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Roy Cemetery
Roy, Harding County, New Mexico

Lat: 35° 57' 23"N, Lon: 104° 11' 24"W

Contributed by Cheryl Harris, Nov 17, 2006, last edited Jun 11, 2012 [rich1223@comcast.net]. Total records = 488.

To reach this cemetery drive north out of Roy for about 1.2 mile on SR 120. The cemetery is on the east or right side of the highway.

Roy is a small town at the junction of NM 39 and 120. It is a ranching and farming area, which also produces carbon dioxide. Established by Frank and William Roy in 1901 and named for Frank Roy who was also the first postmaster. The population of Roy, NM was 239 in the year 2005.

It is presumed the Roy Cemetery was established around the same time as the town or shortly after.

This cemetery was transcribed in the summer of 2006 and includes all existing and legible stones and markers. Many of the grave markers are without dates.

- Cheryl Harris

Abernathy, Estella Mason, no dates
Abernathy, G. A., d. 1942 Mar 20
Abeyta, Apolonia, b. c.1890, d. 1939 Apr 3
Aguilar, Esteban, b. c.1867, d. 1942 Jul 31
Aguilar, Felix, b. c.1898, d. 1994 Nov 1
Aldes, Delfina, no dates
Allen, O. L., no dates
Ames, J. M., no dates
Ames, Ruth, no dates, 6 years old
Anderson, C. E., no dates
Anderson, Nella, no dates
Archuleta, Emily, b. c.1887, d. 1937 Nov 17, Wife of Leandro Archuleta
Archuleta, Juanita B., no dates
Archuleta, Leandro, no dates
Arguello, Adelia M., no dates, 37 years old
Arguello, J. B., d. 1936 Oct 19
Arguello, M. Luis, no dates
Arguello, Simonita A., b. c.1873, d. 1939 Mar 25
Atencio, Lanina Jesus, no dates
Ault, Ward, no dates
Baca, Apolonia Avery, no dates
Baca, Jose N., d. 1945 Oct 22
Baca, Manuel, d. 1949 Sep 7, Baby
Baca, Mike A., b. 1943 Aug, d. 1993 Sep 9, Son of Petra Baca
Baca, Petra, no dates
Baker, Benjamin Frank, d. 1945 Oct 1
Baker, Fred, no dates
Baker, Freddy Lee, d. 1940 Sep 24
Baker, Inez, d. 1940 Feb
Baker, M. N., no dates
Ballard, J. S., no dates
Baum, E. A., b. 1918 Oct , d. 1938 Jun 30
Baum, W. H., d. 1942 Jan 15
Baum, William, no dates
Beard, J. M., no dates
Beller, Eddie, no dates
Beltran, Cirilia M., no dates
Beltran, Manuel, no dates
Bentley, E. M. S., no dates
Blasi, Catherine Molinaro, b. 1914 Dec 4, d. 2006 Aug 10, Wife of John, Born Salt Lake, UT"
Blasi, Dominic D. "Nanu", b. 1901 Apr 23, d. 1990 Sep 16, Husband of Lolly, Born Trinidad, CO
Blasi, John B. (Giovanni Battista), b. 1903 Oct 23, d. 1995 Nov 14, Married to Catherine, Born Trinidad, CO
Blasi, John, d. 1945 Apr 12, Baby
Blasi, Joseph, b. 1936 Mar 7, d. 1973 Sep 7, Son of John and Catherine Blasi
Blasi, Ruby, d. 1945 Apr 12, Infant of John Blasi
Blasi-Moore, Barbra L. Hillard, b. 1942 Sep 23, d. 1989 Feb 25, Wife of Joseph Blasi, Born Logan NM
Blea, Barbrita, b. c.1856, d. 1938 Sep 7
Blea, Dorotea, b. c.1921, d. 1936 Mar 13
Blea, Father Adan, no dates
Blunk, Ivan, no dates
Blunk, Rebecca, no dates
Bowman, William, no dates
Bradley, Minor O., d. 1940 Feb
Branch, Alberto P., no dates
Branch, Anita P., no dates
