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Saint John Methodist Cemetery
Harrisonville, Gloucester County, New Jersey

3 Main Street
Harrisonville, NJ 08039-0002

Lat: 39°41'02"N, Lon: 75°16'00"W

Contributed by Keith S Allen, Nov 30, 2001 [kallen5206@aol.com]. Total records = 181.

Previously this was a partial cemetery listing of Saint John Cemetery, but it has now been replaced with this complete listing.

This is a complete listing of burials as of Nov 29, 2001 which I did on a walk through the cemetery.

H/o = Husband of
W/o = Wife of
D/o = Daughter of
S/o = Son of

- Keith Allen

Adams, Emma A., b. 1852, d. 1925, W/o William D. Adams
Adams, John S., b. 1878, d. 1963
Adams, William D., b. 1847, d. 1928, H/o Emma A. Adams
Allen, Grace, b. 10-7-1808, d. 2-23-1893,W/o Samuel S Allen, (nee Fish)
Allen, Lydia L., b. 4-10-1849, d. 10-28-1869,D/o Samuel S & Grace (Fish) Allen
Allen, Samuel S., b. 1-8-1809, d. 2-1894, H/o Grace (Fish) Allen
Amme, Charles F., d. 9-17-1862, 2y 7m 20d, S/o Louis & Mary Amme
Amme, Louis, d. 11-16-1898, 78y, H/o Mary Amme
Amme, Mary, d. 12-13-1918, 85y, W/o Louis Amme
Amme, William, d. 11-5-1881, 19y 3m, S/o Louis & Mary Amme
Bender, George L., d. 10-25-1886, 73y
Bradway, Frank R., b. 10-25-1904, d. 9-29-1985,. married 12-15-1928, H/o Martha W. Bradway * Parent of Franklin Mary & Sally
Bradway, Franklin D., b. 1-3-1931, married 11-24-1951, H/o Phillis M. Bradway * Parent of Linda Franklin Cheryl & Melissa
Bradway, Martha W., b. 6-4-1907, d. 12-2-1988, married 12-15-1928, W/o Frank R. Bradway * Parent of Franklin, Mary & Sally
Bradway, Melissa Beth, b. 1-29-1968, d. 6-7-1985
Bradway, Phillis M., b. 3-30-1932, married 11-24-1951, W/o Franklin D. Bradway * Parent of Linda Franklin Cheryl & Melissa
Carman, Joseph H., d. 5-10-1884, 34y
Carman, Lizzie D., b. 2-4-1880, d. 9-24-1904
Cassaday, Asa M., d. 12-27-1882, 65y
Cassaday, Joseph, d. 11-20-1874, 79y 10m, H/o Mary Cassaday
Cassaday, Joseph, d. 3-5-1878, 50y
Cassaday, Mary, d. 12-24-1907
Cassaday, Mary, d. 3-23-1877, 78y, W/o Joseph Cassaday
Chard, Mary B., b. 10-16-1934, d. 3-22-1995, married 8-24-1958, W/o Wm. Earl Chard * Parent of Mary Ann & Irvin
Chard, Wm. Earl, b. 9-1-1927, married 8-24-1958, H/o Mary B. Chard * Parent of Mary Ann & Irvin
Crispin, Anna Mae, b. 2-4-1928, d. 4-10-1997, W/o Earl R. Crispin
Crispin, Earl R., b. 3-13-1927, H/o Anna Mae Crispin
Dale, C. Kevin, b. 3-20-1960, d. 1-29-1997
Dare, Ann, d. 10-30-1917, 37y, W/o Joseph S. Dare
Dare, Elmina M., d. 1857, 9y 7m, D/o Joseph & Ann Dare
Dare, Joseph S., d. 4-14-1897, 78y, H/o Ann Dare
Eastlack, Amos T., b. 9-11-1852, d. 4-16-1912, H/o Mary S. Eastlack
Eastlack, Ella M., d. 7-31-1863, 6y 2m, D/o Amos T. & Mary S. Eastlack
