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Caneadea Cemetery - Burial Records
Caneadea, Allegany County, New York


GPS: 42.386874, -78.155307

Cemetery Rd
Caneadea, NY 14717

Date published: April 2000
Total records: 430

Ownership info is unknown at this time.


Caneadea Cemetery is not far off the the Main Street (Route 19). It is on a narrow winding seasonal road and only leads to the cemetery. It dates back to the early 1800's and some of the early leaders of the town are buried there. The cemetery is still in use today with many of our friends and neighbors resting there on the hilltop. Route 19 in the town of Caneadea, NY. It is not far off the the Main Street (Route 19). It is a narrow winding seasonal road and only leads to the cemetery. It dates back to the early 1800's and some of the early leaders of the town are buried there. The cemetery is still in use today with many of our friends and neighbors resting there on the hilltop.

Cemetery Records

Contributed by Gert Hall [hallgert@yahoo.com].

Acker, Frank D, b.1874, d.1940
Acker, Stella L, b.1872, d.1940
Amidon, Bertha, b.1886, d.1971
Anderson, John, b.1866, d.1918
Arnold, Anna M, b.1887, d.1962
Arnold, Gordon H, b.1913, d.1937
Arnold, Maurice, b.1908, d.1982
Arnold, Nellie M, b.1912, d.1978, Wife of Maurice
Ayers, John, b.1838, d.1864
Ayers, Margaret, b.1817, d.1893
Ayers, William V, b.1810, d.1893
Bacon, Berrah C, b.1833, d.July 22, 1896, 13th NY H.A.
Bacon, Bethuel J, b.1847, d.1924
Bacon, Harrison R, b.1876, d.1949
Bacon, Jennie M, b.1875, d.1956, Wife of Harrison
Bacon, Marrilla L, b.1853, d.1935, Wife of Bethuel
Bacon, Melvina W, b.1862, d.1956, Wife of William
Bacon, Minnie E, b.1883, d.1884, Daug of B & M
Bacon, William H, b.1868, d.1916
Balcom, Burdett, b.1890, d.1960
Balcom, Charles F, b.1864, d.1936
Balcom, Clarissa, d.Sept 1, 1867, age 85, Wife of Dann
Balcom, Columbus, b.1823, d.1897, Co b 12th NY Cav
Balcom, Cora A, b.1864, d.1912
Balcom, Fayette, b.1824, d.1901
Balcom, Hazel, b.1893, d.1986
Balcom, Homer F, b.1892, d.1990
Balcom, Mary J, b.1828, d.1897
Balcom, Mildred A, b.1901, d.1987, Wife of Homer
Beebee, Beatrice, b.1896, d.1897
Beebee, Ellis L, b.?
Beebee, Glayds A, b.1892, d.1904
Beebee, Mina E, b.?
Bigelow, Benjamin F, b.May 16, 1817, d.Sept. 28, 1854
Bigelow, Eliza, b.Feb.28, 1823, d.Mar. 13, 1894, Wife of Benjamin
Bigelow, F Augusta, b.Jul. 15, 1850, d.Mar 26, 1880, Daug of B & E
Bigelow, Henry L, b.Feb.14, 1847, d.Jul.9, 1864, Son of B & E, Pvt. Co I 9th NY Vol., Killed at the battle of Monocracy Junction.