Branch, Eduardo P., no dates
Branch, Infant, no dates, Baby of Anita Branch
Branch, Pablo B., no dates
Brice, W. F., d. 1938 Dec 29
Brick, Mrs. Schneider, no dates
Brock, Mrs. Roy, no dates
Brown, Dr. E. P., no dates
Brown, Earnest, no dates
Brown, Mrs. L. A., no dates
Brown, Terry Turner, b. 1880 Feb 4, d. 1938 Aug 4
Browning, Martha, b. c.1861, d. 1938 Aug 24
Browning, Taylor S. Sr., no dates
Bruce, Mr., no dates
Burleson, A. I. "Shorty", d. 1938 Mar 5
Burleson, Infant, no dates
Byrne, Homer Lee, b. 1900 Dec 29, d. 1929 Jun 23, age: 28yr, Son of Mary Louise Jane Crow Byrne
Byrue, Homer, no dates
Cable, Ida Baker, no dates
Calvert, Julio, no dates
Cannon, Lee A., no dates, 75 years
Cannon, Lucille, no dates, 1 year
Cannon, Mrs. Lee, d. 1942 Dec 10
Cannon, Ocie, no dates
Casaus, Abrailio, b. c.1918, d. 1935 Apr 10
Casaus, Juan, b. c.1886, d. 1937 Apr 11
Chambers, William Annison "Will", b. 1845, d. 1943 Nov 23, age: 98yr, "born Fortuna, MO"
Chavez, Francisco, no dates
Chavez, G. Jose F., b. 1941 Aug, d. 1944 Jan 8, Son of Candido Chavez
Chavez, Gertrude S., b. c.1868, d. 1939 Jan 22
Chavez, Tonita J., no dates
Clemenceau, Rose, no dates
Clemenceau, William P., no dates
Colbert, Venia, d. 1937 Apr 19
Connelly, Peter, b. c.1856, d. 1938 Mar 15
Cook, Edwin, no dates
Cook, Mrs. E., no dates
Cook, Robert S., no dates
Cordova, Rosita, b. c.1873, d. 1936 Nov 17
Coslett, I. R., no dates
Coslett, Mary M., b. c.1895, d. 1938 Mar 8
Couch, Ottie, no dates
Craig, James Allen, b. 1900 Jul 12, d. 1974 Sep 13, age: 74yr, Husband of Josephine Scott, Son of Vertie Maib
Craig, William Lloyd, b. 1930 Mar 4, d. 1930 Mar 15, age: 0yr, Son of James & Josephine Craig
Crow, Mary Louise Jane Byrne, b. 1874 Mar 21, d. 1939 Jul 21, age: 65yr, Mother of Homer Byrne
Davenport, William, no dates
Davis, H. W., no dates
Davis, Mrs. S. T., no dates
Davis, R., no dates
Deherrera, Ernest, b. c.1929, d. 2002 May 8
Deherrera, Johnny Pete, b. c.1973, d. 2001 Apr 28, Salazar Mortuary
Deschamps, Jacinta , b. c.1849, d. 1939 Mar 13
Deweese, L.N., no dates
Dick, Joseph J., no dates
Dick, L. G., no dates
Dunn, W. L., no dates
Ebell, Eubalda, b. c.1854, d. 1939 Mar 22
Ebell, Lucinda, no dates
Ebell, Rosina, b. c.1929, d. 1990 Nov 3, Wife of Bonifacio, Born Santa Fe, NM
Ebell, Sacarias, no dates
Esquibel, Babies, no dates
Esquibel, Frederico, no dates
Esquibel, Maria, b. c.1909, d. 1941 Oct 13, Wife of Fidel Esquibel
Esquibel, Mrs. Cundra, no dates
Esquibel, Patrocino, b. c.1908, d. 2001 Nov 6, Rogers Las Vegas Mortuary
Esquibel, Selidon, d. 1939 Apr 27
Esquibel, Tomacita, b. c.1861, d. 1938 Mar 30
Farley, Boone, d. 1931
Farmer, Mrs. H. W., no dates
Fennessy, Matt, b. c.1868, d. 1935 May
Fernandez, Juan Anastacio, b. 1933 Oct 12, d. 1939 Dec 12
Fernandez, Martha, b. 1902 Mar 12, d. 1939 Dec 31
Finch, Bud, no dates
Finley, D. M., no dates
Fiscus, S. W., no dates
Floersheim, E. J., no dates
Fomne, Abe Shisher, d. 1944 Jan 19
Foster, F. H., d. 1943 Jan 7
Gallegos, Abarista, no dates
Gallegos, Astacio, no dates
Gallegos, Frank, d. 1935
