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Green Cemetery
Deptford Twp, Gloucester County, New Jersey

500 block of Tanyard Rd (Rte. 663)
Deptford Twp., NJ 08096

Lat: 39° 49' 43"N, Lon: 075° 08' 37'W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 100.

Contributor's Index:

??, Rebecca, no dates, in Flecher plot, [KC]
Barnaby, Elvira, b. 24 Jul 1868, d. 17 Oct 1940, [KC]
Barnaby, Levi, b. 18 May 1838, d. 3 Mar 1897, My Husband; Gone but Not Forgotten, [KC]
Barnaby, Sarah Ellen, b. 3 Jan 1844, d. 2 Apr 1935, [KC]
Barnaby, William H., b. 2 Jan 1866, d. 29 Jun 1947, [KC]
Brant, Frederick, d. 18 Mar 1862, age: 11y 7m, [KC]
Brant, John, b. 1846, d. 1914, [KC]
Brant, John, d. 26 Jul 1868, age: 58y 7m, [KC]
Brelsford, Emma, b. 1791, d. 1869, in Mathers plot, [KC]
Burton, Arthur L., b. 12 Jul 1877, d. 15 Feb 1951, Father, [KC]
Burton, Capn. Henry, b. 28 Oct 1845, d. 27 May 1901, s/w Emma B. Burton, Mary E. Burton, Florence L. Burton, [KC]
Burton, Emma B., b. 7 Dec 1842, d. 28 Feb 1924, s/w Capn. Henry Burton, Mary E. Burton, Florence Burton, [KC]
Burton, Florence L., b. 25 Feb 1879, d. 6 Sep 1943, s/w Capn. Henry Burton, Emma B. Burton, Mary E. Burton, [KC]
Burton, Mary E., b. 1 Jan 1873, d. 6 Aug 1873, s/w Capn. Henry Burton, Emma B. Burton, Florence Burton, [KC]
Clark, Elmira O., b. 12 Jan 1822, d. 6 Mar 1872, w/o George P. Clark, [KC]
Cloud, Albert S., b. 07 Mar 1890, d. 10 Aug 1890, [LM]
Cloud, Amy H. (Hillman), d. 8 May 1902, age: 68y, "Her children arise up and call her blessed", wife of Benj. H. Cloud, Jr, m. 7 May 1854, Mechanicsville, Camden County, NJ, [KC]
Cloud, Benjamin (H.) Jr., b. 5 Dec 1829, d. 21 Nov 1872, In Memory Of, member, Friendship Fire Co., Woodbury, NJ (1854-), [KC]
Cloud, Charles S., b. 1893, d. 1951, [LM]
Cloud, Charles, b. 29 Feb 1860, d. 11 Aug 1897, h/o Linda A., [LM]
Cloud, Daniel, P., b. 1858, d. 1922, h/o Priscilla, [LM]
Cloud, Ellie, B., b. 1863, d. 1930, w/o Harry, [LM]
Cloud, Eltrask, d. 3 Aug 1892, 8wks, s/o Lillian , [LM]
Cloud, Erwin, P., b. 1881, d. 1960, [LM]
Cloud, Ethel, b. 1882, d. 1941, w/o Erwin, [LM]
Cloud, Ezekiel, L., b. 1867, d. 1939, [LM]
Cloud, Harry, b. 1865, d. 1931, [LM]
Cloud, Josiah Clover, b. 01 Jul 1859, d. 19 Oct 1931, [LM]
Cloud, Judson P., b. 1887, d. 1940, [LM]
Cloud, Lillian, N., b. 1865, d. 1934, w/o Ezekiel, [LM]
Cloud, Linda A., b. 05 Sep 1888, d. 27 Nov 1900, [LM]
Cloud, Linda A., b. 13 Apr 1860, d. 04 May 1937, [LM]
Cloud, Naomi, b. 1894, d. 1920, d/o Priscilla, [LM]
Cloud, Priscilla, b. 1856, d. 1912, [LM]
Cloud, Ruth M., b. 1896, d. 1992, [LM]
Cooper, Mary E., d. 10 Sep 1846, age: 6y, ssw/ Martha Rambo, Joseph Rambo, [KC]
Crawford, John, d. 20 Mar 1875, age: 50y 6 m, [KC]
