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Chiz Cemetery
Sierra County, New Mexico

Contributed by Marilyn Poitras, Nov 19, 2001 [lavelle@zianet.com]. Total records = 26.

To reach the cemetery take I25 or the old Hwy 52 to Winston, NM. From Winston you must take a dirt road which passes through private property. There is no number for the dirt road. The ranch owner is usually home and is willing to let people visit the Cemetery. It would be wise perhaps to ask in Winston which road leads to Chiz.

Transcribed from a work recorded Nov. 1994 by the Sierra Co. Gen. Society and used with their permission. All visible names are recorded.

- Marilyn Poitras
Apodaca, Camylyo, d. Mar 22, 1915
Banarita, no date
Candelaria, Nasaria Maria, b. Apr 12, 1907, d. Sep 20, 1976
Chavez, Jualiananita, b. 1891, d. 1918
De Jaramillo, Juana, no dates
De Olguin, Antionia T., d. Jan 21, 1917
Gurule, J. R., d. Jun 25, 1936
Jiapo, Eoloj, no dates
Lopez, Celso, b. 1869, d. 1946
Lopez, Joe M., d. Mar 3, 1955
Lopez, Yrenia, d. Mar 24, 1942
Mandonada, G.P., d. Oct 22, 1921
Miranda, Clara L., b. Sept 8, 1917, d. May 7, 1936
Ortega, Leonor, d. Nov 20, 1930
Ortega, Willie A., b. Jan 1, 1930, d. Aug 23, 1950
Parra, Jesusita P., d. May 5, 1918
Tafoya, B. G., d. Sep 5, 1919
Trujillo, Antonio T., d. Dec 12, 1916
Trujillo, Beature, b. Dec 25, 1925, d. Dec 15, 1928
Trujillo, E. S., b. ??, d. Mar 5, 1923
Trujillo, Ester, d. Nov 19, 1920
Trujillo, Francisco G., b. 1866, d. 1946
Trujillo, Isabel, d. May 5, 1921
Trujillo, Miguel G., b. 1875, d. 1942
Trujillo, Raslila S., d. Aug, 1916
Trujillo, Vilialdo G., b. 1869, d. 1940

???, Elva A., no dates
F. R. T., d. Oct 8, 1935
HE-LT, d. Sep 1, 1929
L. M., d. Jul 12, 1922
R. C., no dates
Y. P. T., no dates
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