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Lower Squankum Friends Cemetery
Monmouth County, New Jersey

Contributed by Terry A McGuire, Feb 25, 2001 [katmandu@compuserve.com].
Total records = 145.

This Quaker Cemetery list was in the local records section at the Manasquan NJ Library. It was typed. I have not corrected any spelling of names, so any typographical errors are as they were on the original list. It may not be complete. I have listed maiden names where available, alphabetized the list and indicated the known relationships among the burials. Many of these families are among the original Quaker settlers of the Monmouth Area. Lower Squankum is in the Manasquan/ Wall Township area of Monmouth County. The actual typed text of the document header reads: Monmouth County Gravestones, Lower Squankum Friends, Transcribed from the original by T. McGuire, Oceanport, NJ 2/25/2001

- Terry A McGuire

Bills, George, no dates, h/o Grace
Bills, Grace, no dates, w/o George
Bills, Walter, b. 21 Jun 1899, d. 15 Sep 1899, s/o George & Grace
Borden, Amos, d. 10 Oct 1854, 75y 0m 14d, h/o Jemimah
Borden, Jemimah (Schenck), d. 2 May 1864, 56y 6m 21d, w/o Amos
Boud, Ann, no dates, w/o John
Boud, Hugh, d. 25 Oct 1859, 85y 0m 28d, s/o John & Ann Boud
Boud, Jane, d. 2 May 1864, 56y 6m 21d, d/o Hugh & Mary
Boud, John, no dates, h/o Ann
Boud, Mary, d. 23 Dec 1863, 80y 5m 23d, w/o Hugh
Brant, Jothan, d. 5 Oct 1863, 60y 7m 28d
Britton, Belle, d. 30 Nov 1867, 26y 5m 5d, w/o J. S.
Britton, Carrie E, b. 1895, d. 1896, d/o James & Elizabeth
Britton, Elizabeth (Layton), b. 1873, d. 1914, w/o James A
Britton, J.S., no dates, h/o Belle
Britton, James A, b. 1862, d. no date, h/o Elizabeth
Britton, Joseph J, b. 1855, d. 1914, h/o Lucy
Britton, Lucy, b. 1845, d. no date, w/o Joseph J
Britton, Raymond T, b. 1908, d. 1909, s/o James & Elizabeth
Burdge, Cecelia, b. 3 Jul 1849, d. 12 Apr 1857, d/o Joseph & Sarah
Burdge, Joseph V, b. 1818, d. 1888, h/o Sarah
Burdge, Josephus, b. 7 Sep 1855, d. 23 Jul 1887, s/o Joseph & Sarah
Burdge, Sarah M (Woodmansee), b. 1824, d. 1900, w/o Joseph
Burr, Ann, b. 15 Aug 1802, d. 2 Jan 1875, w/o Richard S
Burr, Richard, b. 15 Nov 1802, d. 25 Oct 1874, h/o Ann
Cook, Mary, no dates, w/o William
Cook, William, d. 17 Dec 1861, 85y 7m 9d, h/o Mary
Corlies, Chandler, no dates, No dates
Corlies, David, no dates, No dates
Corlies, John, no dates, No dates
Corlies, Joseph A, d. 4 Feb 1875, In 67th year
Corlies, Maria, no dates, No dates
Crouse, Albert, d. 29 Aug 1890, 31y 9m 19d
Crouse, Katie (Woolley), no dates, w/o Albert
Dorsett, Charlie, b. 13 Jul 1884, d. 2 May 1885, s/o Edmund & Ella
Dorsett, Edmund J, b. 9 May 1853, d. 16 Dec 1909, h/o Ella
Dorsett, Ella, no dates, w/o Edmund
Estelle, John, b. 1852, d. no date, h/o Sarah
Estelle, Sarah (Woolley), b. 1855, d. 1930, w/o John
Garrison, B. L., b. 17 Mar 1845, d. 10 Feb 1882, h/o Sarah
Garrison, Eva, b. 19 Aug 1886, d. 24 Feb 1887, d/o BL & Sarah
