.1886, d.1958
McCarty, Marion B, b.1924, d.no date, Wife of Bruce
McCarty, Marjorie Orton, b.1920, d.no date, Wife of L Roy
McCarty, Paul J, b.1944, d.1963, Son of Bruce & Marion
McCarty, Paul T, b.1914, d.1995
McConnell, Minnie May, b.1868, d.1913, Wife of R
McDowell, Mattie, b.Jul 9, 1855, d.Nov 5, 1883
McDowell, Ruth Elizabeth, b.Nov 24, 1903, d.Feb12, 1904
McEdward, Grace M, b.1877, d.1961
McKinley, James J, b.1831, d.1905
McKinley, Margaret E, b.1841, d.1928, Wife
McMillen, Adda J, b.July 13, 1870, d.Dec 26, 1954
McMillen, Alice, b.Sept 26, 1893, d.Jan 24, 1986
McMillen, S I MD, b.Mar 23, 1898, d.Apr 26,1990
Mear, Lillis F, b.1910, d.1997
Meech, Mary A, b.Jul 18, 1872, age 42, Wife of T. Meech
Miller, H Gordon, b.1928, d.no date
Miller, Rev Herbert Sumner, b.1867, d.1942
Miller, Verdelle P, b.1928, d.no date
Mills, Clarence B, b.1890, d.1979
Mills, Melissa Marjorie, b.Sept 5, 1971, d.Sept 17, 1971, Infant Daughter of James and Dianne Mills, Sr
Mills, Winifred G, b.1888, d.1939
Mitchell, Joel C, b.1826, d.1908
Mitchell, Lomira, b.1838, d.1917
Moe, Blanche L, b.1880, d.1894, Daughter
Moe, Cevira A, b.1848, d.1909, Wife of Sheldon
Moe, Edna E, b.1872, d.1893, Daughter
Moe, Sheldon P, b.1848, d.1902
Moe, Ward S, b.1875, d.1898, Son
Molyneaux, Charles G, b.1909, d.1986, Member Masons
Molyneaux, Christine VH, b.1910, d.1955, Member Eastern Star
Molyneaux, Elizabeth, b.1900, d.1979, Daug. of J Robert & Pearl Cotton
Molyneaux, J MaxPhD, b.1904, d.1957, Son of J Robert & Pearl
Molyneaux, J Robert, b.1873, d.1947, Son of J Robert & Pearl
Molyneaux, Pearl Ingersoll, b.1874, d.1966, Wife of J Robert
Moon, Clyde S, b.1885, d.1966
Moon, Olive L, b.1889, d.1979
Moses, Ambrose E, b.1850, d.1937
Moses, M Belle, b.1879, d.1942, Daug. of Ambrose & Matilda
Moses, Matilda A, b.1851, d.1933
Mount, Harriet, b.May, 1854
Mount, John,no dates
Mount, Julia, no dates
Mount, Thankful P, Died 1857, age 30, Wife of John Mount
Nielsen, Lenard, b.1896, d.1989
Norton, Kenneth P, b.Apr 26, 1958, d.Jan 20, 1981, Sp 4 US Army
Ortlip, Aimee E, b.1888, d.1969
Ortlip, H Willard, b.1886, d.1964
Orton, Guy A, b.1891, d.1956
Orton, Maude W, b.1890, d.1979
Osgood, Charles T (Ted), b.1928, d.
Osgood, George N, b.1902, d.1994
Osgood, Phyllis M, b.1925, d.no date
Osgood, Sarah E, b.1904, d.1977
Ovell, Leon E, b.1917, d.1967, 'From a clumsy tractor to a Golden Chariot'
Ovell, Mary H, b.1919, d.1990
Paine, Alvin J, b.1910, d.1998
Paine, Evelyn L, b.1912, d.1993, Wife of Alvin
Paine, Faith Geraldine, b.Apr 6, 1918, d.Feb 13, 1991, Sgt Us Marine Corps WWII
Paine, Henry Joseph, b.1916, d.1957
Paine, James F, b.Aug 17, 1927, d.Jan 3 1989
Paine, Margaret W (Betty), b.1915, d.1987, Wife of Hugh
Paine, Marjorie Helen, b.1935, d.1955
Paine, Mary Elizabeth Paine Hold, b.1913, d.1989
Paine, Mary Wilfrieda, b.1883, d.1969, Wife of Stephen Hugh
Paine, S Hugh JR, b.1911, d.1997
Paine, Stephen Hugh, b.1882, d.1953
Paine, Stephen W, b.1908, d.1992
Panich, Agnes H, b.1902, d.1994
Panich, Jack C, b.1886, d.1975
Parker, Arthur, b.1910, only date
Parker, Elmira E Osman, b.Jan 15, 1847, d.Mar 23, 1902, Wife of John P