Crawford, Mary A., d. 19 May 1922, age: 94y, w/o John Crawford, [KC]
Dehner, Harry, d. 20 Jan 1903, "A Little Angel", [KC]
Dilks, Presmul E., d. 3 Sep 1892, age: 39y 3m, "Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Asleep", [KC]
Dilks, Willie, d. 5 Jan 1888, age: 12y 5m 5d, "Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Asleep", [KC]
Dopson, Elizabeth, d. 15 Mar 1866, age: 69y, In Memory Of, [KC]
Dopson, George, d. 15 Apr 1867, In Memory Of, [KC]
Dopson, Thomas C., d. 18 Feb 1896, age: 5w, s/o L.S. and M.I. Dopson, "He is not dead but sleepeth.", [KC]
Fine, Elizabeth, b. 4 Oct 1833, d. 13 Nov 1906, TRANTER (surname marker on stone), [KC]
Flecher, Hannah, no dates, w/o John Flecher, [KC]
Flecher, John, no dates, [KC]
Flecher, William H., d. 7 Jun 1865, In Memory Of, Co. A., 12 Reg, NJ Vols, [KC]
Garwood, Annie, b. 11 Oct 1836, d. 26 Feb 1856, d/o Joseph and Rebecca Garwood, [KC]
Giberson, Sarah B., b. 13 Aug 1842, d. 27 Jan 1881, In Memory Of, "Blessed be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian love, the fellowship of kindred minds is like to Thee above", in plot w/ Rebecca Ann Hudson, [KC]
Hobbs, Samuel G., b. 1863, d. 1907, [KC]
Horan, Benjamin Cloud, d. May 1928, Fireman 2 Cl., US Navy", b. 23 Jul 1880, son of Eugene & Theodosia C. Horan, m. Rachel Conover 1905, The Horans are buried w/ the Clouds, [KC]
Horan, Eugene L. Sr., b. 22 Feb 1858, d. 14 May 1930, Father, "Sadly Missed", married Theodosia Cloud 28 Aug 1879 Tenth Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA, [KC]
Horan, Theodosia C. (Cloud), b. 15 Dec 1861, d. 26 Dec 1939, Mother,daughter of Benj. H. Cloud & Amy Hillman, [KC]
Hudson, Rebecca Ann, b. (unreadable), d. 2 June (??)01, in plot w/ Sarah B. Giberson, [KC]
Kennaman, Elizabeth, d. 17 Oct 1874, age: 87y 8m, In Brant plot, [KC]
Kesler, Levi E., d. 7 Jul 1886, age: 54y, "Gone Home", [KC]
Kitchen, Mary, d. 19 Mar 1886, age: 58y, w/o Charles Kitchen, [KC]
Mathers, Arthur V., b. 1893, d. 1901, s/o Col. D.T. & M.E. Mathers, [KC]
Mathers, Jemima, d. 18 Dec 1864, age: 6y 2m, [KC]
Mathers, Jemma, d. 29 Dec 1862, age: 27y, w/o Joseph W. Mathers, [KC]
Mathers, John, b. 1833, d. 1869, [KC]
Mathers, Josephine R., b. 1839, d. 1898, in Widerfelt plot, [KC]
Mathers, Mamie, b. Jan 1873, d. 31 Aug 1873, age: 7m, In Memory Of, in Mathers plot, [KC]
Mathers, Mary Ann, b. 16 Jan 1810, d. 12 Jul 1887, Our Mother, w/o Thomas Mathers Sr, [KC]
Mathers, Rebecca, b. 31 Aug 1831, d. 22 Oct 1873, In Memory Of, w/o Thomas R. Mathers, [KC]
Mathers, Thomas, d. 19 Nov 1873, age: 72y, Our Father, [KC]
Moore, Albert D., b. 2 May 1867, d. 5 Apr 1878, Children of Joseph B. and Mary Moore, ssw/ George C. Moore, [KC]
Moore, Clarence, b. 2 Apr 1878, d. 28 Jul 1966, ssw/ Marion H. W. Moore, [KC]