Gallegos, Polo, d. 1931
Gallegos, Roberto, no dates
Gambrel, B. P., no dates
Gambrel, Julia Ann, d. 1946 Jun 18
Gambrel, L., no dates
Garcia, Dan, b. 1943 Apr, d. 1943 Oct 21
Garcia, Joe E., b. c.1925, d. 1960 Jan 26, Husband of Isabel Garcia
Garcia, Jose Daniel, b. c.1882, d. 1943 Dec 14
Garcia, Juanita, no dates
Garcia, Sinfarosa, b. 1935 Jan 17, d. 1943 Aug 17
Gardner, Juliavieve, b. c.1920, d. 2003 Feb 18, Wife of Buster Gardner
Gibson, John, no dates
Gomez, Flavio, no dates, 2 days old
Gonzales, Baby, d. 1948 Oct 14, Child of Diego Gonzales
Gonzales, Diego Jr., b. 1948 Oct 12, d. 1948 Oct 14, Child of Diego Gonzales
Gonzales, Eloy L., no dates
Gonzales, Frank, no dates
Gonzales, Joaquin, no dates
Gonzales, Margarita, no dates
Gonzales, Mrs. Frank, no dates
Gonzales, Pedro J., no dates
Gonzales, Roscindo D., no dates
Graves, Maria Nicolasa, b. 1943 Dec , d. 1944 Jan 31
Griego, A. J., no dates
Griego, Carlina Casaus, b. c.1879, d. 1938 Feb 3
Gross, Wayne, no dates
Grove, James Edwin, b. 1913 Oct 14, d. 1973 Mar 19
Halterman, V. P., no dates
Hayes, Floyd, d. 1942 Mar 9
Hazelton, Claude, d. 1938 Jan 13
Heath, Edna S., no dates
Hedgecock, Guy, no dates
Hephner, Baby, d. 1935 Jan 25, child of Mary Hephner
Hephner, M. S., b. c.1853, d. 1932 Apr
Hephner, Mary, d. 1935 Jan 25, Wife of R.J. Hephner
Hephner, P. J., no dates
Hephner, Roy, no dates
Hern, A. J. Fullbright, no dates
Herrera, Alferino de, b. 1873 Mar 10, d. no date
Herrera, Hickel Harvey E., no dates
Herrera, Joe, b. 1943 Sep 18, d. 1943 Oct 28
Herrera, Mary Della, no dates
Hill, William, d. 1945 Oct 3
Hines, L. V. C., no dates
Hobson, Roland Lee, b. c.1875, d. 1937 Aug 11, Spanish American War
Holder, W. Tommy, no dates
Holmes, Homer, no dates
Hooper, J. L., no dates
Hooper, J. W., d. 1936
Hooper, John, no dates
Hooper, Mrs. M. J., b. 1871 Mar 18, d. 1938 Mar 28
Hornbaker, John, d. 1915 Aug 3
Horton, Frank, b. 1933 Mar 18, d. 1997 May 16
Hoskins, A. S., no dates
Hoskins, Lula J., no dates
Hutson, Walter J., no dates
Ivey, Edwin F., no dates
Ivey, Floyd, no dates
Jackson, George, no dates
Joely, Nugent, no dates
Johnson, Addie, no dates, Wife of C.W. Johnson
Johnson, William J., no dates
Johnston, Louise Hellen, b. 1913 Aug 24, d. 1940 Dec 31
Johnston, Louise, no dates
Johnston, Maude E., d. 1925 Mar 20
Johnston, William G., d. 1929 Apr 24
Judy, E. J., d. 1944 Mar 22
Kenoyer, Verna Albert, b. 1894, d. 1923, age: 30yr, Husband of Opal, Son of Albert & Martha Kenoyer
Kercher, Mary A., no dates
Kern, Jacob, no dates
Kern, Laura, no dates
Kershner, Oliver, d. 1938 Jul 1
Kiersey, Conway Lee, d. 1947 Feb 9
Kilbrew, Paul, no dates
Kilburn, F., no dates
Kincannon, J. N., b. c.1877, d. 1937 Jan 26
Kincannon, W. J., b. c.1856, d. 1934
King, Baby, no dates, child of Mary King
King, Mary, no dates
Kitchell, Mrs. G., no dates
Ladoux, Adelaida, d. , 47 years old
Ladoux, Arthur, no dates
Ladoux, David, no dates
Ladoux, Pat, no dates
Leach, Esther, no dates
Leatherman, C. W. B., b. c.1866, d. 1938 Oct 6
Leatherman, Earnesjt, b. 1918,", d.
