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Dividing Creek Baptist Cemetery
Dividing Creek, Cumberland County, New Jersey

Union & Church Streets
Dividing Creek, New Jersey

Lat: 39°16'21"N, Lon: 75°06'05"W

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 325.

Contributor's Index:

The Dividing Creek Baptist Church dates back to the first settlers of the town and the surrounding area. The early settlers were deeply religious people. The church was a very important part of their lives. Most of the settlers who came to this area were Baptists. Before the church was built they met in some private homes for religious purposes.

About 1749 several families from Cohansey also settled Dividing Creek. There was already a Baptist Church organized at Cohansey. In the late 1680s some Baptists from New England sailed into the Cohansey River. They founded the Cohansey Baptist Church there before 1690. They later moved across the river. The settlers who came here from Cohansey in 1749 were members of the Cohansey Church.

In 1751 SETH LORE (who's buried in the cemetery) gave 2 1/2 acres of the land for a house of worship and a burying ground. At that time the trustees of the church were: William Dallas, Richard Lore, Jr. and Nathan Shaw. The deed says the lot was on the uppermost part of Seth Lore's property. The Baptists in Dividing Creek had built the church by 1755.

A traveling minister from Cohansey would preach here occasionally. And from time to time the Rev. Nathaniel Jenkins and Rev. Robert Kelsey were the as well. In 1761 the church was organized and the Rev. Samuel Heaton became their first minister. It must be remembered that Baptists from Newport / Port Norris area's were members of this church.

Also, there is a plaque in front of Seth Lore's grave (he's listed below). Seth Lore's grave marker is a large stone with S L carved in it and beneath that, the year 1779 (his death). The plaque on the ground in front of his grave says; "Seth Lore b. Circa 1710 in Southold L. I., NY Original settler of Dividing Creek, he donated land for the first Meeting House of the Dividing Creek Baptist Church in 1751." [KA]

Allen, Keith, Jr., b. 4-23-1976, d. 10-11-1996, [KA]
Bateman, Ann, b. 10-10-1805, d. 2-18-1863, w/o James, [KA]
Bateman, Anna, B., b. 1846, d. 1925, [KA]
Bateman, Elizabeth, b. 1918, W/o William A Bateman, [KA]
Bateman, James, M, b. 1848, d. 1936, [KA]
Bateman, James, b. 12-23-1800, d. 1-31-1848, h/o Ann, [KA]
Bateman, Moses, b. 8-6-1801, d. 9-?-1861, aged 60y, [KA]
Bateman, Nemira, d. 6-20-1833, 11y 10m, s/o Nathaniel & Rachel, [KA]
Bateman, William, A., b. 1911, d. 1973, H/o Elizabeth Bateman, [KA]
Berry, Char's, d. 9-19-1860, aged 17y, S/o Henry & Sarah Berry, [KA]
Berry, Richard, d. 2-7-1912, aged 72y, [KA]