Moore, Enoch, b. 4 Sep 1802, d. 22 Jan 1888, ssw/ Mary B. and Sarah S. Moore, [KC]
Moore, George C., b. 3 May 1862, d. 11 May 1863, Children of Joseph B. and Mary Moore, ssw/ Albert D. Moore, [KC]
Moore, Joseph B., b. 16 Sep 1832, d. 26 Nov 1906, ssw/ Mary J. Moore, [KC]
Moore, Marion H. W., b. 24 Feb 1883, d. 31 Jan 1967, ssw/ Clarence Moore, [KC]
Moore, Mary B., b. 8 Jan 1810, d. 15 Apr 1891, ssw/ Enoch and Sarah Moore, [KC]
Moore, Mary J., b. 4 Oct 1835, d. 17 Feb 1911, ssw/ Joseph B Moore, [KC]
Moore, Sarah S., b. 3 Dec. 1847, d. 17 Jul 1901, Daughter,ssw/ Enoch and Mary B. Moore, [KC]
Osborn, Aghsah (Achsah?), b. 27 Jul 1807, d. 6 May 1881, w/o Henry Osborn, [KC]
Osborn, Jesse A., d. 6 Feb 1864, Morton's Ford, VA, age: 24y, Co. A., 12 NJ Vol, [KC]
Osborn, Mary Ana, d. 30 Jul 1866, age: 26y, "Gone to meet my husband", [KC]
Page, Elizabeth C., b. 12 Jun 1820, d. 10 Feb 1881, In Memory Of, w/o Elwood M. Page, [KC]
Page, Elwood M., d. 24 Sept 1896, age: 79y, member, Friendship Fire Co., Woodbury, NJ (1843-1845), [KC]
Rambo, Joseph, d. 21 Jul 1857, age: 3m, ssw/ Mary E. Cooper, Martha Rambo, [KC]
Rambo, Martha, d. 9 Jun 1847, age: 5y, ssw/ Mary E. Cooper, Joseph Rambo, [KC]
Sterling, Franklin, b. 4 Jun 1858, d. 26 Oct 1876, s/o Ner A. and Rebecca P. Sterling, [KC]
Sterling, Laura V., b. Sep 1864, d. 18(?)6, In Memory Of. d/o Ner A. and Rebecca P. Sterling, [KC]
Sterling, Ner A., b. 21 Jun 1826, d. 28 Apr 1876, member, Friendship Fire Co., Woodbury, NJ (1860-1869), [KC]
Sterling, Rebecca P., b. 21 Aug 1828, d. , w/o Ner A. Sterling, [KC]
Sterling, Sallie V., b. 22 Feb 1866, d. 27 Dec 1867, In Memory Of. d/o Ner and Rebecca Sterling, [KC]
Tomosky, Thomas, b. 15 Oct 1921, d. 28 Mar 1994, "Timmy",in Brant plot, [KC]
Watson, Elizabeth C., b. 26 Sep 1812, d. 24 Apr 1884, [KC]
Watson, George (Vicars?), d. 1851, s/o Jesse and Elizabeth Watson, [KC]
Watson, Jesse, d. 7 Nov 1864, age: 54y 7m 7d, In Memory Of, member of Friendship Fire Co., Woodbury, NJ (1855-1857), [KC]
Widerfelt, Joseph, b. 5 Oct 1820, d. 5 Jul 1871, age: 50y 9m, In Memory Of, "Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace", of Widerfelt & Heppard brickyard, [KC]
Widerfelt, Martha, b. 19 Nov 1848, d. 26 Jan 1892, At Rest, [KC]
Widerfelt, Mary, b. 17 Sep 1811, d. 1 Sep 1879, Our Mother, "May She Rest in Peace", [KC]
Widerfelt, William, b. 17 Feb 1846, d. 9 Nov 1860, In Memory Of, s/o Joseph and Mary Widerfelt, [KC]
Williams, Abigail C., b. 20 May 1807, d. 14 Dec 1894, [KC]
Williams, Anna, b. 1848, d. 1948, [KC]
Williams, David, b. 1 Apr 1796, d. 31 Mar 1878, [KC]
Williams, Ray, b. 25 Jun 1843, d. 1 Jan 1874, d/o David and Abigail Williams, [KC]

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