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Graceland Cemetery
Albany, Albany County, New York

GPS: 42.634608, -73.794717

680 Delaware Avenue
Albany NY 12209

Published: November 1, 2016
Total records: 18,570

Surnames Q

Records published here were acquired from Graceland Cemetery on October 31, 2016. Dates of death range from 1874 to 2016.

Qrevelas, Infant
, d. 11/19/1949, bur. 11/19/1949, Section-Lot-Grave: SS 1-INFANTS-115
Quain, June, d. 01/24/1974, bur. 01/28/1974, Section-Lot-Grave: DEERFIELD-232-2
Quain, Michael, d. 08/10/1985, bur. 08/14/1985, Section-Lot-Grave: DEERFIELD-232-1
Quattlebaum, Thelma, d. 02/01/2012, bur. 02/09/2012, Section-Lot-Grave: L-046-5
Quattrochio, Salvatori, d. 09/29/1914, bur. 10/01/1914, Section-Lot-Grave: I-RANGE2-20W1/2
Queen, Rose, d. 08/07/1934, bur. 08/09/1934, Section-Lot-Grave: I-RANGE4-356
Quenneville, Emily, d. 10/17/1986, bur. 10/20/1986, Section-Lot-Grave: FE-R6L7-2
Questro, Johanna, d. 08/14/1943, bur. 08/17/1943, Section-Lot-Grave: A-072C-2
Questro, Margaret, d. 04/30/1971, bur. 05/03/1971, Section-Lot-Grave: A-072C-1
Quickenton, Lillian, d. 12/26/1965, bur. 12/29/1955, Section-Lot-Grave: FE-R9L13-2
Quickenton, Raymond, d. 06/19/1970, bur. 06/22/1970, Section-Lot-Grave: J-032A
Quickley, John Sr., d. 07/31/1978, bur. 08/04/1978, Section-Lot-Grave: T-375
Quigby, Barbara, d. 12/05/1969, bur. 12/08/1969, Section-Lot-Grave: A-102H-1
Quigley, Robert, d. 11/01/1994, bur. 11/14/1994, Section-Lot-Grave: C-0019A-2
Quimby, Sarah, d. 01/14/1940, bur. 01/17/1940, Section-Lot-Grave: J-029
Quinlan, David, d. 03/17/1951, bur. 03/20/1951, Section-Lot-Grave: K-149
Quinlan, Rosa, d. 03/17/1919, bur. 03/19/1919, Section-Lot-Grave: I-RANGE2-193
Quinlivan, Marshall, d. 11/23/1950, bur. 11/27/1950, Section-Lot-Grave: FE-R1L14-1
Quinlivan, Nellie, d. 02/27/1980, bur. 03/01/1980, Section-Lot-Grave: FE-R1L14-2
Quinlivan, Thomas, d. 06/30/2000, bur. 07/02/2000, Section-Lot-Grave: WOODLAWN-143-1
Quintal, Charles, d. 05/15/1922, bur. 05/18/1922, Section-Lot-Grave: I-RANGE2-262
Quixkenton, John, d. 10/11/1954, bur. 10/14/1954, Section-Lot-Grave: FE-R9L13-1
Quon, Lei, d. 03/20/1937, bur. 03/22/1937, Section-Lot-Grave: I-RANGE4-447
Quon, Wong, d. 09/28/1937, bur. 09/30/1937, Section-Lot-Grave: I-RANGE4-463

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