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Holy Spirit Lutheran Cemetery
Glenmont, Albany County, New York

holy spirit lutheran cemetery, glenmont, ny
Holy Spirit Lutheran Cemetery, Glenmont, NY

GPS: 42.60131, -73.79738

422 Feura Bush Road
Glenmont, NY 12007

Published: November 25, 2011
Updated: March 8, 2022
Total records: 20

Location: Holy Spirit Lutheran Cemetery is located along the south side of Feura Bush Rd, about 1/4 mile west of the intersection with Route 9W. It lies adjacent to the north-west corner of Calvary Cemetery.

Holy Spirit Lutheran Cemetery is owned by The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit, 57 Hurlbut St. Albany, NY 12209. The cemetery is said to date back to 1884, and at one time had been named, "Trinity Lutheran Cemetery" and "St. Mark's Cemetery".

Visitor Submitted Records

Cemetery records published below were contributed by visitors to this website. To add more records to this listing, please visit our Publishing Guidelines.

Contributor's Index:

Bichteman, Friedericke Katharina Heilmann, d. 11 Jul 1934, age: 67-8-26, w/o Albert, bur. 13 Jul 1934, [RM]
Bichteman, Raymond Howard, d. 4 Jun 1928, age: 1-4-10, s/o Albert, bur. 6 Jun 1928, [RM]
Coley, Alfred Conklin, d. 15 Jan 1917, age: 78yr, bur. 18 Jan 1917, [RM]
Fanth, Edward Michael, d. 11 May 1943, age: 44-4-1, s/o William, bur. 13 May 1943, [RM]
Fanth, Mary Elizabeth, d. 14 Jun 1941, age: 81-4-11, w/o William, bur. 16 Jun 1941, [RM]
Fantl(e), William Wallace, d. 23 Apr 1926, age: 69-4-23, h/o Mary E., bur. 25 Apr 1926, [RM]
Forschner, Marie Unkauf, d. 3 Feb 1935, age: 68-11-6, bur. 6 Feb 1935, [RM]
Greenwalt, John, d. 13 Mar 1920, age: 65-8-29, bur. 16 Mar 1920, [RM]
Hasenbein, George Louis, d. 18 Dec 1943, age: 59-10-1, h/o Mildred Carpenter, bur. 21 Dec 1943, [RM]
Kiesel, Herman, d. 4 May 1941, age: 71-6-10, h/o Jennie Crasier, bur. 8 May 1941, [RM]
Kundel, Karl F., d. 18 Jan 1920, age: 62-4-15, bur. 20 Jan 1920, [RM]
Maxwell, Howard Fred, d. 11 Jun 1939, age: 32-5-28, h/o Irene Green, bur. 14 Jun 1939, [RM]
Maxwell, Mildred Grace, d. 28 Jul 1930, age: 2-10-23, d/o Herbert, bur. 30 Jul 1930, [RM]
Philippe, Frederick W., d. 25 Aug 1945, bur. 28 Aug 1945, [RM]
Philipps, Louise Eva Altmeyer, d. 21 Jul 1929, age: 56-2-7, w/o Fred, bur. 23 Jul 1929, [RM]
Platt, Rosa nee Nass, d. 14 Oct 1924, age: 43-11-14, w/o Ernest Theodore, bur. 16 Oct 1924, [RM]
Stresinske, Christian, d. 10 Apr 1920, age: 78-5-15, bur. 13 Apr 1920, [RM]

Veterans Affairs Records

Cemetery records published below were acquired from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on February 15, 2022...

DAVIS, Haviland W, b. 07/24/1927, d. 04/01/2012, US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II
MALOY, Thomas Patrick, b. 05/01/1924, d. 11/28/2003, US ARMY, CPL, WORLD WAR II
VECCHIO, Salvatore F, b. 09/08/1943, d. 11/19/1997, US ARMY, SP4

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