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Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery
Midway, Lea County, New Mexico

Lat: 33° 04' 02"N, Lon: 103° 06' 00"W

Contributed by C Byrum, Mar 14, 2000 [cbyrum@gte.net]. Total records = 125.

Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery is located just off hwy 82, 16 miles east of Lovington, New Mexico.

The Cemetery was established in 1910 and is still maintained by private donations. It is in very good condition.

The town of Midway was located about 2 miles east of this cemetery. Midway has nothing left of it now.

- C Byrum
Allen, Nannie Fort, b. 03/26/1884, d. 02/11/1970, w/o Wm. P. Allen, m. 12/09/1903
Allen, Robert Lee, b. 06/28/1955, d. 06/28/1955, d/o Don & Rita Allen
Allen, William Paul, b. 12/26/1875, d. 10/19/1918, h/o Nannie Allen
Baker, Geraldine, b. 03/27/1916, d. 11/13/1976, d/o Henry & Vernie Baker
Baker, Hazel Ruth, b. 07/14/1925, d. 11/08/1927, d/o Henry & Vernie Baker
Baker, Henry Jackson, b. 05/30/1884, d. 08/09/1967, s/o JR & M.E. Baker
Baker, James Robinson, b. 04/17/1853, d. 02/11/1937, s/o Josiah & Nancy
Baker, Mary Elizabeth Howard, b. 03/14/1859, d. 10/19/1942, w/o James Robinson Baker, m. 05/28/1874
Baker, Vernie Ella Spears, b. 01/29/1884, d. 01/26/1975, w/o Henry Baker, m. 01/18/1914
Balch, Baby no dates
Benson, Dessie Mae, b. 03/09/1905, d. 06/28/1936, w/o Jess Benson
Benson, Sarah Elizabeth, b. 02/07/1862, d. 12/01/1932, w/o Wm. Newton Benson
Benson, William Newton, b. 05/01/1866, d. 03/23/1927, h/o Sarah Elizabeth Benson
Benson, William Royal Jr., b. 11/11/1931, d. 06/27/1932, s/o Bill Benson & Margaret V. Priest Benson
Bigham, Nola E. Stanboro, b. 12/21/1903, d. ?, w/o Orin Bigham, m. 05/19/1923
Bigham, Orin Swan, b. 02/04/1897, d. 09/09/1976, h/o Nola Bigham
Brian, Mose B., b. 08/10/1881, d. 10/24/1955, b/o Fannie "Brian" Tarry
Burleson, John Lawrence, b. 1836, d. 1913
Burns, Estella Esther Baker, b. 06/29/1888, d. 09/10/1972, w/o Walter A. "Gus" Burns, m. 04/09/1909
Burns, Hazel, b. 10/11/1884, d. 08/15/1947, s/o John CJ & Emily Holly Burns, m. Tollye 04/28/1918
Burns, Robert "Bob", b. 1874, d. 03/19/1933, b/o Orlena Stanboro
Burns, Tollye "Shuman", w/o Hazel Burns, d/o L.D.Burns & Sallie Ragsdale Shuman
Burns, Walter Augustus "Gus", b. 05/18/1880, d. 11/02/1932, s/o John C.J Burns & Emily Holly Burns
Cassady, Verl Calvin, b. 07/14/1931, d. 03/24/1997, h/o Helen Ruth Lyons
Clifton, Cecil Murel McClure, b. 10/30/1906, d. 02/09/1927, s/o Wm. McClure w/o J.M. Clifton
Crowder, Ethel D. Fort, b. 10/04/1889, d. 07/25/1986
Crowder, Johnnie Mae Fort, b. 07/19/1917, d. 09/12/1995, d/o Johnnie R. & Fonzo Fort
Crowder, Ray F., b. 1914, d. 05/31/1991, s/o Ethel D. "Fort" Crowder
Denton, Virgil, b. 09/14/1886, d. 01/23/1939, s/o Jonathan & Anna Denton
Doran, J. D., b. 09/07/1916, d. 09/07/1916, s/o Wiley & Lulu Doren
Doran, Lula Allen, b. 04/23/1883, d. 04/1951, d/o Gilbert D. & Nancy Louisa Allen, w/o WW Doran
Doran, Marie Reed, b. 04/18/1918, d. 09/18/1990, w/o JD Doran
Doran, Violet Katherine, b. 12/13/1910, d. 02/02/1910, d/o Wiley & Lulu Doran Epples, Baby
Doran, William Wiley, b. 1875, d. 11/23/1926, h/o Lulu Doran, m. 08/27/1908
Fort, Baby, b. 07/15/1921, d. 07/15/1921, s/o Wm. & Bera Fort