Bigelow, Willie, b.Apr 25, 1854, d.Sept. 28, 1854, Son of B & E 'Our Babe'
Branch, Fred D, b.1877, d.1919
Branch, Georgia, E, b.1852, d.1921, Wife of Robert
Branch, Glenn W, b.1883, d.1948
Branch, Grant R, b.1876, d.1920
Branch, Robert, b.1849, d.1919
Brauen, Leslie L, b.1936, d.1993
Brauen, Marlene D, b.1942, d.__
Buckland, Sharon K, b.1954, d.___, Married Sept. 5, 1981
Burleson, Agnes, b.1855, d.1913
Burleson, Henry, Nov. 10, 1830, d.Mar. 16, 1875
Burleson, Jennett, d.May 14, 1856, age 23
Burleson, Lois, d.Apr. 21, 1863, age 49, Wife of Silas
Burns, Helen S, b.1888, d.1965
Burns, R. C., b.1885, d.1941
Burr, Cecille M, b.1892, d.1941, Wife of Grover, 'Eastern Star'
Burr, Charles F Spenser, b.?,Same plot as Burrs
Burr, Charles,
Burr, Col A. L., b.1821, d.1878, 189th NY Vol
Burr, Fred,
Burr, Grover S, b.1889, d.1922, Mem 'Masons'
Burr, Isadore,
Burr, Keith Jewett, b.Apr 1, 1914, d.Dec. 21, 1966, Lt. USNR DFC AM E2 GS WWII
Burr, Lillian, b.?, Buried with Burrs
Burr, Mabel,
Burr, Miranda C, d.1904, Wife of Col AL
Butler, Deborah, b.1833, d.1911
Campbell, Davenport,
Campbell, David A, b.1934, d.1992, Sgt US Marine Corps, Korea
Campbell, Winifred G, b.1936, d.
Chamberlain, Anna B, b.1882, d.1960, Wife of Roy
Chamberlain, D Webster, b 1845, d.1930
Chamberlain, Maria E, b.1849, d.1930, Wife of D Webster
Chamberlain, Ronald M, b.1903, d.1981, Son of R & A
Chamberlain, Roy W, b.1879, d.1938
Chandler, Clarence, b.1898, d.1946, Son
Chandler, David D, b.1837, d.1889, Co C 19th Regt NY
Chandler, Laura Rew, b.1873, d.
Clark, Edward J, d.June 1891,Co B 189th NY Inf
Clark, Elizabeth D, b.Jan 22, 1814, d.Nov 11, 1890, Wife of Reuben
Clark, Florence M, b.1898, d.1977, Wife of Henry
Clark, Henry, b.1891, d.1965
Clark, Reuben S, b.Jan 23, 1811, d.Feb 4, 1887, 'At Rest'
Clark, Sardis, b.May 15, 1850, d.Jan 29, 1884, Daug. of R & E, Wife of IH
Conklin, Charles S, b.1843, d.1914
Conklin, Eliza, b.1847, d.1911, Wife of Charles
Cornett, Earl E, b.1904, d.1989
Cornett, Vivian, b.1906, d.__, Wife of Earl
Crossman, James H, b.1901, d.1987
Crossman, Olive E, b.1908, d.1987, Wife of James
Crosson, Bernard K, b.Jul 22, 1925, d.Feb 5, 1968, Pvt 47th Inf Reg WWII
Dailey, Dickson A, d.Apr 7, 1892, age 58
Dailey, Emily C, b.Oct 18, 1839, d.Aug 15, 1914, Wife of Dickson
DeNio, Celina, d.1880
DeNio, George W, b.1841, d.1910, Co F 130th Regt NY
DeNio, Henrietta, b.1843, d.1913, Wife of George
DeNio, Pearl DeNio Pitkin, b.1879, d.1956
DeNio, William, d.1862
Deniston, Frances M, b.1908, d.1959, Wife of Keith
Deniston, Keith, b.1897, d.1966
Dispenza, Dora, b.1854, d.1887, Wife of William
Dispenza, Elizabeth T, b.1905, d.1955, Wife of George Dodge
Dispenza, George, b.Sept 1, 1895, d.Nov 18, 1955, Pvt Salvage Co QMC WWI
Dispenza, Lillian Bigelow, b.Jul 20, 1858, d.Oct 4, 1901, Dau of BF & Eliza
Dispenza, William D, b.1843, d.1923
Donnelly, Jacob, d.1996
Dooley, Angela Clark, b.?