Blackman, Elizabeth R., b. 10-8-1854, d. 10-13-1860, d/o Andrew J & Ruth, [KA]
Blackman, Emma R., d. 9-5-1876, 16y, d/o Andrew J. & Ruth, [KA]
Blizzard, Mary, E., d. 8-22-1915, aged 86y, [KA]
Bradford, Temperance, b. 12-4-1753, d. 12-23-1793, 40y 19d, w/o Silas, d/o Ebenezer Westcoat, [KA]
Bright, William, d. 2-10-1802, 24y 11m 28d, [KA]
Bright, William, d. 7-31-1786, 42y 10m, [KA]
Brooks, Rev. Thomas, d. 1-24-1837, 77y, [KA]
Burnight, Kelsen, b. 2-15-1889, d. 4-13-1957, [KA]
Burt, Matilda, d. 1-17-1813, 22y, w/o Noah, [KA]
Campbell, Anna, R., d. 7-1865, aged 8m 17d, D/o Thomas & Betsy Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Anna, b. 12-15-1849, d. 10-9-1901, W/o Lewis Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Edward, C., b. 2-24-1874, d. 5-11-1958, S/o Lewis & Anna Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Elizabeth (Betsey)*, aged 79, W/o Thomas Campbell (her stone says Elizabeth), [KA]
Campbell, Elizabeth, b. 5-1-1853, d. 1-28-1859, d/o Edmund & Sarah, [KA]
Campbell, Franklin, H., b. 1891, d. 1918, [KA]
Campbell, Frederick, b. 6-11-1847, d. 1-28-1849, s/o Edmund & Sarah, [KA]
Campbell, Harry, b. 1874, d. 1960, H/o Lena (Moore) Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, John, b. 12-12-1806, d. 8-5-1883, H/o Mary Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Lena, b. 1880, d. 1961, W/o Harry Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Lewis, b. 11-29-1846, d. 9-15-1918, H/o Anna Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Lizzie M., b. 2-23-1864, d. 1-23-1943, W/o Mortimer Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Mary E., b. 1-28-1901, d. 12-20-1968, [KA]
Campbell, Mary, b. 10-13-1805, d. 1-23-1880, W/o John Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Mortimer, b. 10-17-1862, d. 3-29-1942, H/o Lizzie M Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Oliver, b. 10-16-1816, d. 5-26-1903, H/o Sarah Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Sarah, Ann, d. 5-25-1841, aged 20y, W/o Oliver Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Thomas, b. 1839, d. 1922, H/o Elizabeth (Betsey) Campbell, [KA]
Campbell, Walter, C., b. 12-30-1889, d. 6-26-1952, [KA]
Chance, Ida M., d. 10-4-1873, 6m 29d, d/o William M & Ruth, [KA]
Compton, Ann, d. 8-10-1855, 33y, Consort of Joseph Compton Jr., [KA]
Compton, Joseph, d. 6-1857, 34y, [KA]
Compton, Lewis L., d. 3-27-1869, 21y, [KA]
Coulter, Reeves, b. 1823, d. 1926, [KA]
Daniel, Joseph, d. 4-19-1812, 38y 4m 8d, [KA]
Dolles, Levi, d. 1-26-1775, 26y, [KA]
Dunlap, Nathaniel, L., d. 3-25-1860, aged 2m 4d,S/o James & Emeline(Lore) Dunlap, [KA]
French, Deborah, d. 9-30-1858, W/o William French, [KA]
French, William, d. 7-20-1844, aged 69y, H/o Deborah (Lore) French, [KA]
Gandy, Cynthia C., d. 9-23-1863, 11m, d/o Edward & Sarah, [KA]