Fort, Benjamin Herman, b. 12/15/1859, d. 02/27/1929, h/o Lou "Bramlett" Fort
Fort, Bera Iola Freeman, b. 10/15/1894, d. 11/01/1983, w/o Wm. Herman Fort, m. 02/17/1910
Fort, Bera Maude, b. 09/03/1918, d. 12/15/1936, d/o Wm. & Bera Fort
Fort, Carroll, b. 09/28/1912, d. 09/25/1956, s/o Wm. & Bera Fort
Fort, Fonzo Etta Pope, b. 11/08/1888, d. 05/13/1959, w/o Johnnie R. Fort, d/o Thomas and Maggie Pope
Fort, J. R., b. 02/22/1914, d. 02/22/1914, s/o Johnnie & Fonzo Fort
Fort, Johnnie Ruben, b. 07/12/1890, d. 03/19/1946, m. 10/28/1910, h/o Fonzo Fort s/o Benjamin & Lou
Fort, William Herman, b. 02/13/1893, d. 10/25/1980, s/o Benjamin H. Fort
Goodman, Bonnie Jean, b. 11/12/1914, d. 11/23/1998, d/o Henry & Vernie Baker
Goodman, Buford A, b. 07/01/1918, d. 10/28/1992, h/o Bonnie Jean Goodman, m. 11/17/1947
Hennington, Cumy, b. 02/03/1879, d. 09/17/1940, w/o T. Clement Hennington
Hennington, Thomas Clement, b. 09/31/1879, d. 07/13/1943, h/o Cumy Hennington
Hudgens, Marie, b. 02/1927, d. 02/1927 d/o Rufus Hudgens
Jackson, Jeannie Mae Brian, b. 12/23/1885, d. 06/10/1960, s/o Fannie "Brian" Tarry
Leslie, Hettie Jane O'Neal, b. 12/02/1895, d. 07/07/1985
Lusk, Belma Agnes, b. 05/22/1917, d. 05/26/1917
Lusk, Sina Lavada, b. 12/10/1879, d. 08/09/1917, m/o Roma Lusk
Maben, William Syfrett, b. 05/07/1915, d. 05/07/1915, s/o Orlin & Millie Maben
McClure, William Russell, b. 06/23/1898, d. 07/12/1931, s/o Pat & Cynthia McClure
McCravey, LeeRoy, b. 11/22/1919, d. 11/22/1919, s/o Roy & Myrtle McCravey
McCraw, Ronald Gene, b. 03/27/1946, d. 03/14/1968, h/o Charlotte "Spears" McCraw, Killed in Viet Nam
Mugishima, Toshiro "Duke", b. 01/28/1920, d. 03/01/1988, h/o Oma Dean "Spears" Mugishima
O'Briant, Baby Girl, b. 1964, d. 1964, gd/o Robert & Ethel Spears
O'Neal, John C., b. 04/01/1858, d. 11/26/1919, f/o Fort
Parsons, Baby, d. 1940, c/o Evalinn & Festus Parsons
Parsons, Baby, d. 1941, c/o Evalinn & Festus Parsons
Parsons, Baby, d. 1942, c/o Evalinn & Festus Parsons
Parsons, Baby, d. 1947, c/o Evalinn & Festus Parsons
Parsons, Evalinn Agnes, b. 09/09/1919, d. 01/02/1973, w/o Festus Parsons
Parsons, Festus Lane, b. 12/29/1916, d. 02/20/1969
Peak, H., no dates
Penny, John Barrett, b. 04/22/1939, d. ?,
Pope, Betty Lou, b. 04/21/1896, d. 01/01/1965, d/o Thomas & Margaret Pope
Pope, Bryant Hall, b. 12/02/1898, d. 08/04/1987, s/o Thomas & Margaret Pope
Pope, James Thomas, b. 05/02/1920, d. 12/17/1935, s/o OA & Vinnie Pope
Pope, Joseph Thomas Pope, b. 10/11/1927, d. 10/30/1997, s/o Bryant & Nellie Pope
Pope, Joyce Evelyn, b. 02/03/1928, d. 04/02/1998, w/o Joseph Pope
Pope, Margaret Marietta "Maggie" Bryant, b. 09/14/1860, d. 08/23/1927,w/o Thomas Pope
Pope, Nellie May Stanboro, b. 01/24/1902, d. 07/24/1991, w/o Bryant Pope, m. 08/21/1921
Pope, Odell A., b. 06/15/1930, d. 03/27/1966, s/o OA & Vinnie Pope
Pope, Organ Avertus, b. 08/08/1884, d. 04/27/1996, s/o Thomas & Margaret Pope, h/o Vinnie E. "Brown" Pope, m. 09/30/1908
Pope, Thomas Durham, b. 10/11/1860, d. 11/23/1949, h/o Maggie Pope
Pope, Vinnie Evelyn "Brown", b. 05/08/1892, d. 11/25/1977, w/o OA Pope, d/o James & Nannie "Brown"
Priest, Ada Grice, b. 12/19/1897, d. 12/07/1932, w/o Robert E. Priest, m. 04/07/1919
Priest, Francis Drew "Bud, b. 03/23/1909, d. 01/08/1953, s/o Henry & Sudie Priest