Dooley, James H, d.Feb 10, 1890, age 48
Dooley, Willard, b.Feb 8, 1838, d.June 17, 1912
Dort, Melissa M, b.1878, d.1957
Dort, Silas A, b.1875, d.1959
Duell, Burt E, b.1873, d.1963
Duell, Ethel M, b.1915, d.1971
Duell, Maude H, b.1891, d.1976, Wife of Burt
Dunham, Elizabeth, b.1841, d.?, Wife of Lyman
Dunham, Lyman M, b.1938, d.1906, Co L 12 Pa Cav
Dunn, Doris L, b.1917, d.1989, Wife of Lyle
Dunn, Lyle A, b.1914, d.1995
Edson, Christina Howden, b.1842, d.1925, Wife of Orin
Edson, Elmina,
Edson, Emma,
Edson, Frank,
Edson, Helen J, d.1882, Dau of O & C
Edson, Olin A, d.Mar 6, ?
Edson, Orin, b.Sept 12, 1839, d.Aug 8, 1940
Ellis, Charles A, d.Dec 9, 1892, age 86, Co A 105th NY Inf 8 Bat C/G 3rd NY LA
Ellis, Charles R, no dates, Son
Ellis, Frances M,,age 20
Ellis, James A, d.1861
Ellis, Leon, b.Feb 17, 1896, d.June 12, 1898, Son of Wm & A
Ellis, Mary J, d.June 8, 1865, age 13, Dau of JA & MJ
Ellis, Thomas G, b.Dec 15, 1914, d.Feb 26, 1995, Sgt US Army
Evans, Alfred J, b.1876, d.1935
Evans, David M, b.1834, d.1898, Co F 33rd Regt NY Vol
Evans, Melitta, b.1836, d.?, Wife of David
Flinn, Catherine, b.1788, d.1811
Flowers, Gladys, b.1896, d.1960, 2nd Husband Brainard
Flowers, John, b.Mar 15, 1894, d.May 4, 1945
Forbes, Archie, b.1887, d.1960, CS
Forbes, Evan N, b.1889, d.1970, CS
Fox, Sarah, b.1870, d.1945
Francis, Charles, b.Aug 17, 1867, d.Mar 8, 1888
Francis, Twins, b.1888, d.1888
Franklin, Alma L, b.1858, d.1861
Franklin, Arad H, b.1875, d.1934
Franklin, Arad, b.May 11, 1798, d.Jan 2, 1884, Born in Bainbridge, Chenango Co NY
Franklin, Elizabeth C, b.1835, d.1916, Wife of Francis
Franklin, Francis M, b.1834, d.1933
Franklin, Hatta S, b.1860, d.1861
Franklin, Lafayette H, b.May 8, 1829, d.June 27, 1848, Son of L & L
Franklin, Laura, b.Nov 20, 1806, d.Jan 6,1879, Born in Bainbridge, Chenango Co NY
Franklin, York, b.1869, d.1870
Giboo, DeForrest, b.1900, d.1911. Son of J & M
Giboo, James N, d.Aug 8, 1883, Age 23
Giboo, John A, b.1868, d.1952?
Giboo, Mary, b.1868, d.1934, Wife of John
Green, Charles J, b.1867, d.1957
Grow (Gruw), Unice, d.Feb 12, 1852, age 19, Wife of Jacob M
Grumann, Carrie E, b.1864, d.1939
Grumann, Commodor D, b.1854, d.1932
Hale, Alfred, b.1841, d.1923
Hale, Arilla, b.1847, d.1924, Wife of Alfred
Hale, George E, b.1831, d.1956
Hale, Luella E, b.1848, d.1921, Wife of George
Hall, Steven J, b.Nov 17, 1966, d.Feb 28, 1984, Son of D & G Hall
Hammond, Helen A, d.June 28, 1883. age 24, Wife of A.
Hart, Leon F, b.1922, d.