Eastlack, Hannah, d. 12-7-1858, 3d, D/o Amos T. & Mary S. Eastlack
Eastlack, Mary S., b. 2-8-1832, d. 3-31-1923, W/o Amos T. Eastlack
Eastlack, Sallie T., d. 8-5-1863, 4y 8m, D/o Amos T. & Mary S. Eastlack
Ernst, Catherine E., d. 6-5-1896, 56y, W/o John H. Ernst
Ernst, Jacob, d. 7-24-1871, 32y
Ernst, John H., d. 5-10-1931, 85y, H/o Catherine E. Ernst
Fox, George B., b. 10-10-1830, d. 7-12-1900, H/o Mary J. Fox
Fox, Mary J., b. 6-24-1826, d. 5-1-1895, W/o George B. Fox
Gawley, Sybbla, d. 10-15-1863, W/o Joseph Gawley
Goles, Bertie W., d. 4-30-????, S/o B.F. & Kate H. Goles
Hann, Israel K., b. 7-25-1854, d. 8-24-1854, S/o unreadable
Hann, Martha Ann, unreadable
Harbison, Charles H., b. 1879, d. 1879, S/o Christopher C. & Sarah D. Harbison
Harbison, Christopher C., b. 1836, d. 1917, H/o Sarah D. Harbison
Harbison, Sarah D., b. 1843, d. 1918, W/o Christopher C. Harbison
Hartman, Mary K., b. 1-12-1815, d. 2-6-1873
Hewes, Benjamin B., b. 1836, d. 1926
Hewes, Kate, b. 1862, d. 1945
Hewes, Susanna D., b. 1833, d. 1886
Holdcraft, Beulah S., b. 4-2-1832, d. 2-28-????, W/o William Holdcraft
Holdcraft, Franklin, b. 10-24-1871, d. 7-22-1873
Holdcraft, William, b. 7-24-1803, d. 9-11-1893, H/o Beulah S. Holdcraft
Horner, Anna M., d. 5-28-1878
Horner, Elizabeth D., b. 1821, d. 1897, W/o Malachi Horner
Horner, Malachi, b. 1820, d. 1911, H/o Elizabeth D. Horner
Hudson, Charles, S/o Samuel & Priscilla Hudson
Hudson, Elizabeth, D/o Samuel & Priscilla Hudson
Hudson, Emma G., b. 1857, W/o Samuel S. Hudson
Hudson, Mary Ann, W/o William Hudson
Hudson, Norman R., b. 1897, d. 1942, H/o Sallie E. Hudson
Hudson, Priscilla, W/o Samuel Hudson
Hudson, Pvt. Everett E., d. 7-20-1944, 21y, Died in France
Hudson, Sallie E., b. 1900, d. 1968, W/o Norman R. Hudson
Hudson, Samuel L., b. 1929, d. 1971
Hudson, Samuel S., b. 1954, d. 1924, H/o Emma G. Hudson
Hudson, Samuel, H/o Priscilla Hudson
Hudson, Theodore, S/o Samuel & Priscilla Hudson, Co F 12 Reg NJ Vol.,(KA),
Hudson, William, H/o Mary Ann Hudson & S/o Samuel & Priscilla Hudson
Hurff, Elizabeth, d. 1-1-1895, 79y, W/o Isaac Hurff
Hurff, Isaac, d. 10-1-1888, 76y, H/o Elizabeth Hurff
Kandle, Samuel, d. 6-22-1883, 53y
Keen, Eldora C., b. 12-2-????, d. 2-25-1999
Keen, John L., Dates are buried, Marker indicates he was a Veteran
Keen, Wilbert Carr, b. 2-2-1911, d. 2-15-1947, Cpl 501 AAF Serv S O WW II
Kille, Asa S., d. 2-9-1866, 64y 4m
Kirkbride, Aaron G., d. 9-10-1857, 10y 12d, S/o Israel & Sarah Kirkbride
Kirkbride, Sarah, d. 11-1867
Knisell, Andrew, b. 3-4-1839, d. 1-24-1913, H/o Mary Knisell
Knisell, Elizabeth, b. 8-16-1842, d. 7-26-1886, W/o Andrew Knisell
Knisell, Mary, d. 12-29-1930, W/o Andrew Knisell
Ladlow, Eva S., b. 1877, d. 1965