Priest, Gid Lewis, b. 01/13/1897, d. 04/29/1915, s/o Henry & Sudie Priest
Priest, Henry Francis, b. 08/08/1869, d. 12/02/1932, h/o Sudie Priest
Priest, Jimmie Spencer, b. 09/26/1931, d. 08/17/1996, s/o Robert & Ada Priest
Priest, Robert Eli, b. 10/03/1895, d. 06/07/1957
Priest, Susan "Sudie" Harrott, b. 07/31/1872, d. 07/24/1943, w/o Henry F. Priest
Reilly, Edward Henry, b. 09/30/1870, d. 01/1946 h/o Samantha Reilly, m. 03/1921
Reilly, Samantha Elizabeth, b. 08/29/1975, d. 12/24/1947 w/o Edward Henry Reilly
Smith, Oleta Workman Stanboro, b. 08/03/1921, d. 12/10/1994, d/o Dee & Edna Workman
Spears, Anna Pearl Baker, b. 11/25/1896, d. 04/03/1994, (2nd) w/o CB Spears, m. 03/13/1932
Spears, Charlie Belt, b. 03/06/1886, d. 03/13/1966, s/o Adam & Mary Lou
Spears, Ethel Agnes Redwine, b. 07/14/1913, d. 11/14/1897, w/o Robert Lee Spears, m. 03/06/1932
Spears, EulaViolet Stanbro, b. 03/02/1900, d. 03/06/1921, (1st) w/o C.B Spears d/o Orville Stanboro
Spears, Idabelle Coggins, b. 05/27/1902, d. 02/18/1946, w/o James Monroe Spears, m. 01/02/1923
Spears, James Monroe, s/o Adam & Mary Lou Spears
Spears, Mary Lou Farisha Ward, b. 01/08/1849, d. 03/15/1931, w/o Adam H. Spears
Spears, Robert Lee, b. 03/01/1882, d. 02/29/1948, s/o Adam & Mary Lou Spears, m. 03/06/1932
Spears, Sarah Catherine, b. 06/03/1868, d. 06/21/1923, d/o Adam & Mary Lou Spears
Spears, William Joseph, b. 10/24/1871, d. 01/02/1828, s/o Adam & Mary Lou Spears
Stanboro, David Cecil, b. 03/03/1915, s/o Orville & Orlena Stanboro
Stanboro, Edna Lavancy Workman, b. 11/24/1888, d. 05/21/1967, w/o Dee Workman, (2nd) w/o Orville Stanboro
Stanboro, Joseph Baker, b. 11/27/1845, d. 04/24/1923, f/o Orville Stanboro
Stanboro, Orlena Jane Burns, b. 10/13/1876, d. 11/29/1939, w/o Orville Stanboro
Stanboro, Orville Carlton, b. 06/12/1873, d. 06/28/1960, s/o Joe B. Stanboro
Syfrett, Arthur Lee, b. 01/08/1893, d. 07/03/1964, h/o Kate Harris Syfrett
Syfrett, Horace Jasper, b. 01/15/1915, d. 02/14/1915
Syfrett, Kate Harris, b. 01/19/1915
Syfrett, Wyatt Lee, b. 06/20/1913, d. 06/26/1913
Tarry, Fannie F. "Brian", b. 01/18/1880, d. 09/11/1957, d/o Alfred & Mattie Brian w/o Sidney Tarry
Tarry, Simon Johnson, b. 11/22/1869, d. 08/02/1940, h/o Fannie "Brian" Tarry, m. 05/01/1897
Unknown, Soldier b. 1918, d. ?, walked up to JR Baker home after WW1 and died shortly afterwards of the flu
Unknown, marked "Friend of Priest Family"
Unknown, marker
Unknown, marker
Walser, Earnest Call, b. 04/11/1889, d. 12/27/1987, (2nd) w/o Jennie Jackson Walser
Ward, Ruth Caroline Spears, b. 10/11/1869, d. 12/31/1939, d/o Adam & Mary Lou Spears, w/o Wm.
Watkins, Baby,
Watson, Lois A., b. 09/24/1914, d. ?, w/o Simon Watson, m. 12/05/1933
Watson, Savannah, b. 06/1945, d. 05/20/1932, gm/o Simon S. Watson
Watson, Simon S., b. 07/18/1910, d. 02/14/1984, s/o Simon & Daisy Watson
Workman, Dee, b. 05/08/1883, d. 12/18/1947, h/o Edna Workman
Workman, Elzie Bert, b. 07/14/1918, d. 03/07/1982, s/o Dee & Edna Workman
Workman, Leo C., b. 03/16/1925, d. 02/14/1962, s/o Dee & Edna Workman
Workman, Mildred Irene, b. 11/05/1926, d. 07/08/1979, w/o E. Bert Workman
Wynche, Joseph T., b. 10/08/1891, d. 05/31/1967, h/o Orvilla Wynche
Wynche, Orvilla Stanboro, b. 07/14/1897, d. 05/21/1968
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