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Currierville Cemetery
Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Currier Street, South Hampton, NH

From the NH border on Route 107, take left on Hilldale Avenue. There will be a school on the right when you take left on Hilldale Avenue. Follow that to the intersection of Lone Goose Road and take a right. The cemetery is on the left.

Contributed by Lucille J. Frost, Aug 15, 2001, last edited Oct 04, 2010 [genealogy2@tampabay.rr.com]
Total records = 87.

I walked this cemetery in June of 1998. I have transcribed from these readings which are of all visible tombstone inscriptions. I also have made a video of the cemetery and have photographs of stones. If anyone wants a picture of a particular stone I can get it for them.

- Lucille J. Frost

Bailey, Sarah, b. 26 Mar 1851, d. 4 Dec 1892, Sister
Buswell, Daniel T, d. 2 Oct 1904, age: 75 yrs, 11 months, 15 days, "Father, At Rest, Blessed ? Die in the Lord, double stone
Buswell, Eliza A, d. 16 Mar 1908, age: 73 yrs, Mother, At Rest, double stone
Buswell, Joseph C, d. 18 May 1903, age: 52 yrs, "Son of Daniel T. & Eliza A. Buswell, One ? ? Our ? Has gone ? ? Is skilled ? made ? Our home can never more be filled."
Currier, ??, b. 28 Sep 1800, d. 16 Jun 1889, dau of John & Elizabeth Currier
Currier, Abigail, d. 23 Feb 1861, age: 82, "Wife of Thomas Currier, Dearest Mother, thou has left us We ? Lost most deeply feel It is God who hast beneft us. He can all our sorrows heal."
Currier, Andrew J, b. 29 Dec 1832, d. 25 Apr 1902, My dear husband, One large stone in middle of four cornerstones, wife of Mary J
Currier, Benjamin , d. 5 Feb 1863, age: 71 yrs , A husband kind and father dear A true friend lies sleeping here
Currier, Benjamin A, d. 14 Oct 1883, age: 46 yrs, 1 month, 1 day, Stone divided in half with Betsey
Currier, Betsey, d. 5 Dec 1911, age: 69 yrs, 3 months, 25 days, Wife of Benjamin A. Currier, Stone divided in half with Benjamin
Currier, Dolly, d. 27 Nov 1836, age: 73 yrs, Wife of Philip Currier
Currier, Elijah R, d. 24 Sept 1862, 'I am the resurrection and the Life.' Jesus, In circle with an anchor is HOPE
Currier, Eliza F, d. 30 Jun 1883, age: 75 yrs, 10 months, Wife of Benjamin Currier, Farewell Dear Mother Go Rest Above By death is endless gain And in that world of Joy and Love We hope to meet again
Currier, Elizabeth (Relic), d. 9 Nov 1837, age: 82 yrs, I'm where the weary rest from toil and ? In pain I've gone the ? all ? from whence ? ?, Wife of Major John Currier
Currier, George F, b. 28 Jan 1825, d. 10 Sep 1891, Currier, Double stone
Currier, Irena, d. 10 Jan 1879, age: 77 yrs. 11 mos, "Mother Irena, wife of Thomas Currier"
Currier, John , d. 30 May 1821, age: 9 months, son of Benjamin & Mary Currier
Currier, John H, d. 20 Sep 1817, son of Benj & Eliza F. Currier
Currier, John T, d. 29 Nov 1864, age: 49 yrs, Our Brother, Now rest dear brother from my care To thee sweet rest is given We've parted for a little while But soon shall meet in heaven
Currier, John, d. 29 Dec 1826, age: 73 yrs, I ? Do speak tho' I am dead The seveveign Lord made this my bed ? That have to say to thee Prepare for death and follow me, Major is before his name and there is a small flag and also a marker that says 1812