Hart, Lois M, b.1922, d.__, Wife of Leon
Hauenstein, Augustus, d.Nov 17, 1878. age 21
Hendry, Ada B, b.1890, d.1965, Wife of Ernest
Hendry, Edna B, b.1885, d.1886
Hendry, Ernest C, b.1884, d.1956
Hillman, David Elias, b.1954, d.1976, Sp4 US Army Son of Earl & Rose
Hillman, Earl, b.1923, d.1985, PFC US Army WWII
Hillman, Harley D, d.1926, 'Killed by Auto'
Hillman, Jay G, b.1891, d.1963
Hillman, Lafayette (Lafe), b.1894, d.1971
Hillman, Mary H, b.1894, d.1951, Wife of Jay
Hillman, Walter, b.Aug 30, 1915, d.Dec 22, 1995, SSgt US Army WWII
Hitchcock, Eleanor A, d.June 8, 1856, age 3, Dau of LR & S
Hotchkiss, James, b.1846, d.1925
Hotchkiss, Mabel, b.1882, d.1948, Wife of James
Howald, Phillip S, b.1934, d.1952
Ingersoll, Celia, d.May 22,1849 Age 3, Dau of J & J
Ingersoll, Jannett, d.Aug 24, 1859, age 42, Wife of John
Ingersoll, Jerome, b.1851, d.1899
Ingersoll, John, d.Jan 3, 1884 age 73
Ingraham, Adelia, b.1862, d.1863, Dau of G & M
Ingraham, Edward, b.1873, d.1873, Son of G & M
Ingraham, George s, b. 1839, d.1882, Co A 136th Regt NY Inf
Ingraham, Mandana B, b.1839, d.1909, Wife of George
Irish, Mary, b.1855, d.1909, Wife of Wesley
Irish, Wesley, b.1848, d.1911
Irwin, Ella Irene, b.1893, d.1966, Wife of Wesley
Irwin, Mildred S, b.1916, d.1916
Irwin, Wesley J, b.1890, d.1968
Jackson, Andrew F, b.1846, d.1923
Jackson, Col James A, d.Apr 14, 1888, age 81, Col Jackson Commanded Regt of NYS Militia. Held every office in Caneadea, NY except Magistrate.
Jackson, Infant Son, d.Sept 1852, age 3 mos.
Jackson, Marion Leroy, d.May 1841, age 14 mos., Son
Jackson, Matilda, b.Dec 20, 1816, d.Apr 24, 1952, Wife of James
Johnson, A H, b.?, Co K 105th NY Vol
Johnson, Albert, b.1836, d.1932
Johnson, Elsy A, b.1939, d.1936, Wife of Erastus
Johnson, Erastus w, b.1828, d.1900, Co E 5th NY Cavalry Co I 15th NY Vet Cav
Johnson, Harriette, b.1811, d.1922
Johnson, J Vernon, b.1877, d.1952
Johnson, May Belle, b.1867, d.1875
Johnson, Wife of John Madison, b.1810, d.1886
Johnson, William, b.Mar 7, 1805, d.Jan 16, d.1860
Jones, Claude S, b.1827, d.?
Jones, Elizabeth M, b.1832, d.1957, Wife of Claude
Jones, Miriam D, b.1851, d.1924
Kimble, Fowler, b.1854, d.1920
Kimble, Helen Gill, b.1852, d.1939, Wife of Fowler
Kimble, Mary M, b.1870, d., Wife of Walter
Kimble, Walter D, b.1858, d.1914
Klicker, Henry G, b.1859, d.1918
Lafferty, Hester J, b.1897, d.1984, Wife of Theron
Lafferty, Howard T, b.1924, d.1933
Lafferty, Theron H, b.1893, d.1970
Levko, Charles W, b.1916, d.1980
Levko, Dorothea T, b.1909, d.
Mack, Charles A, b.1854, d.1925
Mack, Emily E, b.1842, d.1924, Wife of Charles
Madison, Alice Jane, b.1853, d.1886, Wife of Anthony
Madison, Anthony Taylor, b.June 14, 1848, d.Jul 15, 1901
Madison, Murilla, b.1844, d.1882
Magee, David, b.?, 9th NYHA
Marsh, HP, d.1863, 'A Soldier'
Matson, Clinton, d.Feb 2, 1877 age 51
Matson, Duane A, b.1852, d.1897
Matson, William Edward, b.1858, d.1890
Maxon, Anna B, b.1877, d.1942, Wife of Henry
Maxon, Henry B, b.1853, d.1940
McKee, Johnson, d.Sept 15, 1890, age 71
McKee, Lafayette, b.1853, d.1916
McKee, Lucy, b.1859, d.1930, Wife of Lafayette
McKee, Margaret, b.1892, d.1991, Wife of Arthur
McKee, W F, b.1846, d.1928
Mead, Marietta A, b.1831, d.1913
Meddock, Arthur, b.1889, d.1969
Meeker, John J, d.Mar 28, 1811
Merville, Flory E Wilson, b.1872, d.1917, Wife of M J
Merville, M J, b.1870, d.1938
Miller, Jerome, b.Jan 11, 1841, d.Jan 1864
Miller, Venerye?, b.?