Ladlow, S. Elizabeth, b. 1848, d. 1936, W/o William Ladlow
Ladlow, William, d. 1-16-1899, 61y, H/o S. Elizabeth Ladlow
Madara, Alfred W., d. 8-7-1888, 41y, H/o Elizabeth J. Madara
Madara, Elizabeth J., d. 12-23-1890, 42y, W/o Alfred W. Madara,(KA),
Madara, Elmere, b. 1864, d. 1928, H/o Lucy W. Madara
Madara, Lucy W., b. 1878, d. 1954, W/o Elmere Madara
Master, John E. Sr., b. 1921, d. 1995, (Metal Marker)
Mattson, Cornelia D., b. 1864, d. 1922
Mattson, Frank, b. 1862, d. 1924
Mattson, Joseph N., b. 1888, d. 1965, H/o Rebecca A. Mattson
Mattson, Joseph P., b. 7-21-1855, d. 9-25-1967
Mattson, Leslie E., d. 8-5-1887, 5y, S/o F. & N.D. Mattson
Mattson, Mary B., b. 12-19-1833, d. 2-28-1921, W/o William S. Mattson
Mattson, Rebecca A., b. 1885, d. 1963, W/o Joseph N. Mattson
Mattson, William S., b. 1-12-1827, d. 4-28-1907,H/o Mary B. Mattson
Moncrief, Adam, d. 1-9-1878, 60y
Moncrief, Deborah, d. 3-29-1895, 77y
Moncrief, Georgeiana, d. 12-1-1869, W/o Henry C. Moncrief
Moncrief, Henry C., b. 6-18-1842, d. 7-16-1901, H/o Georgeianna Moncrief, Co D 48 Regt. N. Y. Vol.
Mowers, Alice, b. 1840, d. 1908, W/o Joseph Mowers
Mowers, Joseph, b. 1841, d. 1917, H/o Alice Mowers
Mulford, David, d. 1867, 32y 11m 27d
Mulford, Frank, d. 1864, 2y 3m 21d, S/o David Mulford
Mulford, Sarah, d. 1877
Nichols, David V., b. 5-17-1872, d. 12-7-1960, H/o Sarah E. Nichols
Nichols, Sarah E., b 11-13-1869, d. 1-11-1962, W/o David V. Nichols
Peacock, Mamie, b. 1890, d. 1944
Pennington, Clara, d. 1861, 9m 17d, D/o James & Sarah H. Pennington
Pennington, James, H/o Sarah H. Pennington
Pennington, Lizzie, d. 1868, 4y 2m 17d, D/o James & Sarah H. Pennington
Pennington, Sarah H., d. 10-8-1871, 35y 1m 27d, W/o James Pennington
Pimm, Harriet H., b. 1856, W/o William B. Pimm
Pimm, Laura M., b. 1883, d. 1884, D/o William B. & Harriet H. Pimm
Pimm, Levi, b. 1833, d. 8-16-1864, S/o Samuel & Mary Pimm, Member of Co D 48 N.Y. Vol. Fell at the battle of Strawberry Plains Va., 8-16-1864
Pimm, Mary S., b. 1807, d. 1889, W/o Samuel Pimm
Pimm, Rebecca S., b. 1839, d. 1929, W/o William L. Pimm
Pimm, Samuel P., b. 3-9-1847, d. 1-3-1921, H/o Sarah H. Pimm
Pimm, Samuel, b. 1807, d. 1878, H/o Mary S. Pimm
Pimm, Sarah H., b. 8-11-1847, d. 7-8-1916, W/o Samuel P. Pimm
Pimm, Sarah L., b. 1840, d. 1860, D/o Samuel & Mary Pimm
Pimm, William B., b. 1857, d. 1908, H/o Harriet H. Pimm
Pimm, William L., b. 1835, d. 1920, H/o Rebecca S. Pimm
Pitman, Burnside, b. 1862, d. 1923, H/o Sarah J. Pitman
Pitman, Burnside, d. 8-23-1903, 1m, S/o B.S. & S.J. Pitman
Pitman, George G., b. 5-17-1890, d. 8-25-1950, CPL 18 BN US Guards WW II
Pitman, John, d. 9-4-1906, 11m, S/o B.S. & S.J. Pitman
Pitman, Sarah J., b. 1863, d. 1937, W/o Burnside Pitman
Riley, John G., Dates buried in ground