Currier, Joseph, d. 12 Jun 1848, age: 68 yrs, I am the resurrection and the life saith the Lord He that believeth in me thou he were dead yet shall he live and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. St. John XI 25:26
Currier, Joseph, d. 27 Oct 1863, age: 63 yrs, Friends nor physicians cannot save this mortal body from the grave, There is a flag in front of stone and Capt. Joseph Currier in an arch
Currier, Judith B, d. 7 Jan 1879, age: 78 yrs, 9 mos, 'Sister' in an arch"
Currier, Junr??, no dates
Currier, Lavinia G, no dates, Dau of Philip and S.A. Currier
Currier, Lucina, d. 9 Oct 1833, age: 4 years, daughter of Benjamin & Mary Currier
Currier, Lucy , d. 13 Dec 1853, age: 43 yrs. 3 mos, Wife of E.R. Currier
Currier, Lucy Juliette, d. 1 Dec 1898, age: 2 years & 9 m, dau of L.R. Lucy Currier, 4 lines below unable to read
Currier, Lura J, d. 6 Sep 1876, age: 20 yrs, 6 months, 13 days"
Currier, Lydia A. (Bartlett), b. 18 Dec 1832, d. 18 Dec 1909, Currier, Double stone
Currier, Martha, d. 13 Dec 1858, age: 89 yrs, Wife of Samuel Currier
Currier, Mary (Bartlett), d. 18 Apr 1881, age: 83 yrs, "Wife of Joseph Currier 'Oh Lord remember me and visit me."
Currier, Mary J. , b. 28 Apr 1844, d. 11 Dec 1916, His wife, Friends nor physician could not save His mortal body from the grave, On each side is a small stone with Husband on one and Wife on the other, wife of Andrew J
Currier, Mary J. , d. 14 Mar 1866, age: 69 yrs, 3 months, Our Mother, Dearest Mother thou has left us And thy passing deeply felt ? ? good ? has ? We can all ? ? ? Yet again we hope to meet thee When the days of live are o'er Where in ? we ? hope to meet thee ? ? , Wife of Richard Currier
Currier, Mary, d. 12 Dec 1840, age: 48 years, Wife of Benjamin Currier, I leave the world without a tear Save for the friends I love so dear To heal their sorrows Lord descend And to the mourning prove a friend
Currier, Maryann, d. 18 Mar 1835, age: 20 years, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Currier, something else is written but cannot be read
Currier, Orison, d. 30 Dec 18??, age: 1 yr. 2 m's, Son of Thomas Jr. & Irene Currier , Death date could be 1814 or 1894
Currier, Philip, d. 22 Feb 1814, age: 60 yrs
Currier, Phillip, b. 9 May 1826, d. 14 Jan 1899, double stone
Currier, Polly , d. 19 Mar 1851, age: 87 yrs, "Wife of Thomas Currier, Rest, Christian, rest, thy work is done. The battle fought, the victory won, The prize is gain'd the crown is given Thy joy is great with Christ in heaven."
Currier, Richard, d. 17 Dec 1865, age: 76 yrs, Our Father, Dearest father thou has left us And they passing deeply felt But its now that we shall meet thee And in ? forever dwell
Currier, Sally, d. 1 Dec 1806, "In memory of Sally, daughter of John and Elizabeth Currier"
Currier, Sally, d. 24 Jul 1872, age: 77 yrs, 2 months, Wife of Joseph Currier, Mother thou art gone to rest Thy loss are deeply felt
Currier, Samuel, d. 24 Jul 1848, age: 20 yrs 4 months, son of Challes & Olive F. Currier
Currier, Sarah R, b. 16 Oct 1827, d. 11 Oct 1909, double stone
Currier, Sarah, b. 1820, d. 15 Sep 1905, age: 85 yrs, 25 days, dau of Richard & Mary Tappan Currier
Currier, Susan (Ring), d. 8 Sep 1866, age: 42 yrs, 10 months, Wife of John T. Currier
Currier, Susan R, d. 8 Nov 1815, age: 22 yrs. 10 ms, Daur of Thomas & Polly Currier
