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Presbyterian Cemetery
Mays Landing, Atlantic County, New Jersey

Cape May Ave. & 2nd St.
Mays Landing, NJ

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 36.

Contributor's Index:

Cain, Jane, b. 10 Jun 1818, d. 23 Sep 1878, [KC]
Caskill, Sarah, b. 1812, d. 1874, wife of Benjamin Rumsey, [KC]
Hanthorn, Amelia H., b. 1858, d. 1916, s/w George W. Hanthorn and Sarah D. Hanthorn, [KC]
Hanthorn, Daniel, d. 1 Oct 1864, age: 3w, Son of Simon & Rebecca R. Hanthorn, [KC]
Hanthorn, George W., b. 1861, d. 1918, s/w Amelia H. Hanthorn and Sarah D. Hanthorn, [KC]
Hanthorn, Lillie Y., b. 24 Oct 1856, d. 5 May 1882, [KC]
Hanthorn, Rececca R., d. 6 Dec. 1866, age: 37y, Beloved Wife of Simon Hanthorn. "And I heard a voice from Heaven saying d? the write blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth. Yea saith the spirit that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them.", [KC]
Hanthorn, Rececca, b. 6 Nov 1866, d. 13 Apr 1876, Daughter of Simon & Rebecca R. Hanthorn, [KC]
Hanthorn, Sarah Ann, d. 12 Sep 1863, age: 6m, Daughter of Simon & Rebecca R. Hanthorn, [KC]
Hanthorn, Sarah D., b. 1824, d. 1916, s/w George W. Hanthorn and Amelia H. Hanthorn, [KC]
Hanthorn, Simon, b. 2 Nov 1818, d. 30 Dec 1876, Husband of Rebecca R. Hanthorn, [KC]
Iszard, Abraham L., d. 25 Oct 1879, age: 67y, s/w Ann Iszard, [KC]
Iszard, Ann, b. 19 Nov 1811, d. 4 Feb 1889, s/w Abraham L. Iszard, [KC]
Iszard, Annie, b. 13 Sep 1841, d. 15 Mar 1924, s/w John Iszard, [KC]
Iszard, Harry B., b. 6 Jan 1868, d. 10 Jan 1928, bur. Thompson plot, [KC]
Iszard, Howard, d. 26 Nov 1840, age: 1y 2 m, Son of A.L. and Ann, [KC]
Iszard, John, b. 4 Nov 1837, d. 8 May 1911, s/w Annie Iszard, [KC]
Lee, Ellen E., b. 12 Apr 1836, d. 11 Aug 1911, wife of William S. Lee. "Mother At Rest", s/w William S. Lee, [KC]
Lee, Samuel Howard, b. 27 May 1862, d. 27 May 1919, in plot with Wm. & Ellen Lee, [KC]
Lee, William S., b. 22 Dec 1839, d. 4 Mar 1894, "Farewell my wife and children all/ From you a father Christ doth call", s/w Ellen E. Lee, [KC]
Pennington, Captain John, b. 31 Mar 1791, d. 31 Jan 1858, age: 67y 9m,
s/w Elizabeth, William, L.W., and Lydia Pennington, [KC]
Pennington, Captain L.W., b. 16 Oct 1832, d. 29 Sep 1916, [KC]
Pennington, Captain William, b. 7 Jul 1818, d. 20 Nov 1884, [KC]
Pennington, Elizabeth, d. 4 Mar 1875, age: 82y 20d, [KC]
Pennington, Lydia, b. 22 Aug 1815, d. 1 Mar 1908, w/o Captain Wm, [KC]
Rumsey, Leonard, b. 14 Jul 1833, d. 11 Jun 1890, Co. H., 8th Reg., NJ Vols, [KC]
Savage, Ann M., no dates, [KC]
Savage, Edwin W., d. 16 Jan 1923, age: 81y, Co. D, 9th Reg., NJ Inf, [KC]
Savage, Lizzie R., no dates, [KC]
Savage, Louis, b. 1894, d. 1918, "At rest. Gone but not forgotten.", in plot w/ Lizzie R., Ann M. and Edwin W. Savage, [KC]
Schenck, Laura H. Souder, b. 1890, d. 1965, s/w George B. Souder, [KC]
Souder, George B., b. 1889, d. 1947, s/w Laura H. Souder Schenck, [KC]
Troub, Anna M., b. 1853, d. 1928, s/w John C. Troub, [KC]
Troub, John C., b. 1845, d. 1911, s/w Annie M. Troub, [KC]
Wescoat, Col. Richard, b. 10/5/1733, d. 3/11/1825, 91yrs, [LD]
Wescoat, Margaret, d. 1/14/1830, 93 yr, w/o Col. Richard Wescoat, [LD]

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