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Canoncito Cemetery
Apache Canyon, Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Lat: 35° 32' 57"N, Lon: 105° 49' 31"W

Contributed by Cheryl Harris, May 25, 2007 [rich1223@comcast.net]. Total records = 45.

To reach cemetery drive 0.1 mile NE of I-25 Canoncito Interchange at Apache Canyon exit In churchyard. It is just south of the Johnson Ranch Road.

Canoncito is located 15 miles southeast of Santa Fe, where the old Santa Fe Trail entered Apache Canyon. Here the Mexican Governor Armijo failed to hold his troops against General Kearny in August 1846. The Confederate supply train was destroyed by the Union General Canby in 1862 which lead to the infamous Battle of Glorieta Pass.

The information for this cemetery was taken from old church records, mortuary records as well as stopping by the cemetery. It, too, has occasional burials but most of the burials are from the mid-1900s.

- Cheryl Harris

??, Antonio, d. 1882 Dec
Armijo, Betty, b. 1850, d. 1920
Baca, Catarina S., d. 1932
Baca, Josefina, no dates
Baca, M. Josefina, b. 1941 Apr, d. 1942 Jul 31
Benavidez, Baby, b. 1948, d. 1948
Cisneros, Luisa, b. c.1907, d. 1962 Aug 10
Clokey, Eloisa, b. 1919 Oct, d. 1924 Feb 15
Dalton, John, no dates
Encinias, Albino, b. 1877, d. 1962
Encinias, Antonio, b. c.1830, d. 1904 Aug 23
Encinias, Jose M., d. 1945 Mar 2
Garcia, Aurelio, no dates
Garcia, Baby, d. 1957 Nov
Garcia, Carlos, no dates
Garcia, Eranor, no dates
Garcia, Fabian, no dates
Garcia, Fidelina, no dates
Garcia, Fidencia, no dates
Garcia, Gilbert, d. 2002 Jul 16
Garcia, Joe E., b. 1941 Mar, d. 1942 Feb 23
Garcia, Jose, no dates
Garcia, Juanita G., b. c.1854, d. 1934 Dec 12
Garcia, Juanita, b. c.1885, d. 1907 Jun 29
Garcia, Luciano, b. c.1843, d. 1900 Nov 24
Garcia, Maria Dalton, b. 1903 Jan 12, d. 1964 Jun 30
Garcia, Navora, no dates
Garcia, Ruben T., b. 1938 Sep 23, d. 1941 Aug 18
Garsia, Francisco, b. c.1853, d. 1911 Feb 2
Garsia, Luisita, b. c.1883, d. 1912 Nov 4
Gonera, Rafel, b. 1886 Feb 20, d. 1907 Jul 15
Gonzales, Andres, b. 1884, d. 1965
Gonzales, Cirilo, b. 1895, d. 1916
Gonzales, Cosme, b. 1888 Jan, d. 1916 Dec 12
Gonzales, Cruz C., b. 1865 May 3, d. 1970 Jul 3
Gonzales, Daniel, b. 1898 Dec 3, d. 19? Nov 10
Gonzales, Francisquita, b. 1885 Oct 4, d. 1960 Aug 24, Beloved Mother
Gonzales, Jesus, b. 1858, d. 1931
Gonzales, Josefina, no dates
Gonzales, Juan, d. 1930
Gonzales, Salbador Sr., b. 1882 Nov 2, d. 1971 Apr 3
Gurule, ??, b. 1764, d. 1829
Gurule, Adelina, d. 1917
Gurule, Dedon Nasyo, b. 1764, d. 1829
Gurule, Elisa, b. c.1914, d. 1934 Apr 4
Gurule, Eugenia A., d. 1948
Gurule, Magdalena, no dates
Gurule, Maria Dalton, b. c.1843, d. 1898, Age 55 years 8 months
Gurule, Modesto, b. c.1908, d. 1934 Apr 4
Gurule, Patricio Jr., d. 1971
Gurule, Pete, b. 1879, d. 1946
Gurule, Tomas, b. c.1842, d. 1918 Jun 9
Gurule, Victor D., b. c.1871, d. 1938 Dec 15
Lopez, Esquibel, b. 1896 Jun 2, d. 1961 Dec 23
Lopez, Julianita, b. c.1823, d. 1895 Mar 31
Marques, Dolores, no dates
Moya, Francisco, b. c.1901, d. 1946
Olivas, Ysabel, b. 1902, d. 1919
O'neill, Lydia Laird, b. 1850 Sep 13, d. 1935 Feb 24
Ortega, Antonia, b. 1921 Jun 27, d. 1921 Sep 19
Romero, Elsie, no dates
Romero, Landy, b. 1950, d. 1952 Nov
Sandoval, Marta G., no dates
Sena, Fularia, d. 1936
Valencia, Abran, b. c.1852, d. 1900 Jul 15
Velasquez, Salomon, no dates
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