Parker, Harriet M, b.Aug 5, 1838, d.Nov 16, 1905, Wife of Ransom Harris
Parker, Mary A Davis, b.Sep 26, 1817, d.Apr 30, 1904, Wife of Hiram P
Parker, May G, b.1873, d.1951
Parker, Merritt M, b.1870, d.1953
Parks, Howard F, b.1911, d.no date
Parks, Isabelle, b.1914, d.1985
Peck, Arthur J, b.1902, d.1991
Peck, Flora S, b.Oct 20, 1865, d.Sept 18, 1956
Peck, Helen M, b.1905, d.1991
Peck, Louis A, b.1933, d.no date
Peck, Norman, b.Jan 22, 1861, d.Mar 2, 1926
Peck, Vernon E, b.1934, d.1942
Peirsol, J David, b.Dec 23, 1949, d.1993
Peirsol, Joanne, b.June 8, 1958, d.1987
Peirsol, Joseph David, b.Dec 9, 1912, d.Nov 25, 1964, Sgt COC 376 Infantry WWII
Peirsol, Michael, b.July 4, 1952, d.1987
Pero, Clara M, b.1894, d.1971
Pero, Winfred, b.1887, d.1965
Pitt, Birdie M, b.1878, d.1961, Wife
Pitt, Joseph r, b.1880, d.1964
Pocock, Charles H, b.1898, d.1994
Pocock, Edith W, b.1898, d.1992
Potter, Paul E, b.1909, d.1995
Potter, Pauline L, b.1914, d.1989
Preston, Nancy L, b.1948, d.1982
Quick, Mildred Houghton, b.1893, d.1978
Raybuck, John S, b.1920, d.no date
Raybuck, Olga Z, b.1919, d.1991
Readett, NellieYorton, b.1868, d.1951, Wife
Readett, Rev Walter, b.1866, d.1958
Reisdorph, Rufus D, b.1896, d.1976, Chaplain US Army
Rickard, Florence E Park, b.1897, d.1976
Rickard, Grace F, b.1894, d.1979
Rickard, Joesphine, b.1901, d.1987
Ries, Claude H, b.1893, d.1977
Ries, Ruth A, b.1893, d.1972
Ries, Susan Ruth, b.May 30, d.June 1, 1947, Infant Daug.
Root, Samuel Glenn, b.Aug 9, 1967, d.Aug 31, 1991, Cpl USMC, 'Death has been swallowed up in Victory
Roth, Albert A, b.July 5, 1912, d.Oct 15, 1968, PFC 2633 Service Co WWII
Roth, Clara E, b.1870, d.1948
Roth, Elmer, b.1908, d.1986
Roth, Phyllis E, b.1909, d.no date
Roth, William J, b.1869, d.1948
Ruddock, Ellen Kemp, b.1831, d.1907
Russell, Georgia, b.1867, d.1953
Russell, Rev Joseph D, b.1854, d.1927
Russell, Wm Verne, b.1897, d.1918
Rycraft, Charles, b.1859, d.1884, Son of John & Jane
Rycraft, Edna, b.1837, d.1976
Rycraft, George, b.1863, d.1877, Son of John & Jane
Rycraft, Jane, b.1833, d.1869, Wife of John
Rycraft, John R, b.1833, d.1911
Schouten, Elizabeth Susan, b.Nov 6, 1863, d.Dec 13, 1939
Sears, Eveline M, b.1828, d.1878, Wife
Sears, Frank M, b.1856, d.1910
Sears, Hazel A, b.1893, d.1895, Daug. Of Frank & Sarah
Sears, Henry S, b.1849, d.1875
Sears, Sarah A, b.1863, d.1931, Wife
Sears, Willaim H, b.1828, d.1894
Sears, Willie G, b.1870, d.1877, Son
Shea, Erma Scarfe, b.1908, d.1976
Shea, Gregory Dale Lusk, b.1953, d.1954
Shea, J Whitney, b.1904, d.1994, Capt US Army Air Corps WWII
Shea, Maude Whitney, b.1881, d.1971, Wife of Adam
Shea, Pauline Shea Lusk, b.1902, d.1991
Shea, Phoebe Lusk, b.1902, d.1993
Shea, Rev Adam J, b.1872, d.1946
Shea, Rev Earl G Lusk, b.1900, d.1964
Sherman, Mary, b.1818, d.1884
Sherman, William, b.1818, d.1878
Skinner, Leo R, b.1911, d.1995, 'Great Fisherman"
Skinner, Minnie M Burnside, b.1922, d.1997, 'One day at a time'
Smith, Allen R, b.1921, d.no date
Smith, Bennet E, b.1880, d.1971
Smith, Esther E, b.1922, d.no date
Smith, Lura G, b.1878, d.1961
Smith, Mae L, b.1912, d.no date
Smith, Samuel I, b.1883, d.1944