Gandy, Sarah, d. 6-23-1879, 59y, w/o Edward, [KA]
Garretson, Thelma, A., b. 1900, d. 1924, [KA]
Garrison, Betsey, d. 9-4-1807, 4y 5m 4d, [KA]
Garrison, Charles F., b. 1-16-1844, d. 12-20-1862, s/o Hover & Ann M., Vet. Am. Revolution, [KA]
Garrison, Frank, L., b. 1864, d. 1943, H/o Phebe Garrison, [KA]
Garrison, Hover, d. 5-21-1884, 86y, [KA]
Garrison, Isaac, d. 11-18-1819, 59y, [KA]
Garrison, Mary E., d. 7-31-1870, 22y, d/o Hover & Maria, [KA]
Garrison, Matilda, d. 8-27-1878, 65y, w/o William, [KA]
Garrison, Namoy, d. 6-11-1817, 60y, [KA]
Garrison, Phebe, b. 13-24-1867, d. 1915, W/o Frank L Garrison, [KA]
Garrison, William, d. 4-3-1889, 75y 3m 11d, h/o Matilda, [KA]
Gaskill, Mary C., d. 12-11-1896, aged 80y, W/o Daniel Gaskill, [KA]
Gaskill, Stephen, d. 11-5-1873, aged 86y, [KA]
Glann, Ann, d. 3-7-1852, 73y 4m 7d, d/o Gabriel & Phebe, [KA]
Glann, Anna, d. 3-26-1873, 63y, w/o John, [KA]
Glann, Daniel, d. 9-18-1877, 64y, [KA]
Glann, Gabriel, d. 8-22-1798, 45y 5m 22d, h/o Phebe, [KA]
Glann, Phebe, d. 2-14-1850, 95y 10m 28d, w/o Gabriel, [KA]
Haley, Charles R., b. 12-12-1856, d. 10-23-1863, s/o Gideon & Elizabeth, [KA]
Haley, Elizabeth, d. 10-18-1871, w/o Gideon, [KA]
Haley, Gideon, b. 8-31-1829, d. 9-25-1862, h/o Elizabeth, [KA]
Haley, Ruth, d. 10-18-1871, 21y, d/o Gideon & Elizabeth, [KA]
Hall, Henry, d. 1-12-1837, 23y 1m 26d, [KA]
Hand, Lizzie B., d. 7-2-1873, 8m 15d, d/o L.C. & M. M., [KA]
Hankins, Sallie B., d. 5-4-1875, 21y 9m, w/o Charles L., [KA]
Heaton, Anna, d. 10-1-1794, 56y 11m 15d, [KA]
Heaton, Daniel, d. 12-13-1840, 70y 6m 17d, [KA]
Heaton, David, d. 7-15-1800, 29y 6m 20d, [KA]
Heaton, Gideon, b. 4-20-1776, d. 9-18-1811, [KA]
Heaton, Gideon, d. 5-22-1788, 46y, [KA]
Heaton, John L., b. 4-2-1809, d. 9-22-1811, [KA]
Heaton, Ruth, d. 9-17-1852, 78y 6m 16d, Consort of Daniel, [KA]
Henderson, Ann W., d. 8-16-1819, 32y 2m 1d, w/o Major Henderson, [KA]
Henderson, John, d. 9-20-1798, 28y 3m 7d, [KA]
Ladlow, Allen S., d. 4-12-1891, 60y 8m, h/o Matilda, [KA]
Ladlow, Annie, d. 1-30-1871, 24d, d/o Allen S. & Matilda, [KA]
Ladlow, Charles, d. 12-8-1802, 49y, [KA]
Ladlow, Clinton, d. 11-4-1861, 21y 6m 13d, s/o Garner & Hannah, [KA]
Ladlow, Clinton, d. 12-31-1869, 3m 11d, s/o Allen S. & Matilda, [KA]
Ladlow, Edwin, b. 3-5-1847, d. 6-22-1852, 5y 3m 17d, s/o Furman & Sarah, [KA]
Ladlow, Garner, b. 11-16-1795, d. 6-13-1881, h/o Hannah, [KA]
Ladlow, George M., d. 10-2-1866, 2y 10m, s/o James G. & Harriet, [KA]
Ladlow, Hannah, b. 2-14-1800, d. 12-5-1883, w/o Garner, [KA]
Ladlow, Hannah, d. 6-16-1878, 9m 20d, d/o Allen S. & Matilda, [KA]
Ladlow, Infant, d. 3-22-1831, 1m 7d, s/o James G. & Harriet, [KA]
Ladlow, James G., d. 9-30-1866, 51y, [KA]
Ladlow, M. Almeda, b. 1-19-1861, d. 11-15-1862, d/o Ambrose & Ruth, [KA]
Ladlow, Mary, d. 6-3-1805, 26y, w/o Rosal, [KA]