Leatherman, Ethel, no dates
Lebert, J. H., no dates
Leroux, Louis, d. 1936 Mar 6
Lewis, Clyde, b. c.1890, d. 1909 Jun 10
Linson, Donnie Martin, d. , 3 years old
Linson, Herbert, no dates
Linson, John, no dates
Linson, Lawrence, no dates
Linson, Orval T., no dates
Logan, John, no dates
Lovato, Enrique, b. c.1874, d. 1927 Dec 3
Lovato, Marie E., b. 1940 Sep, d. 1942 May 11
Lowers, Edna J., no dates
Lucero, Alfredo, no dates, Child
Lucero, Antonio R., b. c.1857, d. 1930 Oct 18
Lucero, Carlita, no dates
Lucero, Dionicio, no dates
Lucero, Jose Gilbert, d. 1937 Dec 28, Infant
Lucero, Levera, b. c.1865, d. 1937 Jul 30
Lucero, Mary, no dates
Lucero, Natividad, b. 1944 Jun 28, d. 1944 Jul 3
Lucero, Victor, no dates
Lujan, Mrs. Jose I., d. 1942 Dec 11
Lumbauch, Dan, d. 1931 Feb 22
Lusk, W. C., no dates
Maestas, Eusebio Ignacio, b. c.1861, d. 1937 Jan 4
Maestas, Monica, no dates
Maestas, Mrs. Jose Maria, d. 1943 Dec 27
Maib, A. D., no dates
Maib, J. W., no dates
Maib, Mrs. J. W., no dates
Malone, Baby, d. 1929 Apr 7
Malone, James I., b. c.1879, d. 1937 Jan 11
Malone, Sally, b. c.1889, d. 1947 Aug 21
Martinez, Carlos Felipe Sr., b. c.1933, d. 1994 Mar 9, Alameda Mortuary
Martinez, Cecilia Cornelia, no dates
Martinez, Eufelia, d. 1932
Martinez, Francisco A., b. c.1884, d. 1943 Apr 4
Martinez, Francisco, b. c.1874, d. 1943 Jan 4
Martinez, J. C., d. 1945 Nov 25
Martinez, Josephita, b. c.1883, d. 1936 Apr 7
Martinez, Lee R., no dates
Martinez, Lucaro, d. 1975 Jan 17, Husband of Bertha Martinez
Martinez, Mrs. George, d. 1937
Martinez, Sinforosa G., no dates
Mascarenas, A. J., no dates
Mascarenas, Enna S., no dates
McCrystal, Brothers, d. 1935 Jul 18
McDonald, Audilee, d. 1942 Mar 21
McDonald, Clyde, no dates
McDonald, T., no dates
McMininey, Earl, d. 1926 Sep 14
McNeal, Mrs. J. B., no dates
Medina, Alfredo, d. 1943 Oct 1
Medina, Anna Maria, b. 1936 Feb 14, d. 1936 Feb 23
Medina, Anna Maria, b. 1942 Aug, d. 1942 Sep 10
Medina, Juanita, d. 1939 Nov 6
Medina, Maria Sefrona, b. 1937 Jul, d. 1937 Oct 1
Medina, Mrs. Alfredo, d. 1945 Apr 14
Meffert, Mrs. Fred, no dates
Menapace, Joe Jr., no dates
Mitchell, B. H., no dates
Mitchell, H. C., no dates
Mitchell, Joe, no dates
Mitchell, Lucile, no dates
Mitchell, Nancy, no dates
Mitchell, R. W., no dates
Mitchell, Ray, no dates
Mohoney, Mrs. J. H., no dates
Montoya, Candelario, no dates
Montoya, Dan, b. 1900 Nov 22, d. 1985 May 16, Grandfather of Sylvia Montoya Wiuff
Montoya, Genevieve, b. 1939, d. 1950
Montoya, Isabel E., b. 1913 Nov 18, d. 1985 Nov 25, Grandmother of Sylvia Montoya Wiuff
Montoya, Juanita S., no dates
Montoya, Juanita, d. 1943 Oct 28
Montoya, Maria Antonia, b. 1889 Apr 29, d. 1976 Jul 29
