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East Caneadea Cemetery - Burial Records
Caneadea, Allegany County, New York


GPS: 42.403201, -78.090102

Shongo Valley Rd
Caneadea, NY 14735

Date published: April 2000
Total records: 102

Ownership info is unknown at this time.


East Caneadea Cemetery was formerly known as "German Settlement Cemetery"

It's in the early 1800's and Western NY was still a frontier. Thick lush forests with plenty of wildlife roaming free. This became the setting for East Caneadea Church, also known as the 'German Methodist Church'.

General Micah Brooks owned a large portion of eastern Caneadea. In 1851, he persuaded several families to relocate here from Rochester. Each family was given a tree from his nursery when they arrived.Soon these hardworking Christian families had cleared their land and built their cabins. Each plot of land amounted to fifty acres or less. When this was paid for, they raised money for more families to immigrate from Germany. Forty or more families came to settle here, and were soon established in their new homes. Due to the generosity of Gen. Mica Brooks and his son Col. LH Brooks, the German families were able to erect a small church in 1857, at a cost of $1200. It's the same building you see today. Horses were scarce at the time, so oxen were used to secure the lumber and hoist the bell into place in the tower. There were two doors into the church. Two sets of pews across from each other and a partition down the center. One side for men, the other for women.

The current organ was bought in the early 1900's. Mrs. Mary Johannes Lapp played it for 65 years and Mrs. Glen Histed for 25 years. The founders of this little settlement and church are laid to rest in a small cemetery behind the church. Many of the inscriptions are in German on one side and English on the other. Many are very weather-beaten and unable to make out. The cemetery is located on the Shongo Valley Road in Caneadea. It sits on a hilltop overlooking the beautiful Genesee Valley.

Cemetery Records

Contributed by Gert Hall [hallgert@yahoo.com].