Ladlow, Phebe, d. 10-7-1822, 74y, w/o Levi Heaton, [KA]
Ladlow, Ruth, b. 3-21-1781, d. 6-11-1846, w/o Rozal, [KA]
Ladlow, Samuel S., d. 7-9-1879, 4y 1m, s/o Allen S. & Matilda, [KA]
Ladlow, Walter S., d. 4-5-1865, 6y 1m 26d, s/o Allen S. & Matilda, [KA]
Ladlow, William, d. 9-25-1827, 1y 6m 15d, s/o Garner & Hannah, [KA]
Lake, Annie, d. 2-17-1871, aged 18y, D/o John R & Sarah C Lake, [KA]
Lake, Beasten, d. 10-10-1846, aged 35y 1m 1d, [KA]
Lake, Charles, d. 6-18-1856, aged 19y, S/o Beasten & Rachel C Lake, [KA]
Lake, Daniel L., d. 5-14-1874, aged 17y, S/o Samuel & Mary H Lake, [KA]
Lake, Daniel, d. 6-26-1835, aged 18y 2m 28d, [KA]
Lake, John R., b. 5-26-1824, d. 12-7-1895, H/o Sarah C Lake, [KA]
Lake, Mary H., d. 10-10-1884, aged 51y, W/o Samuel Lake, [KA]
Lake, Mary, d. 12-2-1875, aged 87y, W/o Robert Lake, [KA]
Lake, Nancie, b. 6-28-1858, d. 11-14-1863, D/o John R & Sarah C Lake, [KA]
Lake, Robert L., d. 2-3-1907, aged 42y, S/o Samuel & Mary H Lake, [KA]
Lake, Robert, d. 9-24-1840, aged 62y 11m 10d, H/o Mary Lake, [KA]
Lake, Samuel, d. 6-18-1894, aged 66y, H/o Mary H Lake, [KA]
Lake, Sarah C., b. 6-18-1826, d. 5-19-1906, W/o John R Lake, [KA]
Laws, Eddie O., d. 8-23-1873, 5m 21d, s/o Lake & Mary, [KA]
Laws, Eunice, b. 3-3-1866, d. 8-28-1868, d/o George & Lorana, [KA]
Laws, Jacob, d. 6-16-1857, 80y, h/o Rebecca, [KA]
Laws, John L., b. 6-20-1808, d. 2-19-1873, [KA]
Laws, Lorana, b. 3-18-1844, d. 12-11-1876, w/o George, [KA]
Laws, Osll, b. 10-21-1881, d. 9-5-1884, s/o George & Mary, [KA]
Laws, Rebecca, d. 9-9-1851, 68y, w/o Jacob, [KA]
Lore, Abigail, d. 11 Apr 1824, aged 68y 10m, w/o Dollas Lore, [JO]
Lore, Abigail, d. 4-1?-1824, aged 68y 10m, [KA]
Lore, Addington, b. 10-21-1822, d. 5-1-1875, S/o Nathaniel & Ruth (Page) Lore, [KA]
Lore, Alexane, d. 8-28-1803, aged 10y 9m, [KA]
Lore, Anna, b. 7-24-1780, d. 2-23-1864, 83y 6m 30d, [KA]
Lore, Anna, d. 13 May 1786, aged 50y, [JO]
Lore, Bolivar, b. 11-28-1829, d. 1-25-1897, aged 67y, H/o Ann Bowker, & S/o Nathaniel & Ruth (Page) Lore, [KA]
Lore, Dan, d. 11 Feb 1802, aged 63y, [JO]
Lore, Dan, d. 2-14-1802, 63y, [KA]
Lore, Dollas, d. 12 Aug 1811, aged 14y 6m 28d, [JO]
Lore, Dollas, d. 20 Dec 1811, aged 18y 3m 16d, [JO]
Lore, Dorcas, d. 8-?-????, W/o John Lore, [KA]
Lore, Eldad, b. 1842, d. 1924, H/o Rhoda Lore, [KA]
Lore, Elizabeth G., b. 1879, d. 1965, W/o Nathaniel J lore, [KA]
Lore, Elizabeth, d. 11-10-1805, aged 61y 11m 7d, W/o Ichabod Lore, [KA]
Lore, Elizabeth, d. 6-21-1811, aged 81y, [KA]
Lore, Emeline, b. 2-9-1819, d. 3-24-1880, W/o James Dunlap, [KA]
Lore, Emma R., b. 1914, d. 1941, D/o Nathaniel J & Elizabeth G Lore, [KA]
Lore, Ephraim, b. 7 Dec 1805, d. 17 Feb 1891, [JO]
Lore, Ephraim, d. 1-29-1759, 33y, [KA]
Lore, Ephraim, d. Jan 1739, aged 3y, [JO]
Lore, Franklin, d. 11-31-1856, aged 28y 6m 16d, [KA]