Garrison, Flora, b. 10 Jul 1868, d. 11 Feb 1870, d/o BL & Sarah
Garrison, Martha P (Van Note), b. 22 Apr 1824, d. 18 Sep 1904, h/o Stephen
Garrison, Sarah, no dates, w/o B. L.
Garrison, Stephen S, b. 15 Feb 1818, d. 7 Sep 1882, w/o Martha
Garrison, W.R., no dates, Co. B 1st NJ Art.
Garrison, William K, b. 10 Jan 1842, d. 17 Mar 1866, s/w Stephen S Garrison
Havens, Ensley, d. 30 Sep 1851, 14y 2m 17d, s/o Zebulon & Martha
Havens, Martha A, no dates, w/o Zebulon
Havens, Zebulon, no dates, h/o Martha A
Herbert, Anna, d. 1 Jan 1857, 73y 8m 28d, w/o Hance
Herbert, Edna M, b. 1820, d. 1890, s/w Obadiah
Herbert, Hance, d. 10 Jan 1859, 74y 9m 17d, h/o Anna
Herbert, Joseph, b. 29 Dec 1824, d. 16 Aug 1889, w/o Lucinda
Herbert, Lucinda (Heulitt), b. 4 Jun 1831, d. 11 Apr 1900, w/o Joseph
Herbert, Obadiah, b. 1816, d. 1887, s/w Edna M
Heulitt, Eliza, d. 10 Oct 1852, 47y 4m 7d, w/o John I
Heulitt, Elizabeth, d. 22 Aug 1869, 101y 0m 14d, w/o John
Heulitt, Hester, b. 6 Oct 1840, d. 4 Feb 1930, Next to John C Heulitt
Heulitt, John C, b. 3 Nov 1844, d. 16 Aug 1900, Next to Hester Heulitt
Heulitt, John I, b. 4 Mar 1805, d. 3 Apr 1900, First wife Eliza_ second wife Rachel
Heulitt, John, no dates, h/o Elizabeth
Heulitt, Margaret Ann (Bancker), b. 14 May 1798, d. 16 June 1888, Daughter of a soldier of the revolution DAR 1928,w/o Robert
Heulitt, Rachel, b. 28 June 1817, d. 18 Jul 1896, w/o John I
Heulitt, Robert, d. 27 Sep 1878, 87y 9m 27d, h/o Margaret
Horner, Reese, d. 16 Jul 1903, 63y, Co D_ 34 Reg. NJ Vol.
Hurley, Anna, b. 15 Nov 1818, d. 25 Oct 1895, w/o Bennett
Hurley, Bennett, no dates, h/o Anna
Jackson, Ann, no dates, w/o Hugh
Jackson, Hugh, d. 1 Dec 1866, 38y 6m 27d, h/o Ann
Jackson, Samuel F, d. 14 Dec 1842, 21y 10m 0 d, s/o Hugh & Ann
Jones, Benjamin, no dates, h/o Rebecca
Jones, Mary Ida, d. 3 Jul 1859, 0y 9m 5d, d/o Benjamin & Rebecca
Jones, Rebecca, d. 22 Nov 1867, 40y 6m 18d, w/o Benjamin
Jones, Richard Corlies, d. 13 Sep 1855, 1y, s/o Benjamin & Rebecca
Kisner, Bowman Dale, b. 6 Sep 1869, d. 28 Sep 1873, s/o David P & Mary
Kisner, Catherine M, no dates, w/o George B
Kisner, David P, no dates, h/o Mary
Kisner, George B, b. 1 May 1878, d. 8 Apr 1879, s/o George B & Catherine
Kisner, George B, no dates, h/o Catherine M
Kisner, Jacob, b. 1 Jan 1804, d. 25 May 1887, h/o Lydia Ann
Kisner, Lydia Ann, b. 1 Apr 1804, d. 13 Nov 1889, w/o Jacob
Kisner, Mary, no dates, w/o David P
Kisner, Virginia L, b. 3 Jul 1874, d. 15 May 1875, d/o George B & Catherine
Layton, P, no dates, Name on a wooden stick
Layton, S, no dates, Name on a wooden stick
Leigh, Carlton M, b. 22 Jul 1891, d. 1 Sep 1891
Leigh, Tiny, b. 4 Jun 1894, d. 14 Oct 1894
Lippincott, Lydia, d. 3 Jan 1866, 81y 7m 11d, w/o Robert
Lippincott, Mary, d. 27 Jun 1853, 37y 1m 10d, w/o Robert A
Lippincott, Robert A, b. 19 Apr 1810, d. 2 Apr 1872, h/o Mary
Lippincott, Robert, d. 25 Jul 1830, 60y 7m 11d, h/o Lydia
Little, Mary, d. 11 Jan 1868, w/o Wade
Little, Wade, no dates, h/o Mary