Smith, Willard G, b.1911, d.no date
Spenser, Anna L, b.1899, d.1955, Wife
Spenser, Don H, b.Nov 2, 1821, d.Sept 24, 1943, Emz USN WWII
Spenser, Lawrence H, b.1897, d.1959
Spenser, Ruth V, b.1925, d.1933, Daughter
Stebbins, Ethlyn I, b.1897, d.1987
Stebbins, Sarah L Brown, b.1845, d.1930, On same stone
Stedman, Barbara L, b.1924, d.1988
Steese, Alex, b.1862, d.1956
Steese, Ens Paul Robert, b.1935, d.1956, 75th Attack Squadron USNA
Steese, Estelle, b.1873, d.1954
Steese, Paul Alexander, b.1905, d.19--
Steese, Peter Bechler, b.1933, d.1989
Steese, Ruth Zimmerman, b.1902, d.no date
Steuben, Nancy L, d.Jan 5, 1884
Steuben, Riley, b.1846, d.1921
Stockin, Douglas Cary, b.1918, d.1989
Stockin, Frank Gordon, b.1915, d.1993
Stockin, Marjorie Ortlip, b.1913, d.no date
Stockin, Ruth Aul, b.1915, d.no date
Stone, Carder, b.1819, d.1902
Stone, Emily May, b.Mar 10, 1889, age 5
Stone, Emily, b.1823, d.1906
Stone, Uriah, b.1845, d.1916
Stone, Victoria, b.Jan 13, 1894, age 40
Stugart, Ruth, b.1900, d.1966
Stugart, Winfield, b.1898, d.1985
Swarthout, Gary T, b.Aug 5, 1946, d.June 19, 1970, 2D CoA 82 Signal BNVietnam
Sweet, Samuel, b.Dec 10, 1850
Taft, Delila, b.1872, d.1950
Taft, Frank B, b.1870, d.1952
Taft, Henry M, b.1864, d.1943
Taft, Milton H, b.1898, d.1959
Tarey, Charles, b.1846, d.1923
Tarey, Fred J, b.1877, d.1920, Son of Chas & Lucy
Tarey, Grace M, b.1884, d.1977
Tarey, Lucy, b.1847, d.1915, Wife
Tarey, Mabel, b.1869, d.1885, Daughter
Tarey, Rose, b.1874, d.1942, Daughter
Taylor, B J E, Age 57, Co D27 NY
Taylor, David A, b.Apr 17, 1941, d.Apr 8, 1998
Taylor, Joseph Gowland, b.1913, d.1974
Taylor, Laura M Pitt, b.1884, d.1978, Wife of Arthur
Taylor, Marjorie Astton, b.1915, d.1990
Taylor, Rev Arthur J, b.1883, d.1970
Taylor, Susan, b.Nov 4, 1940, d.no date
Thayer, Anna, b.1895, d.1984
Thayer, Edgar, b.1893, d.1981
Thayer, James G, b.1950, d.1995
Thayer, James Gerald, JR, b.June 12, 1971, Infant Son, 'Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven'
Thayer, Jean E, b.1955, d.no date
Thayer, Martha Babbitt, b.Nov 30, 1857, d.Dec 21, 1935, Wife
Thayer, Milo, b.Arp 17, 1854, d.May 2, 1936
Thayer, Richard A, b.d.May 13, 1931, one day old
Thayer, Sgt Harold, b.1918, d.1944, COF 2nd Armed Regt USA
Thomas, Ethel, b.Apr 3, 1916, d.June 20, 1994
Thomas, John L, b.Jan 23, 1926, d.Jan 9, 1988, GM3 US Navy WWII
Thomas, Marjorie M, b.1897, d.1970
Tuck, Edith Mitchell, b.1899, d.1995
Tucker, Alfred J, b.Oct 4, 1928, d.Nov 17, 1986, Sgt US Air Force WWII
Tucker, Blanche I, b.1901, d.1953
Tucker, Charles J MD, b.Mar 20, 1859, d.Jan 25, 1939
Tucker, Cornelia C Cole, b.1855, d.1919
Tucker, Donna Lou, b.1933, d.1942
Tucker, Elizabeth Cole, b.1886, d.1977
Tucker, Elizabeth S, b.Oct. 10, 1805, d.Oct 17, 1880, Wife of Joshua
Tucker, Harriett Cole, b.1861, d.1948
Tucker, Harvey, b.Dec 25, 1835, d.Aug 27, 1910
Tucker, Hedwig B, b.Oct 31, 1875, d.Nov 3, 1953
Tucker, John E, b.Feb 28 1861, d.Jan 27 1866
Tucker, Joshua C, b.July 2, 1804, d.Jan 21, 1877
Tucker, Lorraine C, b.Jan 29 1929
Tucker, Marie Hartman, b.1881, d.1959
Tucker, Mary A, b.Apr 2, 1838, d.Sept 30, 1915, Wife of Harvey