Lore, Hannah, d. 11-3-1810, 2y 5m 15d, d/o Ephraim & Deborah, [KA]
Lore, Henry S., b. 12-12-1865, d. 8-11-1903, S/o John L & Rebecca Lore, [KA]
Lore, Hezekiah, d. 14 Oct 1801, aged 55y 11m 14d, [JO]
Lore, Hezekiah, d. 16 Dec 1795, [JO]
Lore, Ianna, d. 12-6-1853, 5y 10m 6d, d/o Jefferson & Phebe (Bradford), [KA]
Lore, Ichabod, b. 7-20-1742, d. 6-19-1769, aged 27y, H/o Elizabeth (Brown) Lore, [KA]
Lore, Ichabod, d. 18 Aug 1811, aged 16y 3m 2d, [JO]
Lore, Ichabod, d. 31 Jul 1769, aged 27y, [JO]
Lore, Infant, d 12-1-1844, 4m 13d, s/o Jefferson & Phebe (Bradford), [KA]
Lore, Jefferson N., d. 10-6-1852, 3y 3m 14d, s/o Jefferson & Phebe (Bradford), [KA]
Lore, Jefferson, b. 1-25-1815, d. 1-13-1908, H/o Phebe (Bradford) Lore, [KA]
Lore, Jefferson, d. 3 Aug 1811, aged 10y, [JO]
Lore, John L., d. 1-25-1906, aged 81y, W/o Rebecca Lore, [KA]
Lore, John, Jr., b. 13 Nov 1765, d. 16 Jan 1800, aged 41y 1m 28d, h/o Sarah Lore, [JO]
Lore, John, b. 11-18-1765, d. 1-16-1809, S/o Dan & Elizabeth (Brown) Lore, [KA]
Lore, John, d. 2-7-1815, aged 60y 15d, H/o Dorcas Lore, [KA]
Lore, Johnathan, d. 3-20-1788, aged 68y H/o Barbara___, & S/o Hezekiah & Elizabeth (Holmes) Lore, [KA]
Lore, Jonathan, d. 10-28-1760, 3y, [KA]
Lore, Lydia L., b. 8-7-1868, d. 6-7-1950, [KA]
Lore, Lydia, d. 22 Jan 1790, aged 37y 4m 5d, [JO]
Lore, Martha, d. 11 May 1852, aged 27y 6m 15d, w/o Bloomfield Lore, [JO]
Lore, Mortimer, d. 8-11-1847, 1y 10m 21d, s/o Jefferson & Phebe (Bradford), [KA]
Lore, Mrs. Ann, b. 7-24-1780, d. 2-23-1864, aged 83y 6m 30d, [KA]
Lore, Nancy, d. 23 May 1800, aged 11y 9d, [JO]
Lore, Nathaniel J., b. 1875, d. 1947, H/o Elizabeth G Lore, [KA]
Lore, Nathaniel, Sr., d. 8 Feb 1873, h/o Ruth Lore, [JO]
Lore, Nathaniel, b. 5-17-1834, d. 7-5-1908, H/o Rebecca (Robbins) Lore, [KA]
Lore, Nathaniel, d. 3-11-1827, aged 81y 1m 20d, H/o Rachel (Cook) Lore, [KA]
Lore, Phebe, b. 2-8-1826, d. 8-29-1897, W/o Jefferson Lore, [KA]
Lore, Polly, d. 11-5-1805, 2y 8m 11d, [KA]
Lore, Rachel, d. 11-18-1824, aged 61y ?m 17d, W/o Nathaniel Lore, [KA]
Lore, Rebecca, b. 4-8-1842, d. 11-2-1918, W/o Nathaniel Lore, [KA]
Lore, Rebecca, d. 10-5-1929, aged 91y, H/o John L Lore, [KA]
Lore, Reuben, d. 10-20-1813, aged 88y, [KA]
Lore, Rhoda, b. 1845, d. 1933, W/o Eldad Lore, [KA]
Lore, Rhoda, d. 6-23-1851, 8m, d/o Nathaniel & Larissa, [KA]
Lore, Roland, b. 1878, d. 1904, aged 25y, [KA]
Lore, Ruth, d. 12-29-1831, aged 76y, D/o Seth & Mary (Paulin) Lore, [KA]
Lore, Ruth, d. 13 Mar 1869, aged 71y 7m 13d, w/o Nathaniel Lore, Sr., [JO]
Lore, Ruth, d. 29 Dec 1811, aged 76y, [JO]
Lore, Sara, d. 9-8-1798, 38y 6m 7d, w/o John, [KA]
Lore, Sarah R., d. 6-8-1865, 7y 11m 3d, d/o Jefferson & Phebe (Bradford), [KA]
Lore, Sarah, d. 8 Sep 1708, aged 38y 6m 7d, w/o John Lore, [JO]
