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Onderdonk Cemetery - Burial Records
Dormansville, Albany County, New York

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GPS: 42.51458, -73.9842

County Rd 312 & Tan Hollow Rd
Dormansville, NY 12193

Date published: August 23, 2011
Total records: 31

The cemetery is located on private property.


This cemetery is AKA Old Dormansville Cemetery, It is located north of Dormansville on County Road 312 near the intersection of Tan Hollow Road. It is on the right side of the road just after you pass Tan Hollow Road, on private property and sits back from the road among tall trees and very heavy brush. Some of the headstones have fallen over.

Cemetery Records

This is not a complete listing of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by visitors to Interment.net.

Contributor's Index:

Chamberlain, Euphrazea, d. 11 Nov 1852, age: 10y 1m 1d, d/o Leonard & Permelia Chamberlain, #44-C, [LH]
Chamberlain, Leonard, b. 8 Mar 1821 Dormansville, d. 27 Nov 1890 Dormansville, age: 69y 10m 0d, h/o Permilia Ward, #43-C, [LH]
Churchill, Mary, b. 1756, d. 22 May 1828 Dormansville, age: 72y, w/o Nathan Ward, he was moved to Hannacroix Cemetery, #29-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, Abraham, b. 26 Jun 1775, d. 29 May 1846, age: 70y 11m 3d, "Blessed are the dead that die in the, Lord for they rest from all their, labours and their works do follow, them", h/o Rachel Applebee, #17-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, Andrew, d. 16 Jul 1844, age: 66y 7m 25d, #35-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, George, d. 13 Oct 1817, age: 11m, s/o Henry Van Houten Onderdonk, #4-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, John M, d. 13 Jul 1845, age: 4m 25d, s/o Henry Van Houten Onderdonk, #33-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, Margaret, b. 26 Oct 1809, d. 5 Nov 1846, age: 37y 7d, "Death was to me no penal stroke, but in a sweet repose, My soul with Christ the eternal rock, my days shall be done", w/o Storm Whitbeck & d/o Peter & Eleanor Onderdonk, #15-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, Mary, d. 25 Sep 1848, age: 61y 1m 18d, "My friends though dear don't weep for me, For where I go you soon must be, The grave is sweet where I do lie, For Christ laid here as well as I", #16-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, Mary, d. 28 Apr 1849, age: 71y 6m 8d, w/o Andrew Onderdonk, #34-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, Rachel, d. 6 Apr 1866, age: 79y 1m 27d, w/o Abraham Onderdonk, #18-C, [LH]
Onderdonk, Walker, b. 22 May 1852 Bethlehem, NY, d. 13 Mar 1864 Westerlo, age: 11y 9m, s/o Henry Van Houten Onderdonk, #21-R, [LH]
Van Houten, Harriett (Marragrietje), b. 30 Nov 1750, d. 17 Dec 1825 Westerlo, w/o John Onderdonk (she was later moved to Hannacroix Cemetery and placed next to her husband), #6-C, [LH]
Walker, Eliza, d. 30 Dec 1842, age: 23y 2m 24d, w/o Henry Van Houten Onderdonk, #32-C, [LH]
Ward, Antonett, d. 16 Apr 1835, age: 1y 2m 29d, d/o Nathan & Julia Ward, #20-C, [LH]
Ward, Elizabeth, b. 14 Jun 1768 Westchester County, d. 16 Nov 1850 Dormansville, age: 82y 5m, w/o William Tompkins, #2-C, [LH]
Ward, Gilbert, b. 29 Mar 1819, d. 14 Jul 1853, s/o Joseph & Hannah Ward, #26-C, [LH]
Ward, Gilbert, b. 7 Jun 1781 Dormansville, d. 2 Aug 1854 Dormansville, age: 73y 1m 25d, s/o Nathan Ward & Mary Churchill, h/o Phoebe Carpenter, #40-C, [LH]
Ward, Hannah, b. 25 May 1795, d. 10 Sep 1876, w/o Joseph Ward, d/o Nathan Ward & Mary Churchill, #19-R, [LH]
Ward, Hiram H, d. 12 Dec 1834, age: 21y 6d, "Friends nor physicians could not save, this mortal body from the grave, Nopr can the grave confine it here, For Christ the Savior doth appear", #22-C, [LH]
Ward, James, d. 14 Sep 1823, age: 20y, "It is the fate that all must die, Will death no ages spare, Then let us all to Jesus fly, And seek a refuge there", #21-C, [LH]
Ward, Jane, d. 17 Mar 1856, age: 81y 7m 2d, w/o Jonathan Sherwood, #5-L, [LH]
Ward, Joseph, b. 1782, d. 1 Oct 1868, h/o Hannah Ward (cousin), s/o William Ward & Hannah Applebee, #18-R, [LH]
Ward, Mary, b. 16 Feb 1788, d. 4 Jul 1838, age: 50y 4m 18d, "Tread lightly all ye living things, upon this grass grown here, For Mary's dust must here remain, Till Jesus shall come again", w/o Frederick Ward, #31-C, [LH]
Ward, Mary, d. 22 May 1838, age: 72y, #17-R, [LH]
Ward, Nancy, no dates, w/o Anthony Miller, #16-LC, [LH]
Ward, Nathan, b. 1756 Westchester County, d. 17 Oct 1839 Dormansville, age: 83y, h/o Mary Churchill (since he was a Veteran of Rev War his body was moved to Hannacroix Rural Cemetery and is in grave #267 in Book 2 on Cemeteries), #16-R, [LH]
Ward, Permelia, b. 5 Aug 1809, d. 6 Oct 1877, age: 68y 2m 29d, w/o Leonard Chamberlain, #42-C, [LH]
Ward, William Jr, d. 31 May 1818, age: 33y 7m 21d, #21-LC, [LH]
Ward, William, b. 10 Apr 1815 Dormansville, d. 26 Jun 1862 Dormansville, age: 47y 2m 17d, s/o Joseph & Hannah Ward, #28-C, [LH]
Ward, William, b. 1755, d. 16 May 1836, h/o Hannah Applebee, #15-R, [LH]

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