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Columbus Cemetery
Burlington County, New Jersey

Submitted by Eileen [Burlnton@aol.com].  Total records = 49.

Blouse, Elizabeth Havens, b.1889, d.1931, with GM & AR Havens
Burtis, Charles C., b.1877, d.1964, mate: Elizabeth W.
Burtis, Elizabeth W., b.1876, d.1954, mate: Charles C.
Chamberlain, Perry L., b.1893, d.1934
Cooper, Mary J., b.1901, d.1988, mate: Robert E.
Cooper, Robert E., b.1898, d.1979, mate: Mary J.
Eldridge, Elizabeth A., b.1881, d.1964, mate: James L.
Eldridge, James L., b.1901, d.1968, mate: Elizabeth A.
Harker, Ada Shinn, b.1898, d.1988
Haven, Annie R., b.1866, d.1942, mate: George M.
Haven, George M., b.1863, d.1946, mate: Annie R.
King, Adelaide E., b.1870, d.1945, mate: Issac Shinn, Mother
King, Issac Shinn, b.1865, d.1944, mate: Adelaide E., Father
Parker, Sarah T. Shinn, b.1865, d.1915, with S.T.S & R.A.S
Robbins 1, Edward S., b.1857, d.1945, mate: Mary H.
Robbins 2, Mary H., b.1857, d.1929, mate: Edward S.
Robbins 3, Josephine S., b.Jan 27 1882, d.Nov 6 1908
Robbins 4, Aaron S., b.Mar 13 1818, d.Jan 7 1909, mate: , Secd Lieut Co F 1st NJ Cav
Robbins 5, Antis, b.1822, d.1915
Shinn (nee), Eva M. Gildersleeve, b.1894, d.1976, mate: near F & Ha
Shinn, Alfred, b.Sep 20 1897, d.Sep 26 1897, with Samuel B.
Shinn, Alice Febrey, b.1859, d.1923, mate: Joseph C.
Shinn, Alice, b.May 24 1904, d.Oct 10 1990, mate: John I.
Shinn, Bertha, b.d., 1940, mate: William
Shinn, Elwood A., b.1902, d.1984, mate: Violet M.
Shinn, Emma B., b.May 5 1872, d.Nov 6 1964
Shinn, Emma P., b.1878, d.1956, mate: Judson, Mother
Shinn, Franklin S., b.1841, d.1917, mate: , "Freedom, Friendship & Charity"
Shinn, Gertrude M., b.1923, d., mate: H. Borden
Shinn, H. Borden, b.1920, d.1991, mate: Gertrude M.
Shinn, Hannah E., d.mate, Franklin S., his wife
Shinn, Hannah, b.1822, d.Mar 24 1906, mate: Daniel Pitman, Our Mother, age 84 years
Shinn, Helen B., b.d., Apr 16 1879, F & Hannah, dau of Franklin & Hannah 15 years
Shinn, John I., b.Jan 15 1903, d.Jun 00 1901, mate: Alice M.
Shinn, Joseph C., b.1855, d.1917, mate: Alice Febrey
Shinn, Judson, b.1872, d.1941, mate: Emma P., Father
Shinn, Ray B., b.Jun 13 1851, d.Mar 21 1880, mate: Jacob A., wife of
Shinn, Raymond E. Jr., b.1925, d.1926, with dad R.A.S. Sr.
Shinn, Raymond E., b.1902, d.1942, with son R.A.S. Jr.
Shinn, Riley A., b.Sep 28 1825, d.Mar 23 1904, mate: Sarah T.
Shinn, Sally Gray, b.1957, d.1967, with H.B.S. & G.M.S
Shinn, Samuel B., b.Sep 6 1870, d.Feb 12 1919, with Alfred
Shinn, Sarah T., b.Apr 9 1829, d.Sep 14 1887, mate: Riley A., wife of
Shinn, Violet, b.1909, d., mate: Elwood A.
Tallman, J. Biddle, b.1876, d.1900, with Lloyd
Tallman, Joseph, b.1847, d.1937, mate: Martha R.
Tallman, Martha R., b.1851, d.1920, mate: Joseph, wife of Joseph
Tantum, Joseph, b.Jul 11 1847, d.Nov 11 1916, mate: Maggie W.
Tantum, Maggie W., b.Mar 23 1847, d.Oct 30 1907, mate: Joseph

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