Lore, Seth, b. cir 1710, d. 12-31-1779, H/o Phebe Frazer, [KA]
Lore, Seth, d. 21 Feb 1771, aged 28y, [JO]
Lore, Temperance, d. 28 Jul 1796, aged 6y, w/o David Shepherd, [JO]
Lore, Warrington, d. 7-21-1851, 26y 11m, [KA]
Lore, William H., b. 11-6-1811, d. 11-20-1864, aged 53y 12d, [KA]
Mason, David, d. 7-10-1851, 76y 4m, h/o Phebe, [KA]
Mason, E., no dates, [KA]
Mason, Phebe, d. 10-3-1853, 71y 4m 18d, w/o David, [KA]
Mayhew, Ann, d. 10-31-1814, 5y 8m, [KA]
Mayhew, Anna C., d. 7-20-1854, 3y 11m, d/o John L. & Catherine, [KA]
Mayhew, Emma, d. 7-22-1845, 1y 19d, d/o John L. & Catherine, [KA]
Mayhew, Hannah, b. 1-24-1788, d. 11-7-1831, [KA]
Mayhew, Infant, d. 1-1805, s/o E.& H., [KA]
Mayhew, Mary, d. 9-2-1812, 7m 13d, [KA]
Mints, Eva, b. 2-2-1873, d. 4-28-1917, [KA]
Mints, Howard F., b. 1869, d. 1948, [KA]
Mints, John A., b. 11-18-1838, d. 9-18-1902, H/o Sophia Mints, [KA]
Mints, John, b. 4-19-1803, d. 8-6-1879, 76y 3m 17d, h/o Mary Ann, [KA]
Mints, Mary Ann, b. 11-14-1811, d. 5-28-1873, 61y 6m 14d, w/o John, [KA]
Mints, Sophia, b. 2-22-1842, d. 2-18-1917, W/o John A Mints, [KA]
Moore, Ann, d. 10-12-1877, aged 73y 3m 8d, W/o Hamilton Moore Sr, [KA]
Moore, Deborah, d. 3-11-1850, aged 87y 5m 16d, W/o William Moore, [KA]
Moore, Emma J., b. 1884, d. 1954, [KA]
Moore, Hamilton Sr., d. 1880, H/o Ann Moore, [KA]
Moore, Isaac L., no dates, [KA]
Moore, James D., b. 6-12-1821, d. 9-25-1891, S/o James & Keziah Moore, [KA]
Moore, James, b. 8-3-1788, d. 4-3-1850, aged 61y 7m 21d, H/o Keziah Moore, [KA]
Moore, John R., d. 9-26-1853, aged 23y, S/o James & Keziah Moore, [KA]
Moore, Joseph C., b. 1-12-1823, d. 8-10-1898, H/o Sarah (Tullis) Moore, [KA]
Moore, Keziah, b. 7-30-1793, d. 4-13-1866, W/o James Moore, [KA]
Moore, Raymond, b. 1881, d. 1941, [KA]
Moore, William S., b. 1858, d. 1926, [KA]
Moore, William, d. 3-29-1817, aged 72y 1m 2d, H/o Deborah Moore, [KA]
Morgan, Ann B., d. 8-25-1847, 26y 11m, w/o Ward, [KA]
Newcomb, Henry, d. 5-7-1817, 1y 2m 21d, [KA]
Newcomb, Lizzie H., d. 11-13-1866, 2y 16d, d/o Fayette L. & Phebe C., [KA]
Newcomb, Myra H., b. 5-8-1857, d. 3-23-1928, W/o Theoph Newcomb, [KA]
Newcomb, Pleasant, d. 10-4-1795, 1y 4m 8d, [KA]
Newcomb, Pleasant, d. 2-28-1791, 57y, [KA]
Newcomb, Theodore, d. 8-3-1848, 2y 3m 3d, s/o William & Elizabeth, [KA]
Newcomb, Theoph, b. ?-28-1849, d. 5-14-1912, H/o Myra H Newcomb, [KA]
Newcomb, William, d. 4-7-1785, 64y, [KA]
Ogden, Charles Tullis, b. 5-21-1848, d. 8-21-1852, S/o Chas. & Theodosia T Ogden, [KA]
Orr, Emma D., b. 1872, d. 1960, W/o George B Orr, [KA]
Orr, George B., b. 1863, d. 1916, H/o Emma Orr, [KA]
Orr, George W., b. 7-1813, d. 12-1894, H/o Mary Orr, [KA]
Orr, Hannah, d. 3-15-1855, aged 19y, D/o John & Phebe Ann Orr, [KA]
Orr, John Esq., d. 3-19-1866, aged 81y, H/o Sophia Orr, [KA]
Orr, John H., b. 1840, d. 1914, [KA]