Moore, Infant, d. 1937 Mar 29
Moore, Ira Lee, no dates
Niel, Elmer, no dates
Nutter, John, no dates
Nutter, Mrs. John, d. 1937 Feb 13
Ogden, Irvin, d. 1935 May 23
Olybas, Clato, d. 1907 May 12
Orem, S. A., b. c.1888, d. 1937 Nov 20
Ortega, Faustin, b. 1944 Jan, d. 1944 Aug 29
Ortega, Marsalome, d. 1922
Pacheco, Infant, d. 1947 Feb 27, Child of Fred Pacheco
Pacheco, J. B. B., no dates
Page, J. H., no dates
Palmer, Rhineer, no dates
Pate, S., no dates
Payton, A. J., b. c.1874, d. 1938 Feb 5
Payton, George W., no dates
Payton, Thomas Flowell, b. c.1917, d. 2004 Dec 5, Widow of Frances Payton
Pendleton, Eula, d. 1943 Aug 18
Pendleton, Raymond B., no dates
Perrea, Alberto , b. 1938 Jul 11, d. 1938 Jul 28
Perrea, Joe, b. 1937 May, d. 1937 Dec 25
Perrea, Josephita, b. 1937 Feb , d. 1937 Oct 2
Perrea, Marie, d. 1936 Dec 27, Daughter of Solomon Perrea
Perry, Lou Wortman, no dates, Sister of Nancy Jane Wortman
Quintana, Felix, d. 1943 Oct 3, Infant
Quintana, Maria Helen, b. 1946 Sep 1, d. 1946 Sep 20
Quintana, Mary, d. 1947 Mar 10
Rainbow, Ethel, no dates
Ray, George Hix Jr., b. 1921 Apr 25, d. 1969 Nov 7, per Mary Cuthbert, Sec 3-39
Ray, George Hix Sr., b. 1882 Dec 24, Kentucky, d. 1963 Nov 7, per Mary Cuthbert, Sec 3-39
Ray, Mary Ellen Yates, b. 1901 Oct 8, Texas, d. 1954 Feb 1, per Mary Cuthbert, Sec 3-39
Rayton, A. C., no dates
Rayton, Joe, no dates
Reeder, B. R., d. 1936 Apr 6
Regoni, Tommy, no dates
Rhyme, C. A., no dates
Rice, T. A., d. 1946 Jan 15
Rivera, Enselma, no dates
Roberts, Sam, d. 1933 Nov 22
Robertson, Liston, no dates
Rodrigues, Jacob R., no dates
Rodrigues, Juan, no dates
Rodrigues, Ricardo, no dates
Romero, Francisco M., b. 1896 Apr 16, d. 1973 Nov 4, husband of Josefita, Purple Heart, military
Romero, Jose Leon, no dates
Romero, Jose Luz, no dates
Romero, Josefita Sandoval, b. c.1901, d. no date, military
Romero, Juan D., d. 1932
Romero, Maria N., d. 1940 Mar 1
Romero, Mrs. Cecilio, d. 1943 Aug 9
Romero, Paz, no dates
Rosenberg, D. A., d. 1945 Aug 4
Roy, Anna, d. , 13 years old
Roy, Clara, b. c.1858, d. 1938 Jan 13
Roy, Frank A., b. c.1864, d. 1938 Dec 17
Roy, Phil, no dates
Roy, William, no dates
Roybal, Antonio , d. 1948 Apr 17
Russell, W. L., no dates
Salazar, Abenicio "Abe", b. 1907 Oct 7, d. 1990 Mar 3, Husband of Celina Salazar
Salazar, Abenicio, no dates
Salazar, Baby, no dates, Infant of Dave Salazar
Salazar, Elena, no dates
Samora, Natavado, no dates
Sanchez, Cristobal, d. 1948 Apr 1
Sanchez, Francisco, d. 1936 Mar 6
Sandoval, Antonio James Pat, no dates, Age 8 months 28 days
Sandoval, Clotide, b. 1943 Jan, d. 1943 Apr 5
Sandoval, Dominica, no dates, Infant
Sandoval, Felix C., no dates