Tucker, Nana S, b.Oct 22, 1869, d.Aug 1, 1887
Tucker, Nellie A, b.1871, d.1942
Tucker, Onnolee R, b.1934, d.1934
Tucker, Perry L, b.1892, d.1957
Tyler, Elizabeth, b.1878, d.1938
Tyler, Eugene F, b.1908, d.1932
Tyler, Frank, b.1867, d.1939
VanBuskirk, Georgia S, b.1890, d.1931
VanHousen, Gaiold, b.1938, d.1991
VanHousen, Jean E, b.1945, d.no date
VanRiper, Linley S, b.1905, d.1967
VanRiper, Ruth A, b.1908, d.1988
Vedder, Fred M, b.1861, d.1936
Vedder, Sara R, b.1860, d.1938
Voege, Ceclia M, b.1904, d.1983
Voege, Harold A, b.1895, d.1973
Ward, Charles, b.1859, d.1930
Ward, Ellen, b.1860, d.1951, Wife
Ward, Mabel, b.1893, d.1895, Daughter
Wells, Alton, b.1894, d.1969
Wells, Effie A, b.Sept 28 1894, d.Apr 18, 1969, PFC BTRY F 305 Field ARTY WWI
White, Charles J, b.1871, d.1928
White, Effie Thayer, b.1870, d.1944, Wife
White, Louise, b.1908, d.1910, Daug of Chas & Effie
White, Mary White, b.1845, d.1922
Whitlock, Jacqueline, b.1931, d.no date
Whitlock, Paul J, b.Feb 16, 1932, d.Feb 18, 1993, ATCA US Navy Korea
Wild, Doris Amy, b.1907, d.1991
Wild, Milton K, b.1907, d.no date
Wiley, Abby D, b.1835, d.1917, Wife
Wiley, Cyrus, b.1829, d.1898
Willard, Lucy M, b.Aug 29, 1858, d.Dec 31, 1882
Williams, Clar Tear, b.1858, d.1937
Williams, William H, b.1855, d.1934
Wilson, Albert, d.1871
Wilson, Emma M, b.1893, d.1988
Wilson, Freeman, b.1823, d.1903
Wilson, James A, b.1855, d.1929
Wilson, Jean E, b.1928, d.no date
Wilson, Juliette, b.1849, d.1852
Wilson, Lucy, b.Mar 18, 1819, d.Apr 24, 1881
Wilson, Richard, b.1924, only date
Wilson, Ruth D, b.1857, d.1941
Wilson, Ruth D, b.1927, d.no date
Wilson, Sophia, b.1827, d.1902
Wilson, Volney C, b.1888, d.1963
Winn, Burkhead Daniel, no dates
Winn, E Rich, b.1915, d.1984
Winn, Helen Elizabeth Hartmann, b.1916, d.no date
Woodhead, Charles E, b.1865, d.1949
Woodhead, Enoch, b.1896, d.1931, 306 Inft AEF WWI
Woodhead, Esther V Walldorff, b.1870, d.1928
Woodhead, Evelyn, b.1924, d.1936, Daughter
Woodhead, H Irvin MD, b.1865, d.1927
Woodhead, Mary Fuller, b.1897, d.1974, Mother
Woodhead, Mellissa O, b.1869, d.1937, Wife of Charles
Woodside, Wm Eric, b.Oct 10, 1903, d.Aug 19, 1908
Woolsey, Mildred M, b.1896, d.1982
Woolsey, Pierce Edgar, b.1895, d.1957, PFC HQ Co 332 Infantry WWI
Wright, Anna Phillips, b.1879, d.1961
Wright, Edna B, b.1887, d.1963
Wright, Gerald (Ger), b.1917, d.1998
Wright, Glenn L, b.1900, d.1958, Son of Frank H & Anna Phillips Wright
Wright, Kenneth W, b.1912, d.no date
Wright, Lois Shea, b.1916, d.no date
Wright, Reba Fuller Wright, b.1916, d.1990, Wife of Gerald
Wright, Rev Frank DD, b.1880, d.1977
Wright, Stanley w, b.1886, d.1979
Wrightman, David H, b.1952, d.1988
Wrightman, Janet B, b.July 5, 1920, d.July 3 197, 'She loved and she was loved'
Yanda, Charles L, b.1901, d.1976
Yanda, Christine E VanName, b.1903, d.1966, Wife of Charles
Yanda, Sue, b.Oct. 17, 1925, d.Aug 31, 1996
York, Chester E, b.1884, d.1949
York, Emma Orell, b.1885, d.1966
York, Marilyn Marie, b.1925, d.1981
Yorton, Florence, b.1872, d.1940, Missionary to Africa, 1907 to 1929

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