Orr, John, b. 12-18-1809, d. 10-15-1896, H/o Hannah Orr, [KA]
Orr, Lizzie Carll, b. 6-15-1872, d. 5-1-1907, W/o Nathaniel L Chance, [KA]
Orr, Lorinda, d. 3-16-1874, aged 63y, W/o Deacon William Orr, [KA]
Orr, Mark L., b. 1849, d. 1930, [KA]
Orr, Mary Gale, d. 9-20-1918, [KA]
Orr, Mary, b. 10-1811, d. 8-1897, W/o George W Orr, [KA]
Orr, Matilda, b. 7-10-1811, d. 10-16-1855, W/o William Orr, [KA]
Orr, Phebe Ann, b. 4-21-1804, d. 10-13-1884, W/o John Orr, [KA]
Orr, Sophia, d. 3-2-1842, aged 53y 8m 14d, W/o John Orr Esquire, [KA]
Orr, William Decon, d. 6-17-1882, aged 74y, H/o Lorinda Orr, [KA]
Orr, William J., b. 1842, d. 1862, [KA]
Page, David, d. 6-23-1803, 63y, [KA]
Page, Willie N., b. 3-6-1867, d. 7-5-1867, s/o Boliver & Annie, [KA]
Pashley, Charles, d. 1y 2m 14d, s/o Christopher & Eunice, [KA]
Pashley, Christopher, d. 3-27-1868, 54y, h/o Eunice, [KA]
Pashley, Eli, d. 8-1864, 20y, s/o Christopher & Eunice, [KA]
Pashley, Elizabeth, b. 4-3-1787, d. 3-7-1872, 84y 11m 4d, [KA]
Pashley, Eunice, d. 1-20-1890, 66y, w/o Christopher, [KA]
Pashley, Ruth, b. 8-28-1823, d. 8-25-1843, 19y 11m 27d, [KA]
Pierce, Abel, no dates, [KA]
Riley, Sallie R., d. 7-3-1819, 18y, d/o William & Elizabeth, [KA]
Robbins, Ann Maria, b. 5-20-1816, d. 4-25-1896, W/o Richard Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Conrad T., d. 25 Oct 1862, aged 4y, s/o Levi and Harriet Robbins, [JO]
Robbins, David, d. 9-10-1852, aged 61y 1m 7d, H/o Elizabeth (Campbell) Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Elizabeth, d. 7-27-1865, aged 67y 7m 11d, W/o David Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Hannah, d. 3-21-1872, aged 88y 9m, W/o John Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Harriet, d. 3-6-1863, aged 37y 5m, W/o Levi Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Infant, d. 9-10-1859, d/o Robert L. & Mary C., [KA]
Robbins, John T., d. 24 Oct 1862, aged 15y 6m 19d, s/o Levi and Harriet Robbins, [JO]
Robbins, John, III, d. 6 Sep 1846, aged 26y 7m 6d, [JO]
Robbins, John, d. 10-15-1855, aged 73y 1m 12d, H/o Hannah Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, John, d. 25 Aug 1823, aged 68y 3m 25d, h/o Temperance Robbins, [JO]
Robbins, Levi, b. 8-20-1817, d. 7-21-1886, H/o Harriet Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Levi, d. 13 Oct 1859, aged 66y 5m 8d, h/o Silvey Robbins, [JO]
Robbins, Lydia, d. 4-27-1872, aged 58y 4m 16d, D/o David & Elizabeth (Campbell) Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Martha, d. 11-11-1860, aged 23y 3m 9d, [KA]
Robbins, Mary Ann, b. 27 Sep 1829, d. 27 Oct 1869, w/o Gabriel G. Robbins, [JO]
Robbins, Mary C., b. 2-7-1828, d. 12-3-1893, W/o Robert L Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Rebecca, d. 2-10-1841, 32y 8m 27d, w/o Rickson, [KA]