Miller, Warren, b.July 5, 1877, d.Jan 187?
Munn, Anna M, b.188_, d.1968, Wife of Charles
Munn, Charles A, b.1876, d.1937
Munn, Evelyn Rich, b.1917, d.?, Wife of James, later married Richard Hale
Munn, Francis A, b.1858, d.1934
Munn, James E, b.1917, d.1957
Newville, H F, b., b.Co B NY Rifles
Nicholson, A S, b.d Aug 23, 1888 age 72, Co 6 9th NY Cav.
Nicholson, Baby, b.?
Nicholson, Caroline A, d.1866, age 51, 1st Wife of Edward
Nicholson, Catherine, b.1864, d.1939, Wife of Dan
Nicholson, Clarence R, b.Aug 6, 1893, d.Dec 23, 1976, Pvt US Army WWI
Nicholson, Dan, b.1854, d.1945
Nicholson, Edward, b.1799, d.Aug 14, 1883
Nicholson, Robert W, d.May 31, 1858, age 8, Drowned
Nicholson, Susan, b.Feb 28, 1791, d.Feb 28, 1853, 2nd wife of Edward Nicholas ?
Olmstead, Henrietta, b.1837, d.1935
Peters, Alice, b.Jan 27, 1852, d.Feb 27, 1932, Wife of Henry
Peters, Ernest A, b.Sept 17, 1872, d.Oct 13, 1872, Son of H & A
Peters, Henry, b.Apr 25, 1844, d.Dec 17, 1884
Peters, Maybell, b.Nov 8, 1868, d.May 12, 1932, Dau of H & A
Presher, William H, b. 1882, d.1955
Preston, Leclaire A, b. 1924, d.1986
Preston, Leonard A, b.1958, d.1979
Prevorce, Bessie B, b. 1905, d.1995
Prevorce, Catherine (Kate), b.1906, d.1987, 2nd Wife of Lawrence
Prevorce, Clarence J, b.1899, d.1958
Prevorce, Lawrence H, b.1902, d.1987
Prevorce, Lawrence H, b.1932, d.1932
Prevorce, Minnie B, b.1877, d.1967, Wife of William
Prevorce, Vernice, b.1912, d.1972, Wife of Willard
Prevorce, Willard, b.1894, d.1975
Prevorce, William H, b.1874, d.1949
Rawson, Bruce, b.1861, d.1841
Rawson, Clara, b.1868, d.1953, Wife of Bruce
Rawson, Franklin, d.Dec 13, 1892, age 71
Rawson, H M, d.May 16, 1888, age 60, Wife of Franklin
Rawson, Helen Hallock, d.Mar 10, 1878, age 26
Rawson, James, b.?stone broken, can't read 93rd Regt
Reddy, Isabelle M, b.1907, d.1976, Wife of James
Reddy, James E, b.1879, d.1960
Rice, Abel, b.Apr 30, 1807, d.Apr 29, 1889
Rice, Edward F, b.Jul 18, 1891, d.Sept 9, 1961
Rice, Frances D, b.Nov 23, 1891, d.Jan 14, 1971
Rice, Josiah, b.?
Rice, Sally F, b.?