Sandoval, Francisco, no dates
Sandoval, Frank J., no dates
Sandoval, Genoveva, no dates, Age 3 months 8 days
Sandoval, Jose R., no dates
Sandoval, Juan C., d. 1949 Sep 26
Sandoval, Juan, d. 1937
Sandoval, Lucinda, b. 1943 Jun, d. 1943 Sep 4
Sandoval, Mary Louise, d. 1940 Feb
Sandoval, Mary, b. 1943 Mar 14, d. 1945 Apr 16
Sandoval, Matilda, no dates
Sandoval, Otinita, d. 1944 Feb 15, Daughter of Nabar Sandoval
Sandoval, Pelegrina Ode, no dates
Sandoval, Ramonita, d. 1925
Sandoval, Richard John, d. 1940, Age 5 months
Sandoval, Susana, no dates
Sandoval, Virginia, no dates
Sansbury, Jim, no dates
Santa Anna, Dubujan, b. c.1874, d. 1938 Jan 24
Santillanes, Lonico, d. 1939 Nov 8
Scheier, L. P., d. 1939 Apr 5, Infant
Schneider, Elenora "Nora", b. 1878 Apr 18, d. 1960 Apr 7, Wife of Walter Schneider
Schneider, John, no dates
Schneider, Walter, b. 1878 Apr, d. 1944 Sep 6, Husband of Nora Schneider
Schneider, Walter, d. 1944 Sep 5
Scott, C. A., d. , Moquero, NM
Scott, Jenny Rose Chambers, b. 1881 Sep 16, d. 1954 Jul 12, age: 72yr, Wife of Thomas, Dtr of William and Mary Chambers
Scott, Lloyd Jefferson, b. 1904 Mar 1, d. 1922 Jan 20, age: 17yr, Son of Thomas & Jenny Scott
Scott, T. O, no dates
Scott, Thomas Oliver "Tom", b. 1872 May 18, d. 1962 May 7, age: 89yr, Husband of Jennie, Son of Louis J. & Narcissus Scott
Seidel, Emma Romero, b. c.1890, d. 1942 Nov 9
Sheltran, Frank, d. 1908, Twin
Shrum, Annabelle, no dates
Shrum, Arthur, no dates
Shrum, Dorothy, no dates
Shrum, George Harvey, no dates
Shrum, George, no dates
Shrum, Tonita, no dates
Slusher, H. J., d. 1946 Mar 5
Smith, J. A., no dates
Smith, L. A., no dates
Smith, Mabel, no dates
Smith, Mrs. J. A., no dates
Smith, Thomas Frank, b. 1943 May 21, d. 1968 Dec 13, age: 25yr, Husband of Olive Woodward Smith
Stafford, Dulcina Belle, d. 1935 May 7
Stewart, B. R., no dates
Swain, W. A., no dates, Infant
Tafolla, Baby, d. 1936 Oct 9
Tafolla, Domingo, no dates
Tafolla, Teofola, no dates
Tafoya, Infant, d. 1948 Aug 27, Child of Lee Tafoya
Tafoya, Marcelina, b. c.1897, d. 1936 Oct 10
Tafoya, Rafelita, no dates
Tafoya, Santos, b. c.1851, d. 1936 Jul 16
Taylor, E. J., no dates
Terry, R. Y., no dates
Tixier, Mariano, b. c.1907, d. 1941 Sep 29
Todd, Robert Franklin, d. 1939 Nov 18
Torbert, Wallace I., no dates
Tower, Mrs. George, no dates
Tower, S. B., no dates
Towers, Edna J., no dates
Trent, Lola Edna Woodard, b. 1893 Apr 29, d. 1978 Jan 31, age: 85yr, Wife of William O. Woodward
Trout, Hugh, no dates
Trujillo, Benny, d. 1948 Jun 5
Trujillo, Jose F., d. 1945 Nov 25
Trujillo, Renaldo, no dates
Turner, Tom, no dates, Drowned
Ulibarri, Francisco, no dates
Valdez, Crecincio, b. c.1848, d. 1938 Mar 29
