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Veteran's Cemetery of Cumberland County
Cumberland County, New Jersey

Trench Road
Bridgeton, NJ 08302

Contributed by Keith Allen, Nov 13, 2001, updated Sep 05, 2003 [kallen5206@aol.com]. Total records = 48.

To be buried here, you must have been a member of the military or married to a member of the military.

This cemetery was established in 1999, by the Cumberland County Chosen Freeholders. As you can see by some of the death dates, some military member's have had a re-internment to this new location.

- Keith Allen

Allen, Glen, Roy, b. 7-31-1952, d. 5-19-2001, SP4 US Army - Vietnam
Baldiserra, Lena, b. 7-22-1924, d. 4-7-1998, Wife of Tec 5 Braggio Baldiserra USA
Bechold, Edward, b. 6-4-1916, d. 9-30-2000, I st Lt. US Army - WW II
Bradbury, William Roy, b. 8-8-1924, d. 5-24-2001, Rdm 3 US Navy - WW II
Brown, John R., b. 8-20-1926, d. 12-26-2000, Sgt. US Army - WW II
Claypool, Max S., b. 3-21-1919, d. 1-26-2001, Cox USW Navy - S Sgt. US Army - WW II
Clemson, Rev. Ronald H., b. 8-8-1917, d. 6-8-2001, Chaplains Assistant, Tec 4 US Army - WW II
Famiglietti, Edmond, E., b. 4-26-1911, d. 12-12-2000, S1 US Navy - WW II
Gerenti, Leonard, b. 3-18-1925, d. 10-27-2001
Harmon, Johnnie E., b. 1947, d. 2001
Hess, William, A.,Jr, b. 3-26-1926, d. 12-5-2002, US Navy, Pacific and Atlantic Theater World War II 1943-1946
Hilton, Francis G., b. 10-7-1919, d. 1-14-2001, Cwo US Army - WW II
Hogan, Joan B., b. 5-15-1931, d. 11-6-2000, Loving Wife, Mother & Grandmother
Huber, Isabelle, b. 1923, d. 2000
Huber, Stephen M., b. 10-22-1919, d. 11-20-2000, PFC Us Army - WW II
Johnson, Earl Russell, b. 8-10-1919, d. 5-13-2001, PFC US Army - WW II
Kato, Henry, b. 2-26-1933, d. 9-17-1999, Cpl. US Army - Korea
Kenedy, Herbert Jr., b. 7-14-1941, d. 1-3-2001, US Army - Vietnam
Ledbetter, Carl, b. 1927, d. 2000
Matta, Samuel A., b. 5-3-1922, d. 5-31-1983, M. Sgt. US Air Force - WW II - Korea - Vietnam
Medina, Joseph C., b. 12-8-1917, d. 12-18-2000, 7 Sgt. US Air Force - WW II - Korea
Mendez, Juan B., b. 12-27-1934, d. 4-3-2001, Pvt. US Army - Korea
Merritt, Frank L., b. 6-7-1934, d. 10-12-2000, Pvt. US Army - Korea
Peterson, George W., b. 12-22-1926, d. 8-15-2000, Always know as Sam, S1 US Navy - WW II
Pierce, Asa H Sr., b. 6-23-1932, d. 3-24-2000, Sgt. US Army - Korea
Price, William Howard, b. 3-14-1933, d. 2-10-2000, Sgt. US Marine Corps - Korea
Rabbai, Roman James, b. 1-20-1922, d. 10-24-2001
Regan, Vincent John, b. 7-21-1925, d. 7-12-2000, T Sgt. US Army Air Force - WW II
Reidy, William F., b. 2-20-1911, d. 8-12-2000, 1st Lt. US Army - WW II
Richie, Ralph E., b. 6-29-1925, d. 10-18-2001
Riggio, Lawrence Sr., b. 3-22-1940, d. 12-30-1999, A2C US Air Force - Vietnam
Rose, Franklin Allen, b. 6-12-1927, d. 8-29-2001, US Air Force
Rothmaller, William Jr., b. 1930, d. 2001
Rothman, Alfred G., b. 12-2-1920, d. 9-13-2000, Tec 4 US Army Air Force - WW II
Sanders, Thomas, b. 1930, d. 2001
Sloboda, Franklin D., b. 3-5-1933, d.12-19-1999, AB Air Force - Korea
Smith, Herman T., b. 12-24-1908, d. 9-30-1997, Sgt. US Army Air Force - WW II
Snyder, Howard T., b. 12-11-1917, d. 6-12-2001, H/o Maurraine Snyder, Pvt. US Army - WW II
Snyder, Maurraine, b. 5-14-1920, d. 12-31-2000, W/o Howard T Snyder, Beloved Wife & Mother
Stahlberger, Hans A., b. 11-10-1921, d. 8-8-2001, US Army
Supernauage, Leo J., b. 6-1-1927, d. 7-24-2001, S1 US Air Force - WW II
Taylor, Lewis W., b. 1916, d. 2001
Thompson, Augusta P., b. 11-9-1955, d. 4-1-2001, Loving Wife & Mother, (" Gussy") (nee Taborn)
Tuscani, Thomas A., b. 6-29-1917, d. 4-18-2001, AMM1 US Navy - WW II
Vecsei, Thomas, b. 3-20-1929, d. 5-15-2001, (Marines)
Wandland, Stanley W., b. 7-31-1930, d. 12-17-2000, Pvt. US Army - Korea
Whitaker, Harvey R., b. 8-21-1914, d. 7-7-2000, Cpl. US Army - WW II
Witzig, William Jr., J., b. 11-20-1929, d. 6-26-1996, AB 3 US Navy
Yamasaki, Noboru, b. 12-29-1927, d. 4-19-2000, Sgt. US Air Force - WW II

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