Rich, Arthur, b.Dec 1, 1887, d.Sept 5, 1912, Born Silsac England
Rich, Baby, d.1920
Rich, Carol E, d.Dec 3, 1942 Dau of G & E
Rich, Edith M, b.1881, d.1959
Rich, Edward P, b.1884, d.1939
Rich, F Elberta, b.1913, d.,Wife of Gordon
Rich, Fred H, b.1872, d.1947
Rich, Frederick J, b.1869, d.1943
Rich, Gordon E, b.1908, d.1996
Rich, Gordon E, d.Sept 3, 1936
Rich, John, b.1871, d.1935
Rich, M E R, b.Small stone, only markings
Rich, Winifred E, b.1883, d.1965, Wife of Edward
Robbins, Baby, No date
Robbins, George, b.1880, d.1954
Robbins, Lucie H, b.1904, d.1983
Robbins, Mildred Burr, b.1902, d.1925, Dau of G & N
Robbins, Nina, b.1881, d.1953, Wife of George
Russell, Alora, b.1835, d.1915, Wife of Joseph
Russell, Grace, b.Nov 23, 1863, d.Nov 14, 1947
Russell, Joseph T, b.1828, d.1903
Russell, Louise S, b.Dec 28, 1882, d.Apr 28, 1942, Cremated
Russell, Madge, b.Mar 11, 1859, d.Jan 27, 1953
Russell, Thomas B, b.Feb 15, 1870, d.Aug 12, 1963
Sackett, Susan, b.1827, d.1921
Scott, Elizabeth M, b.1890, d.1947, Wife of Howard
Scott, Ella, b.1854, d.1930, Wife of J Ashley
Scott, Hannah, b.1829, d.1894, Wife of James
Scott, Howard E, b.1879, d.1968
Scott, J Ashley, b.1853, d.1935
Scott, James, b.1818, d.?
Scott, John, b.1845, d.1899
Scott, Maude, b.1869, d.1884, Dau of J & H
Scott, Sarah L, b.1847, d.?, Wife of John
Scribner, Henrietta, no date
Scribner, James, b.1847, d.1913, Co H 27th Inf
Sherman, Ann Stewick, b.1829, d.1910 Mother?
Sherman, Emma J, b.1855, d.1938, Wife of William
Sherman, Mary J, b.1863, d.1911, Wife of Nathaniel
Sherman, Nathaniel B, b.1854, d.1931
Sherman, William, b.1851, d.1923
Silsby, Edgar LeRoy, b.Aug 1939, d. Mar, 1952
Silsby, Frank S, b.Jan 15, 1883, d.Apr 27, 1943
Silsby, Kenneth E, b.Aug 14, 1931, d.Dec 27, 1940, Date hard to read
Silsby, Leona Mary, b.Jan 12, 1932, d.Nov 4, 1944
Silsby, Mary L, b.Apr 14, 1892, d.May 25, 1987, Wife of Frank
Silsby, Richard, b.Jul 13, 1933, d.Dec 8, 1951
Smith, Frank, b.1863, d.1929
Smith, Hazel, b.1928, d.?,, Wife of John
Smith, John, b.dec 1, 1924, d.Oct 10, 1983, PFC US Army WWII
Smith, William, b.1860, d.1936
Snell, Jennie, b.1967, d.1940,Wife of Myron
Snell, Myron, b.1870, d.1917
Snyder, Harrietta A, b.1892, d.1960
Sodak, John, b., b.1900, d.1975
Sodak, May, b.1882, d.1952,1st Wife of John
Spenser, Adeline C, b.Feb 21, 1830, d.Jul 23, 1919, Wife of Edwin
Spenser, Charles F, No Dates
Spenser, Clifford A, b.1902, d.1914
Spenser, Edwin P, b.Aug 4, 1821, d.Apr 13, 1911
Spenser, Estella F, b.Sept 2, 1854, d.Apr 23, 1937, Wife of William
Spenser, H Grace, b.1878, d.1948,Wife of Howard
Spenser, Helen, b.1828, d.?
