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Lone Mountain Cemetery
Carson City, Nevada

1044 Beverly Drive, Carson City NV

Lat: 39° 10' 37"N, Lon: 119° 45' 36"W

The cemetery is located at the corner of Roop Drive and Beverly Drive about 1/2 mile east of Highway 395. This was originally 7 separate cemeteries which became one in 1971. It is now owned and maintained by the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department. Sexton: David Stultz, 775-887-2111

This is not a complete listing of burials for this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Jan 27, 2007. Total records = 55.

Contributor's Index:

Avery, David W, b. 15 Aug 1840, d. 5 Mar 1889, Drum Major 51St N.Y. Inf, [JV]
Bartine, Horace Franklin, b. 21 Mar 1848, d. 27 Aug 1918, [JV]
Batterman, John N, d. 20 Oct 1880, 1st Sgt Co F. 40 Mass Inf, [JV]
Bell, George H., no dates, Co G. 52 Mass Inf, [JV]
Billings, James J, no dates, Lieut Co M, [JV]
Brulin, Charles A, b. 1844, d. 1932, [JV]
Budd, Joseph D, no dates, Sgt Co E 1 Nev. Cav, [JV]
Burke, Samuel O., d. 21 Dec 1907, U.S. Soldier, [JV]
Carpenter, Joseph W., no dates, Co B 92 Ill Inf, [JV]
Cilley, John S, d. 14 May 1914, Lieut Co B 1st N.H. Cav, [JV]
Clark, Thoomas L., no dates, Sgt Co A 10th Ohio Cav, [JV]
Codding, Erastus W., d. 8 Jan 1885, Co.I 12 Il. Cav, [JV]
Crisler, William Harry, d. 14 May 1901, Sgt Co I, [JV]
Cross, Alfred, no dates, Alf'd Cross Co A 2D Cal.Inf, [JV]
Elsey, McKee T., b. 8 Feb 1835, d. 30 Sep 1912, Corpl 47 Ia. Inf, [JV]
Fagan, John A., no dates, Co I 19 Pa Cav, [JV]
Ford, George Frederick, d. 30 Mar 1898, Co A. 13th Mass Inf, [JV]
Fowler, Thomas J, b. 1846, d. 1935, 66 Regt Ind Inf, [JV]
Galusha, Charles H., b. 18 Apr 1845, d. 21 Jun 1898, Corp'l Co G 6th Mich. Inf, [JV]
Gleaves, Samuel, no dates, Co H 185th Ohio Inf, [JV]
Guinan, James, no dates, Co K, 17 Mich. Inf, [JV]
Haines, John W., d. 17 Nov 1903, Co F 7 Cal Inf, [JV]
Haire, Robert A, d., [JV]
Hark, George, no dates, Co.G 198 Ohio Inf, [JV]
Haynie, John W., d. 8 Apr 1897, Cap't Co C 10th Ohio Cav, [JV]
Haynie, Marcus N., b. 20 Jan 1841, d. 6 Jun 1870, Lieut Co G. 10th Ohio Cav, [JV]
Hayward, George F., d. 21 Apr 1880, Sgt Co C. 25th Iowa Inf, [JV]
Heritage, George, b. 1849, d. 1899, Co H 185 Ohio Inf, [JV]
Hughes, James, no dates, Co C. 14 Vt. Mil, [JV]
Kelly, John, d. 26 Feb 1876, [JV]
Kitzmeyer, Christian, b. 8 Apr 1844, d. 6 Jul 1878, Corpl Co H 5 Md. Inf, [JV]
Lee, Simeon Lemuel, b. 4 Sep 1844, d. 12 Jan 1927, MD First Lieutenant Co H, [JV]
Lohr, James, b. 1847, d. 1934, Private Co G 11 Ohio Cav, [JV]
Maish, Calvin H., no dates, Drum Major 67 Ill. Inf, [JV]
McDermit, Charles, b. 7 May 1820, d. 7 Aug 1865, Lieut. Col. 2nd Cal Cav, [JV]
Meyer, Christopher, d. c.1902, Capt Co B. 98th Pa. Inf, [JV]
Meyers, George H, b. 1847, d. 1935, [JV]
Mighels, Henry Rust, b. 3 Nov 1830, d. 27 May 1879, [JV]
Morris, John E., no dates, Sgt Co D, 80th Ill Inf, [JV]
Parker, Alonzo H., d., [JV]
Richardson, Abbie M., b. May 2, 1846, d. Aug 27, 1887, Nat. of Maine, [JG]
Robbins, Peter, d. 11 Sep 1875, [JV]
Robinson, Lafayette W., no dates, Co F. 11th Ind Inf, [JV]
Shrieves, Harrison, b. 16 Nov 1846 Ohio, d. 12 Mar 1874, [JV]
Smith, William, Jr., no dates, Co M 15th Ny Cav, [JV]
Stocker, DeWitt, d. 11 Sep 1883, Co.K 129th Ind Inf, [JV]
Sullivan, John, no dates, Co C 47 N.Y. Inf, [JV]
Tilton, John M., no dates, Co G 6th Iowa Inf, [JV]
Vogt, Charles, no dates, Co D 7 Kan Cav, [JV]
Wagner, Peter, no dates, Sgt Co B 147th N.Y. Inf, [JV]
Wilcox, Zachary, b. 2 Jun 1847, d. 31 Dec 1926, Priv Co F. 1st VT Cavalry, [JV]
Witherell, Charles A., b. c.1835, d. 26 Apr 1900, Capt Co K, 16th, [JV]
Woodruff, Henry, d. 9 May 1879, Capt Co G 136th U.S.C.T., [JV]
Young, Frank, d. 22 Jun 1878, aged 36yr Sergt Co D 11 Me, [JV]
Zabriskie, Elias Brevoort, b. 7 Aug 1826, d. 27 Sep 1894, Capt Co A 1st Batt'n NV Cav, [JV]

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