Matthews, Ann, d. 4 Sep 1852, 51y 10m 18d, w/o Benjamin
Matthews, Benjamin, no dates, h/o Ann
Matthews, Daisy, b. 15 Jun 1899, d. 15 Jun 1899, In same fenced enclosure as James G and Lydia
Matthews, Freddie, b. 28 Mar 1885, d. no date, In same fenced enclosure as James G and Lydia
Matthews, James G, no dates, h/o Lydia
Matthews, Lydia (Woolley), b. 1857, d. 1913, w/o James G
Matthews, Willie, b. 28 Nov 1876, d. 31 Nov 1876, In same fenced enclosure as James G and Lydia
Moore, Albert, b. 1901, d. 1904, s/o Albert
Moore, Female, no dates, Listed as Mrs. Moore
Moore, Robert, no dates
Morris, Cornelius V, d. 20 Dec 1860, 29y, s/o Samuel & Rhoda Ann
Morris, Orpha, d. 25 Jan 1862, 26y 3m 4d, d/o Samuel & Rhoda Ann
Morris, Rhoda Ann, d. 24 Mar 1862, 18y 1m 16d, d/o Samuel & Rhoda Ann
Morris, Rhoda Ann, d. 6 Jan 1863, 50y 6m 9d, w/o Samuel
Morris, Samuel B, d. 21 May 1862, 22y 2m 20d, s/o Samuel & Rhoda Ann
Morris, Samuel, no dates, h/o Rhoda Ann
Ostrander, J Allen, b. 20 Feb 1905, d. 22 Feb 1905
Palmer, Mary, b. 2 Apr 1871, d. 2 Jun 1898
Palmer, Valentine, b. 29 Jan 1812, d. 14 Dec 1895, Private Co. G 14th NJ Vol
Parker, Joseph, no dates, h/o Mary
Parker, Mary C, d. 24 Nov 1853, 2y 11m 1d, d/o Joseph % Mary
Parker, Mary, d. 6 Jan 1883, 89y 6m 28 d, w/o Joseph
Reynolds, Maria, d. 5 Aug 1875, 45y 2m 0d
Robbins, Ann, b. 9 Sep 1821, d. 26 Jan 1883, w/o Lloyd
Robbins, Ethelier, b. 4 Mar 1843, d. 1 Oct 1849, s/w Lloyd
Robbins, James H, b. 20 Feb 1842, d. 25 Jul 1862, s/w Lloyd
Robbins, John W, b. 22 Dec 1860, d. 30 Sep 1863, s/w Lloyd
Robbins, Lloyd, b. 27 Jan 1823, d. 28 Nov 1902, First wife Maria_ second wife Ann C
Robbins, Maria, b. 30 Mar 1824, d. 25 Oct 1862, w/o Lloyd
Robertson, James, d. 3 Aug 1851, 76y 1m 21d
Rockafellow, Hiram, d. 14 Feb 1845, 29y
Rogers, Britton, b. 13 Oct 1866, d. 26 Sep 1867
Rogers, Mary Ellen, b. 20 Mar 1868, d. 5 Aug 1879
Rogers, William A, b. 1836, d. 1917, 1 NJ Calv.
Runion, C, d. 15 Mar 1850, 76th year, Rough fieldstone
Runion, R, d. 4 Jul 1850, 89th year, Rough fieldstone
Smith, W H, no dates, Co D 48th NY Inf
Tilton, William P, d. 4 Nov 1857, 29y 4m 18d
Wainwright, David B, b. 30 Oct 1836, d. 2 Aug 1865, Co I 39th NJ Inf
Wainwright, Jane (Skidmore), b. 1816, d. 1905, w/o John Wesley
Wainwright, John Wesley, b. 1802, d. 1869, h/o Jane
Williams, Elizabeth, d. 22 Mar 1879, 54y 2m 9d
Wooley, Burroughs, d. 14 May 1875, 2y, s/o Abraham & Sarah
Woolley, Abraham H, b. 20 Sep 1833, d. 2 Jan 1910, h/o Sarah
Woolley, Adam, d. 21 Feb 1862, 48y 1m 15d, h/o Mary
Woolley, Emma (Andrews), b. 14 Jul 1851, d. 8 Aug 1885, w/o William
Woolley, James P, b. 23 Dec 1871, d. 23 May 1900, In fenced plot with Sarah (Woolley) Estelle
Woolley, Joseph, b. 1837, d. 1901
Woolley, Mary, d. 29 Apr 1891, 75y 1m 17d, w/o Adam
Woolley, Sarah, b. 22 Oct 1835, d. 14 Mar 1914, w/o Abraham
Woolley, William, b. 2 Oct 1851, d. 15 Jan 1885, h/o Emma

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