ACHILES, H Christopher, b.03 Nov. 1809, d.12 Apr. 1877
ACHILES, C Dorothea, b.1 May 1817, d.3 Apr. 1890, Born in Hanover, Germany, Verse in German on reverse of stone.
ACHILES, Henry J., b.1847, d.1932
ACHILES, Dora C, b.1859, d.1942
ACHILES, Carl, b.1887, d.1913, Our babies Willie & Dore
BEHRENS, Henry, b.24 Jun 1828, d.24 Feb 1921
BEHRENS, Christina, b.29 Apr 1826, d.31 Jul 1902, wife of Henry
BEHRENS, Louisa, b.1 May 1867, d.21 Jan 1936, d/o Henry
BEHRENS, Isadore, Daughter of Henry Miller
BLICKWEDE, Dora, b.15 Aug 1827, d.25Jul 1887
BLICKWEDE, Henry, b.3 Sept 1865, d.4 Sept 1865, Son of Henry and Dora
BLOCKO, Lillian Particia, b.1936, d.1998
BRANDES, Henry J, d.30 Nov 1918, age 72
BRANDES, Mary J, d.27 June 1908, age 64, w/o Henry J
BRANDES, Grandma Dora, d.8 Dec. 1891 age 81
BRANDES, Willie F, d.8 Nov 1892 age 14
BRANDES, Kenneth C, b.1917, d.1977
BRANDES, Doris, b.1924, d.1990, w/o Kenneth C.
BUCHEISTER, Louisa B, b.5 Jun 1853, d.5 Nov 1889
BUCHEISTER, John H, b.1847, d.1929
BUCHEISTER, Caroline, b.1857, d.1935
BUCHEISTER, Carrie B, b.1875, d.1923
COON, John G, b.1827, d.1888
COON, Mary, d.18 Feb 1877, age 54, w/o John G
GLINDEMAN, Christian W, b.1845, d.1902
GLINDEMAN, Caroline W, b.1846, d.1924, age 77, w/o Christian W
GLINDEMAN, Ward G, b.1905, d.1966
HERKE, Ernest G, b.30 Nov 1821, d.6 Jul 1877, born Hanover, Germany, in German
HERKE, Elizabeth, b.1821, d.1905
HERKE, Sophie, b.1851, d.1880
HERMAN, Henry, b.1851, d.1880
HUFF, Leigh E, b.1907, d.1975
HUFF, Evelyn K, b.1913, d.1966
JOHANNES, Anna Mary, d.1832, wife of Henry G Johannes, Stone in German & English
JOHANNES, George H, b.15 Sept 1807, d.7 Aug 1894, One precious to our hearts has gone. The voice we loved is stilled.The place made vacant in our home can never be filled.
JOHANNES, John Henry, d.1875, age 70, stone in German & English
JOHANNES, Mary, b.1808, d.1884, w/o John Henry
JOHANNES, George Edward, d.6 Sept 1871, age 3 yrs, 'And when you to my grave do go, The gloomy place to see, I say to you who stand and view, Prepare to follow me.'
JOHANNES, Freddie C, d.21 Oct 1887 age 5 mos., son of Andrew & Elizabeth
KEMP, Hiram A, b.1912, d.1996
KEMP, Dorothy J, b.1911, d.1989
KREMEYER, John Heinrich, d.1875
KREMEYER, Elizabeth, b.14 Jan 18__, d.23 Nov 1887, frau von Henry Kremeyer
KREMEYER, John Henry, d.8 Aug 1865, age 5, son of Henry & Elizabeth
KULMAN, Christopher, d.7 Dec 1879, age 80
KULMAN, Mary W, b.7 Oct 1810, d.18 Feb 1886, w/o Christopher
LAPP, Charles W, b.1980, d.1952
LAPP, Mary E, b.1864, d.1945, w/o Charles W
LAZARUS, children children of John Lazarus (all that is noted)
LILLY, John H, b.24 Apr 1839, d.?
LILLY, Williminnie, b.27 Nov 1836, d.20 Aug 1886, w/o John H
LILLY, Aaron G, b.29 Sept 1864, d.27 May 1885
LILLY, Dorothea, b.23 Dec 1812, d.11 Aug 1891, wife of John Lilly, native of Germany
LILLY, Henry Christian, d.13 Jun 1868, age 9, born in Germany, 'They who saw in tears shall reap joy.'
LUDDE, Henry, b.1842, d.1876
LUDDE, Dorothea, b.1842, d.1880, w/o Henry
LUDDE, Charles, no dates, son
LUDDE, Mary, no dates, daughter
LUDDE, Fred, b.1856, d.1878
LUDLOW, Benjamin, b.1902, d.1965, 'Rest in Peace.'
MACK, Satie L, b.2 Jan 1873, d.1 Dec 1902, wife of TC Mack
MACK, Emma, b.1861, d.1896, wife of Wm. Mack
MACK, Viola, b.1885, d.1895, daughter
MC DONALD, Henry, no dates, Civil War Veteran
MC DONALD, Baby, b.27 Aug 1873, d.20 Jul 1875
MEINEKE, Henry, d.15 Dec 1859, age 32, born in Germany, 'accidently killed, Therefore be ye also ready.'
MILLER, Henry, d.22 May 1877, age 18
MILLER, Isadore, no dates, dau. of Henry Miller, wife of __Behrens
MYERS, Christopher J, b.1837, d.1904
MYERS, Dora S, b.1851, d.1923, w/o Christopher J
MYERS, Lilla, b.1877, d.1898, d/o Christopher J
MYERS, Fred H, b.1874, d.1920
MEYERS, Matthew, b.1850, d.1921
MEYERS, Elizabeth, b.1850, d.1932
MEYERS, Louisa Dorothea, b.1890, d.1916
MEYERS, Willie C, d.16 Feb 1880, age 2
REUSCH, Fredrick, b.10 Feb 1811, d.11 Aug 1876
REUSCH, Mary A, b.23 Jul 1856, d.16 Jul 1881
REUSCH, George, b.1847, d.1915
REUSCH, Margaret, b.17 Feb 1813, d.25 Aug 1896, wife of FL Reusch
RICH, Mary R, b.1918, d.1988, wife of Arthur
RIPENBARK, Michael, d.14 Dec 1866, age 40
RIPENBARK, Anna, d.1 Mar 1882, age 45, w/o Michael
SIEDENTOP, Christian, no dates
SIEDENTOP, Catherine, b.6 Dec 1828, d.19 Feb 1878, w/o Christian
SIEDENTOP, Catherine, b.24 Jun 1871, d.27 Jan 1893, d/o Christian
SABARNICK, Fred, d.14 Jun 1894, age 37
SCHRAEDER, Henry G, b.6 Apr 1808, d.30 Mar 1888
SCHRAEDER, Sophia, b.1814, d.1902, w/o Henry G
SCHRAEDER, Dorothea, b.4 Sep 1842, d.18 Sep 1855, 'born in Germany, died at Caneadea'
SCHRAEDER, Henry no dates, 'Henry Schraerder was wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness. Died 3 days after age 23 yrs 7 mos. He died in the defense of his country. Death where is thy sting? Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Saviour, Jesus Christ. 1 Cor. 15'
SCHUKNECHT, Caroline W, b.1831, d.1912
SCHUKNECHT, Christina, b.1867, d.1888
SCHUKNECHT, Rose M, b.1886, d.1956
SWARTZ, Charles F, d.27 Jul 1864, age 46, 'Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the son of man cometh.'
SEABERT, Henry, b.1868, d.1954
SEABERT, Minnie L, b.1867, d.1951, w/o Henry
SWARTZ, William, b.1824, d.1906
SWARTZ, Dora, b.1831, d.1907
SWARTZ, Mary E, b.1864, d.1893
SCHOLES, Minnie, b.30 Nov 1859, d.19 Aug 1897
SWARTZ, babies, (all that is noted)

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