Currier, Susan, d. 6 Sep 1829, age: 11 yr 4 mos, daur. Of Thomas Jr. and Irene Currier
Currier, Thomas, d. 13 Jan 1880, age: 82 yrs. 4 mos, Father
Currier, Thomas, d. 23 Mar 1812, age: 69 yrs, Deacon Thomas Currier
Currier, Thomas, d. 23 Mar 1812, age: 69, Deacon THOMAS CURRIER
Currier, Thomas, d. 5 Jan 1844, age: 79 y'rs. AM, "How sweet the slumbers of the just, Their souls how bright they shine! Jesus shall raise their sleeping dust Immortal and divine."
Currier, Washington F, b. 1842, d. 1906
Estabrook, Emma F, d. 13 Mar 1877, age: 22 yrs, 9 months, Wife of Edward T. Estabrook
Farmer, Benjamin, d. 3 Aug 1840, age: 81
Farmer, Benjamin, no dates, Mold on it and cannot be read
Farmer, Betsey, d. 7 Jan 1856, age: 67
Farmer, Betsey, no dates, B. F
Farmer, Elizabeth , d. 7 May 1838, age: 84, His wife (Benjamin), "Betsey, Benjamin & Elizabeth are all on one stone"
Farmer, Polly, d. 26 Jun 1814, age: 28 years, In Memory of POLLY daughter of Benjamin & Elisabeth Farmer, Tis God that lifts our comforts high or sinks them in the grave; He takes and blest be His name He takes but ??
Flanders, Emma Ann, d. 28 Mar 1844, age: 2 y'rs, 4 mo's, daur of Moses & Catharine P (?R) Flanders, 4 lines cannot be read
Ford, Mabel, d. 8 Jan 1884, age: 15 yrs, 10 months, "Safe in the arms of Jesus, Loved in life though dead not forgotten, dau of H&SA Ford
Ford, Sarah A, b. 15 Jul 1838, d. 26 Jan 1917
Gale, Harriet (Hardy), b. 24 Nov 1825, d. 11 Sep 1887, Mother , Name is in an arch
Gale, Jacob Harrison, b. 11 Mar 1823, d. 6 Jun 1888, Father, Name is in an arch
Gale, John W, d. 24 Jul 1847, age: 1 yr. 16 mos, Brother
Gale, John W. , no dates, Son of Jacob H. & Harriet M. Gale, cannot read the rest
Ham, Alvaro D, d. 6 Jul 1863, son of Joseph & Mary J. Ham, Stone broken
Ham, Joseph D, b. 1822, d. 1899, Father, Husband of Mary J
Ham, Mary J. (Brigham), b. 1823, d. 190?, His wife, Wife of Joseph D
Ingalls, Hannah N, d. 14 Dec 1895, age: 50 yrs. 11 mos, wife of Thomas C. Ingalls
Ingalls, Jeremiah M.C, d. 31 May 18?2, age: 16, Son of Israel & Mary Ingalls, Erected by his uncle Thomas Currier
Ingalls, Thomas C, b. 16 Feb 1820, d. 14 May 1915, Gone but not forgotten, Name is in an arch
Morrill, Jeremiah, d. 12 Apr 1814, age: 6 yrs, "Son of Thomas and Molley Currier, My little ? As you pass by, Remember you are born to die."
Rowell, Jacob, d. 9 Nov 1864, age: 91 yrs, ? Months, 4 days, The righteous have hope in his death, Some writing cannot be read
Rowell, Susan, d. 1 May 18??, age: 70, Wife of Elijah Rowell
Stevens, Abigail W, d. 7 May 1819, age: 26 yrs. 7 mos, wife of William U. Stevens, Unable to read 4 lines
Stevens, Moses, d. 10 Sep 1843, age: 76, Death date could be 1845
Stevens, William Oscar, d. 21 Jul 1847, age: 2 y'rs 3 mo, son of William G. & Abigail Stevens, 3 lines unable to read
Tukesbury, Anita F, d. 10 Apr 1848, age: 20 yrs, 4 months, Wife of Dea. Peter Tukesbury, Cannot read other writing beneath it
Tukesbury, Polly K, d. 18 Nov 1876, age: 68 yrs
Tukesbury, Thomas, d. 16 Jan 1791, age: 64 yrs, 8 1/2 months"
Tuttle, Roy M, b. 1881, d. 1944
Tuxbury, Joseph, d. 26 Jan 1836, age: 65 yrs
Tuxbury, Sarah, d. 30 Jun 1819, age: 71 yrs, "In memory of Sarah, wife of Thomas Tuxbury"
Woodman, Daniel , d. 17 Nov 1881, age: 71 yrs, 5 months

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