Spenser, Howard C, b.1874, d.1955
Spenser, Lillian, No Dates,Wife of Charles
Spenser, Mabel, No Dates
Spenser, Merle A (Spike), b.1907, d.1936
Spenser, Sylvester Sr, d.Oct 6, 1863, age 71
Spenser, Sylvester, Jr, b.1820, d.1899
Spenser, William C, b.Mar 8, 1853, d.Dec 14, 1910
Spenser, William E, b.Sept. 18, 1877, d.Sept 7, 1902
Stephens, Chrisrian, b.1828, d.1908
Stephens, Lyman, b.1822, d.1909
Stewart, Andrew, b.1839, d.1918
Stewart, Fred L, b.1986, d.1930
Stewart, Helen Joan, b.1828, d.1908, Wife of Andrew
Stewart, Lottie M Bates, b.1881, d.1961
Stone, Jane Walker, d.age 77 in 18?, Wife of Nathaniel, Stone Very hard to read
Strong, George W, b.1883, d.1905
Strong, Harry, No dates
Swan, Dorothy G Rork, b.1903, d.1937
Swan, Ira Jr, b.1883, d.1925
Swan, Ira M, b.1856, d.1945
Swan, Jennie E, b.1861, d.1944
Swan, Louise Russell, b.1881, d.1942
Swan, Luanna M Allen, b.1855, d.1927, Wife of William
Swan, William C, No Dates, Thomas Co B 12th Cav Bugles
Taylor, Frank J, b.1874, d.?
Towne, Minerva, b.1842, d.1919
Trall, Alice, b.1850, d.1932
Trost, Fred, b.1896, d.1970
Trost, John, b.1899, d.1974
Tucker, John D, b.1874, d.1940
Tucker, Minnie M, b.1880, d.1940, Wife of John
Tyler, Josephine L, b.1937, d.
VanDusen, Joel M, b.1849, d.195?
VanDusen, Mary M, b.1852, d.1920, Wife of Joel
Vreeland, Carlista, b.1847, d.1889
Vreeland, Daniel L, b.1862, d.1950
Vreeland, Edith D, b.1868, d.1941, Wife of Daniel
Vreeland, Father, b.1814, d.1892, No Name
Vreeland, Harriet E, b.1876, d.196?, Wife of John
Vreeland, Janey, b.1857, d.1859
Vreeland, John J, b.1871, d.1937
Vreeland, Mother, b.1820, d.1864, No Name
Washbon, Anna L, b.1882, d.1963, Wife of Leon
Washbon, Clarence R, b.1874, d.1945
Washbon, Edwin M, b.1848, d.1921, CoG/C 47th NY Vol
Washbon, Forest A, b.1911, d.1997
Washbon, Leon, E, b.1883, d.1959
Washbon, Margaret A, b.1848, d.1936, Wife of Edwin
Washbon, Marie E, b.1878, d.1967, Wife of Clarence
Welch, James, No Date, Co E 93rd NY Vol
Welch, Mary, d.Nov 11, 1864 age41
Wells, Angline, Harris, b.1819, d.1909, Dau of Asa & Miriam Harris
West, Nathan, d.Apr 1, 18?
Westbrook, Julia A, b.Mar 4, 1819, d.Aug 28, 1888, Wife of Julius
Westbrook, Julius F, b.Feb 2, 1817, d.Sept 19, 1870
Westcott, C H, b.1832, d.1909
Westcott, Lucy, b.1835, d.? `, Wife of C H
White, Burton D, b.1844, d.1926
White, Elizabeth H, b.1848, d.1934, Wife of Burton
White, Emma B, b.1858, d.1921
White, Erwin D, b.1847, d.1917
White, Florence, No Date
White, Floyd, b.1883, d.1963
White, Fred, b.1882, d.1954
White, H Devere, b.1853, d.1907
White, Jessie M, b.1894, d.1962
White, Joseph N, b.1815, d.1899
White, Julia S, b.1816, d.1897, Wife of Joseph
White, Mary A, b.1848, d.1907, Wife of Erwin
Wilcox, Arlene M, b.1915, d.1992
Wilcox, Charles A, b.1912, d.__
Wilson, Arcelia, b.1890, d.1891, Dau of J& M
Wilson, Christopher, b.1819, d. Oct 11, 1886 age 67
Wilson, Harriet M, d.Feb 15, 1854, age 27
Wilson, Lois, b.1833, d.1908, 2nd Wife of Christopher
Wilson, Maryette C, b.1858, d.1934, Wife of James
Wolfe, James, b.1855, d.1935

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