Robbins, Ann K., b. 12-15-1822, d. 2-25-1872, W/o James V. Robbins
Robbins, James V., b. 7-7-1818, d. 11-23-1895, H/o Ann K. Robbins
Roberts, Charles, b. 3-15-1831, d. 7-3-1845
Roberts, George, b. 9-2-1827, d. 4-7-1884
Roberts, Mark H., b. 5-14-1840, d. 7-1-1862, died in Malvern Hill Va., First Lieut Co K 82 Reg PV
Roberts, Sarah H., b. 4-9-1803, d. 7-15-1884, W/o Thomas E. Roberts
Roberts, Susanna, b. 1-24-1830, d. 2-9-1830
Roberts, Thomas E., b. 4-13-1803, d. 7-11-1869, H/o Sarah H. Roberts
Ross, Joseph C., d. 6-26-1858, 20y 5m 26d, Marker indicates he was a Veteran
Scott, Alexander,
Scott, Ann S., d. 9-10-1854, 24y 5m 6d, W/o John W. Scott
Scott, Annah, no dates
Scott, John W., d. 2-23-1903, 90y, H/o Ann S. Scott
Scott, Joseph, no dates
Shute, Charles E., d. 4-8-1914, 73y
Shute, Deborah, d. 5-15-1880, 58y, W/o John Shute
Shute, John, d. 5-23-1900, 82y, H/o Deborah Shute
Shute, Samuel P., d. ?-?-????, S/o John & Deborah Shute
Smith, Agnes, b. 1907, d. 1963
Smith, M. Emma, b. 1902, d. 1922
Smith, Raymond J., b. 7-12-1898, d. 1-25-1974, PFC US Army WW II
Spence, William H., b. 4-17-1978, d. 5-2-1994, Son & Brother
Strang, Peter, b. 8-18-1783, d. 4-17-1870
Stratton, Samuel, b. 5-24-1799, d. 4-10-1874, H/o Sarah B. Stratton
Stratton, Sarah B., d. 4-13-1864, 62y 3m 21d, W/o Samuel Stratton
String, Abbie Anna, b. 10-6-1810, d. 11-21-1901, W/o William String
String, Charles, d. 4-4-1895, 73y, H/o Elizabeth H. String
String, Elizabeth H., d. 9-8-1887, 64y 10m 16d, W/o Charles String
String, Emily C., d. 4-27-1881, 65y 4m 12d, W/o William String
String, H. Ida, b. 1855, d. 1917, W/o S. Edgar String
String, James W., d. 9-27-1871, 25y 2m 19d, Marker indicates he was a Veteran
String, Rhonda Frances, d. 11-4-1880, 20y ?m 13d
String, S. Edgar, b. 1853, d. 1931, H/o H. Ida String
String, William, b. 9-12-1824, d. 3-29-1904
Taylor, George W., d. 3-20-1869, 38y 9m 15d
Tice, Anna Crandol, b. 1826, d. 1897, W/o Edward Tice
Tice, Edward, b. 1826, d. 1914, H/o Anna Crandol Tice
Uker, Edward, d. 10-30-1866, 36y, H/o Mary Uker
Uker, Mary, d. 5-3-1898, 66y, W/o Edward Uker
Umbach, Charles, b. 2-7-1857, d. 12-4-1899, 42y 7m 27d
Umbach, Christina, d. 5-17-1872, 57y
Umbach, Christopher, d. 9-8-1891, 77y
VanMeter, Linwood, b. 1873, d. 1935
Waterman, Richard David, b. 9-19-1946, d. 7-13-1999, FR US Navy Vietnam
Wiggins, Sarah A., b. 5-1-1825, d. 1-3-1895, W/o Chas Wriggins
Wiggins, Willie, d. 3-16-1863, 6y 2m 8d, S/o ____ & ____ Wiggins
Wriggins, Aquilla, d. 5-10-1866, 38y 8m 8d, S/o Thomas & Sarah Wriggins
Wriggins, Sarah, d. 7-31-1864, 76y 5m 11d, W/o Thomas Wriggins
Wriggins, Thomas, d. 3-24-1866, 75y 10m 28d, H/o Sarah Wriggins

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