Valdez, David, no dates
Valdez, Margaret, b. c.1914, d. 1936 Dec 30
Vargas, T. M., no dates
Velarde, Filiberto, no dates
Voelkel, Emil, no dates, Brother
Wallace, Alida M. Laumbach, b. c.1907, d. 1994 Nov 8, Widow of Elbert Wallace
Warner, H., no dates
Weatherill, Charles, no dates
Weil, Cole, d. 1936 Oct 9
Weilland, Chris, no dates
Weisdorfer, Clara, b. c.1884, d. 1944 Jul 18
Weisdorfer, G. E., b. c.1887, d. 1937 May 3
Weisdorfer, J. E., no dates
Weisdorfer, Mrs. John, b. c.1859, d. 1938 Mar 22
West, John, no dates
West, Mrs. Lee, d. 1943 Apr 6
Westfall, Daniel S., no dates
Westfall, W. S., no dates
White, Hazel, no dates
White, Mabel, no dates
White, Mrs. F. O., no dates
White, Teresita, b. c.1858, d. 1938 Dec 16
Woodard, Floyd Edward, b. 1935 Jul 5, d. 1935 Jul 22, age: 0yr, Son of Virgil & Estelle Woodward
Woodard, Mount Franklin, b. 1933, d. 1933, age: 0yr, Son of Monterville & Mary Woodward
Woodard, Olive Eloise Smith, b. 1915 Oct 16, d. 1998 Oct, age: 83yr, Wife of Thomas, Daughter of Monterville & Mary Woodward
Woodard, William Orson "Billy", b. 1885 Feb 20, d. 1963 Feb 22, age: 78yr, Husband of Lola, Son of John Henry Woodard
Woods, C. C., no dates
Woods, E. E., no dates
Woodward, J. W., no dates
Woodward, James Wilson, b. 1864 Nov 13, d. 1924 Jul 13, age: 59yr, Father of William G. Woodward
Woodward, Joe B., no dates
Woodward, John Henry, b. 1854, d. 1934, age: 80yr, Son of Monterville & Elizabeth Woodward
Woodward, Mount, no dates
Woodward, Mrs. J. W., no dates
Woodward, Virgil, no dates, Baby
Woodward, William Garfield Jr., b. 1915 Oct 3, d. 1916 Apr 15, age: 0yr, Son of William Garfield & Minnie Mae Solts Woodward
Woodward, William Garfield, b. 1884 Jun 14, d. 1919 Aug 11, age: 35yr, Son of James W. & Franzena Woodward
Worley, C., d. 1934 May 12
Worley, S. B., no dates
Wortman, Margaret L. Perry "Lou", b. 1861, d. 1940, age: 79yr, Sister of Nancy Jane Woodard
Wortman, Nancy Jane Mariah, b. 1859, d. 1932, age: 73yr, Wife of John Henry Woodward
Wright, Charles F., d. 1945 Jun 16
Wright, J. N., no dates
Wright, Leona, no dates
Wright, Mary E., no dates
Yarbrough, James L., no dates
Yates, Jane, no dates
Yates, John H., no dates
Yates, Mrs. John, d. 1936 Sep 3
Yates, William, no dates
Ybarra, Amadeo, b. c.1926, d. 2004 Sep 13

Baulmare, ?, no dates
Holton, Mr., no dates
Justice, ?, no dates
Kenoyer, ?, no dates
Lucero, Baby, no dates
Pinto, ?, no dates
Plumlee, ?, no dates
Spurgeon, ?, no dates
Trujillo, Baby, no dates
Voelkel, ?, no dates
Wallace, Alida M. Laumbach, b. c.1907, d. 1994 Nov 8, w/o Elbert Wallace, removed to Solano, per grandson

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