Robbins, Richard, b. 1-19-1817, d. 12-17-1890, H/o Ann Maria Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Robert L., b. 10-5-1829, d. 10-23-1878, H/o Mary C Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, Silvey, b. 22 Feb 1797, d. 21 May 1883, w/o Levi Robbins, [JO]
Robbins, Temperance, d. 9 Oct 1821, aged 59y 7m 22d, w/o John Robbins, [JO]
Robbins, William H., d. 10-17-1862, aged 1y 10m 14d, S/o Levi & Harriet Robbins, [KA]
Robbins, William H., d. 27 Nov 1860, aged 23y 2m 27d, s/o Levi and Silvey Robbins, [JO]
Robinson, Alice, d. 1y, d/o Silas & Minerva, [KA]
Robinson, Maria P., d. 8-5-1852, 2y 9m 14d, d/o William & Mary, [KA]
Robinson, Mary, d. 3-10-1888, 79y, [KA]
Robinson, Reaves, d. 2-19-1848, 77y, [KA]
Rudderow, Eve S., b. 1925, d. 2000, [KA]
Schaffer, Bertha M., b. 1902, d. 1925, [KA]
Schaffer, Maurice S., b. 1899, d. 1985, [KA]
Shaw, Henry Esq., b. 7-14-1768, d. 10-13-1855, 87y 2m 29d, [KA]
Shaw, Henry Jr., b. 8-13-1796, d. 3-7-1856, H/o Sarah Shaw, [KA]
Shaw, Jedediah, d. 1820, 59y, [KA]
Shaw, Rhuhama, d. 1829, 59y, [KA]
Shaw, Rodah, d. 2-16-1828, aged 2?y 2m 2d, D/o Henry Jr & Sarah Shaw, [KA]
Shaw, Sarah, b. 2-19-1802, d. 10-15-1840, W/o Henry Shaw Jr, [KA]
Shaw, Tabitha, d. 3-20-1847, 78y 4m 20d, Consort of Henry Shaw Esq., [KA]
Shepherd, David, d. 18 June 1774, aged 50, h/o Temperance Lore, [JO]
Sheppard, Hannah A., b. 3-27-1818, d. 8-4-1882, [KA]
Sheppard, Josiah, d. 5-27-1795, 21y 5m, [KA]
Sittig, John, no dates, [KA]
Sockwell, Jonathan, d. 8-5-1813, 71y, [KA]
Stephenson, Richard, d. 5-27-1811, 59y 3m 27d, [KA]
Stitham, Daniel, d. 1-28-1851, 41y, [KA]
Trout, William B., d. 7-5-1877, 37y, [KA]
Tubman, Ann, d. 4-23-1880, 85y 5m 1d, w/o Nehemiah, [KA]
Tubman, John, Capt., d. 10-10-1845, 63y, [KA]
Tubman, Mary, d. 6-1-1851, 35y, w/o S., [KA]
Tubman, Nehemiah, d. 11-20-1861, 71y 20d, h/o Ann, [KA]
Tubman, Sylvanus, d. 11-3-1816, 63y, [KA]
Tubman, Theodolia, d. 1-2-1824, 73y, [KA]
Tullis, Alice, d. 5-14-1870, 4y 2m, d/o John & Phebe, [KA]
Tullis, Dannie J., b. 7-13-1869, d. 7-16-1870, s/o Daniel & Mary J., [KA]
Tullis, Eli, b. 5-21-1792, d. 8-29-1877, h/o Eunice, [KA]
Tullis, Eunice, b. 3-24-1800, d. 6-17-1885, w/o Eli, [KA]
Tullis, Lizzie S., d. 6-9-1862, 4m, d/o John & Phebe, [KA]
Tullis, M., b. 11-25-1872, d. 8-19-1873, d/o Daniel & Mary J., [KA]
Tullis, Sallie B., d. 12-18-1886, 18y, d/o John & Phebe, [KA]
Tullis, Sarah, b. 5-26-1827, d. 4-8-1908, W/o Joseph C Moore, [KA]
Turner, Debbie, b. 9-26-1847, d. 1-3-1884, w/o Nicholas, [KA]
Turner, Harry, no further info, [KA]
Warful, Henry A., d. 8-28-1904, aged 72y, [KA]
Webb, Elizabeth, d. 1-3-1813, 21y 8m 2d, w/o John, [KA]
Whitaker, William, b. 2-28-1818, d. 1-4-1869, [KA]
Wood, Belford E., b. 11-8-1827, d. 5-9-1880, 52y 6m 1d, [KA]

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